Pizza Dinner Date & A CrossFit Update!

Morning, friends!

Matt and I had a fun dinner date last night at my very favorite pizza place in the area — Faccia Luna in Clarendon, VA! I’ve been coming to this place since I was a little girl with my parents — it’s always been a favorite. Check it out if you’re in the area and haven’t been! It’s very reasonably priced, too, especially if you get pizza. :)

We started with some drinks — wine for me, beer for him!


Plus a starter salad with their homemade balsamic vinaigrette, which is the most delicious ever.


And we shared a pizza, of course! We topped it with spinach, basil, mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni. Winning combination. I <3 toppings.



I had 2.5 slices. :) It was a beautiful night and we had fun enjoying the weather, the food, and each other’s company. Plus people watching, of course. There were a lot of people out and about!


In fitness news, Matt and I hit up Crossfit Dupont twice this week — on Monday night and Wednesday night. On Wednesday, we practiced rack pulls, which are basically a variation of dead lifts — instead of starting with the weight on the ground, you start with it on the rack, so it’s a smaller motion. I don’t have any pictures but it went well — I’m working on my form and using my legs vs. my lower back, and was able to make it up to 95 lbs before my form started to go. Yay! We also did some chin ups, which I can’t really do fully on my own so I did assisted chin ups. :)

After the rack pulls, we moved on to a quick boot camp workout — plate pinches! Each round we were to hit a total of 4 lengths down the court; we carried a heavy plate as far as we could, then dropped the plate and sprinted the remaining distance.


It was fun but hard! My plate wasn’t that heavy (15 lbs.), but Matt’s (and most other people’s) were way heavier! I like that CrossFit is scalable to different ability levels because 15lbs (or maybe 20) was hard enough for me!




On Monday night, the WOD at Crossfit was unfortunately another of the strength moves that I couldn’t do because of my crazy tight shoulders/back. (I wrote about this issue last week related to back squats.) On Monday, the workout involved front squats, which I can kind of do with just the 15 lb. bar, but no more weight than that because my form is so bad due to tightness. Basically, I can’t get my elbows out in front of me any farther than you see in the photo below, so all the pressure of the weight ends up on my wrists and really hurts. Fail.


I ended up spending most of the hour doing some mobility-related stretching moves with a couple of the trainers, who were really awesome about helping me, but I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t do the workout with everyone else. I just felt silly sitting around doing other stuff — plus, I wanted a real workout — it’s my only hour to cram in a workout in a day and I didn’t want to spend it standing around! Sigh. I’m going to keep working on mobility stretches at home on my own (the trainers gifted me a lacrosse ball to use to roll out my shoulders — hurts so good), and until I get better mobility I might stop going to any of the workouts that I know I won’t be able to do (e.g. front or back squats) because it just bums me out, and I like working out to be my happy place for the day. :) Any other thoughts/advice? Such a bummer.

At least I could do the pushups that Monday’s workout also involved. :)


TGIF — off to work and then it’s the weekend, yay! Have a great one, friends!


  1. 1
    Susanne Hughes says:

    For heaven’s sake sweetie ————– stop being so hard on yourself!!! Just as general fitness can be a challenge, so can flexibility. Don’t force it but work on it. Use your methodical mind and work out a strategy to increase flexibility.

    ………………… this will also mean at least another two or three posts with hints on flexibility how-to’s that you can share with us! :)

  2. 3

    I tried to go to Faccia Luna last week (I think it was Thursday??), but they had another mini power outage and couldn’t cook anything! I haven’t been to this place in ages, and now i’m dying for some pizza.

  3. 4

    You will get there!!!! Don’t get frustrated! Keep working the mobility and flexibility and you will see huge changes eventually I promise! On the days when you know it’s a squatting WOD maybe get there earlier if you can to mobilize! Are you using a loose fingertip grip on the bar for front squats? Literally only 2 fingers need to be on the bar and then let it rest on your shoulders. It should take some of the pressure off of your wrists. Also you can hold the bar with your arms wrapped in front too. It’s not as efficient and not as easy to ditch if it’s too heavy but might be a start for you in getting a little more weight on the bar.

    • 5

      Yeah I was using a very loose grip – it’s still just sooo much pressure on my wrists, though! I might try the arms wrapped motion next time…

  4. 6

    Ooooh, Faccia Luna- I love that place! My favorite pizza there is roasted red pepper and artichoke heart. So good!

  5. 7

    Front squats take some getting used to, and yeah working on your wrist mobility helps. It took me a while to get used to the feeling that the bar was basically right up against my neck, which can feel weird. But in theory you should be able to do it without even using your hands. I’ve seen people just have their elbows way up and their forearms crossed, not really “holding” the bar at all. Maybe you can try it that way? google like “crossed forearm front squat”
    Bummer that its so frusterating!!

  6. 9

    Keep working at it girl – you’re doing great!! It’s amazing how much flexibility plays a role in weight lifting. I have similar issues with my shoulders. My one shoulder is much more flexible than the other and it makes lifting hard sometimes.

  7. 10

    I never knew Faccia Luna was a chain! My dad LOVES going to the one in State College, PA (they just opened a second location there too!) I was totally assuming it was a PA thing — guess not!

  8. 12

    My husband and I started our first date at Faccia Luna. =D

  9. 14

    Hey Anne,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love it, but this is my first time commenting. I recently started crossfit as well and I also have mobility problems(mine is hips not shoulders) and totally get the frustration. Have you checked out ? Kelly Starrett who runs my box started this site about 5 years ago and it has awesome exercises for every tightness issue you can imagine. He’s very knowledgeable and pretty entertaining to watch. We did front squats last night after a running WOD and I noticed I had a lot more flexibility once I was warmed up, you might want to ask about extra warm up exercises before class on shoulder days. Hope this helps.

    • 15

      Yes, my trainers recommended that site! It’s pretty awesome – I need to do the moves more often! Good tip about warming up first, too…

  10. 16

    Oh, wow! That pizza looks amazing!!!

  11. 17

    Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, right?

    I have a flexibility issue as well, although mine is in my hamstrings! I always find it awkward to be in yoga classes and the like. In a seated forward fold, most people are touching their toes and my hands are barely passed my knees.

    We both just have to keep working at it, I suppose! :-)

    • 18

      Yoga has really helped with my hamstring/toe touching! I was in the same boat as you before I started but have gotten a lot better since doing yoga. :)

  12. 19

    I found your site last summer when I was running a lot and looking for healthy recipes. I LOVE your recipes and refer people to them often.

    I’ve recently started incorporating CrossFit exercises into my workouts and it’s fun to read about your experiences as another newbie. Just wanted to say keep all the good content coming!

  13. 21

    Resistance bands work to help improve mobility. Look ip some shoulder mobility stretches with the band, and keep stretching!

  14. 22

    Keep up the great job, Anne
    As long as you’re fit, and having fun -is all that counts!

    Stay on it. You look great!

  15. 23

    Nothing more frustrating when your body won’t do what you want it to do! Keep at it :)

  16. 24
    Lindsay says:

    That’s so funny you love Faccia Luna so much. My boyfriend grew up going to it and loves the pizza as well, and I think it’s pretty good, too. However, we both agree that there are much better pizza places in and around Clarendon these days so I can’t remember the last time we even brought up Faccia Luna in a conversation about where to get pizza!

  17. 26

    CrossFit takes a really long time to feel good about the movements. Agree to just keep trying. And I would maybe ask to sub a different movement completely to still be part of the workout. Like Push Press or Slam Balls or just something totally different that still is hard work.

  18. 28

    haha – i swear i was just enjoying my summer vacation away from dc but all of your posts are making me want to come back sooner than planned! i LOVE faccia luna – have you ever had their gnocchi? i always get it with pesto and it is soooo amazing.

  19. 30

    Bummer about the shoulders. I know how you feel- it’s really frustrating to have an issue which sidelines you. My wrist pretty much entirely prevents me from doing yoga which I enjoy. Boo. Keep stretching, maybe it will improve!

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