People look funny when they’re running

Yay, they posted pictures from the Army Ten Miler on the official website! Here I am sprinting across the finish line… check out that smile :) Obviously I was thinking “Holy crap… I am DONE… I REALLY DID THIS!!! AND MY KNEE IS STILL OKAY!!!”


And here’s one of me and Ashley speeding up just before the finish! We look pretty sweet in our awesome matching outfits with our awesome matching “we can hardly breathe right now” faces. ;)


Lol check out my brother… I can’t tell if he looks like he wants to cry or like he’s really super hardcore. Thoughts? ;)


Man it was so crowded during this run… I guess that’s what happens when 30,000 wake up and run 10 miles together! Check out the starting line!!



Yay running! These pictures make me want to do another race already! What’s the funniest race photo you’ve had taken of you?

I just got back from our second Organic Chem test. Intense! I think it went really well though :) Now time for a bit of editing work for my job and then I’m heading out on the town with the girls for dinner and drinks :) It’s GORGEOUS in DC today!!

Oh and I had my homemade minestrone soup for lunch… it was SO GOOD. I think it got even better in the fridge overnight. You must try it :)


Have a good night everyone! Stayed tuned this weekend for some baking fun ;)


  1. 1

    Thosepics are great. It reminds me of when they take a picture of you going down the big drop on a rollercoaster

  2. 2

    Great pics! I have one of me in a 10 mile race in Dublin in the rain, and my face is as red as a tomato and I look like I am going to cry! I have my first 1/2 this weekend though so we’ll see what photos come out of that! :)

  3. 3

    Great pics!! I love action shots!!

  4. 4

    I did this 10K last summer where my tongue is sticking out the side of my mouth in all the pictures! I look like a dog.

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