Outer Banks Adventures Part 2: Fitness/Outdoorsy Fun

Hi guys! I’m back to share part 2 in our Outer Banks beach week adventures with Matt’s family. My first post talked all about the food highlights, so check that out first if you missed it! Now it’s time for the fitness/outdoorsy highlights from the week.

Of course since we were at the beach, our main movement for the week was lots of water adventures! I did lots of wave jumping and pool swimming in between baby cuddling. :) Riese hung out on blankets and played while we were down at the beach, or took naps while one of us held her or strolled with her in the carrier.

It was really fun to introduce her to the pool for the first time, too – we had one at our house. She was cautiously intrigued. :)

As for non-water fitness, Matt and I brought our running stroller with us so we could take Riese on some adventures. It was hot so we weren’t feeling any serious runs, but we took her out for two walk/jogs – we ran when we felt like it and walked when we felt like it. :)

I always love the boardwalk area in the town of Duck – so lovely for walking! And for mini boot camps. ;)

After one of the walk/jogs we hit up Treehouse Coffee in the town of Duck for brunch – biscuit egg sandwiches and lattes hit the spot!

Normally I do a couple yoga classes while in Duck (check out Duck Village Yoga if you’re in the area – it’s great!), but my sister-in-law Morgana is usually my yoga buddy and she couldn’t come this year – plus it’s obviously a little more complicated logistically now with the babe in the mix! I did make it to one yoga adventure though – on Tuesday mornings in summer in the town of Duck, there’s a free 7:30 a.m. outdoor yoga class. The ladies of the house all went and left the men in charge of the kids. :)

We all walked over to Treehouse Coffee for breakfast after yoga — this time I tried the avocado toast. It was pretty good but would have been better with mashed vs. sliced avocado. (Check out my blog post featuring my fave avocado toast recipes.)

The other big outing of the week was a kayaking trip!

kitty hawk kayaking

It was just me and the gentlemen – my sister-in-law Jess stayed home with their boys and my mother-in-law offered to watch Riese so Matt and I could both go. Very kind of her!

kayaking in the outer banks kitty hawk nature preserve

We kayaked in Kitty Hawk Woods Nature Preserve with a guide leading our small group around. It was lovely – so peaceful out there! We kayaked for nearly 2.5 hours – my shoulders and forearms were feeling it the next day!

Our beach week went by way too quickly – we were so sad to leave on Sunday! It took us 9 hours to drive home with all the July 4th week holiday traffic, but it was still so worth it. We’re already counting the days until next year’s trip!

Stay tuned for one more beach recap (about an epic group dinner we had) coming up next week. In the meantime, I’ll be back with a yummy summer recipe post on Thursday!

What’s your favorite beach?


  1. 1

    Where’s Reise’s little mermaid/sea creature rashguard from? It’s super cute!

  2. 2

    Sooo cute that in all the stroller pics, and the one from brunch, Riese’s little feet are perched up. She seems so sweet!!

  3. 3

    Love it! Quite the beach girl ;) and checking out the pool.. hehe future water lover perhaps like her parents?? Malta round 2 in a few years? :P

  4. 5

    Ah my husband and I just went on a little weekend getaway this past weekend and went kayaking too! Super fun…and I agree about being sore afterwards!

  5. 6
    Roadrunner says

    I continue to be impressed with how many activities you are able to enjoy, despite having a baby added to the mix! Nicely done!

  6. 8

    Curious how you dealt with a baby on a 9-hour road trip! It gives me anxiety to travel more than 2 hours in the car with mine. Looking for some tips!! Thank you!

    • 9

      Yeah, 9 hours in the car is not fun for anyone, but especially not for a baby! She did pretty well but obviously didn’t love it. We stopped 3 times for nursing and changing breaks (and food for us) and so she could move around a little bit, but the main key for us was just to always have one of us sitting back there next to her so we could help entertain her with toys, books, etc. She does a lot better when she has company – she’s social!

  7. 10

    Ahhhh! I want to go back! Sorry to hear about the traffic. Yes the avocado toast would have been better mashed but loved the salad and dressing on top. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  8. 12

    Riese is so adorable, and I love her little mermaid bathing suit! I love kayaking, and that looks like an amazing trip!! Perfect weather!

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