Walleyball is my new favorite sport

First things first: last night was absolutely hilarious.


My grad school friends and I have decided to act like we’re undergrads and have signed up for a number of intramural sports, including the epic Walleyball. Hahaha.


What’s Walleyball, you ask? Well, apparently it’s volleyball, but in a racquetball court so you can use the walls!


It was SO much fun. Since it’s female-only, we nominated Tyrone (the lone male in our MPH Nutrition program) as our coach, hehe. He came last night to support his team (aka laugh at us) — and also to be our photographer ;) (And yes, Lauren is wearing a Santa hat. That’s how we roll.)


I’m pretty sure the other team hated us because we clearly had no idea how to play and spent half the game laughing when we missed the ball, lol. Case in point, this hilarious video Tyrone took of us at the very start of the game when we REALLY had no idea what was going on:


Heh. I love how in the end of the video I’m like “Okay ladies, we need to get it together!!” And we actually did pull it together in the second game and came back to nearly beat them, 16 to 21! I even scored a streak of points with some pretty sweet serving skills ;)


Celebrating a point win, obvi:


Lol. Even though we got destroyed, intramural sports rock — exercise AND fun with the girls all wrapped into one! We’re also signed up for intramural Inner Tube Water Polo?!? It starts next week — should be hilarious.

In other news, I did a real workout yesterday morning as well! Because as you know Tuesdays = track Tuesdays.


I met my friend Jillian bright and early at her place as usual to jog the 1.5 miles to the track! The plan this week was to do a repeat of our combination boot camp/sprinting workout from 2 weeks ago, but between Jill being sick all last week and me running 7 miles on Sunday instead of Saturday, both of us were feeling pretty tired and stiff. In light of that, we decided it would be smarter to nix the sprinting this week and just focus on the boot camp/strengthening moves instead :) No need injuring ourselves with sprinting when our muscles are already tired!


It was fun and pretty nice out — a bit warmer than usual at that early hour!


In between the boot camp exercises, we ran around the track at about an 8 minute/mile pace.


Incorporating some arm work in the form of dips:


and incline push ups!


Great workout — we ended up covering 4 miles total (1.5 to the track, 1.5 at the track, about 1 mile home.) Sweet!


(Thank you to our friend Lauren who was also at the track and took these photos!)

The rest of yesterday was spent in class and STUDYING! We have two tests tomorrow, one in Food Service Management and one in Medical Nutrition Therapy, our really hard med school-esque class. It’s really interesting stuff but LOTS to learn and remember! We’ve been learning about diseases/disorders and malabsorption issues, such as gastritis, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, esophagitis/gastric reflux, achalasia, lactose intolerance, dysphagia, etc., and how to treat them all nutritionally. I spent about 40 minutes on the elliptical with my flash cards this morning and will be doing the same tomorrow! Multitasking is key :)

Have a great day! And stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be posting a delicious new recipe for a quick and easy wholesome on the go snack!

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Question of the day: What’s the most random sport you’ve ever played?


  1. 1

    Walleyball sure looks like fun – I guess the fact that I did synchronized swimming for seven years is pretty bizarre, so it’s hard to identify any sport stranger than that…

  2. 4

    I LOVE walleyball! it’s so much fun! Besides playing intramural walleyball every year, I’m also taking a walleyball class that’s offered at my college after spring break! haha.

  3. 5

    Walleyball sounds SO much more fun than volleyball! I need to try that out!

    The most random sport EVER was pickleball, it was kind of like tennis with ping pong paddles. The best part was the winning team got a jar of pickles!!:)

  4. 7

    walleyball sounds AMAZING! i want to play right now. i miss volleyball and this sounds way better :)

  5. 8

    It’s not really a random sport but raquetball was the most unusual for me.

  6. 9

    I lve walleyball. It was one of the few units I actually enjoyed in high school PE. I was terrible at actual volleyball but using the walls made me decent a walleyball. :)

  7. 10

    When I was a 5th grade teacher, the two classes competed against each other by pulling their respected teacher on a raft across a the soccer field. The team whose teacher crossed the finish line first won. My class won which was the first time teaching kids who are bigger than me paid off. :) Maybe not really a sport, but seriously funny anyway.

  8. 12

    I can remember when I was a kid, I had to play croquet with my grandparents. Borrrrrrrrrrring.

  9. 13

    My high school had a charity “Donkey Basketball Game” every year. We rode donkeys while playing basketball, at the time i didn’t think it was so strange but when I went to college I realized I was the only one who had ever heard of it!

  10. 15

    I went to undergrad in Vermont and the biggest IM sport was broomball. My school flooded one of our greens to make ice rinks and you played hockey with brooms and a deflated soccer ball wearing boots. My team was super hardcore and won the entire championships one year out of something ridiculous like 100 teams. My contribution was usually as team cheerleader.

  11. 17

    hahaha wallyball is so fun! Love the video!

  12. 18

    What a fun game! I’ve never heard of Wallyball but it sounds like a blast.

  13. 19

    I *love* the video!! That was so funny! Good luck with your exams, I know you’ll ace them :-)

  14. 20

    Haha how fun! :) Definitely have to try that at some point. ;)

  15. 21

    At Notre Dame we played “broom ball” – basically hockey on an ice rink, except with brooms instead of sticks and just wearing your regular shoes!

  16. 22

    I played broomball too – it’s huge at Miami University! Sliding around on the ice rink in sneakers was so much fun. I also tried ice hockey at one point – it was fun, but extremely difficult because I wasn’t good enough at skating to stop or turn abruptly. :-)

    • 23

      I had broomball at my college too (University of New Hampshire). It was a blast, but I def spent more time on my butt and knees than on my feet

  17. 24

    I remember those MNT days….tooooo stressful!!! but i loved learning the was never a dull moment but sooo much to remember! walleyball looks like so much fun! but the most random sport i have played is raquetball….not good at it all! lol! also, last summer me and my sister would play badminton on our tennis court! haha! so much fun! good luck with MNT!

  18. 25

    Walleyball looks like so much fun. I can’t wait to hear about innertube water polo. How awesome!

  19. 26

    Love your new interest in sports!!! This is a whole new Anne!

  20. 28

    Remember when you asked me how many quarters were in a baseball game? ;) Those are all individual sports, I’m sorry, I meant TEAM sports! Glad you’re out kicking some butt, “Walleyball” looks fun but crazy!

    • 29

      Actually, tennis was a team sport, too! :) Not just doubles matches… but individual ones too, since our scores all added up to determine which school won.

      But yes, still totally don’t know about baseball, football, or those sports ;)

  21. 30

    Love the video. Looks like a blast.

  22. 31

    Walleyball is a TON of fun! I’ve only played a few times, but it’s awesome! Inner tube water polo sounds intriguing…have fun :)

  23. 32

    have you ever heard of demolition ball? it’s the weirdest “sport” i’ve ever played! it’s played on a wooden court with a basketball at each end, but the court is smaller than a basketball court. you sit in BUMPER CARS, and use polo sticks to throw a wiffle ball in the basket. it’s so random and SO MUCH FUN! :)


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