Introducing Matt to Kickboxing & A New Camera!

Last night, I introduced Matt to kickboxing!


I’ve been going to United Tae Kwon Do Academy in Carrboro for a couple months now and I love it! So happy to have found a good kickboxing place here.



This was actually Matt’s very first real “exercise class”! As you guys know, he usually gets his exercise in the form of soccer, biking, hiking, etc.


I think he enjoyed himself :) The classes are a cross between a boot-camp style workout and kickboxing, so they keep you busy! We left very sweaty.


In other news, these pictures were taken using my new point and shoot camera! It just arrived yesterday and I was really excited to try it out. My old camera was about 6 years old at this point and starting to take REALLY grainy/dark/gray-tinted photos, so I decided it was finally time to upgrade. After much research, I decided on the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera. (Side note — why do cameras have such long names? Sheesh.)


I was debating between this camera and the Canon PowerShot S95 10 MP, but this one was cheaper and, given the reviews, just as good (if not even better — lighter by weight, better video capabilities, etc.). It was on sale AND I had an credit from selling a textbook awhile ago, so I got it for only $150! Sweet.


Check out this comparison shot I got of our living room — here’s a picture of it using the new camera:


…And my old camera. 


Wow, right?

Obviously I still love my DSLR for food photography and photography close to home, but it will be really nice to be able to have a decent point and shoot to take with me when I’m out hiking, traveling, etc. — anytime I don’t want to carry anything heavy with me! I was starting to get bummed by how crappy all my photos were coming out with the old point and shoot.


New camera success!

I’m off to my dietetic internship — this morning we’re doing more kid’s cooking classes, and later in the afternoon we’re teaching an older adults heart healthy class, too! Should be a fun time :)

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    Wow, indeed! What a contrast in the two living room pix!

  2. 2

    Hooray for new cameras!
    How cool that you got Matt to go to kickboxing with you. My attempts to get my husband to go to the gym or try anything new fitness wise usually fall on deaf ears. :(

  3. 4

    1. I hope you didn’t sell you Kraus book! That is the nutrition bible!

    2. Hope your call dietitians bring you cookies today like I am for our intern!

  4. 6

    nice camera!! wow kickboxing!? sounds so fun, I have never tried that! :)

  5. 7

    I totally need a new point and shoot. Going to look into this one!

  6. 8

    Huge difference in the two photos! My husband just got a new tough camera/point and shoot for Christmas. It’s awesome!

  7. 9

    Awesome camera, and kickboxing sounds like fun! Do you prefer going to specialized studios (like for yoga, kickboxing, etc) vs. an all-inclusive gym that offers those classes?

    • 10

      When I was in DC, I belonged to Gold’s Gym and used to go to yoga there, but I’ve always preferred kickboxing at either a tae kwon do place or a specialized studio (like LA Boxing), because I like kicking and punching boxes/bags and using gloves, not just kicking or punching the air like in gym classes!

  8. 11

    oooh, i almost have the same camera. Mine’s the powershot elph SD1400IS I believe. But it looks almost exactly the same from what I can tell! Hope you enjoy!

  9. 12

    It’s weird how cameras just decide to stop working right one day. My point and shoot is doing the same thing at 5 years old.

  10. 13

    Oh I love new stuff- awesome new toy! Cameras are my newest obsession… ;)

    I used to be obsessed with MMA style kickboxing! SO fun. SUCH a great workout! Leaves you dripping and shaking in all the metabolism boosting glory! I’m definitely a fan of the boot-camp style classes, like you went to- best part- you get to wear gloves and hit people! (or at least things…) Glad Matt liked it!

  11. 15

    Yipppeeee you FINALLY got a new camera -you’ve been talking about that for years!!!!

    Kick boxing sounds so “fun and fit” -I want to try it once I find a partner to practice on, lol! ;-)

  12. 16

    Excellent! I’ve been continually upgrading my Canon Powershots over the years. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes less so (you’re welcome, Clarendon Ballroom, and you’re welcome, thief in Costa Rica). I love them. I foresee an Arlington rooftop photoshoot in the near future :)

  13. 18

    my hubs LOVES that camera. LOVES.

  14. 19

    The difference between those two photos is amazing! :)

  15. 20

    I love that camera! I have it myself, and its never given me any trouble! Now if only I would start using that instead of my iPhone to take pictures :)

  16. 21

    Great stuff, Anne — super camera, esp for the size — and bravo on Matt at kick boxing!

  17. 22

    Whew, I had to run out and buy a new keyboard and mouse, my 11 year old ones died. I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t get my fannetastic food fix for the day.
    Good for Matt and the kick boxing. I want that camera, I need that camera. Your living room looks so cozy and I love your coffee table. Have a wonderful day.

  18. 23

    WOW! what a difference! I have never tried kickboxing, but sounds fun!

  19. 24

    haha love the “pumped” face, way to go Matt, I’ll be scared to fight you next time we meet… ;)

  20. 25
    Anna Pollard says

    I am thinking about trying a cardio kickboxing class at my university! I have never done anything like that so I am a tad nervous.

  21. 27

    Sometimes, in blog posts, I feel like I “fished what I wished” a la the game, Go Fish.

    I was just thinking, “I’d love to know what P&S I should look into as my next camera” (not quite ready for a DSLR yet, but I need a step up!).

    I appreciate you demonstrating the difference in the two as well, that’s what I was truly looking for! Like a bloggygodmother.

  22. 29

    Wow! That is a huge difference in cameras. I need a new one too, I’ll have to look into this one.

    Kickboxing sounds like so much fun! I think it would be such a great stress reliever to kick or punch something after a day at the office :)

  23. 30

    I have that camera too! Omg and I freaking love it. It is actually the best thing that’s ever happened to me. If you want to take super FLATTERING pictures of yourself and others, use Portrait mode!! It is seriously a miracle.

  24. 32

    I really really really need a new point and shoot, thank you for this post! This looks great!

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