New Year Run Goals + Nutrition for Runners

Happy Friday afternoon! Almost the weekend and it feels soooo good. Am I right?!

I started my Friday off on the right foot, literally, with a morning run with my buddy Sokphal.


It was really cold but so beautiful out, and we had fun catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in awhile!



We ended up covering 6 miles, waking up with the sun. :)


I definitely wouldn’t have run this far on my own – gotta love a good running buddy.  Great pace, too – 8:35 min/mile average. Here’s Sokphal’s watch, since I forgot to put mine on in the bleary-eyed darkness this morning.


Thanks for the miles, girl!

Now that it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seriously trained for a race, I’m starting to get the itch to train – really train – for something. Even though I’ve still been running consistently since the LA Marathon in March, and I did a bunch of half marathons and other races in spring/summer/fall, I haven’t been training exactly. I made sure that I had a solid enough base to do the races, but focused on enjoying them/running for fun, not speed at all, and I wasn’t following any set weekly running plan. I needed that for awhile after doing the Richmond Marathon and LA back-to-back, and loved the time to just do whatever I wanted fitness-wise without following anything specific. But now that it’s the new year I’m starting to feel ready to work on speed for real again. I’m not ready to do another full marathon, but I’d love to break my half marathon PR (currently 1:43 from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in spring 2013 – yikes, did I really run that fast?!). I’m going to spend some time this weekend researching training programs in the DC area, because I think I’d like to join a group. I’ve always followed a training program for goal races, but I think it would be nice this time to have a group to meet and someone to coach me through exactly what to do at the track each week, etc. If you are local and have any training group recommendations, I’d love to hear them! I’m eying the In-Person Individualized Training via Potomac River Runners – it’s $400 for 4 months worth but you get an individualized plan and two coached track workouts per week… pricey but seems worth it. We’ll see! I’ll keep you guys updated. :)

Anyway! Also on the workout front this week, I hit up CorePower Yoga again yesterday morning with my buddy Karen. We’re obsessed! Their sculpt class hurts so good. We grabbed coffee at Starbucks (loving the new Flat White – have you tried it? It’s basically a latte but even smoother/foamier, and it’s automatically made with whole milk, which I’m all about) and then treated ourselves to breakfast at Whole Foods to catch up before having to get to various work obligations.


I’d never had breakfast from the Whole Foods hot bar before – it was really good! That’s a piece of bacon hiding under the kale. #balance :)

The rest of yesterday was insane – in addition to normal blog and client work and emails, I styled and photographed 3 healthy lunch recipes that will be in the Nutrition for Runners program I’m co-authoring with Jason, and then spent a few hours editing the meal guide/recipe section for formatting and other errors. Home stretch! Sneak peek of the lunches:




We’ll be releasing the full program in a couple weeks – if you’d like to get an early bird peek, sign up for the Nutrition for Runners program email list – you’ll get early access to the program and potentially a special bonus. :)

On the topic of sports nutrition and our impending program release, Jason and I recorded our sports nutrition Q&A session this morning based on the questions you guys sent in! Click here to sign up for the email list to be notified when the audio presentation is available for download (it’s free – we’re doing this as a promo for the upcoming full program). We answer questions like how to balance lots of running with eating healthy/eating enough/not too much, whether you should count calories or macros, if you can focus on weight loss and on training at the same time, how to decrease sugar cravings after long runs, and more! Enjoy. :)

And now – back to work. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my friends! See you back here on Monday!

One more thing before I head out:

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  1. 1

    Hi Anne! It is so inspriing to see that in addition to your husband you have a variety of workout buddies that you run and go to different classes with on various days. I love to see that bond! Congrats on all your hard work for the book. Sound like it will be a winner! Happy Friday.

  2. 3

    Regarding training programs in DC – I think the PRR distance training program is about the best bang for your buck available. You get weekly coached track workouts, two options for group long runs, and a detailed training plan for your goal race. I’ve been with the program since 2011 and it is the best, and only about $130ish per 4-5 month session. Email me if you have questions!

    • 4

      Awesome, thank you for the info — I’ve heard that’s a good one! I wish their track workouts were in the morning, though… I have zero motivation to sprint around a track in the evening. That’s mostly what’s drawing me more to the individualized one, even though it’s more $$!

  3. 6

    …if you want to branch out and try some heart-rate-based training, you know where to find me. ;)

  4. 7

    LOVE that you’re doing that with nutrition for runner, hope it’s a huge hit!!

  5. 9

    I’m excited to hear more about your experience in a structured training program as you go through it! I’m a slowwwww runner and have always wanted to do something similar to really get some speed!

  6. 10

    Great post! And I always love seeing the photos of you and your friends on runs/workouts. The joy in your faces is really evident. :-)

    Btw…I can hardly contain my excitement…a new Whole Foods opened last weekend just five blocks from our apt in Boston! Love that it’s so close. And it’s like a dream…so fancy inside!

  7. 12
    Roadrunner says

    Sounds like you’re getting ready to commit to another half and/or full marathon, Anne! We are all ears… As you know, there’s no productivity tool quite like a commitment made public!

  8. 13

    When you talk about refueling after a “long run” – what constitutes a “long run”?

    • 14

      I would consider a long run anything over about an hour to 90 minutes – it kind of depends on the person, though, and what they are used to.

  9. 15

    Can’t wait to hear the Q&A session! Those photos look fantastic! I’m sure the book will be really high quality knowing you!

  10. 17

    Love your pictures of the sun as it rises when you go running… very inspiring.

  11. 19
    martha chambers says

    Dear Anne,
    In regard to your comment about whole milk in your Starbucks drink, why whole milk and not nonfat or low fat?

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