If this isn’t the SNOWMAGGEDON…

Then I don’t know what is:


It’s literally so snowy and windy and foggy out that I can’t see 5 feet away from my house. Help!! Send wine!!


Apparently we’re 4.2 inches away from a new record for the snowiest winter in D.C. history. Wooooo!

Yesterday afternoon I was able to hitch a ride to the grocery store with my neighbors in their four wheel drive truck before the snow started again. (I was scared to take my poor little VW Jetta out because I knew I wouldn’t make it back up our big, icy hill.)

Um, yeah, well… this was the grocery store:


Bananas? Forget about it.

Salad greens? Nice try.


Any sort of fresh vegetables at all? Oh, no, we don’t have those here.



I think it’s safe to say widespread panic has set in.

At least lots of snow means that I can watch the latest episodes of Jersey Shore on my computer (I don’t have a TV… yes, weird, I know) and not feel bad that I’m not doing homework. GTL, baby. GTL.

Stay tuned… the epic “lasagna to feed a crowd” recipe from the weekend will be up later today! Since, you know, I’m clearly not going anywhere or doing anything today. On that note, if you have any burning questions or comments you want to email me… this would be the time to send them ;)


  1. 1

    That is how my store looked too! Stay warm!!!

  2. 2

    OMG….your weather is jaw dropping! No fresh veggies either…bummer! Stay warm and safe!

  3. 3

    OMG That really is empty!

  4. 4

    As you well know, I am obsessed with the amount of snow you guys are getting. It does make me sad that there is nothing in the grocery stores though. But, if I know you, you are fully stocked…foodies take this stuff very seriously :)

    My Body Pump instructor actually referenced GTL in a serious manner in class on Monday it made me lol!

    HA!! That’s awesome. Jersey Shore may or may not be the best show ever. ;) -Anne

  5. 5

    oh my gosh, i can’t believe how insanely snowy it is there! this is really the only place i’ve seen relevant pictures of it…

    hope you stay entertained and warm today :)

  6. 6

    Poor lone and wounded banana! It had such high hopes in its younger days to give someone the Vitamin B6, C, and potassium that’s required in their daily diet.

    Instead, it was struck down in the prime of its life. Giving nourishment to no one. I feel as if a haiku should be written in its honor:

    Yellow Banana
    Delicious in cereal
    Cut you, but I hurt

    Bahahhahah!!! This pretty much made my day. I was so desperate I actually almost bought the poor cut in half banana, but my neighbor convinced me not to. Lol! -A

  7. 7

    Oh my gosh– those grocery store pics are crazy!!!!

    We’re getting hit hard here in PA too…but nothing like what y’all have down there in DC. Hang in there!

  8. 8

    OMG I think that grocery store is in a state of emergency!!!! Holy crap, talk about shortage!!! :) Hope you are fully stocked my dear.

  9. 9

    Oh wow, that empty grocery store is nuts! Stay warm and safe!

  10. 10

    WOW! I have never seen anything like that in my life! Even through hurricanes in Florida, we had more than that on our shelves.

    Be safe, and be thankful for your pantry! LOL.

    Ha, I know, right?! Thank god for pantries… and frozen veggies :) -Anne

  11. 11

    Woah…that’s a lot of snow! And to think I was just moaning on my blog about, like 2inches!!?? And :O at the empty grocery store, that’s amazing! Not ina good way :s
    At least you’re looking at the +ive side to being stranded – food and good TV!! Have a good day :)

  12. 12

    Holy. Crap. You would think it was the end of the world by the site of your store…

  13. 13

    Aaahhh those pics of the grocery store are epic!! Question for you: how can I get a copy of that documentary about the guys running across Africa, I think it was the Sahara? I want to start training for a 1/2 marathon & need a little inspiration to go running with all the snow outside (in Boston too!) Thanks!

    Hunter! Just go to their website: and you can click on the “store” tab to buy the DVD. That’s awesome you’re doing a half – I want to do one after the 10 Miler depending how my knees hold up! xoxo, A

  14. 14

    WOW!! I can’t believe the grocery store is so empty! What did you end up getting?

    I basically just bought some oats, greek yogurt, canned beans, and frozen veggies. Haha. I found some oranges and beat up pears, too, which actually turned out to be delicious! -Anne

  15. 15

    oh my goodness – that snow is CRAZY!!!!!! Hope that it starts to clear up soon!!

  16. 16

    yeah…. I thought about going to the store to pick up some things today. Good thing I didn’t venture out. I’m sure it would have either been closed or totally empty. Sad. Enough with the snow!


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