Introducing My New Nutrition Counseling Private Practice!

Good morning, friends!

I’m very excited and proud to announce to you today the launch of my new business website and nutrition counseling private practice:!


As you all know, it’s been a long road to get those 5 little letters – MPH, RD – after my name. I started my back to school journey in the summer of 2009 when I returned home from teaching English in Prague. After years of science and medical classes and dietetic internships, I graduated with my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from UNC Chapel Hill in December, and then took and passed the RD exam 2 weeks ago. It’s been nearly 4 years of hard work to get to where I am now, and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to finally be launching my new business and putting those skills to good use.

I’ve spent the past two months (when not studying) gearing up to be a small business owner. I started an LLC (fANNEtastic food LLC, for simplicity), after much debate and some talks with a business lawyer and accountant.


Logo created by Bailey!

I researched and read a lot about starting my own private practice to figure out how to manage the logistics of it all. If I was doing this, I wanted to do it right. I also spoke with a lot of other RDs who were very kind about giving me advice related to insurance, intake forms, best practices for keeping track of clients and billing, etc.



About a month ago, I also started making my new website. Coming up with the website address was one of the hardest parts of this whole process! I was considering fANNEtastic Nutrition for branding purposes, but I was worried that if in the future I start doing some media appearances, I would need something that I could say and have people easily be able to spell just by hearing it. Eventually, I thought of Anne the RD. Simple and short. Perfect!

I created the website myself using the visual editor offered through a site called Wix, which meant I could do everything on my own without needing HTML skills. What a lifesaver! The site was sometimes a bit quirky and there were definitely some limitations to what it could do, but overall I’d really recommend it. It was kind of fun to play around with it and get it just how I liked it! I also purchased the domain name and the web hosting through Wix, for simplicity purposes.


As for my plans for the practice itself, for now I’m planning to work with clients remotely, either via phone or Skype, with the option to meet in person at a coffee shop or something for those local to DC. The plan is that hopefully once I’m more financially stable and have started to pay off my student loans I can open my own office here in the DC area so I can see more clients in person. My ultimate far out dream goal would be to eventually open a whole wellness center with other RDs and health-related professionals like a holistic doctor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, etc. But that’s the far out dream. :) Someday!

For now, I’m also going to do some RD-related as-needed in-person work with some of the corporate wellness companies in the area – things like working as the nutrition expert at a company health fair, as the nutrition health educator at screenings, etc., so that will be fun and good to mix it up! I’m keeping my eyes open for other occasional in-person opportunities as well.

Anyway! If you’re interested, please head on over to my new website to check out the nutrition counseling services I’ll be offering. I’m looking forward to working with some of you to reach your goals!

Have a great day, everyone! I’ll be back to regular blogging tomorrow. :)


  1. 1

    How exciting! Congrats on ALL of the big news…and now you can add Web designer to your resume! :)

  2. 3

    Congrats on the new business! Wishing you much success!

  3. 4

    get it girl!

  4. 5

    The new site looks awesome! Congrats!!

  5. 6

    Incredible – congratulations!!

  6. 7

    So excited for you! Website looks awesome – great job, Anne! :)

  7. 8

    Congratulations!! I very much respect you for pushing through four (hard) years of changing the direction of your career. I’m considering a major career change myself, but I’m very scared of the financial and time burdens it will put on me and my husband. But, some times you have to do what makes you happy, so we’ll see. You are an inspiration!

    • 9

      It’s definitely not fun to have a boatload of loans (and to have missed out on years of making a full time income), but sometimes following your dreams is worth it, like you said. :) Best of luck!

  8. 10

    Congratulations!! The business website looks great! Thank you for inspiring your readers to eat healthier and exercise while also, having fun. : ) I continue to enjoy all of the fannestastic recipes on your blog and wish you much success in your new private practice. Exciting!

  9. 12

    Congrats Anne, I am so excited for you. This looks amazing.

  10. 13

    Congratulations! I can only imagine how awesome all this must feel to you! Good luck!

  11. 14

    Hi Anne!! I’m so proud of you! I know you’re going to rock the nutrition world! The website looks so good!! Wish you lots of success with your new venture! xoxo

  12. 16
    Annette Adams says:

    This is AWESOME! I am an RD-to-be. I have a couple more years before I can sit for the exam. To be honest, you have become a kind of role model for me in my future career. Hopefully, I can start something similar in my area in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work. I wish you the greatest success.

  13. 18

    Very awesome. Congrats on this next step and your new nutrition counseling practice! I wish you the best of luck with it! :)

  14. 19

    Look at you go, girl! You aren’t wasting any time. Site looks fANNEtastic! :)

  15. 20

    Congratulations!! Your site looks really awesome and you look gorgeous in the photo. I am so happy for you.

  16. 25
    Healthy Eater says:

    Wow! Congratulations and good luck!

  17. 26

    Congrats! What a great way to kick off the year – best of luck!

  18. 27

    This is SO exciting, Anne!! SO happy for you and wish you all the luck in the world, though you need none of it!! :)

  19. 28

    So proud of you! xo

  20. 29

    Checked out the new site and it looks great!

  21. 30

    Congrats! The site looks great. You should be really proud :)

  22. 31

    Congratulations! It’s encouraging to see other entrepreneurs going through the beginning phases of business ownership. You’re going to do great!!

  23. 32

    Yay for you! Congrats!

  24. 33

    That is so exciting!! Congrats and I love the look of the new site!

  25. 34

    I’m so excited for you!

  26. 35

    I’m so proud of you making your dreams come true! Wishing you lots of success and happiness!

  27. 36

    I just want to say congrats! This is my dream, I am currently studying dietetics and can’t wait until I am where you are :)

  28. 37
    JeenaTeeCee says:

    Congratulations! I have so enjoyed and benefited from reading your blog. Your business cards look great; they are very professional, yet not off-putting.

  29. 38

    Congrats!! The website looks great!

  30. 39

    CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a true entrepreneur, and I’m so happy for you and the launch of your new business. You definitely worked really hard the past several years, and I love your plan for the years to come. YAY ANNE THE RD!!

  31. 40

    Congrats! You did a really good job! :)

  32. 41

    Way to go, Anne! The new site is fabulous!

  33. 42

    OH, that is so wonderful! Bask in the excitement – you deserve it! :)

  34. 43

    Congrats Anne!!! So excited for you. I LOVE the website!! You are going to be such a great private practice RD :)

  35. 44

    What a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations on your new venture :)

  36. 45
    Pat Elsberry says:

    Congratulations!! What an awesome accomplishment! The site looks great!

  37. 46

    Congrats Anne! You continue to inspire me with your blog and RD journey. I will be able to take my RD exam in October 2013 and would hope to do something like what you’re doing as my husband and I already own our own personal training studio. My biggest fear was being able to figure out the billing/insurance logistics. Do you have any advice or books/sites to recommend? Would you mind if I emailed you when I get closer to my exam some other questions?

    congrats again!

  38. 48

    Congratulations, Anne. I love it. Just wondering if you are keeping and will we be able to read your new website? Remember, haha, I’m not a genius on the computer.

    • 49

      Yep, I’ll still be continuing business over here on fANNEtastic food as usual. The new website is just a static page – I won’t be updating it like a blog.

      • 50

        I am so happy for you. You have really have stick to it ism. You deserve it, you have really worked your butt off.

  39. 51

    Hi Anne – I always thought about doing something similar, but how will you tackle the licensure issues for states you aren’t licensed in?

    • 52

      A bunch of RD’s I’ve worked with said it was fine to just be licensed in the state where you live. Plus, there’s a million “health coaches” doing stuff like this online nowadays, so I don’t see it being a problem!

  40. 53

    Anne, best wishes for your success in your new practice. Love reading your blog and trying out new recipes.


  41. 54

    Nicely done, Anne, RD! Congrats!

  42. 55

    You are so inspiring! I finished college with a BS in math and then went on to do a masters in nutrition. But, like it sounds like happened to you, it would have taken 4 more years. I wasn’t feeling that time commitment, so I switched back to my original plan of being a high school math teacher. Now though, I’ve wondered if that was the right choice. I just love nutrition and fitness and everything related to it. I’d love to hear from you on how you made it work while also supporting yourself!

  43. 56

    Yay!! Congratulations! All that hard work paid off, and you got two more letters after your name than me in half the time- efficient! ;) So proud of you and the new business, this is awesome!!!

  44. 57

    Congratulations Anne! Owning your own business will be so fulfilling and offering consultations remotely is a great idea in this plugged in world! And I don’t think your Far Off Dream is that far off…I’m a sports massage therapist up in Boston, and I think you’ll be surprised how many like-minded practitioners there are in the fields you mentioned when it comes to building a wellness community:-). You can make it happen!!

  45. 59

    You are simply amazing, Anne! Huge congratulations, I wish you all the best!!!

  46. 60

    Congratulations! The new site is lovely. Wishing you all the best both personally and professionally.

  47. 61

    So proud Anne…
    I know a good mental heath therapist that could round out your Wellness Center…!!!
    Best of luck in the new venture…

  48. 63

    Wow! Congratulations. I’ve always liked your blog. Now I see that you and I have the same career goals! I am just going to be starting my dietetic internship next year, but I’ve dreamed about a private practice and holistic health center as well. I’m super excited to watch where you go with this! Best of luck :)

  49. 65

    Congrats, Anne! That’s super exciting. :)

  50. 66

    Congrats Anne! Your website is really amazing! Step by Step, You can make all your dreams.. tell me something.. your web is only for residents in USA, right? and payments could be in the future with credit cards or other way ..? :) Good Luck!!

  51. 68

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new business!

  52. 69

    Looks great Anne!! And the URL is perfect:)

  53. 70

    Congrats! How amazing that all your hard work is paying off. It’s been so fun to follow your journey here. Now I can’t wait to see your business grow too!

  54. 71

    The site looks fabulous! Many congrats to you on accomplishing all this, what an inspiration! It seems like just yesterday we were gchatting about starting our own blogs :)

  55. 72

    SO proud of you! we certainly have come a long way since August 2010 haven’t we?! You’re going to be a great RD :) xoxo

  56. 74

    Awesome website design for your new busines. I’m hoping to do the same someday. You are definitely smart not dealing with insurance companies and I am sure your RD services will grow with just a few good referrals. Best of luck with your new endeavor!

  57. 75

    You are so badass!

  58. 76

    Congrats on the business! Can’t wait to get the RD after my name, so close! So many dream of having their own practice. I’m from the DC area (although I’m in Cali for the internship) & it is a great market for nutrition!

  59. 77

    Anne!! I would just like to say congratulations!!!!! I follow your blow religiously and I couldn’t be happier that you have now begun your own private practice. I wish you the best and I’m sure you will do great :)

  60. 79

    Anne, congrats in the new venture! Wish you all the best luck! And maybe you need to change your reply from Anne P to Anne M, now that you officially have a new name! (Way to get on that, I’ve been married over two years and still haven’t changed mine except for on Facebook, ooops!)

  61. 81

    Congratulations! How exciting! :D The best of luck to you in this new venture.

  62. 82

    Congratulations! That’s so daring to start your own practice and really innovative. Love the website, too. I may have to get some nutrition counseling from you one of these days!

  63. 83
    Stephanie says:

    Congratulations, Anne! I’ve been following you for some years now and your journey was very admirable! The website looks impeccable! Good luck!

  64. 85

    Congratulations. However, Dr. Pepper is one of your sponsors on your website – very surprising for a nutrition expert. Even the zero calorie stuff is horribly bad for you.

    • 86

      Yes, I agree! That ad must be showing up through one of my ad networks that fills the ads for me – I’ll double check with them to make sure I’m opted out of soda ads in the future!

  65. 87

    Hi Anne, this was really helpful! I’m working on launching my private practice, it’s a lot of work with a full time job but I know it will pay off!

  66. 88

    Hi Anne,
    This is great, I love it! What made you decide to use Wix for your business as opposed to Word Press? I am trying to decide myself which one to use.

  67. 90

    Hi Anne!
    I just started my private practice as a Dietitian as well and have a few questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to! I would love the opportunity to talk with you a bit and get some questions answered if you have some time.

  68. 92

    Great Job! I am another RDN on the west coast, starting my own business. I am going to be doing telehealth as well and just wanted to let you know, do not use Skype and beware of phone consults. I have been reading up on HIPAA and HITECH which we are required to follow (or could be sued over $1 million per breach). Neither are secure, you need a BAA and Skype does not currently do these. There are other services, unfortunately you have to pay for them, some are more affordable than others. Recommend a google search to get started to learn all of the information that we need to comply with. Just wanted to pass along some of the craziness!

    • 93

      I don’t use skype anymore, but that’s good to know for others! My understanding was that the HIPAA stuff was a concern for MNT (medical nutrition therapy), but if you’re just doing general health coaching (like I am – I don’t do any MNT), it wasn’t. Maybe I misunderstood, though!

      • 94

        Yes, trying to spread the word. According to the HITECH under HIPAA, it is for anything that is considered PHI, typically (in my general health coaching) I still collect age, name, medical and nutrition history which all cannot be done over Skype or general email. Hope your practice is working out well!

  69. 95


    The website looks great

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