Philly Adventures & A Quick Workout Idea

Hello my friends! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about my Maine adventures with Cabot. It was such a wonderful trip – but it’s really nice to be home, too! On Sunday, instead of flying back to DC, I flew into Philadelphia to spend the day with my college BFFs Turner (whose real name is Laura… that’s just her nickname) and Kris. Kris is living in Paris for work and was home briefly for a visit. I’m so glad it worked out to see her!


I arrived in Philly around 11 a.m. and Turner got me from the airport; we then picked up Kris from the train station (her family lives in the Philly suburbs), and headed into the city for our first priority: brunch!

We went to a place named Cochon and I had the crab and veggie frittata, topped with roasted potatoes. It was delish!


After brunch, we spent the afternoon strolling around the city and catching up. It was a beautiful day for walking and so nice to be reunited. :)





After a few hours of walking and window shopping, we ended up at Lil’ Pop Shop for a snack.


How awesome do these flavors sound?! The pops are all hand-crafted and made with seasonal and local ingredients… no artificial ingredients whatsoever. Yay!


After much debate, I decided on the goat cheese and black raspberry pop. It blew my mind. I MUST recreate this at home – stay tuned. :)


We ended the day with happy hour and a BBQ at Turner and her husband Will’s place in the city.


Burgers, fresh corn, and string beans. Yum, yum! I <3 summer.


Turner is working in DC right now so we took the train back to DC early on Monday morning, and I spent the rest of the day catching up on work. Between getting caught back up on emails, blog stuff, and meeting with AnneTheRD clients, it’s been a busy week! I’m also giving a lunch & learn presentation tomorrow on easy weeknight meals via a local corporate wellness company, so that should be fun.

On Monday night, Matt arrived home from work around 7 and it was so beautiful out that we decided against an indoor CrossFit workout and instead headed outside to create our own adventure!


We ended up doing a really fun workout – we would sprint one block, then stop and do some sort of boot camp move. Each block, one of us would come up with the boot camp move on the fly, then we’d alternate. We ended up doing about 12 rounds – it was really fun!


Here are some of the moves we incorporated:

  • Lunges
  • Jumping star squats (squat, then jump up in the air and throw your hands and legs out to the side like a star)
  • Dips (on the curb, as seen below)
  • Push ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Side shuffles
  • Handstand pushups (holding each other’s legs for assistance – I’m not so good at them!)
  • Pull ups on a sturdy tree branch (again, with assistance for me)

And more! It was fun to get creative on the fly. We’re going to do this more often – it felt like play time but we ended up getting in a really good (and quick) workout!


Time to get back to work! I hope you’re all having a great week. On the running front, I got in a great 5 miler early yesterday morning with a new friend/blog reader (hi Kimi!), and I’m planning to get in my long run of the week tomorrow morning with my friend Kathleen. We have 13 miles on the docket. Wish us luck! As for today, yoga is on the agenda. :)

What great workouts have you gotten in so far this week? 


  1. 1

    So glad you had fun in Philly! I have lived here for ~7 years (originally from the DC area) and I love it to bits. And c’mon, how good is Lil’ Pop Shop?! I had their mango chili pop a few weeks ago and it blew my mind.

  2. 4

    cute blue tank!

    i got in a good workout yesterday (posted up on the blog today for workout wednesday). it’s also about working out with my significant other :)

  3. 6

    That workout sound so fun!!!

  4. 7

    Such a fun workout idea. I’m sure it made the time fly by.

  5. 8

    Working out al fresco is awesome! Great bootcamp idea.

  6. 9

    I love that workout idea! I’ve gotten in a good workout every day this week so far, but nothing outside. Your outdoor play-time makes me want to find a way to get out of the gym this week!

  7. 10

    Ah you had a great day for Philly! I live in the suburbs and spent the weekend there and I couldn’t have asked for better weather! I love that workout idea. I’m always looking for ways to break up a run!

  8. 11

    Love this idea! I have yet to join a gym but I am doing a lot of workouts outside/in my basement. So far loving the playground workouts!

  9. 12

    Yesss! :) so good to see you!! :)

  10. 13

    I love your creative workout! I have to try this with Moritz, too!! ;-)

  11. 15

    working out outside always is better .. in my opinion :)

  12. 16

    Love fun workouts and I have to try this!

  13. 17

    I have just started running outside. Man is it different!

  14. 19

    This outside workout is such a great idea! Especially that you got to do it with the husband!

  15. 20

    Awesome workout idea! Fair play to you guys for getting out and creating something so fun :) Good luck with the 13 miles!! :)

  16. 21

    Those pops remind me of Pleasant Pops in DC! Have you had them? They sell at a bunch of farmers’ markets I think. I get mine at Mount Pleasant Market on Saturdays :)

  17. 23
    Roadrunner says:

    Awesome workout, well done, Anne! And good luck with the 13-miler!

  18. 24

    I had a nice bike ride this morning and did some yoga yesterday.

    Haha I used to do those star jumps when I was on my HS vball team. Everytime we jumped, we’d have to say, “I’m a star!”

  19. 26

    AWESOME to have a new running friend!

  20. 27
    Lindsey Garst says:

    If you haven’t already, you must try Pleasant Pops in DC! They have great popsicles and it’s also a coffee shop selling local foods and salads near 18th and U St.

  21. 29

    I go running with a few ladies at work a couple of times a week, this is a perfect way to switch it up a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  22. 30

    Your frittata looks divine.

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