This post is really random.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This week has been a crazy busy one with 3 big exams and a number of assignments due, too. Yesterday was exam #2 — our Medical Nutrition Therapy closed book exam. Thursday is our open book exam, which will involve performing all sorts of complicated calculations to determine the nutrition needed in a tube feeding or IV feeding for fictional patients. It’s hard stuff, but actually a fascinating class. I’m learning so much.

Yesterday was also supposed to be “Track Tuesday” for my half marathon training, but instead I ended up here:


Dun dun dunnnn… the treadmill, my arch nemesis.

My track workout buddy Genna wasn’t able to meet yesterday a.m. and I decided it would be better to spend the morning doing last minute studying (the exam was at 9:30 and I hadn’t had much time to study all that well since we had our Biochem exam on Monday), so instead, I hit up the treadmill after class. Normally I would run outside, but it was grossly humid and alternating between scorching sunshine and ominous looking clouds, so indoors it was.


I seriously don’t think I’ve run on the treadmill in like a year, but thanks to some good TV (“What Not to Wear” was on… yesss), I was able to make it to 3.3 miles before calling it quits. I walked some but ran most of it, alternating between 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 mph.


I was proud of myself for not just blowing off the workout! I have trouble motivating myself to work out (especially if it’s running) when I don’t go in the early a.m.

Are you a treadmill fan? I will usually avoid the treadmill at absolutely all costs. I can’t help but stare at the seconds tick by and every time I think it’s been a whole mile I’ll look down and it’s been like 0.1. Torture! For me, running is enjoyable because I’m able to be outside enjoying the fresh air and scenery — and hopefully, chatting with a running buddy. But yesterday, the treadmill got the job done.

Once home, I enjoyed lunch!


The last serving of my “Cheesy” Vegan Mushroom Quinoa


Plus a big spinach, chopped romaine, goat cheese, and beet salad. LOVE.


Very satisfying lunch. Unpictured orange for dessert!


The rest of the day was crazy productive. After lunch, I met grad school friends Elle and Libby at Foster’s Market for a few hours of quality homework time (because doing homework is way more fun if you have company), and managed to bang out one assignment and half of another. I then headed to a group project meeting for another class, got a good amount done there, and came home to eat a quick dinner and then finish the rest of the assignment I started in the afternoon. Bam. This is pretty much how my weekdays usually go so I can enjoy myself on the weekends. :)


Doesn’t that look fascinating? I know you’re jealous.

One of the assignments I completed was for our Introduction to the U.S. Health Services System course, which is an online class. The material is pretty dry but it’s actually been interesting to learn more about the U.S. healthcare system since I basically knew nothing before. That said, so far what I’ve learned can be summed up with the following sentence: Our healthcare system is a hot mess.

And with that, I’m off to another busy day — happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. 1

    I think I’m actually one of the few who really enjoys a treadmill! I like how it keeps me on pace, I don’t have to worry about the weather, and I can either watch the tv in front of me or listen to music. I also don’t do many distance runs – usually lots of intervals – so that helps a lot.
    I’ll always be a treadmill fan! :)

  2. 2

    “Our healthcare system is a hot mess” sounds like something that belongs on a billboard.

    I think it’s smart to do most of your training runs in conditions that mimic race conditions. So, unless your race is on the treadmill, it’s best to only use it when circumstances demand it. I’m generally only on it if it isn’t safe to run outside (extremely hot, thunderstorms, or icy roads) or if I’m on travel in an area that I don’t know…which would lead me to doing a 12 mile run because I would get lost.

  3. 3

    I might be one of the few people who genuinely loves the treadmill! As much as I love fair-weather running outdoors, I do love being able to run on the treadmill any time of the day, controlling my speeds and knowing my exact distance/time covered (I’m not a Garmin-owner)

  4. 4

    I like the random posts! Love the salad, looks so good :)

  5. 5

    I have a love-hate relationship with treadmills. I used to love them because they were consistent and let me run while watching TV shows, which always helped the time go by quicker. But then I signed up for a triathlon and decided I needed to take my sneakers outside and get comfortable running outside. At first I thought it was boring and MUCH harder. Now I LOVE running outside.

    It’s still hard but I love exploring my area, appreciating the fresh air and just being outside in general. I know that my body also appreciates how the terrain changes and I have to be more adaptable to what’s going on around me rather than running on a smooth treadmill in a straight line. It’s definitely harder in my opinion but a good hard. Unfortunately since it’s going to be winter soon I will most likely resign myself to the treadmill once again :(

  6. 7

    That quinoa looks awesome! I’ve made the treadmill my BFF. I prefer to be outside but dark roads (like this morning) and snowy winters keep me inside more often than I’d like. I play a lot of games (like speed pyramids) or just zone out with a steady-state easy run and watch a movie on my iPhone.

  7. 8

    Ha! From plenty of first hand experience I whole heartedly agree with that last statement. I’m pretty sure there is no way to fix it without completely letting it break and rebuilding.

  8. 9

    I can only do the treadmill if there is a good show on tv. Otherwise I am starring at the milage just ticking along. I am impressed with how organized your day was.

    • 10

      Yeah, I can occasionally do treadmill with good TV – but I’d rather just do elliptical if I’m indoors, which I actually like. :) And yeah – the only way I’m getting through grad school while also keeping up with blogging (and enjoying weekends when Matt is home) is by being hyperproductive/organized during the week.

  9. 11

    I hate the treadmill!

  10. 12

    Good Luck on your exams, Anne. I hate the treadmill. I can’t do it. You would double up with laughter if you could see me. I can’t get it started and I loose my balance and I hold on for dear life. I do like to use the stationary bike though.

  11. 13

    I only use the treadmill for intervals, which end up being about 2 miles! I’ll even use the indoor track to warmup/cooldown before it to avoid being on it too long. Good luck on your exams! I’m doing enteral/parenteral feeding calculations now too.

  12. 15

    Treadmill is better than the summer alternative here of humidity and over 100 degree temps for months and months. Outside is definitely better, and best with a buddy, but the treadmill works when outside is too hot and humid. And the healthcare system is just a mess, not a hot mess. Hot means there’s something good looking underneath!

  13. 17

    The treadmill is definitely more boring, but I can push myself a lot harder on it, so I do long runs outside and speed workouts on the treadmill.

  14. 18

    I actually don’t mind the treadmill, most of the time. I kind of enjoy it b/c I zone out—I like running outside, but I’m so picky about where to run!

  15. 19

    Anne – I lol’d when I saw your treadmill caption, I ALSO refer to the treadmill as my arch nemesis! For the same reasons as you – I’d much rather run past some great scenery then look down at those numbers. I can run much farther outside too which is always frustrating.

  16. 21

    I would rather do the stair stepper than the treadmill and that’s really bad. I feel ya on the humidity though it really ruins a good run. Good luck on your exams, the open book ones are the trickiest;)

  17. 23

    Treadmills are the last resort! But, as you noted, on a lousy weather day, they beat not running. Did 6 miles on one myself today, in fact, due to heavy rain!

  18. 24

    looks like a very productive day! I love days like that!
    Althouh, I don’t like the treadmill too much, sometimes its neccessary

  19. 25

    I actually love the treadmill… Feeds my inner control and data fiend :) I keep track of my mileage accurately and my body learns pace. I just ordered a garmin with a foot pod and am really looking forward to more accurate data on how I am training with the treadmill :) Importantly for me as a former competitive gymnast- they are easier on my knees and ankles. I save outdoors running for races or when traveling/with friends…

  20. 26

    Good for you for not giving up on your workout, and studying at the same time! I’m sure I would have gone the lazy route, ha. It’s so fascinating to hear about your life while you are in school, and the classes you take and time that goes towards each. I am seriously considering a career in nutrition/health as my future “dream job”…and I enjoy hearing about the good and bad that comes with starting over in a completely new career. And yes, agreed, What Not to Wear is a great show!

  21. 27

    Ooh, I can’t wait for beets to be in season here in northern California. We get them about every week in our CSA box during the fall/winter months!

  22. 28

    I ALWAYS do that on the treadmill! Thank heavens for Clif and Stacy! :)

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