Marathon Training Continues

So, I ran another half marathon around DC this morning. Oh, you know, no big deal.

washington dc capitol

JUST KIDDING! Running 13 miles is no joke, guys.

I feel a) hardcore, b) tired, and c) amazed/terrified that this is only the beginning of the mileage ramp up that is soon to come. I’ll tap out at 22 miles miles as my longest training run the week of October 21 – that’s so insane.

Two weeks ago, when my friend Kathleen and I did a 13.1 mile training run, it was all sunshine and roses. We had great weather and fresh legs on our sides, and what was supposed to be an 11 mile run turned into 13.1 miles when we overshot the distance and had to get back to the metro. No big deal. We both felt great.



Today, though? Um, yeah. Today was a different story. Today, I was really tired. Isn’t it weird how running is just like that sometimes? How one day running feels easy and the next it’s hard?

I guess it’s those hard runs that really prepare us for the races – especially something like a marathon. I didn’t really feel like pushing through today, to be honest. My legs felt sore and leaden, and the high humidity outside (although, thankfully, it was cloudy) meant that Kathleen and I were both soaked in sweat within minutes.

But we pushed through and I’m proud that we did. :) We’re certainly going to get our fill of sightseeing in DC over the next couple months, that’s for sure!

This morning, we met at 6:30 a.m. at the Smithsonian metro. Kathleen forgot her bike lock, so she raced home and we ended up running towards each other and meeting in the middle instead. We decided to mix it up and explore a new area, and ran towards the southeast waterfront/Yards Park.

southeast waterfront in dc

From there, we headed through Eastern Market’s cute streets and back towards the Capitol.

us capitol

We ran back down the National Mall and into the Georgetown waterfront. So many waterfronts to explore! :)

georgetown waterfront 2

georgetown waterfront

We decided to end the run in Virginia, so we headed over Key Bridge, conquered the mile long hill of death from Rosslyn up to Courthouse, and voila! 13.1 miles, done and done. Obviously we couldn’t just stop at 13 even when we were so close to saying we did a half marathon. ;)

As you can see, I still have my Garmin watch held together with a hairband. I swear I’ll try to superglue it soon!

marathon training

Despite feeling sluggish, we kept up a decent pace throughout the run. These times don’t include a few fuel stops and some stops at lights!


    • Mile 1: 9:24
    • Mile 2: 9:15
    • Mile 3: 9:22
    • Mile 4: 9:22
    • Mile 5: 9:28
    • Mile 6: 9:27
    • Mile 7: 9:15
    • Mile 8: 9:33
    • Mile 9: 9:14
    • Mile 10: 9:17
    • Mile 11: 9:20
    • Mile 12: 10:01 —> hill of death
    • Mile 13: 9:27
    • 0.1 nubbin pace: 8:46

    Total time: 2:03:21 – average pace of 9:24.
    Thanks for keeping me going out there today, Kathleen!

How everyone else’s running going this week? Any new distance records? I’m excited because next week we’re doing 14 miles, which will be a new distance record for me!


  1. 1
    Kathleen Wood says:

    I can just see us dominating a 20 mile training run and the looking back and laughing at how struggalicious we acted today! :)

  2. 3

    The most ridiculous thing about marathon training is towards the end when 13 miles is a relief. Marathon training also makes me really tired – I think I slept for 10 hours after an 18-miler once. :) Good luck training!

  3. 5

    Keep up the good work, girl! I promise promise promise that these strugglebus runs are so worth it for the wonderful runs you get once the weather cools down! You’re rocking it.

  4. 7

    I know how you feel! Some runs are just so great, while others feel so inexplicably HARD. I have 15 miles on the schedule for tomorrow, which will be my new distance record, if I can complete it. Good luck with your 14-miler next week!

  5. 11

    Props for sticking it out despite the gross humidity today! I haven’t run since Monday (boo) since I am easing off the mileage this week due to knee pain. I’ve been mainly cycling instead. I plan on running at least 6 tomorrow, and 9-11 on the trails on Sunday.

  6. 13

    Way to push through!

    I tried to use Gorilla Glue on my Garmin wristband, and it didn’t last :( Hopefully you have better luck!

  7. 15

    OMG, that hill of death– I know it FAR too well! Way to go though — that’s quite the long run for a Thursday morning (or any morning?). I have 12 on Saturday, aka last long run before my half on the 25th!

  8. 17

    congrats on making it through!! and even on your “bad” days, you’d pass me like i was standing still :) #veryimpressive

  9. 19

    I’m getting ready for my first half marathon in October, and I’ve already hit the 13.1 mileage. Today I did my long run, 10.5 miles, and I felt exactly as you said. I felt great on my 13 miler last weekend, but today I was so tired! Best of luck in your continued training, maybe one day I will be brave enough to try a full marathon.

  10. 21

    It’s funny how the same distance can feel so very different! It looks like you had some great views for your run.

  11. 22

    I remember those last few weeks of marathon training thinking “hooray! today is only 10 miles!”

    Enjoy the journey as much as the destination. You’re capable of incredible things! xoxo

    • 23

      Isn’t it crazy how quick our perception of what’s “long” changes? I remember a few years ago thinking 3 miles was epic. How quickly things change!

  12. 24

    Another 1/2 on a weekday morning? So impressive! The humidity was retched this morning… I was struggling enough on my 4 miler. But reading about your morning long runs is actually getting me really excited to do my first one in a couple weeks!

  13. 25

    Way to go Anne and Kathleen!!! Great job pushing through a tough run!!

  14. 28

    Wow! Congrats on the 1/2 marathon! That’s awesome and I have no idea how you do it!

  15. 29

    I love reading your long run recaps. I love seeing all the pictures too. My long runs are on Thursday’s too, but not as scenic. I ran 16 yesterday (longest run since my spring marathon in March). It also was extremely humid and muggy here in Atlanta. I was soaked by 1 mile!!! We shall push through. Fall is around the corner :) Great job yesterday!!!

  16. 31

    Ahh sucks your run wasn’t as great as before. I had exactly the same thing the other week when I ran 13 miles and it was amazng, I love every minute. Then the week after I ran 12 miles and it was terrible. It felt so hard and it was a realy struggle. Very strange but I guess loads of factors can affect these things!

  17. 32

    Well done on trudging through! The hard ones definitely make us stronger! :)

  18. 33

    Hey Anne! Looks like we both were having bad running days. I just posted about my running experience yesterday and my legs just did not want to cooperate! I only had to do 3 miles and it felt like 13!

  19. 34

    Way to go! I’m jealous of your pace! I hit a distance record on my bike this Sunday, 18.5 miles!

  20. 35

    wow good job!!!! I ran last night in the humidity and I thought I was going to die. It was only 77 degrees out so I thought it would be an easy run, but NOT so much at all.

  21. 37

    yeah, it was muggy out today. some runs are good, some are bad.. you just gotta roll with it! keep it up!

  22. 38

    It gets better! I ran yesterday morning too (only 6 miles), but I really had to keep my head in the game and not focus on how humid it was! You have about 3 more months until Richmond? Lots of room for some solid, long, cooler runs! :)

  23. 39

    It’s amazing how much ground you cover when training for a race – sightseeing indeed! I’ve only ever done half-marathons, so I can only imagine training for a marathon ;)

    Keep up the awesome effort!!

  24. 40

    “Hill of death” made me lol. I used to run from Rosslyn towards Ballston and had to tackle that hill first thing. Now I run into DC. Unfortunately from those runs, I now live on top of the hill instead of the bottom. Oh well — good preparation right?!

  25. 41

    I’ve never ran past those 13.1 miles…yet!! I don’t see that in my future anytime soon though because I’m having some hip flexor issues. I run a half at the end of next month so even training for that might be a little ambitious. The last ‘long’ run I did was 8 miles and that was a few too many weeks ago, but I don’t want to flare up my hip flexor again by attempting anything long soon, so I’m giving it the breaks it needs and hopefully be able to resume next weeK!

  26. 42

    I’ll be PR-ing in distance this weekend with a 14-miler as well, good luck with yours!

  27. 43

    Nice job! I am a bit envious of your scenery. And that you have a running partner. Although, you just reminded me I have 14 miles with my running group tomorrow. :D

  28. 44

    Your pics make me wanna drive up to DC for my next run just so I can have your views. I’ll have to find some new areas to run down here in Williamsburg!

  29. 45

    Anne and Kathleen way to go pushing through it :)

  30. 46
    Roadrunner says:

    Very well done, Anne (and Kathleen)! Most impressive…

  31. 47

    Good on you and Kathleen for pushing through, some runs definitely are way harder than others. What fantastic scenery you get to enjoy! Do you stop to take your pics (I’m guessing so cos they’d probably be blurry otherwise!)? I ran 15km today, my furthest distance yet, and it felt great, but my 6km through the week was hard going.

  32. 49

    Holy cow that is impressive!! I am training for my first half marathon so it is crazy that the distance is one of your training runs!

  33. 50

    Nice job! I know what you mean! I did a 7 mile that felt like death but then did a hilly 14 (PDR wooo!) yesterday that felt ok :). For me, having a day (or day and a half) to rest before my long runs really helps. Another thing that might be helpful to you (is for me) is running with a club. Both DC Roadrunners and Washington Running Club are great :). You get to run with people that have done all kinds of races (and pump them for tips!) and it’s nice to not think about the route/experience new routes and have company. A friend and I did our 14 on Custis/W&OD this way and it was great. Good luck and happy to send any deets on the clubs.

  34. 51

    A FB friend directed me to your blog yesterday after I posted about my marathon training!
    So fun to look at your pictures. I also live in DC (since April) and am training to run the MCM in October. So many familiar sites, the city is just beautiful to run in- if not too humid most days. =)
    I live near the Navy Yard area and love that running path!

  35. 53

    Ran the farthest i’ve ever run yesterday, 9 miles! Felt great during it but honestly felt like I was on my death bed afterwards. I’m a little nervous in the next couple weeks of my training after feeling so depleted afterwards, any tips?

  36. 55

    I’m certainly not running the distances you are, but I have had really good morning runs lately! I”m usually much slower in the morning ,but both this week and last week I ran just as fast in the morning as I do at night- love that!


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