Ready to Rock n Roll Seattle!

Good morning from the other Washington – the state! I’m out west this weekend to run my 14th half marathon (!!), the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (<—my recap from last year), with the Brooks running crew and my fellow Brooks Run Happy Blogger Ambassadors. I can’t wait! A huge thank you to the Brooks team for making this trip possible for all of us by covering our expenses for the trip and the race. It’s an honor to represent you guys! In addition to the race, I’m also super excited to get to check out their brand new headquarters. Lots of fun to come – as always, check me out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what I’m up to before I post again. :)

My brother lives out here in Tacoma now, which makes this trip even more fun! I arrived late last night and stayed at his place for phase 1 of the adventure; I’ll be meeting up with the Brooks crew in Seattle this afternoon to kick off phase 2. Then, after the blogger festivities and the half marathon, I’ll spend Sunday with my brother and head out on Monday!

It’s been over two years since I raced a half marathon – crazy, huh? I’ve done plenty of halfs in the time since then but have done them all just for fun with no pace goals – either because I was burned out, or I was running with friends, or because I was focused on full marathon training. All that said, I’m racing this weekend and I’m excited to see what I can do out there after a winter/spring full of track workouts under my belt.


My current half marathon PR (personal record) is still 1:43:44 (7:54 min/mile average) from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC in April 2013, and I’d like to finally put that PR to rest and replace it with a shiny new one. After two years of focusing on distance instead of speed, it felt good to get back to the track and back to pushing myself in a different way this spring. I had to remind myself that it’s not supposed to feel easy to run fast – and that that’s partly why speedwork is so rewarding, because it’s hard.

I had a spring of near-PRs. At the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler a couple months ago, I was on track to PR, pace-wise, but the course was short (9.39 miles) due to a crime scene. Two weeks later, I gave it my all at the GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler, only to miss a PR by 22 seconds. Even though I didn’t get my 10 miler PR this spring, it was still great to have those races under my belt as a reminder that I CAN still run that quickly – I just have to make myself do it. :) Challenging yourself is a good thing!

Since Seattle is a bit hilly, my coaches are having me aim for a pace range instead of one specific goal pace – sticking between 7:30 and 8 minute miles depending on the terrain. While searching online for a race goal pace calculator, I discovered something awesome: They have a free tool where you can input your goal time for a certain distance and they’ll spit out your goal mile splits, which makes it easy to make sure you are on track using your watch. BUT – even cooler – if you’re running a big/well known race, they also will take into account the altitude! So cool, right?! (Also, yikes to that hill at mile 8!)


I printed out the pace chart portion and “laminated” it with some tape so it doesn’t fall apart in my (sweaty) hands. I’ll store it in the front pocket of my hydration vest and pull it out when I need it to see how I’m doing. :) I put in 1:42:30 as my goal time but I’m really just aiming for anything under my current PR – I just figured I’d try to give myself a bit of a cushion in case the end of race hills get to me.


On the back of the pace chart, because I’m a nerd, I wrote this, which my friend Sokphal texted me earlier this week. <3


So – as always during races, my #1 goal is to have a blast, enjoy the scenery, and remember that I’m doing this because I love it and because I’m lucky that I can.

…but if I can pull out a PR in the process, that would be awesome, too. :) If you’re interested in tracking me during the race to see how I’m doing, you can sign up here to track me for free.

The weather is looking absolutely gorgeous for the whole weekend – nice and sunny with lows in the 50’s and highs in the low 70’s. Also, no humidity – woohoo!

Thank you guys for your good luck wishes and for cheering on all my track workouts over the past few months! Knowing you guys are rooting for me always makes it feel just a bit easier to keep running. :)

Here’s to a fun weekend and to running happy. Catch you guys next week!

Anyone else racing this weekend? I hope to see some of you out there!


  1. 1

    Good luck!! I know you will dominate the race!! Can’t wait to read the recap!!

  2. 2

    GOOD LUCK!!! You have put in so much training you will totally rock that PR!!

  3. 3

    Good luck! You are so dedicated in your training that I am sure you will do an amazing job. Look forward to the recap!

  4. 4

    Good luck this weekend! I love the race split calculators. I always tape mine on my wrist so that I can easily check every mile to see how I’m doing! :)

  5. 5

    Awww…your heart and mind is stronger than physical feelings! You are a beast on hills so I know you’ve got this! I used Taz for some of my previous races. I also “laminated” it and made it into a bracelet. Run swift my friend and have fun!!!

  6. 6

    Good luck on your PR this weekend!

  7. 7

    Welcome to town and good luck tomorrow! I checked the expo yesterday and felt like a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately I was on my lunch break and being the day before pay day I didn’t play much :)
    While I used to avoid hills like the plague but now I’m glad I live in such a hilly neighborhood to prepare me for Seattle hills – which are no joke!
    Have fun at the expo and have a great weekend.

  8. 8

    Good luck and have fun!!

  9. 9

    SENDING YOU ALL THE LOVE AND PR VIBES!!!!! When I’m dying of 4+ miles tomorrow on the OutRun I’ll think of you pushing for 13+ :). You totally got this!!!

  10. 10

    Good luck and have so much fun! Amanda and I will be thinking of you as we struggle through the DC humidity at OutRun tomorrow :) Can’t wait to read your recap!

  11. 11
    Jacquelyn says

    We have freakishly similar 5k, half, and full PRs (all within a few seconds!) and I am working on my speed this summer in hopes of a new fall half PR.. So you crushing it will be extra motivation for me to do the same. Haha. Good luck, I’ll be routing for you! Enjoy Seattle! (And that hill does look monstrous, yikes..)

  12. 12

    Good luck this weekend! I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy Seattle!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!

  13. 13

    I love the “run with your heart” reminder. So sweet. Have fun this weekend! Good luck :)

  14. 14

    Good luck and have fun! I think you’ll nail that PR!!

  15. 15

    Totally wish I were doing Seattle this weekend! Enjoy and good luck!!

  16. 16

    Good luck and have fun this weekend!!

    PS — this reminds me of an embarrassing childhood story :) I grew up in Dallas, and the Redskins were one of the Cowboys’ big rivals, so I grew up hearing about them a lot and watching games against them. And until I got to GRAD SCHOOL (read… 20+ years old), I always thought they were from Washington state. My boyfriend (now husband) went on a a trip to DC and was like “I saw so many Redskins shirts”, and I was like, “Huh, that’s strange. I wonder why they’re all in DC.” And then he told me….. they’re from Washington *DC*!! I will say it’s NOT clear from their name :)

  17. 18

    Good luck! I think the elevation chart slightly overstates the hill at mile 8, because google maps never gets it right. But it still feels awful!

    I’ll be way behind you, taking it easy with a friend. I like to save faster halfs for cool temperatures!

  18. 19

    best of luck this weekend in seattle! can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  19. 20

    Hi Anne, I have been following you for a long while but never comment. I moved to Seattle a year ago and it is incredible! I turned to trails once I moved out here (I train a lot at Point Defiance Park, ask your brother, great place to run or hike right on the Sound) so I can’t give you any advice about the course but reading about your training and your positive attitude, you would “kill it” on any course! Good luck and enjoy the weather this weekend, it is glorious! It has been unseasonably hot this week and it has cooled down just in time for some fast times!!!

  20. 21

    Good luck this weekend! I can’t wait to hear all about it, I KNOW you will rock this race!!!!

  21. 22

    I hope it’s absolutely fantastic Anne! :) Can’t wait to read the recap. I hope you break your PR. :)))

  22. 23

    I hope you have a great time! I love taking a break from running and concentrating on other types of exercise, then coming back to see how I’ve improved. Hope those speed workouts helped!

  23. 24

    Best of luck at the race! The Seattle hills are no joke but it sounds like you’re well-prepared for them – and what a cool website that gives exact splits!

  24. 25

    Good luck! I’m so excited to see that you’re going to be in Seattle because I live here! Hope you have a blast and that you beat your current PR!

  25. 26

    Have a great race! My sister will be running it! Have fun and enjoy it!

  26. 27
    Roadrunner says

    Good luck! Love the pace card. Go for it! You can own it, as long as you hang tough going up the final few hills!

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