Lululemon Run Club: Monument Boot Camp & Downpours

Morning, friends!

Have I mentioned how much I love the Lululemon Georgetown run club? It’s every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.; I had a reader email me last week asking if the run club was free, and if so, what the catch was. No catch! Just an awesome free workout. Although I can’t promise you won’t be tempted to buy some of Lululemon’s cute workout clothes when you’re in the store before and after the run. ;)


Tuesday night’s run was particularly awesome — not only had the weather cooled down a bit, but we had a big, fun crowd, AND we had both Chris from Crossfit Dupont and Johanna from The Running Yogis with us.

One mile in to the run, we stopped with a beautiful view of the monuments and the Potomac River for a mini-boot camp led by Chris.


Here’s what he had us do:

  • 40 seconds of squats
  • Sprint down the stairs and back up



Hi Heather! (far right)

  • 40 seconds of pushups
  • Sprint down the stairs and back up


  • 40 seconds of mountain climbers
  • Sprint down the stairs and back up



Aaaaand repeat! We did the workout twice. Quick and dirty!


Then we continued on our run. :)


We covered about 4.25 miles total at an 8:45 min/mile pace. My friend Kathleen from college came out for the workout so we had fun chatting the whole time — talking with a friend while running is always my favorite distraction and I hadn’t seen her in a couple months so we had a lot to chat about! :)

I was also rocking a cute new Lululemon tank top during the run that Stacy, who works for Lululemon and is the main run club organizer, gifted to me as a thank you for helping to spread the word about the run club over the past couple months. So sweet of her! I LOVE it — really comfortable and the back is super cute, too — this photo doesn’t really do it justice! It’s called the Run Tie and Fly Tank.


Back at the store after our run, it was Johanna’s turn to take over — she led us in a 15 minute cool-down yoga session to stretch out our tired legs. I can’t say enough good things about doing 15 minutes of quick, runner’s stretch-based yoga after a run. It feels SO good and really helps with soreness the next day, too!


Kathleen and I made plans to hit up Sweetgreen for dinner after the run, but right when we were finishing yoga, it started to MASSIVELY downpour. Faillll! We hung around in the store for about 20 minutes browsing before the rain finally slowed a bit and we were able to race out over to Sweetgreen (getting kind of soaked on the way). The only problem is they don’t have any indoor seating at the Georgetown location! Kathleen and I got our salads to go and headed to Dean and Deluca, only to find they were closing… double fail. We ended up enjoying dinner on some steps under a nice overhang. It did the job. :)


Kathleen and I both got the Spicy Sabzi — a vegan salad with quinoa, beets, carrots, tofu, sprouts, and a yummy dressing. Plus a piece of bread hidden in the back of the greens!


Fun night. :)

Tell me about a great workout you’ve gotten in this week!

And if you entered my Five Bamboo clothing giveaway, I announced the winner this morning — please go check and see if the winner is you!


  1. 1

    I tried Bikram Yoga and since I am on teaching school holidays, I am free as a bird and have managed to get 3 sessions in this week. I am loving what yoga is doing to my body, mind and spirit! I have never managed to get into yoga, but somehow this form is speaking to me and I am LOVING it! :D

    I love Lululemon clothing, perfect material and beautiful colours to workout in.

  2. 3

    I did Tina’s Burpee Blaster this morning…my glutes are burning right now! Also went to a brilliant spinning class on Tuesday, never sweated so much in my life!

  3. 5

    That looks so fun! I’ve been debating joining my nearby lulu run club and this post sealed the deal for me! It just looks like so much fun :) I love that you got an extra boot camp workout in too! How awesome!

  4. 7

    I love that your run club includes yoga afterwards. I’m going to suggest integrating that into the Lululemon run club here or even with my friends from work who I run with on Mondays.

  5. 9

    I love that top – especially the color! I’ve been wanting one of their paris pink tops forever. I had an awesome flow yoga class night and I’m really feeling it today!

  6. 10

    I haven’t run a ton lately, but I’ve been walking everywhere around DC, which has been great exercise and fun!

  7. 12

    As I was reading this post I planned to ask where you got your workout top, ha. So cute and bright! The best workout I’ve gotten this week was last night when I completed a 1 mile swim, which is my longest swim so far since I reacquainted myself with the pool a few weeks ago.

  8. 14
    Charlotte Marie says:

    So fun to see all the photos in DC! I hope I can make it up there someday to catch up with you! I’ve been doing a lot of walking and running with friends recently – very fun. Question – I’d love to see a blog post about what kinds of yoga you do post-runs to cool down. Always in need of new stretching routines!

  9. 16

    Hey Anne! I have a question for you. Does everyone run at the 8:45 pace? I’d love to participate sometimes, but I am slower than that, usually in the 9:45 range, and I might die if I tried to run at 8:45! :)

    • 17

      No, not at all! There are usually a couple groups. This week, there was one group a little ahead of us and one behind us, too! You would be fine to come join :) I’d love to see you there!

  10. 18
    Heather @ Dietititan on the Run says:

    Such good action shots!! I think Chris is toughening us up – that circuit was no joke! ;)

  11. 20
    Lauren T says:

    I love that top you’re wearing! I’ve been doing a 5K running plan to get ready for my first race in October. This week was the first time I ran for more time than I walked on the plan, and I felt great :) I’ve been doing yoga too, which I can never get enough of!

  12. 22

    so glad i asked if it was free! i’m out of DC for the summer but as soon as i’m back i think i’m going to try to make it to the run club. i wish georgetown had a metro stop because i don’t have a bike and it’s kind of a pain to get there from arlington but i’m going to do my best because i love running around the district!

  13. 24

    My workouts are limited right now because of a herniated disk in my back and sciatica. While I wait for my appointment with the neurosurgeon, I’m doing about 45 minutes every other day or so on my exercise bike and rider machine. I’m really missing yoga, but that’s what did my back in, so I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to do it again. And walking is too painful. :(

  14. 26

    Ha! I love that there was bread hidden in the salad. Sounds like my kind of salad ;-)

  15. 27
    Kathleen says:

    Oh no! First time in your blog and I’m totally busted doing knee push-ups… WEAKSAUCE! Clearly I need to step up my game. ;)

  16. 29

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now–wish I could get into running as you have!
    This week, I performed an interesting workout that left me with extremely sore calves; from jumping jacks (!!). Anyway, for the cardio bit, I performed 100 jumping jacks and jumped rope in between each set of strength exercises. I ended up totalling 700 jumping jacks. May have been a bit ambitious on my part but I’ve been a regular exerciser for over 4 years and thought it wouldn’t impact me that much. I was so wrong!
    I don’t regret it and will probably do it again next week. I am a glutton for punishment.
    I, too, chronicle my workouts and recipes on my site:

    Keep up the good work!

    • 30

      Doing jumping jacks (or jumping rope!) after I haven’t done it for awhile gives me really sore calves, too! Great job – 700?! That’s amazing!

  17. 31

    As soon as I get cleared to go running again (strained muscle right now) I’ll be checking out the running club! I live around the corner from Lululemon Georgetown so that would be a perfect way to get motivated about running again. Sounds like a great group and workout.

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