Trying Something New: SUP Yoga at Key Bridge Boathouse!

On Monday night, I finally tried something I’ve been wanting to try for a really long time: SUP Yoga! It’s exactly what it sounds like: yoga… but on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Cool, right?!

sup yoga crow pose 2

I saw awhile ago that Key Bridge Boathouse offers SUP Yoga classes a couple days a week for $35 a pop – pricey, but I decided it was worth it. My friends and I signed up for the beginner SUP Yoga class, got pumped, and then, every Monday night, just before go time, it stormed. This seriously went on for weeks, until finally this week we had the first clear Monday night in ages. It was worth the wait. What a beautiful night!

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

SUP key bridge boathouse

A woman named Jane of Ebb+Flow Yoga was instructing our SUP Yoga class and I liked her immediately. The perfect mix of enthusiastic and upbeat but with a nice yogi zen vibe going on, too. Apparently she also teaches at Studio DC – I’ll have to check out one of her classes there!

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

There were about 10 of us, including me and my friends Kathleen and Ashley, there on Monday night for the 6:30 p.m. adventure.

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

We began with an overview of SUP and a brief instruction on balancing on the boards from Jane, which was helpful!

sup yoga class key bridge boathouse

And then we were off! We spent the first 10-15 minutes or so paddling south over to a spot by Roosevelt Island, where we planned to stop and anchor down for the yoga.

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

One thing that I hadn’t even thought of was how we would keep the boards still while we did yoga! Well, here’s how: there was a little mini anchor waiting on the back of the boards!

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

To anchor yourself, you (veeeeery carefully, lol) sit down, turn around so you are facing the back of the board, take off the board’s “leash” (the white cord in the photo above) that is velcroed to your ankle, and instead attach it to the anchor.

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

Then you loop your paddle through the cord as well, and then toss all of it in the water! Presto: you are now anchored. Cool!

sup yoga key bridge boathouse

Once anchored, we began our class! We started with some simple cat/cow moves, then moved into a tabletop position with our hands and knees on the board, and tried lifting opposite arms and legs (so left arm and right leg, then vice versa). It was TOUGH! I loved how doing yoga out on the water on an unstable board really made you focus on form and revisit the simplicity of some of the more basic poses that we usually breeze through in a studio. It was definitely hard to balance, but such a fun challenge!

From there, we moved on to our first downward dog. Eeek! (Those things on everyone that look like fanny packs are actually buoyant and inflatable – a life jacket substitute.)

sup yoga downward dog

Again, I loved that being on an unstable surface made us really slow down, focus on our breathing and our positioning, and relax into the poses. For our first downward dog, Kathleen, Ashley, and I could all see each other through our legs and started giggling – it was hard to balance, but so fun!

sup yoga down dog

From there, we moved veeeeery slowly into some lunges and modified warrior poses with our knees down for stability. You really had to keep your core tight to keep steady! We asked Jane after class if people fall in a lot – and she said yep, they do! Especially in the intermediate class (which meets Wednesday nights) apparently. Our group managed to stay on our boards!

sup yoga lunge

A little while later and it was time for relaxation. I can’t even describe how wonderful savasana was with the gentle movement of the water, the chirping birds, and the sky above my head. Glorious.

sup yoga relaxation

I can’t think of a more wonderful way to end the day. It was like a mini vacation!

sup yoga savasana


sup yoga namaste

By the time we lifted our anchors back up, re-attached our leashes, stood up, and started to paddle back, we were all totally blissed out and enjoying an amazing view of the sunset over the water.

sup key bridge boathouse

This photo makes me want to jump right in to it. What a beautiful night!

sunset sup key bridge boathouse

In case you couldn’t tell, I give SUP Yoga a HUGE thumbs up. It was one of the most fun, relaxing but hard, and unique workouts I’ve done in quite awhile – and I already can’t wait to return. There’s just something about being out on the water, especially in the evening, that is so calming.

sunset sup key bridge boathouse

Have you ever tried SUP? How about SUP Yoga?


  1. 1

    I LOVE sup but am pretty sure I’d fall flat on my face doing sup yoga! Haha How fun you did it!

  2. 2

    I just did SUP for the first time this weekend. I actually went both days! The first day it was choppy and in the 50s, but the second day was beautiful and we did a cardio class that used resistance bands attached to the board. It was great. I barely have any pictures though since I was terrified of bringing my phone and dropping it!

    • 3

      That’s so cool! The boathouse here has a fitness class on the boards, too, that I definitely want to try. Not sure if they use bands or what, but that’s a great idea! I brought my waterproof camera with me just in case I fell in. :)

  3. 4

    I’ve done SUP a couple of times and love it! While in Texas last month we got to rent SUP’s on the Colorado River, so much fun! I tried my hand at a few yoga moves while out there and it is such a fun challenge!

  4. 5

    This is awesome! I want to gooo! What I love about the season pass is that we can stay out as long as we want! Closest to owning a boat I’ll ever get. Just bring sunscreen, water, food and I’m cool.

  5. 9

    This looks awesome! I have tried SUP once and I do yoga, but I am not sure I am ready to combine them both yet. :-)

  6. 10

    This looks so awesome! I tried SUP one time and was amazed at how much core activation it took to stay stable, so I’d imagine yoga on these things is tough. Pretty impressive that you guys made it through without a spill! :) Nice job! I would LOVE to try this if it is offered near me somewhere.

  7. 11

    This sounds so awesome, and totally like something I would love to do. I went SUP for the first time a few weeks back and loved it – so fun and challenging. And the savasana on gentle water sounds like heaven!

  8. 12

    It sounds so cool! I can’t wait to move back to DC in August and enjoy summer activities on the river

  9. 13

    Seriously, you share the coolest workouts! Now I’m eager to try this (but I would probably fall in the Potomac with my stellar coordination skills…)

  10. 14

    We just got SUP in our city and I’ve always wondered how you’d balance on that board! So cool, can’t wait to try it, and man what a great night for it!

  11. 15

    I’ve never tried SUP, but I really want to give that or kayaking a try. I’d be nervous about SUP yoga – I’m not sure if I’d have the coordination for that!

  12. 16

    This looks like an absolute blast! Kudos to you for not falling in! I’m sure I would have fallen in a couple of times by the end of class! I tried paddle boarding once and it was HARD!!!

  13. 17

    This looks like so much fun (all your workouts do)! I adore yoga and I’ve never tried SUP, but I’d so be up for trying this!

  14. 18

    I really want to try SUP this summer! I need to make my way over there!

  15. 19

    Holy crap, this looks hard!!! I’d love to try it, though!!

  16. 20

    That is amazing! I don’t think I could stand up on a paddle board, let alone do yoga on one. Very impressive. Now how about surfing a wave while doing yoga on a SUP?

  17. 22

    I love SUP, but have yet to try a SUP yoga class. It’s on my summer bucket list! :-) What an awesome location for SUP right by the Key Bridge. So cool!

  18. 23

    This looks so much fun, I definitely think I would fall in though!

  19. 24
    Roadrunner says

    Blissed out, indeed! Really neat!

  20. 25

    Wow this looks so cool!! :)

  21. 26

    Your pictures make me want to do this RIGHT now! I had my first SUP experience a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I did go in the water though! Ha! I need to get back out there a few more times before trying SUP yoga. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  22. 27

    Looks like so much fun!


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