Valentine’s Dinner

Morning, friends!

I have some bad news: I’m officially sick. :( I’ve been feeling a bit off for the past week and it seems to have finally caught up with me today. I have a fever and some really awesome congestion going on right now. Bummer – just in time for the long weekend. Here’s hoping if I rest up today I’ll be feeling better ASAP!

Anyway – Matt and I had a nice night last night for Valentine’s Day! Instead of going out and spending a ton of money, we decided to stay in and have a cozy home cooked meal.


We even busted out these napkins, leftover from our wedding, for the occasion!


Matt and I decided to pick up some nice steaks for the feast, served with baked sweet potato and sautéed spinach on the side. He did the cooking – I did the cleaning up. :)


Everything was delicious! The sweet potatoes were simply baked in the oven with a little sugar and cinnamon on the outside. The spinach was sautéed with olive oil, garlic, and slivered almonds. And for the steak, he seared it in a pan for a few minutes on each side then put the whole pan in the oven to cook the rest of the way. He topped it with some mushrooms sautéed in a little red wine.


Delicious dinner!

Sorry for the short post, but I’m off to rest. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. 1

    Your dinner looks delicious! I hope you feel better soon :)

  2. 2

    Sounds like the perfect night to me! My husband cooked, it was awesome! He usually works late so it was special to have dinner with him. :)

  3. 3

    Looks yummy! Feel better!

  4. 4

    sorry you’re sick girl, but glad you still had a nice romantic evening with your love! Feel better! xoxo

  5. 5

    that steak looks amazing!

  6. 6

    Sounds like a beautiful Valentine’s Day! I too am battling a cold. Ugh, awful. Hope you feel better!

  7. 7

    I just pinned your picture as “Delicious-sounding steak dinner.”

  8. 9

    Hope you feel better soon! My husband currently has the flu and its not fun!

  9. 10

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. 11

    MMM.. looks yummy! You can never have enough mushrooms!

  11. 12

    Sorry your sick, Anne. I have the same thing and it goes away and keeps coming back, since November. The meal looks terrific. We went out for a Valentine lunch, which was lovely.

  12. 13
    Virginia D. Klein says

    I hope you get better soon. Your Valentine dinner looks and sounds fabulous! A man who cooks WELL? A definite keeper! By the way, people who
    know food don’t really have a great urge to eat out..they know that they can put together something better at home.

  13. 14

    Hope you are feeling better! I have been battling the flu since last Tuesday and today I finally managed to get out of my pajamas and have some energy again, thanking the high heavens for Tamiflu!!

  14. 15
    Healthy Eater says

    Get well soon! (And nice dinner by Matt!)

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