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Hi guys! Popping in with some of this week’s eats. We’ve cooked at home a couple nights but I haven’t gotten pictures – oops! Last night, though, it was such a nice night that Matt and I decided to treat ourselves to an al fresco date night at Sushi Rock – our local fave.

sushi rock arlington

Yep, still loving sushi lately! Cooked of course. :) We got 3 cooked rolls – eel, crunchy spicy shrimp, and soft shell crab! Soooo good – I think this is our best cooked roll combination yet. Will have to remember these next time! We got steamed beef dumplings to start, too – also delish.

sushi rock arlington

It was a beautiful night and such a treat to have a weeknight date night! We want to start doing that again more often… makes the weekdays more fun. :)

As for lunches, I’ve still been into grain salad bowls (<—lots of fun recipe ideas) and refreshing salads in general! I worked at home on Monday and Tuesday and had leftover quinoa, lentil, and veggie bowls both days – I had so much of it left over! On Wednesday, I was downtown and I treated myself to sweetgreen – I made my own creation that had kale, arugula, sweet potato, apple, cucumber, cabbage, feta, and chicken. With lemon juice and balsamic vinaigrette, and bread! I also had a small JRINK juice on the side – made with almonds, brazil nuts, raw cacao, dates, and vanilla bean. Perfect dessert-ish treat! I wish they made more of their juices in the mini size like this one – their normal bottles are HUGE (and heavy).



Speaking of sweet drinks (although not delicious ones), I had to do my pregnancy glucose challenge/diabetes screening on Tuesday – blech! My doctor lets you take the drink home and drink it on your own so you aren’t waiting around in their office forever, which was kind of weird (what if I didn’t drink it?! or drank it too slowly?), but also much appreciated! It tasted kind of like tang (orange flavored) and was okay for a couple sips and then got reeeeally gross. You have to chug it down in 5 minutes – not pleasant! I wish they’d let us have something actually delicious if we’ve having all that sugar, you know?! Like can I get a milkshake or something instead, please??


They should have my results back this morning/today, and they said no news is good news, so hopefully I won’t hear from them! Fingers crossed. If you have this coming up, btw, be sure to eat something with protein and fat (if it’s morning, have eggs and avocado or something – if it’s right after lunch, focus on veggies, protein, and some fat – and if it’s afternoon, like mine was, have some nuts) before you drink it – will help to buffer the blood sugar spike. :) Whatever you do, don’t have it on an empty stomach, especially if it’s first thing in the morning. You will feel even crummier!

Anyway – I’m downtown today and am giving a nutrition lunch and learn presentation at noon at an office nearby (via a wellness company that finds local dietitians to do the talks for their client sites). I always get pretty nervous before presentations but then have fun once they are underway. Good to do stuff to challenge yourself, right?! Time to go prep.

Have a good one guys!

p.s. I added a fun “how to” video to my fave Flour Free Breakfast Pancake recipe post – if you haven’t tried it yet, head over to check it out! Maybe it will inspire you :) The video shows the stovetop version, but there’s also an even faster microwave approach noted in the post you can try if you’re really tight on time!


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    That glucose drink is so gross. With my daughter I made the mistake of drinking it on an empty stomach. That was the only time in my life that I have ever passed out during a blood draw.

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    I hope you get great news! After your post Quaker overnight oat cups, I decided to make mine for this morning. Instead of milk, I mixed cottage cheese with a splash of milk. I loved the consistency! Plus it had a slightly salty, tangy flavor. :) Good luck with your presentation!

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    Thanks for the advice on what to eat before the glucose test. I have to do mine next week and am not looking forward to it!

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    All I want in life is some raw ahi tuna! A poke bowl, a spice tuna roll, or just a slab of it on a plate… I want it all! Cooked rolls can be good, but they are not satisfying the crazy craving I’ve been having for months!

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    Holly Watson says:

    It is important to note that for the glucose screening test (1 hour) you don’t have to fast but for the glucose tolerance test (3 hours) you should fast for 14 hours prior.

    What is the Glucose Tolerance Test?
    Prior to the taking the glucose tolerance test, your doctor will ask you to make sure and eat at least 150mg of carbohydrates (about what you will get from a slice or two of bread) for three days prior to the time you will be asked to fast. You will not be permitted to eat or drink anything but sips of water for 14 hours prior to the test, so it is best to schedule the test for first thing in the morning.

    A lot of new to be moms don’t know there is a difference between the 2 tests, but also you should listen to your doctor’s office, if they give you different instructions than what I posted above. My Nurse told me I could eat before the 1 hour test and I failed, then I did the 3 hour test, fasted, and passed with flying colors. The 1 hour test was soooooo much better than the 3 hour test and I wish I would have just fasted. But Again, listen to whatever your Doctor says…just thought I’d share.

    • 10

      Helpful info – thanks for sharing! Fasting would have actually made the first test harder to pass, though – unless when you ate beforehand you ate a lot of carbs!

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    carolyn m. says:

    Strange, I was told I had to do my glucose test on an empty stomach. Fortunately I don’t remember it being that bad except that I was starving.

  7. 14

    My doctor’s office told me to fast for the 1 hour test. I did it at 9am on a saturday morning and I felt very sleepy/out of it afterwards. I didn’t pass. They told me to take the 3 hour test, which I passed. For my 2nd pregnancy I did research before hand which suggested eating before the 1 hour test as you suggest. I did that and passed no problem. I find it frustrating how inconsistent and unknowledgeable doctors/nurses seem to be for this specific test prep.

  8. 16

    Just another person adding that you really should listen to your own doctor and their guidance. I just took my (the 1 hour) glucose test and the instruction from my doctor was to eat 1 hour prior to drinking, and absolutely no other food/beverage for the other hour between drinking the glucose and having the test performed.

    • 17

      Absolutely! So interesting that the recommendations are so varied – mine said I could eat right before no problem, just nothing to eat or drink once I drank the drink.

  9. 18

    I was actually told to fast for my glucose screening for all 3 of my kids (with 3 different obs/practices). I took the 1 hour test with two of my kids and the 2 hour test once (I think it’s new?). It was miserable, lucky you didn’t have to!

  10. 19

    I was in the hospital on bedrest when I did the one hour test. hey told me to eat what I normally would beforehand so I ate a giant sandwich and then drank the drink. I failed so badly they didn’t even have me do the 3 hour one they just diagnosed me with GD (my blood sugar was 210 I believe). Afterwards my numbers were always so low with just diet modifications that the nurses were convinced I didn’t actually have GD. Did you hear from your dr? I hope your passed!

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      Oh man! I bet the bread probably didn’t help since that’s a fair amount of extra carbs on top of the drink… from the comments from others here it sounds like recs for what to eat (or whether to fast) before the test are all over the map! No word yet from my doctor, so thinking I’m good to go!!

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    That sushi looks so delicious! What a fun midweek date!

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    My OB told me to fast from midnight on (my test was at like 8:30 am?) but I asked permission to eat a plain egg that morning. Sugar on an empty stomach is no bueno. I also used jellybeans equal to 50g glucose instead of drinking Glucola, and had to eat them in 5 min (timed) while the nurse watched. I’m really surprised you got to drink yours at home since the timing is so critical in this test! I was so nervous that I would be nauseated, but it was all fine – they did my regular appt stuff while I waited, so that took my mind off the test – and passed with flying colors. Hoping the same for you!

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    Roadrunner says:

    Clearly have to find some sushi!

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    Briana Lucas says:

    I’m such a weirdo. I’ve been pregnant 3 times, and I LOVE the glucose orange drink. I don’t drink soda ever, but while pregnant, all 3 times, I craved orange soda. I was sad the bottle was so small and I finished way before the 5 minute time limit. Lol.

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