Off to the Races

Hello from D.C.!


I had a wonderful day today playing around the city :) I missed it!


All the pretty spring flowers appear to have come out to play, although it’s ridiculously cold here. It was 80 all week in NC and we’re only 5 hours south! What gives?!



I met my blogger buddy Megan (aka Meganerd) for lunch today — she’s in town for the half marathon, too!


Yay! It was fun seeing her — it had been too long :)

We met for lunch at one of my downtown favorites, Java Green. It’s a vegetarian/vegan cafe where I used to go for lunch all the time when I worked downtown! So delicious.


I ordered my old favorite — the Jobche Noodles, which come with cabbage, kale, and carrots, topped with “chicken” (aka soy protein — it’s actually really tasty!).


And then we headed toward the race expo to pick up our race packets! We stopped at the White House to say hello on the way :)

Megan in action:


Look who I ran into at the race expo!


My grad school BFFs! They all drove up this morning and I missed them, since it had been almost a full 24 hours since I’d seen them and all. ;)


Hehe. Heart them.

They had a huge picture of the race course at the expo, too — cool!


We start out the race in the Capitol Hill area, go all the way down Constitution Avenue past the monuments, up 18th St. and Connecticut Avenue through Dupont and Adams Morgan, and then back over and down! It should be an interesting course with lots of fun distractions — none of the other DC races I’ve done have actually had us right on the streets like this one does!

Ready to rock :)


Since it’s a half and a full marathon, they’re having us half marathoners put that “HALF” sign on our back so the full marathoners don’t get confused in terms of pace if we’re all blazing by them! We run with them until mile 12.

I just had a tasty pasta dinner with Matt and my mom and now it’s time to get organized and get to bed! I have a VERY early wake up call ahead.

Half marathon or bust — wish me luck tomorrow!!!! :)


  1. 1

    Love the “half” back bibs…of course, if you’re the mayor, you can always sign up for the half, run it, and then decide at the end to do the full marathon. Doubt anybody will do that tomorrow. Good luck!

  2. 2

    Your pictures from the walking tour are lovely! I can’t wait to run by all the monuments tomorrow. It will be so weird not taking pictures but hopefully it will help with my time. It was so nice meeting you today!

  3. 3

    Good luck Anne! You’re going to be great!!

  4. 4

    Good luck!! I’m inspired by all the bloggers running this weekend. :-)

  5. 5

    I just got home from DC – was there for work! Would love to do that half someday (I’ve “retired” from doing fulls unless they are at the end of an Ironman!). Have fun and stay warm – you are right, it was cold, but it’s 21 degrees where I am now!
    I will have to remember that restaurant next time I’m there.

  6. 6

    Have a great race tomorrow! Can’t wait to read the recap! :)

  7. 7

    Good luck, Anne. Cold weather is great racing weather, as you know. Final tips: don’t overdress (though gloves and even watch cap are OK if needed at the start, and can be thrown away as you warm up); steady at beginning (don’t get excited and go too fast) so you can do the second half of the race faster than the first half; drink water at every station where offered. Look forward to hearing about a great race!

  8. 8

    Best of luck tomorrow. I know you will do well – you have trained hard. Enjoy the run.Know Matt will be there to cheer you on.

  9. 9

    Love the flowers on the trees! Sending strength and focus for your run! :)

  10. 10

    I can’t believe the cherry blossoms look like that in the city! I live just outside the city and we hardly have any blooms yet. Good luck in the race tomorrow. Have fun!

  11. 11

    I’ll be out shooting some engagement pics at the tidal basin near FDR memorial. You should come by after the race, should be there til 8:30 / 9…!

  12. 12

    Good luck Anne. Can’t wait to hear the outcome.

  13. 13

    Awesome race! Very proud –

  14. 14

    Wooohoo!! Kick some butt!!!! Sorry I missed your call the other day. Hope the race is awesome! And no complaining about the weather seeing as it SNOWED in Boston this week. ;)

  15. 15

    Good luck!!

    PS. I have to say, everytime I see pictures of you I’m insanely jealous of your hair. I love it :)

  16. 17

    Good luck!! I love the look on your face with the race bibs, really cute. :)

  17. 18

    Anne I love your HALF bib…great idea!!!!! :-)

    I’m so impressed with your timing, you ROCK!
    I run 90 minutes everyday, but I think I should start timing myself?
    (my system is a little primitive…. just run ahead of anyone in front of me, ahem)

    Anne, You’re my inspiration to one day run my 1st HALF marathon!!!
    (especially if we go out with your Mom for pasta the night before..)
    (btw I like “blogging” it’s really catchy!!!)

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