This Week’s Adventures in Food and Fitness

Hey friends! Thank you for your great comments and questions on my 7 Common Nutrition Myths post from yesterday. If you missed it, check it out! Also, one of the first comments asks my thoughts on going gluten free, so give that a look – might have to do a post on that in the future!

It’s been another busy week over here – especially because Matt and I leave tomorrow morning for Charleston! We’re excited for the weekend away – and our half marathon!

Speaking of running – guess who FINALLY made it back to the track this week?! Yep. Track Tuesday happened.

washington lee track weekday morning

I hadn’t been in 3 weeks due to the 2 weeks of holidays (I was here and could have gone, but to be honest, I just didn’t want to – sleeping in and then going running in the sunshine with Matt or friends was more appealing) and then last week’s ridiculously freezing temps. On Tuesday morning it was in the 20’s – I could handle that. :) Didn’t feel bad at all once we got moving!

After warming up (I ran about a half mile), our coaches had us do two 10 minute threshold pace runs with a couple minutes rest in between. Threshold pace basically means it’s a fast pace for you and not perfectly comfortable, but not so fast that you are losing your form and/or dying. We finished the workout with 1 mile of the same. Great workout – my watch doesn’t include my warm up or my cool down, just the workout, so I probably ended up covering about 4.5 miles total.

track workout 10 minute threshold

Since this is the week before a race, I’ve been keeping things low key otherwise. No boot camp this week and only one early morning workout (the track group) so I could catch up on sleep! On Monday and Wednesday my coshared office space buddy Laura and I went to noon yoga as a nice break in the workday. Wednesday’s class was especially amazing – very calming. (See also: Why I Love Yoga.)

epic yoga dc lunchtime yoga

This afternoon’s plan is a low key 4 mile shakeout run with my high school BFF Jenny. It’s cold but sunny – my favorite for running!

On the food front, the most interesting dinner of the week so far was a Cacciatore-Style Baked Eggs dish from Blue Apron.

tomato veggie baked eggs

It was packed with veggies, which I loved – kale, onion, mushrooms, and peppers!

sauteed veggies

Loved the tomato sauce, too – you guys know I love me some tomato sauce. :) (See also these super easy dinner faves from the archives: Saucy Tomato and Spinach Chicken and Saucy Tomato and Artichoke Chicken. Apparently I really like describing recipes as “saucy.”)

tomato sauce sauteed veggies

Once the veggies were soft, Matt broke the eggs on top and popped the whole pan in the oven – such a cool idea!

cacciatore style baked eggs

Ready to eat. Served with some unpictured garlicky toast – yum.

baked eggs cacciatore style

While Matt was whipping up that dinner, I was throwing together a quick packed lunch for myself. Baby kale + quinoa tabouleh + peppers + feta + cilantro + hummus. With some crunchy sweet potato chips too because I need crunch for a meal to be satisfying!

fast easy vegetarian packed lunch

For snacks that day, I packed a couple clementines and a Larabar.

healthy portable snacks

While I’m talking about lunch – have those of you that are in DC been to Surfside taco stand yet? The Dupont one is near where I work and my coshared office buddies have been talking it up for awhile so we checked it out together on Tuesday. So good! And also apparently open 24 hours a day, which is kind of intense but apparently people need tacos at all hours of the night.

surfside taco stand tacos dc

I went for 2 of the “Negril” tacos – blackened tilapia on corn tortillas with spicy cabbage, avocado and chili ranch dressing – and one of their vegetarian “Malibu” tacos – roasted wild mushrooms on blue corn tortillas with sautéed spinach, slow roasted tomatoes, chipotle crema and cotija cheese. Three was too much so I didn’t finish this – I’d stick with two next time – but they were delicious! My only complaint is if you only get two tacos you have the get the same kind. Lame – I like variety!

Also delicious: True Food Kitchen. I went there last night with my high school girls Jenny and Lara and it hit the spot, as always. I’m obsessed with their quinoa salad with steelhead (basically salmon).

true food kitchen quinoa salmon salad

And we shared their cranberry almond cake for dessert. I wanted to try the chia pudding but shockingly my dinner-mates thought chia pudding sounded gross. ;) The horror! Sorry for the blurry/grainy photo – it was super dark in there.

true food kitchen cranberry almond cake

Time to get back to work before taking that sunshine running break – I’m looking forward to it already. :)

Have a great day!

What’s the best thing you ate so far this week?

Best workout?


  1. 1

    You just need to go for tacos with someone that will swap one of theirs with you!

  2. 3

    I have a track workout tonight in 20 degree temps – what did you wear? I don’t want to overdress OR underdress. hA

    • 4

      I wore long tights and a long sleeved shirt that’s a little thicker/warmer with a warm vest over it. That way my arms didn’t overheat! Plus gloves and ear warmers.

  3. 5

    Went out to eat for the second time since having the little one – 18 weeks. It was the best taco salad ever.

  4. 7

    You need to try Chaia tacos – the new shop in Georgetown! Best tacos I’ve ever had.

  5. 9

    Went out to eat with the hubby (long overdue date night) and we had Indian. My favorite was a vegetable samosa topped with a chickpea yogurt sauce. It was incredible. Best workout was a fun hip-hop class I tried at a new studio. I was afraid it was going to be too dancy, but it wasn’t. The instructor was awesome – so much energy and fun – and the class was awesome. Good luck in Charleston!

  6. 11

    Anne all of that food looks amazing you’re making me hungry! Also that tabouleh looks awesome can you find that at whole foods? I have always been meaning to try tabouleh but am skeptical as to which brand is better.
    That mid afternoon yoga sesh must be a huge stress reliever. Wish I could do that during the day in between my courses!

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