We’ve been enjoying lots of soup over here this week – I really love a steaming bowl of soup on cold winter-y days. 

This one had chicken (sprinkled with salt and pepper and seared in a separate pan beforehand and then added to the soup – gives it better flavor!), a ton of veggies (onion, celery, cauliflower, kale), and chickpeas. I used some bone broth from the farmer’s market as the base!

easy winter soup with chicken and lots of veggies

We enjoyed our soup with some delicious garlic toast – Matt and Riese made a mixture of olive oil and grated garlic and then spread it on the toast before baking.

It was so good!

We made a lot so Riese and I enjoyed the leftovers the next day for lunch with some grilled cheese. :) 

And I had the last of it the next day for breakfast because I’m sick of “breakfast” food and who says breakfast food has to be breakfast food anyway? 

If you want some soup recipes to try this winter, here are a few faves:

And speaking of dinner for breakfast, this was my post-workout breakfast one morning this week:

A leftover plate from the night before – Matt made a Blue Apron but I wasn’t home so he wrapped up my serving. It was really yummy!

Other food highlights from the week included a pizza night out with Matt, Riese, and a few friends!

I started with an arugula, beet, and goat cheese salad that was delicious:

alto fumo salad clarendon

And then we shared pizza – delicious as always.

Riese loves pizza, too, no surprise there! 

alto fumo clarendon pizza

On Wednesday night, I actually had a fun girl’s night out – I met up with my college friends Kathleen and Sarah at a cool upscale Mexican spot in DC called Poca Madre.

We hadn’t gotten together in way too long! Sarah is 38 weeks pregnant so we wanted to make sure we got in one more dinner before the baby arrived. :) So excited for her!

We had the best time catching up, as always. We did their 4 course group/shared tasting menu option so I have no idea what the food was that we got, but it was all delicious, creative, and beautifully presented!  

poca madre dc

This was especially beautiful!

poca madre dc

The other photos didn’t turn out that great (there was an amazing pork taco course, and a couple other things – definitely had to take some food home because it was a ton!), so I will leave you with a dessert photo.

Those mini donuts were awesome!

poca madre dc


As for fitness this week, I followed my usual weekly routine as of late with 3 early morning workouts. 

One morning I went to a yoga class with the girls. The studio we like is near my old house, but it’s worth the drive… such a lovely way to start the day!

I went to an OrangeTheory class one morning solo, and another morning I went to a pilates boot camp class with my friend Jen!

Jen is one of my best mom friends – I’m so grateful we met (through yoga, actually, back when the kids were only a few months old)! She’s one of those friends where every time we hang out (usually at least once a week) we have a million things to talk about. We normally meet up with the kids in tow for playdates, but she likes this boot camp class too so it has been really fun to go to it together before rushing back home to our little ones. 

Speaking of little ones, Riese turns 2 on Sunday! (Whoa – how did that happen so fast?!)

We are heading up to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving this year and decided to leave tomorrow so we can spend a whole week up there, and so we can celebrate Riese’s birthday there, too! 

I’m working on a 2 year toddler/mama update blog post, by the way – any specific questions you have/want me to address, just let me know.

I’ll see you guys back here on Monday with an update from Pittsburgh!

p.s. I know some of you have noticed that I switched my RSS feed from full posts to partial/truncated. I know it’s a pain to click through, and this isn’t about trying to get more clicks, but rather trying to stop scammers from scraping my blog posts onto their sites. I was talking to some tech-y friends about the issue and they said many spam sites steal content using RSS feeds, and by switching to a partial feed, it would be harder/more laborious for them to copy my content onto their sites. So – I’m sorry! But I’m sick of a ton of spammy sites stealing my full blog posts, so if this helps the issue (and so far it seems it has), I’m going to make it a permanent change. Thank you in advance for your support, and for reading. <3

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  1. 1

    I had no idea that bloggers suffered from the equivalent of shoplifters taking their content and reusing it for gain. Sounds completely reasonable that you would take steps to prevent that.
    Have a fun trip!

  2. 3

    My 8 year old has been craving soup lately, so I will be checking out your links. We need something ‘new.’

  3. 5

    I always enjoy your food, family, and fitness updates. Happy Birthday to Riese! She is so cute! Enjoy your time in PA. I don’t mind one addition click to read your full post and I’m glad it’s an easy way to hold off the scammers. You work hard on your content and it’s horrible others can just steal it. Happy Weekend!

  4. 7

    Dinner together was perfect! Full belly and full heart after girls nights with you two!

  5. 9

    Nice to see you involve Riese so impressively.

    And good to see you getting in runs and yoga with friends.

    I would be interested to get a sense of how much time Riese is with a nanny, as it seems that you are reducing that time in order to spend more time with you herself -?

    • 10

      We have our nanny come twice a week – we’ve had that routine since March and it has been working well. I like having the extra time with Riese!

  6. 11

    There is nothing like hot soup on a cold day! And great to see you have time for the exercise classes and girls night out occasionally, too.
    In your two-year blog post, I’d be interested in hearing how you have modified your nanny/work time over the years. Seems like you have balanced being a mom and working pretty impressively.
    Enjoy the trip!

  7. 12

    Do you happen to have a recipe for a chicken corn chowder? I feel like your post about chicken and soup made me think of chowder and I haven’t been able to find a really good chicken corn chowder that isn’t full of EXTRA junk! lol

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