Memorial Weekend & MOTOACTV Fun

Good morning and happy Memorial Day! I hope you’ve all been having great holiday weekends full of outdoor fun and friends, and that you also take a moment to think of the real meaning of the holiday as well, which is to honor all the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Matt and I have been enjoying the long holiday weekend here in DC. In addition to attending two BBQ’s with friends (at which I completely forgot to take any photos), we enjoyed a nice long bike ride on Saturday.


We hit up the Mt. Vernon Trail along the Potomac on the VA side of the river; it was a hot and sunny day and perfect for biking.



I love this trail! Such pretty views of the water.


We ended up biking past Alexandria, turning around a little before Mt. Vernon, and coming back to Old Town for a lunch break before continuing on home!


There’s an area on one part of the trail that’s right by the airport and the planes come flying SO close overhead before they land. It’s really cool to watch! There’s always a bunch of people around to enjoy the view.







We ended up covering a total of about 27 miles! Our longest distance on the bikes yet. It’s so different from biking in Chapel Hill — instead of hilly, empty country roads, we had a mostly flat, semi-crowded trail. Both are cool, just very different. :)


The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing at our apartment pool and then at a friend’s BBQ. It’s so glorious to not have to worry about any schoolwork or studying!

Sunday morning, I decided to head out for a run! It was more exciting because I had a new toy to try — as part of my Verizon Wireless Ambassador program, I was sent the MOTOACTV GPS watch to test out!


Remember when Matt actually reviewed this watch for me on the blog a few months ago? I already knew how cool it was from his review so I was excited to test it out myself! Basically, it’s a normal GPS watch… but also an mp3 player! Very cool. No more need to bring two devices out with you on workouts! The red cord is my headphones.

I’ll share more thoughts as I test it out further, but on first try, I liked it! It was comfortable and I loved that I had music via the watch — I hardly ever run with music and it was a nice treat. The watch was easy to use, too! I set it to “auto lap” so every mile, the music would go quiet and a voice would read me my split time. Pretty cool!

I also like the nice summary it spits out when you end your workout:



Mile 3 was me going in search of a bathroom and forgetting to pause the watch. :) It was hot out there but I had a good, hilly run! The only thing I couldn’t figure out how to do easily was to skip a song — I’m not sure if there’s an easier one click sort of way to do that or if you have to go back to the music screen every time, which is a little annoying. We’ll see!

I also have to give a shout out to my Oakley sunglasses, which I received at the Fitness Magazine event I went to a couple weeks ago in NYC. These have become my new most favorite things ever.


They look like fashion sunglasses… but they are made to wear while out being active. I wore them on my 7.5 mile run last weekend at the Reach the Beach Relay, and they stayed put perfectly, but I had on a headband as well, so I wasn’t sure if they would stay on on their own. Well, yesterday I gave them a shot and they didn’t budge the whole run! I love them. They’ve become my go-to wear around normally sunglasses, too!

Matt and I spent yesterday at another BBQ, and today we are off for a hike! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, everyone!



  1. 1

    I’ve been curious about this product- I’m interested to see what your verdict is.

    What type of bike do you have? A cyclocross? I’m debating between a cyclocross and a road bike… but I’m a beginner and I can’t decide!

  2. 3

    Looks like a wonderful holiday weekend and yay for amazing weather! Enjoy the rest of it Anne.

  3. 4

    I’ve been super curious about the motoactv… Compared to a Garmin, how accurate is the GPS on it? I’ve heard both that it’s accurate with distance and that it’s off a bit so I’m not sure which is true!

  4. 6

    We rode the Mt. Vernon trail on Saturday too! We started at Belle Haven and rode up into DC, all around and then back. Gravelly Point is always a favorite place of ours to stop and watch the planes. Today I hit the trail for a run (my usual spot), and ran right over the bridge in your first picture. I love living so close to such a great trail, glad you enjoyed it too!

  5. 8

    I just wore my Oakley sunglasses for the first time today and loved them! It’s amazing how well they stay in place.

  6. 9

    hahaha LOVE the plane photos :)

  7. 10

    Which Oakleys are they? You linked to the main website…which is massive. ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  8. 14

    I lovee watching airplanes land and take off, it really is pretty fun to watch!

  9. 15

    Wonderful Memorial Day. First time in three years all 3 sons are station back in the USA. Yeah All 5 kids and 9 grandkids 5 in-laws spent week end with me and their Dad. Pool, you know. It looks like you had a great one too.

  10. 16
    Adventurer says

    Sounds like a super long weekend, Anne! Well done, as always, to you and Matt. The adventurous, fun, and fit life!

  11. 17

    Those plane photos are funny! Our airport is right next to the busiest hwy in town. The planes go right over the hwy as they are landing. It’s kind of crazy feeling to be driving along and feel like a plane is about to land on you!

  12. 19

    Hahah I didn’t even know they made active sunglasses! Great to know :) Where does the trail start for the one you were biking on?

  13. 21

    I LOVE my motoactv. Took me a while to figure it out but with the music button you can skip songs, go back, etc.

    Music button presses:
    Press Once Play / Pause
    Double Press Next Song
    Double Press & hold Scan
    Triple Press Previous song or restart current song
    Press & hold
    (if display is on) Return to music library

  14. 25

    I love the pics of you, Matt and the planes. So funny! Crazy kids!

  15. 26

    I am obsessed with my oakley sunglasses too! Best swag ever!

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