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Hey friends – and for my U.S. readers, happy Thanksgiving week! Matt and I push off for Pittsburgh tomorrow – looking forward to a little relaxing and lots of good food.

We had another low key weekend here at home. On Saturday, Matt was playing in an all day soccer tournament for one of his men’s leagues in the area, so I entertained myself. The morning involved Urban Athletic Club and a post-workout brunch at Le Pain Quotidien with my friend Stephanie – their omelettes never fail.


Later that afternoon, I went to a Friendsgiving party at my friend Sarah’s place. I neglected to take any photos because I only knew a few people there and didn’t want to be that weirdo taking pictures of all the food, but it was soooo delicious and a lot of fun to meet some new people! One of my favorite things there was a pumpkin pistachio biscotti (<—recipe on Sarah’s blog). Must make that for myself asap!

Sunday morning was the big Girls on the Run 5k!

girls on the run 5k northern virginia

Girls on the Run is an after school program that builds confidence and healthy relationships in girls via curriculum and running. At the end of each season, the training culminates in a 5k race! As you guys know, I’ve been a volunteer coach for the program at a local elementary school this fall and it’s been a lot of fun to get to know the sweet girls in our group. I’m so proud of them for all finishing strong on Sunday! The 5k race included all the girls from programs at schools around northern Virginia, so it was quite big and very high energy!

girl on the run 5k nova

I ran with one of the girls in our group and we finished in about 32 minutes. Super proud of her for pushing it – I’m glad I was able to help support her and cheer her on along the way. :)

I have a really cute photo of all our girls with the 3 of us who have been coaching this fall, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to post it, so I’ll just share this one of me instead. It was a fun morning!

girls on the run coach

Post-race brunch at home with Matt was one of my standard faves – fried eggs with avocado atop some spinach. Leftover roasted potatoes on the side!


As for today, I got in a great run with my friend Karen! I worked a couple hours this morning then met up with her at 10 for a cold but sunshine-filled jaunt down on the Capital Crescent trail.

capital crescent trail winter

It was so pretty out there – but crazy how quickly the weather has changed! Last week we ran in shorts and tank tops – this week, all the layers. I was rocking a super fashionable ear warmer + visor combo. I know, looking good. I need to find a visor that includes ear warmers/is made for winter (I don’t love hats because my hair is too enormous, so it needs to be a visor). Ear warmers are awesome but on sunny days I like the visor shade too! Any recommendations?


As always, the miles flew by with my buddy by my side, and it was a nice treat to be out enjoying the sun. Once we got moving the cold felt good!


4 miles at a good clip!


And now, back to work! I have some AnneTheRD client meetings and lots of things to wrap up today before the holiday fun begins.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post sharing some tips on staying healthy and enjoying the delicious food this holiday season without falling into the diet/guilt mentality. Stay tuned!

How was your weekend? Any fun races/runs/eats to report?


  1. 1

    So proud that your are a Girls on the Run coach. Although I do not have the time right now, I will absolutely participate when my daughter is a little older. I ran a turkey trot 5k this Saturday. It was great. I haven’t raced a 5k in ages and the weather was perfect.

  2. 3

    Well done, Coach Anne. Sounds like a great program!

  3. 4

    sounds like a great weekend! I’m excited for our Girls on the Run 5k!! I ran the Philadelphia Half this weekend which was a lot of fun. I head to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving later this week. That omelet looks delish!

  4. 6

    Your mention of GOTR a while back got me interested, so a month or so back I signed up with GOTR-Tampa to volunteer for their big 5k! Their race is Dec 12th and I can’t wait to help out; it really seems like a great program. If it seems well run/put together, I hope to volunteer more throughout their next season.

  5. 8

    Love that you’re involved with GOTR. I was a coach in VA Beach, but since I am in grad school now, my schedule doesn’t match the practice times – I’m counting down until I can be a coach again!

    As far as a suggestion – have you found a nice pair of running sunglasses? Oakley is my go-to for sports… Might fit well under your ear warmers :) Plus, being able to wear them all-season makes a more “expensive” price tag well justified!

    • 9

      I have a pair of Oakleys that I LOVE – wear them all day every day – but I don’t like running with sunglasses on. Especially in the cold — having them against my nose makes it even colder!

  6. 10

    Your eyes look so blue in the photo in front of the flowers! I think it’s so so great that you do GOTR :)

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