Non-Baby Shower Weekend Highlights

Hey guys! If you missed it, check out yesterday’s blog post re-capping our baby shower, which was Saturday afternoon! And now, here’s what we were up to for the rest of the weekend.

Matt’s parents and younger brother were in town for the festivities and arrived on Friday evening. After hanging out on our deck for a bit we went out to dinner at Liberty Tavern in Arlington. The service was insaaaaaanely slow and I was feeling a bit pregnancy nauseous, but it was still fun. I had a salad, some cheese and crackers, and the chicken and mashed potatoes.

liberty tavern dinner_thumb

On Saturday, Matt and I got up and took the dogs on a fun jog/walk since it was so nice out! I can only jog about a half mile or so at this point, but it’s still nice to get out there, especially when the weather is so lovely. :)

We spent the rest of the day at the baby shower – so much fun! I wish it hadn’t gone by so quickly… it’s always a blast to have so many friends in one place. My college BFF Turner drove down from Philly for the day for the shower – such a treat to get to see her! She arrived early and therefore she’s the only person I was able to get a picture with because as soon as everyone else arrived we were all too busy mingling to take photos!



As for the rest of the day, after opening gifts we relaxed for a bit and then went out to dinner with our families. We hit up SER in Arlington which ended up being a great choice – fun ambiance, great service, and good food! They even have a piano that guests are allowed to play if they feel so inspired – Matt’s dad hopped on it for a song!


As for food, I started with one of their seasonal salads and shared some cocktail shrimp with the table. For my entrée, Matt’s mom and I shared the seafood paella, which was REALLY good!

SER ballston dinner

We also enjoyed dessert – I meant to get a photo but I had some berries with cream and a few bites of a strawberry shortcake type dish that was really yummy!

On Sunday morning, all of us got together again for one last meal before Matt’s parents and brother headed home. It was a team effort, but Matt did a lot of the cooking – thanks, Matt! :)


I had a little of everything – scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, bacon, cinnamon bread, and fruit salad with yogurt honey lime dressing (<- recipe).



Matt and I spent the rest of the day relaxing and doing some dog walks since the weather was lovely. I love sitting outside and reading when it’s nice out – on Sunday, I was making my way through the newspaper. This Washington Post article about what happened when the author sent in her DNA to get a personalized diet plan was really interesting.


Have you guys heard of the whole blood type diet thing? That’s the second page of the article that’s pictured above, and the headline says: “When our blood tells us what to eat, are we ignoring our souls?” The article talks a lot about not only how diet recommendations like this seem really unrealistic (so, everyone in your family will be eating different things at each meal?) but also very socially isolating – i.e. “Sorry, I can’t go get sushi with you, it’s not part of my blood type diet.” Of course, the socially isolating aspect isn’t just unique to the blood type diet – that’s true of most diets, especially as they get increasingly rigid. It’s pretty hard to eat out when you have to avoid almost all foods, right?

Anyway – part of why I preach intuitive eating is because I want food to be less stressful and more joyful for everyone again – and because, as the author of the article discusses, food should be a social, communal event that brings everyone together. I agree. Of course, I want people eating food that is appropriate for their bodies and leaves them feeling good – but I think there is certainly some middle ground. What do you guys think? Just some “food” for thought. :)

I will leave you with some of my related intuitive/mindful eating posts, in case you’re interested to hear more from me on the topic:


  1. 1

    I first heard about that diet in 2008 when I only had just begun my college studies in nutrition. Even then, I was very against it. We aren’t born and our parents given a card with our blood type with foods to provide. It just seems so far-fetched and another socially accepted excuse to restrict. Other than that and my ramblings. your food and entire weekend looks lovely!

  2. 2

    Aww, yay! My two pregnant friends together :D

  3. 5

    How in the world do you sit and read outside these days without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes? We’re in the Silver Spring area of MD, and even with one of those odor-repellent type things, I got eaten alive in late afternoon in full sunlight. The darn things were biting through my shirt. (The odor-repellent device is NOT simply a citronella candle. It’s more like this, without the lantern: In the past, these things have worked pretty well for us, but not this summer!) I hate coating myself in bug spray just to sit outside and eat dinner! The mosquitoes seem to have gotten really aggressive this summer. Boo.

    • 6

      Ah that’s a bummer! We don’t seem to have too many until dusk – a big part of that is because our deck is about 3 or 4 feet off the ground, though – when we used to sit down in the yard before the deck got built there were WAY more bugs. We do use one of those bug candle lantern things… that helps a bit! Not sure which one we have, though – Matt got it ages ago.

  4. 7

    Looks like a fun weekend! Glad you got to have a nice time with family.

  5. 8

    Personally, I think the Blood Type Diet sounds crazy! I know when I used to diet I would experience exactly what you mentioned here – social isolation. It’s literally no fun for you or your companions when you’re not actually enjoying your food. I can remember when I actually started to eat more intuitively and ordered something besides a salad. My husband was SO HAPPY that I was actually enjoying the meal out with him versus being tied down by a diet plan.

  6. 10

    A very nice end to what clearly was a wonderful weekend!

  7. 11

    What an interesting article! I’m totally with you though that this is unrealistic and isolating, and also…when people were first created no one knew their blood type or what food correlated with it, so why would it be necessary now?
    Your weekend sounds so lovely :)

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