Stonyfield Organic Super Fruits Giveaway!

Good morning!

I’m off to Pittsburgh this morning to spend Easter weekend with Matt and his parents! I’m proud of myself because I banged out a massive 12 page final exam paper yesterday AND finished my Biochem paper due on Monday so I will now be able to relax for most of the weekend :) I will be bringing Biochem notes to study on the plane though, don’t you worry!

In my absence, I thought I would leave you all with a giveaway today, courtesy of Stonyfield!

Stonyfield Farm

Stonyfield is a huge champion of an organic lifestyle, and, as ya’ll know, I was lucky enough to tour some of their farms myself on the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour last summer!


(Coolest experience ever!)

I can honestly say that since going on the barnstorming tour I’ve made a HUGE effort to buy more organic, and now only buy organic milk, eggs, meat, and anything on the “dirty dozen” list. Yay! Now if we can just get Chobani and Maple View Farm to go organic, too, I’ll be all good… :)


Stonyfield even recently started a nerdy rap video “Just Eat Organic” campaign, haha! The videos are hilarious — check out the Honest Tea one!

Anyway… back to the giveaway! In honor of the launch of their new Oikos Organic Super Fruits Greek Yogurt, Stonyfield is offering a fun super fruits inspired giveaway :)


Check out all the organic loot you could win:

  • 2 free coupons for Oikos Organic Super Fruits Greek Yogurt
  • Weleda All Natural Pomegranate Firming Day Cream and Pomegranate Firming Serum
  • 2 free coupons for Crofters Organic Fruit Spreads
  • Organic Pomegranate lip balm, made by Eco Lips
  • 2 samples of Numi Organic Berry Black Tea (featuring organic raspberry and raspberry leaf)
  • Simply Be Well Organic Pomegranate Moisturizing Body Bar
  • RW Knudsen 32 oz Organic Just Pomegranate Juice



That’s a lot of stuff, huh? Can I win?! :)

Here’s how to enter to win all these fantastic organic goodies — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts on organic food.
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood),and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you blogged about it.
  4. Mention and link back to this contest on your Facebook page, then leave another comment telling me you Facebooked it.

Be sure to post a separate comment for each entry option you do!

U.S. residents only, please. You have until Monday morning (April 25th) at 9 a.m. EST to enter, when I will draw and announce the winner! Good luck!

p.s. Speaking of giveaways — I have another awesome one for you all to check out!

If you’ve been wanting to go to Fitbloggin’ in Baltimore in May (I’ll be there!) but haven’t signed up yet, Attune Foods (one of the event sponsors) is hosting an amazing giveaway this morning on their blog for one lucky person to win a free ticket to FitBloggin’ plus $500 to use toward airfare or hotel! Sweeeeet! Check out their blog post for details :)

Catch you guys later from up north!


  1. 1

    I think organic is great – with that being said, I can’t afford to buy organic EVERY time, but I do my best to buy organic when I can! If I can’t, I’m not going to lose sleep over it!

  2. 2

    I try to eat organic as much as possible (especially dairy). I just wish it weren’t so expensive! Being green and healthy ain’t cheap.

  3. 3

    I think the most important products to buy organic are dairy, eggs, and meat products – so this giveaway is great!

    And I’m from Pittsburgh – pack your rain gear! Tomorrow will be relatively warm but Easter looks pretty rainy and chilly. You’ll feel more like you’re in Seattle! Have a great trip! =)

  4. 4

    i know i should buy organic but its soooo expensive and im soooo cheap. we could probably afford it if we drank less beer which would be a healthy trade off in sooo many ways.

  5. 5

    Ever since one of my buddies started working at the Farmer’s Market, I’ve been getting into organic foods and now, seeing there are so many options, I like to diversify my meals with all sorts of goodies!

  6. 6

    Also linked on my blog:

  7. 7

    I definitely try to incorporate more organic foods into my diet, now that I know some of the benefits. Especially with fruits and veggies, I feel better buying organic. I wish I could afford to buy ALL organic, but I’m still a college student. :] Maybe some day!

  8. 8

    Have been reading your blog for a few days now via CNC! I am from Raleigh and am about to graduate with an MPH from Emory!

    I try to buy organic when I can, but I feel that it’s also important to buy local and ask local producers questions about their farming practices. Organic certification is often too expensive and difficult for small farmers, even if they are organic and sustainable!

    Have you heard about the farm tour through weaver street market?
    It already happened this year, but there is always next year. I went a few years ago and it was SO fantastic!

    • 9

      Good point!

      I actually saw a flyer about that farm tour at Weaver St. when I took Tina there a couple weeks ago! It looks SO much like the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour I went on – fun!

  9. 10

    I would usually choose to buy local non-organic over organic not-local, but local AND organic is my absolute goal when buying food.

  10. 11

    I’m trying to incorporate more organic products into my diet. I’ve been searching for the Oikos Superfruits for several weeks now, but my grocery store doesn’t sell them.

  11. 12

    I recently switched to buying organic due to health issues. I never thought I would buy organic. But, now I am!!

  12. 13

    If I had an unlimited grocery budget, I’d go all organic. Unfortunately, I’m a poor grad student so that’s not always possible. Someday!

  13. 14

    I try to buy organic when I can, but student loans eat up most of my spending money. I scour for sales on Stonyfield Yogurt like it’s my job and stock up when it’s on sale … we may have bought 20 yogurts the last time that they were $10/5. There are also a lot of organic coupons online that I’ve been trying to use recently. I probably focus more on buying local than buying organic, for now. Someday I’ll have a bigger grocery budget!

  14. 15

    Organic produce has made my taste buds appreciate what real food should taste like.

  15. 16

    I absolutely buy a lot of organic foods, and tend to steer toward them in the grocery store. However, I’ve had a lot of discussions with Jenny (and Dan) regarding whether or not organic is really better for you (because pesticides are still used, but they’re just “organic” pesticides?) I still have a lot of research to do, but for now I figure that since I’m a trend-hopper I’ll stick to it, ahaha.

  16. 18

    Tweeted yooooou. :)

  17. 19

    the only thing i don’t like about organic is the price..i wish i could buy all organic but can’t. ;-(

  18. 20

    My thoughts on organic foods versus conventional foods. If bugs don’t want to eat it neither do I!

  19. 22

    I tweeted!

  20. 23

    I’m always making an effort to choose organic. Its scary to think how many pesticides and chemicals we can possibly put in our body!

  21. 24

    I tweeted about the Stonyfield Giveaway! @nesquik27

  22. 25

    I think organic food is a great way to help aid the environment and in some cases spare ourselves from chemicals.

  23. 26

    I try to buy organic as much as I can. I love the thought of supporting organic farmers!

  24. 27

    I think the major advantage of organic food is that, in general, those who produce organic food pay more attention to the care of thier food, so it is in better condition when purchased.

    I’m not scared of pesticides, so I don’t care about food itself being organic.

  25. 28

    Organic food is a must! Althought it’s hard for some people to fork over the little bit of extra dough to buy organic and it’s hard to justify it when there aren’t any tangible differences – it makes all the difference with what’s going on INSIDE your body. I try to buy organic whenever possible – especially the dirty dozen!

  26. 29

    I really believe that organic food can be healthier, tastier, and definitely more gentle on the environment. That being said, being “organic” does not automatically make something healthy for a person, and the added expense can make it appear elitist or unattainable. If organic products were the standard instead of the exception, our country–people, animals and land–might be in much better shape.

  27. 31

    I try to buy as many organic items that I can – including the Stoneyfield products which I love!

  28. 32

    I tweeted about this :)

  29. 33

    I try to eat organic when I can, especially local organic foods. I love supporting organic farmers at farmer’s markets here!

  30. 34

    I think organic food should be mandatory- no added elite standard required, just food grown the way it was intended. It makes me sad that I can’t afford all organic products- but do what I can when I can. Every time I buy something organic and healthy I’m making a vote for what I want in my grocery store!!!

  31. 35

    I think buying organic is best, but unfortunately I can’t always afford it!

  32. 36

    I tweeted this giveaway! I am @butterjessfly

  33. 37

    Organic food, IMO, is absolutely the way to go and I buy it whenever possible.

  34. 38

    I think buying organic is the best way, most healthy, but sometimes I can’t always afford it..which stinks! Wish more organic things were cheaper!! :)

  35. 39

    I try to buy as much organic foods as possible- especially produce where I’ll be eating the skin as well.

  36. 40

    I tweeted about your giveaway @ambre701

  37. 41

    Organic foods just make your body glow. I can’t think of anything I’d rather eat. Local and Organic is definitely the way to go!

  38. 42
  39. 43

    I also put your giveaway on my Facebook :)

    Take care!

  40. 44

    I follow you!

  41. 45

    I try to buy organic as much as I can!

  42. 46

    and I tweeted @mindrunningwild

  43. 47

    I tweeted :)

  44. 48
    Katherine says

    I wish I could afford to buy organic everything, but I am always sure to buy ALL organic dairy, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and apples. Those are the items I eat the most of, so I want to be sure that they are pesticide free.

  45. 49

    Organic is the only way to go to save our soil and planet.
    I eat organic veg, dairy and meat when possible

  46. 50

    As a student on a dining plan I don’t always get to choose. However, 30-35% of the food served at my school is local! When I am home for the Summer I try to buy organic produce- as long as its not too $$$!

  47. 51

    you know, i love the idea of eating all organic, but at this point in my life i have not made the switch. i think educating myself a little more will lend itself toward buying more organic. i’m planning to read some of the food industry books floating around out there, and possibly this will be enough to sway me toward only organic… we’ll see!

  48. 52

    Organic food is great, but the cost is so much more then the non-organic at the store that it would hurt my bank account too much to try and buy all organic…… being a grad student puts me on a limited grocery budget! :(

  49. 53

    I tweeted! astrideats

  50. 54

    I try my best to buy organic, especially dairy and meat and fruits. Local organic is even better. :)

  51. 55

    Organics are my dream! I buy as much as possible! I buy as locally as possible and we eat as little meat as possible! It is really expensive to fill your kitchen with the healthiest choices so I do the best I can on a budget!

  52. 56

    I love buying organic, just not spending the extra money!

  53. 57

    Just posted on Facebook! :)

  54. 58

    I want to eat organic, I just need to make the proper choices. I like the dirty dozen. That is my half new years resolution. to eat more whole foods and incorporate organic.

    love your blog!

  55. 59

    I think buying organic food is important especially for food like strawbeeries that are more impacted by fertilizers. I feel it is important to grow what you can and buy food close to your home.

  56. 60

    After watching Food Inc. this week (Stoneyfield makes an appearance!), organic just makes more sense. Ethically, morally, and healthfully.

  57. 61

    Although expensive, eating organically is really important to me! As is eating locally. Although this can’t be done in allll circumstances, I try my best with my budget and availability.

  58. 62

    On a college student’s budget, it’s hard to buy organic all (or even most) of the time, but whenever I buy apples I make sure they’re organic. Something about eating the skin that may have had chemicals on it just grosses me out!

  59. 63

    I wish I could buy organic all the time, because I love the concept and know that it can be better for us and the earth! That being said, my budget does not always allow for that, so a girl can dream!

  60. 64

    Like others have already said, I think organic is great, but I cannot afford to buy everything organic. I mostly stick to buying organic fruits, vegetables and dairy.

  61. 65

    I’m all for buying organic and have been trying to buy more of it — I’m just still trying to work my head around the higher price tag!

  62. 66

    I love it but unfortunately, can’t afford to buy everything organic!

  63. 67

    I try to buy organic products whenever I can but obviously sometimes I can’t buy organic just because it is so much more expensive.

  64. 68

    I;m not sure I have a rhyme or reason to the things I buy or do not buy organic…cow’s milk, fruit and juicing veggies top my list though!

  65. 69

    I blogged it!

  66. 70

    When my oldest daughter was one (she is now 9), I bought a huge box of beautiful peaches from Sam’s Club; right on the box, in regular print(not the fine print) was written that the peaches were treated with pesticides and fungicides….that’s when I immediately converted to all organic products. I wasn’t about to feed my darling baby girl foods treated with chemicals!

  67. 71

    I’m slowly embracing organic foods. But honestly they can be pretty expensive. So I pick and choose where I go organic.

  68. 72

    I love buying organic! Knowing what goes into my body and where it comes from is important to me – just as important as knowing I’m doing my part for the world around me! Although it may be expensive, as with all good-quality things in life, organic products are worth the price!

  69. 73


  70. 74
    Elisabeth C. says

    We started eating “consciously” about a year ago and trying to buy organic as much as possible. Most of our produce comes from farmer’s markets during the summer, though this winter we were only about 50% organic, simply because the supply was so limited at our local market and Whole Foods is difficult to get to. I can’t wait for farmer’s market season to start again in a few weeks!

  71. 75

    I try to buy organic food as much as possible and definitely think organic is worth the money. However, that is one of the reasons keeping me from buying everything organic. Right now I just buy organic meats, cheeses, and ketchup.

  72. 76

    I find it so important to buy organic meats! I can’t stand the idea of my chicken or beef being full of antibiotics!

  73. 77

    My thoughts on organic food? Tasty. Smart. Sustainable. :)

  74. 78

    I always try to buy my meats organic! I can’t stand the idea of my chicken or beef pumped full of antibiotics!

  75. 79

    I stand fully behind organics and buy almost everything I can organic – just to have a vote with my checkbook about how we should move forward in the ‘supermarket’ industry. =)

  76. 80

    I’m pretty sure Maple View is “organic” – just not certified! At least I hope so, because I buy their milk all the time :-/

    • 81

      I hope so! I always debate local vs. organic if both is not an option… with dairy I tend to go for organic, but with produce I go more for local. Maple View makes me happy though since I see their cows out in the pasture looking happy and not cramped up inside and sad :)

  77. 82

    I am really into eating organic since I was diagnosed with cancer, however, I wish more foods were going organic. Living in Iowa we are just really getting organic foods in our HyVee grocery stores. The Stoneyfield super fruit yogurt looks delish, too!

  78. 83

    I wish I could afford to buy organic all the time. For now, I do when I can!

    Ps. Have a great weekend :) Glad you got your big stuff out of the way!

  79. 84

    I live within walking distance of a Publix Greenwise, which offers many more organic products than the regular Publix. I love it!

  80. 85

    Posted on Facebook!

  81. 86

    Getting used to buying organic dairy and produce was like getting used to buying premium denim for me. Once I got used to the higher prices and what I expected the products to cost, I have never looked back!

  82. 88

    I make an effort to buy organic when I can. At the end of the day though, I believe conventional fruits and veggies are better than no fruits and veggies at all! Bonus points for organic though :)

  83. 90

    While I don’t buy everything organic, I make an effort to buy organic as much as possible. I always buy organic eggs, apples, carrots, milk, and soy products.

  84. 91

    I love organic food and try to eat it whenever possible (and whenever my budget allows!)

  85. 92

    Thanks for the contest! I tweeted @GreenPaperGal

  86. 93

    I believe in organic food & FEEl better eating it but am surprised by how many people don’t care. Is it they don’t understand?

    • 94

      I think it’s hard for people to pay more for something when they are so removed from the source of why it’s better, you know? I mean, you can’t SEE the pesticides or the poorly treated animals… just the higher price tag. Sucks that we as a nation have gotten so removed from where our food comes from.

  87. 95

    I try my best to buy organic when I can. It can be difficult when there’s a significant price difference, but places like Trader Joe’s make it a lot easier!

  88. 96

    I am starting to purchase more organic – especially when it comes to the dirty dozen! I can’t wait for the local farmers to have produce, it’s so much less expensive than in the stores.

  89. 97

    I followed your posts about your trip, and that in conjunction with what I’ve learned from some of Michael Pollan’s books has made me search for organic as much as possible. I have the “dirty dozen” app on my itouch!

  90. 99

    Great, expensive, but worth it!

  91. 100

    Having a large family, it was not always friendly to my pocket book to buy organic in years past, but since we are empty nester’s now, I have been trying to introduce organic food (sneak it in) for me and my husband. Last month I found a farm nearby to buy vegetables and just this morning I went to a strawberry farm about a mile away and picked them myself. You can sure tell the difference.

  92. 101

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  93. 102

    I try to buy organic foods whenever possible, especially fruits and veggies that are recommended to buy organic vs. regular, like strawberries.

  94. 103
    Adventurer says

    Organic = Good!

  95. 104

    Eating organic food is important for reducing chemicals on our land as well as in our bodies and water systems. However, I can’t say I am that great at buying organic, usually because I am trying to save money. I just bought organic milk yesterday though! Also, I feel slightly conflicted about buying organic vs. buying local, as buying local seems to make more sense in terms of green house gas emissions and supporting local businesses.

  96. 106

    I wish I could eat all organic but it’s just so expensive, and being a student in college it’s just not practical. Instead I try to stick to organic for the dirty dozen

  97. 107

    I believe it is extremely important to buy organic when possible, especially since I am trying to follow as close to an “anti-inflammatory” diet as I can!

  98. 108

    I love the idea of organic, and how we aren’t getting extra pollutants with organic products. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive :(

  99. 109

    i try to buy organic as much as possible. it makes me feel better knowing that what i am putting into my body is healthy. i also put forth a huge effort to buy locally. love me some farmers markets!!!

  100. 110

    Since having children eating organic and locally grown foods has become very important to me. I try to buy local meats & poultry, and I only buy organic veggies/dairy. I feel like I’ll ease up once the boys are older but now that they’re so young I want to do the best I can to make sure they’re eating the best they can eat!

  101. 111

    I try to buy organic whenever the option is available, and if something is particularly expensive, I’ll usually choose a more affordable (but still organic) alternative. It’s worth it to me to spend the extra money since I consider it an investment in my health and the environment, and I’ll cut back in other areas (like eating out, getting coffee, etc) to compensate for the extra costs.

  102. 112

    Thin skinned organic veggies make sense. Some of those chemicals don’t wash off easily. But, I wish organic meat was cheaper. It’s hard to justify paying twice as much for meat that tastes the same to me.

    • 113

      I know… but especially with meat, it’s all about how the animals were treated, you know? It just sucks that we as consumers don’t SEE that difference… just the higher price tag.

  103. 114

    I’m such an organic freak! My friends & family think I’m crazy, I’m always “pushing” my view on them. I LOVE stoneyfield! I belong to a local CSA, it starts in May and I wait for it all Winter long.

  104. 115

    I tweeted about the contest! Have fun in PA! :)

  105. 116

    i basically buy everything organic. i used to pick and choose, but eventually decided the price is worth it. the only exception i make is at the farmer’s market – some of those tiny farms can’t afford to get certified but are very open about their (organic) farming practices so i know i can trust them! great giveaway :)

  106. 117

    I know that organic foods are better for me, but they are so expensive! I try to buy them when I can fit them into my budget!

  107. 118

    I grew up eating organic but don’t but it often enough myself. Always a good thing to get a reminder about!

  108. 119

    I’m just starting to get turned on to organic products but I’m really excited to find great products like Stoneyfield that I can incorporate into my diet.

  109. 120

    I love organic food and eat it whenever possible-good thing a whole foods just opened up down the road from me!!

  110. 121

    I love to eat organic and always buy organic when possible. Money can get tight as a college student, so usually I just stick to the dirty dozen, but I try to branch out when I can!

  111. 122

    I try to buy organic as much as I can, especially fruits that I do not peel like apples, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.

  112. 123

    I buy organic for lettuce- some other produce. Unfortunately- price drives a lot of my decision right now. I try to buy local, fresh, and in season whenever I can.

  113. 124

    I’m new to organic food. I don’t know much about it, and I usually focus more on price.

  114. 126

    I tend to buy organic food, especially the “dirty dozen” and all dairy products.

  115. 127

    I think organic is totally the way to go! I especially buy organic from the “Dirty Dozen” List

  116. 128

    Just tweeted!

  117. 129

    Organic is better for me, my family, the earth, and all the other people, plants and animals that inhabit it. Plus, it tastes better! Choosing organic is a no-brainer to me. I’m now working on getting as many of my organic products as possible from local producers, and thanks to a truly wonderful CSA I have signed up with, I’m having great success with that goal!

  118. 130

    I tweeted – @TrySeeAh

  119. 131

    I pretty much stick to buying local when I can and stick to buying items that are organic that are on the “dirty dozen” list as well.

  120. 132

    I think organic is definitley better for you. That being said, I definitley don’t buy enough of it! Sometimes it’s not available or I have a hard time justifying the cost. I tend to go half/half with organic and nonorganic.

  121. 133

    I think going organic is great. However, as one of seven children in a blended family, I also think that sometimes it is just too expensive. So I personaly sacrifice other luxuries, such as going out to a movie or eating out, so that I can afford to buy organic most of the time. But I also believe that everyone has a right to choose whether or not buying organic is right for them and would never push it on someone.

  122. 135

    I blogged about the giveaway just now.

  123. 136

    I buy organic milk, eggs, and meat, but the link to the organic dozen list was super helpful. I also saw the Honest Tea rap video–totally corny!!!

  124. 137

    Organic is definitely the best way to go, but – unfortunately – it doesn’t always fit into my budget. I’m trying, though!

  125. 138

    I agree with the dirty dozen! I also can’t seem to NOT get organic milk! I do pass up the organic teddy grahams though.

  126. 139

    Going to echo everybody else here… love to buy organic when my budget allows!

  127. 140

    Being part of a large family makes buying organic harder, but also more important. Living in a little village makes it a lot harder to know whether we’re buying organic or not – at least some of the produce is sold directly from the farmers.

  128. 141

    I tweeted

  129. 142

    I travel frequently for work (about 2 weeks a month) and I love checking out different health food stores. I easily spend an hour in Whole Foods any time I find one because I don’t have one at home! My favorite organic purchase is from the Farmer’s Market I go to when I’m home. There is a man who sells about 15 kinds of mushrooms and is very knowledgeable about how to mix them and what recipes to try out! I love to make mushroom lasagna with enoki mushrooms- they look so neat!

  130. 143

    Makes me feel more confident in my healthy eating! …and more satisfied!

  131. 144

    Between organic produce delivery to my doorstep & loving the flavor of organic dairy (its nonfat/low fat but tastes whole fat – how awesome is that?), I spend plenty of money on organic foods. But with the use of coupons & rewards programs, plus buying less meat (we get produce deliveries weekly – gotta use those veggies up quickly, so there’s not always room for meat anyway), I can usually justify the extra cost in my mind!

  132. 145

    There are some organic foods that are extremely important to me (like eggs, dairy, most produce, etc.) but I also think there are some organic foods that I can live without. It’s all about finding out what is important to you and your body and balancing it all out.

  133. 146

    I try ad buy organic as much as possible but especially the “dirty dozen.” I always buy organic milk and try to buy as much organic meat as I can. Always a bit of a dilemma – organic v. local.

  134. 147

    I bought a box of organic cereal one time, but it went stale way before I could finish it. I think organic is a good idea, but I can’t waste food or money.

  135. 148

    Organic is wonderful if I could afford it more often!

  136. 149
    Jessica P says

    I only worry about buying organic for certain products, maybe when I’m more financially stable I will convert to all organic.

  137. 150

    I’m trying to get pregnant, so I feel that the healthier my body is, the better my chances are, and organic foods seem to fit that bill!

  138. 151

    I like the idea of buying organic, but generally I can’t afford it on my college student budget. I do support buying local whenever I can (and lucky for me, Stonyfield is “local” in that they’re a NH company :) )

  139. 152

    I love organic foods. I always try to buy organics when it comes to meats, dairies, and when it comes to the dirty dozen.

  140. 153

    I buy only organic milk and soymilk, but when it comes to produce it depends on price. I don’t mind paying 25% more and always buy organic if its on sale, but we don’t have the money to pay double for organic. We do love our local farmer’s markets and farm stands here in Oregon and especially the independent stands tend to be less expensive and WAY more delicious than conventional grocery store stuff. I also grow my own greens, peppers, tomatoes and herbs which helps us with the grocery budget and increasing our organics.

  141. 154

    I try to buy organic whenever possible. I don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on something organic than pay with my health later.

  142. 155
    Danielle J says

    I stick to organic when it comes to dairy, meat and the dirty dozen. I definitely feel its important to vote with my dollars.

  143. 156

    I buy organic for dairy and most fruit and veggies.

  144. 157

    I really wish I could buy more organic food. Hopefully in the future they will be the “cheapier” version. I know buy organic yogurt and milk. and love it!

  145. 158

    I hope that organic will become more mainstream so that it will be more affordable

  146. 159

    I wish I could afford organic food. We’re a family of 5 and organic just doesn’t fit in the budget. :(

  147. 160

    I love organic food in theory, but unfortunatly with double student loans it is the first to go from my budget. For me, buying humanely sourced meat and dairy takes priority right now.

  148. 161

    Organic food is a good idea. I buy organic produce when it is available and not too expensive.

  149. 162
  150. 163

    I would love to go all organic but most of the time end up only getting certain foods organic because of the price tag. Lame but true excuse.

  151. 164

    I was embarrasingly late to the game in understanding the importance and benefit of buying organic – it wasn’t until I watched The Future of Food a couple of years ago that I truly “got” it. I now have a Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 app on my phone (LOVE IT) and buy organic whenever I can. (First farmer’s markets in my area open tomorrow! Woo hoo!!)

    I agree with Caitlin above that the price tag is abominable for organic – but I hope that with more and more people demanding real, safe, non GM’d foods….we’ll get to a place where it’s more commonplace than not. Here’s hoping!!! I’ll do my part to make it happen for sure!

  152. 165

    I’m not totally sold on organics but with it so expensive I really can’t even think about going all organic until pricing becomes more reasonable.

  153. 166
    Donna Porter says

    I think organic is the way to go :) I like to eat and feed my family organic products because they don’t contain any “crap” I can’t pronounce! I mean, look at the food labels sometimes. If I can’t say it or know what it is, I’m certainly not giving it to my kids! We also try to eat a LOT of locally grown produce and if locally grown can’t be found, organic is what I purchase.

  154. 167

    I’m in a fortunate location, in that Western Massachusetts has a bounty of fantastic coops, community shares, and local and organic farms. Organic food just tastes better. It tastes cleaner. If food could taste compassionate, I think it’d be organic!

  155. 168

    Here’s the twitter comment:

    @fANNEtasticfood i am trying to win your contest, at! A Stonyfield giveaway sounds too good to be true..

  156. 169
  157. 170

    and facebooked:!/bookfacedotcom

    but not sure you’ll see it, considering my privacy settings. :-)

  158. 171
    Genevieve says

    I believe in clean eating, local especially, I think organic is definitely a good way to go, but sometimes its also just a label. Its most important to know where your food comes from! Like your garden (even if its not officially organic)!

  159. 172
    Ana Echevarria says

    We buy organic foods as often as possible especially dairy products!

  160. 173

    I love buying local, organic food. My hubby and I are starting our 2nd year with our local CSA. We love the friendship we have developed with the farmer and all the produce we pick up each week!

  161. 174

    Just wrote about your giveaway on my Spark page:

  162. 175

    awesome giveaway! i love stoneyfield yogurt. :D
    organic – always better. i can’t wait for our farmers market to open again here in iowa city. YAY.

  163. 176

    I’ve slowly started to buy more organic products. I’ve always thought it was the best thing to do and I’m finally putting my $$ where my mouth is!

  164. 177

    We try to buy organics! It gets easier every year–our CSA and local co-op were always great options, but the mass market grocers are offering more options all the time! Yay for us, for creating a greater demand!

  165. 178

    I buy organic as much as possible. It’s better for my health, for the planet, for the farmers, and for the animals.

  166. 179

    I always try to buy the organic version of the “dirty dozen” at the very least. I know it’s better for me and the environment, but for some fruits and veggies I have a hard time spending so much more money for the organic version.

  167. 180

    I would love to be able to buy all organic food. Unfortunately, it’s far too expensive for me to do that all the time at this point in my life.

  168. 181

    I think organic food is a great way to treat your body (and the environment) in a healthy, sustainable way. That being said, it is expensive! Good thing there are lots of other healthy options – reusable bags, carpooling, etc.!

  169. 182

    I try to eat organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible, but it’s not easy as a college student with a limited budget.

  170. 183

    I try to eat organic whenever possible- but being a college student, it’s pretty difficult!

  171. 184

    I tweeted :)

  172. 185

    I love the idea of organic, but also I am poor. So, I hope to buy more organic food one day when I have a family and money rollin in!

  173. 186

    i wish i could afford more organic food :( being in college its hard to pay double for the organic yogurt when you can get conventional for cheaper

  174. 187

    Oftentimes, the “organic”label can be an indicator of a producer who cares more about their product (i.e., I sometimes use it as a way to guess about general quality). However, for local & small producers, I know it can be very expensive & difficult to become certified, so I try to look deeper than just labels!

  175. 189

    I love buying organic when I can – but given my current lifestyle (college student) I’ve been trying more to buy local fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. It means a lot to me to support local farmers, many of which in this area are organic. hopefully in the future I’ll be able to buy more organic meats and other products!

  176. 190

    Hi there! I have two small children and buy organic whenever possible–especially the dirty dozen. That being said, I can drive myself crazy with worry sometimes!! We just do the best we can!

  177. 191

    Organic foods are totally worth it – they taste better, are better for the environment, and are healthier! I’d rather cut back on other expenses (such as cooking more at home instead of eating out) to be able to afford to buy organic all the time!

  178. 192
    thepricklypinecone says

    We buy organic whenever we can, if its only a 10- 20% increase in price we get it, any more and we just purchase non organic items. We wish we could afford to buy everything organic but we make do!

  179. 193

    We buy organic fruits and veggies throughout the year and from a local farmer during the summer. Our farm isn’t organic but they grow in organic practices. They do not make enough money to pay for the organic certification. I also buy my milk and meat from local sources, which are absolutely wonderful!

  180. 194

    I recently started buying organic. After really researching it, I have decided that the benefits outweight the cost.

  181. 195

    I always buy organic dairy, and raise my own organic vegetables, honey and eggs . . . don’t eat meat. Fruit, soy and grains are the hard ones!

  182. 196

    I’m always sure to buy organic milk and yogurt, and am starting to buy organic meat too (after watching Food Inc…)

  183. 197

    I buy organic produce that’s on the dirty dozen list and organic meat and dairy most of the time. I think it’s important and I’m glad to see more organic options at the store.

  184. 198

    I find myself trying to eat Organic food more and more since I’m trying to get pregnant and want to avoid unnecessary hormones and chemicals.

  185. 199

    Eating organic as much as possible = duh. :)

  186. 200

    I try to buy organic as much as possible – we have a half cow in our freezer just for that reason – to know where my food is coming from.

  187. 201

    I love organic foods! There are no pesticides and chemicals in these foods so they are better for your body. The more you eat natural, raw foods that are organic the easier it is for your body to process them and the healthier you will be :)

  188. 202

    I tweeted this contest on twitter :)

  189. 203

    I wrote this contest on facebook :)

  190. 204

    Hey Anne-

    So about organic foods… Before this year I was totally turned off by the idea because so many girls I met were so prissy about it. It was like the must-have Louis Vuitton purse and if you didn’t buy organic then you were considered “trailer trash”.

    I spent the academic year 2009-2010 studying abroad in China. My food options were limited when it came to eating fresh fruits and veggies. I grew to miss it and I gained about ten pounds while I was there. Not going to lie, the food was amazing. If you ever get the chance, order eggplant while you’re in China. But I digress…

    Bottom line. I got home and I wanted to feel clean inside and out. Eating organic food feels like a spa treatment sometimes for my insides. I just have to be careful and save up my money for it because I cannot afford to buy all organic (yet). :)


    P.S. Happy Easter!

  191. 205

    I posted your link on my Facebook!


  192. 207

    I do not have my own blog but I left a comment on my friend’s blog and posted the link! :)


  193. 208

    I tweeted!!! It was my second tweet ever!!/dimples4Jesus


  194. 209

    I’d love to buy organic all the time, but money just doesn’t allow!! I love the feeling when eating organic food – no pesticides, wonderful food in my body! lol

  195. 210

    I try to buy organic for the dirty dozen too but honestly it depends on cost sometimes. I wish buying organic wasn’t more expensive!!

  196. 211

    someday i’ll have my own garden where i can grow my OWN organic foods, but as of right now the prices of buying organic are a little too high for my budget!

  197. 212

    I too try to buy organic based on the Dirty Dozen, but it can be difficult to find all of these foods in a general grocery store where I live.

  198. 213

    I have just recently gotten more interested in the production of the food that I eat after watching Food, Inc. I have not yet ‘gone organic’ but I definately shop local now & farmers markets are now my favorite weekend activity…well, after my bowl of oatmeal!

  199. 214

    I try to buy organic whenever possible, just wish the price was better. Mostly, I wish we had a Trader Joes in Lexington, KY!

  200. 215

    Also, I tweeted! @esthermarr

  201. 216

    While it’s not always in the budget, we do try to purchase organic foods whenever possible.

  202. 217

    I’m loving the discussion you’ve inspired about organic food, Anne! For people who say that organic food is expensive: You either pay for it now, or you pay for it later. Organic food (particularly of the local variety) is worth the price because it is a) more environmentally-friendly, b) better for the local economy, c) more ethical in its treatment of the animals, land, AND people working on the farm, and d) healthier for the person doing the consuming. Yes, it’s more expensive. But so are the health and environmental costs of NOT eating organic foods.

    People who want to buy organic produce should start with the dirty dozen and go from there. The more people who buy organic, the lower that prices will be and the more producers will realize that being organic is economically beneficial. (It’s still about the bottom line, after all.) I believe that people who have any form of disposable income have an obligation to vote with their dollars and their forks. Organic food isn’t just about our own health–it’s about the health of our communities and ensuring that EVERYONE, not just the middle and upper classes, can afford organic food. (Organic food should be the rule, not the exception, anyway.)

    Also, Anne, I want to say that while Maple View isn’t certified organic, the farm recently won an award for low somatic cell count. (Basically, an indicator both of great milk quality and very sanitary cow treatment.) Organic certification in this area is pretty controversial since it’s expensive for small farms like Maple View. In fact, Joel Salatin of Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food, Inc. fame said at his recent talk at UNC that he disagrees with the organic certification process because it’s so fundamentally flawed in its approach. Many farms that employ organic procedures above and beyond those of organic cannot afford the certification or are found in violation of its requirements because they don’t own costly processing plants or have “proper” processing techniques.

    While I still believe that organic is better than pesticide-laden, etc., I fear that it’s nothing more than a buzzword these days. Both systems need an overhaul, preferably one that unites all farms in a system that stimulates the economy without affecting environmental and personal health.

    This comment is definitely more than 2 cents-worth, but I want to thank you for inspiring such a lively conversation!

    • 218

      GREAT comment, Meghan! Very true regarding the flaws in the organic certification process itself – that was brought up and discussed on the Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour I went on. I’m really glad to hear that my beloved Maple View is doing me proud :)

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