NYE Weekend Recap

Hi guys – Happy New Year! I hope you had fun celebrating last night. Just in case you need it, check out my Hangover Busting Smoothie Recipe. ;)

As you can probably guess, our NYE was extremely low key – in fact, I was asleep when the ball dropped. Oh well! I spent most of yesterday in bed, actually – I thought I might be coming down with something because I just felt off, but I think I was actually just really overtired because I feel fine today. Being overtired when you have a newborn? No way, right?! ;) Shocking…

squirmy baby

Matt and I have been missing our fun family walks – it has been REALLY cold here the past week so sadly we’ve mostly been staying indoors. I did get out on Saturday morning for a long walk with Freyja, though – Matt and Riese wanted to stay in and be cozy, and Freyja and I had energy to burn – worked out well! It was slightly less cold on Saturday, too, which was nice, although we woke up to a dusting of snow! Fun – I was so surprised when I looked outside in the morning!

snowy dog walk

On the food front, we ate a lot of homemade soup – we finished off the last of it this weekend with a couple different variations. This one full of veggies, some brown rice, and chickpeas was especially good!


homemade turkey veggie soup

My big outing of the weekend was on Friday night – I had a girl’s night with my high school friends Jenny, Lara, and Gretchen! Matt offered to stay home and babysit and invited a couple of his buddies over for a little pizza, beer, and baby evening while the ladies and I went out on the town. So fun!

cava clarendon

cava girls night out

We had dinner at Cava, a fun small plates mediterranean place, and ordered ALL the things and shared it all. Here’s just a sampling of what we ate – excuse the dim lighting, but everything was delicious! The brussels sprouts, flaming cheese, and chicken lollipops were my fave. :)

cava clarendon dinner virginia

Have a nice day guys!

What did you do for NYE? Was anyone in Times Square? Would have been a REALLY cold night to watch the ball drop in person!


  1. 1

    The soup looks delicious. They’re the perfect meal for cold winter days.

    My New Year’s Eve was pretty low key too. I went over to by boyfriend’s place and we made a pizza and a charcuterie board. There were some beers and ciders too. We were able to see the fireworks at city hall from his window, which was a good thing because it was -40 last night with the windchill!

  2. 3

    Love love love those hedgehog sheets! Adorable. Glad you guys had a good NYE!

  3. 7

    Looks like a lovely NYE! In the morning, I completed a very refreshing complimentary yoga class at our local Lululemon store, and then my husband and I relaxed at home. My twin sister and her husband stopped by after they enjoyed dinner out, and we had the best time together. So much laughter! Matt and I enjoyed our ham hock bean soup, watched Planet Earth 2 (I’ve been waiting for it to be released on Netflix!), and we called it a night at 11PM. I wanted to be well-rested for brunch at First Watch, and it was perfect! :) Hope you and Riese have a great day!

  4. 9

    I wasn’t feeling that great so I was also in bed before the ball dropped! I think it was the first time in 15 years I didn’t wake up hungover not sure how proud I am of that statement ha ha!

  5. 11

    I just wanted to comment that your husband staying home with his daughter isn’t “babysitting” – he’s just being a dad! Language like that reinforces such awful stereotypes about dads, please be considerate of that in the future!

  6. 14

    Looks like a lot of fun! It has been super cold here in Ky as well. I nearly DIED when I rolled over and saw on my phone that it was 1 degree here this morning on my first day back to work after the holidays (ugh)! My NYE was also very low key. Spent it at home cuddled up with my fur babies. :)

  7. 15

    Last year, my daughter was 2 months old on NYE and I felt a little bit lame going to bed at 9:30…fast forward to this year and I didn’t even think twice about it because she is always up at 6am, regardless of holiday! Also, +1 to the comment about babysitting and glad that you might consider using a different term next time. Happy 2018!

  8. 16

    Your girls’ night sounds fantastic, and I LOVE CAVA! New Year’s Eve for me was a long night haha. In my Russian family, it’s the biggest holiday of the year so we stayed up until 6am, exchanged gifts, feasting, and talking. Suffice to say, I slept for most of New Year’s Day ;)

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