Moving Madness

Hey guys! We are coming up for air after spending the past 5 days in the midst of moving madness. 

We are now at the point where the kitchen and Riese’s room are all set up and pretty much done! The rest of the house is a total mess, but we are getting there. :) 

The movers came on Thursday so we spent Thursday, Friday, and the weekend moving! I made it out to a yoga class early on Friday morning with my friend Chelsea, but otherwise my fitness was lifting and unpacking boxes. ;)

As for food, we did a lot of eating out, as is to be expected! Here are some of the yummy meals we had over the past few days.

Sushi and tacos (the skirt steak ones were legit) at Kaizen in Del Ray:

kaizen del ray

kaizen del ray

Yummy veggies and chicken in a garlicky sauce at Thai Peppers in Del Ray:

thai del ray

Gelato and Dolce and Bean (soooo good):

dolce and bean

Harissa chicken salad at Stomping Ground:

northside social

A reuben but with turkey instead of corned beef + some drinks from Market to Market (such a cute little spot with an awesome craft beer selection):

market to market del ray

White bean soup + a kale and veggie quinoa salad from Northside Social in Arlington (eaten on our new kitchen island – love):

northside social lunch

Soooo much eating out. It will be nice to get back to cooking this week!

My mom did make my Shrimp Cucumber and Feta Orzo Salad for us to snack on over the past few days, though, so I enjoyed that in between all the meals out. 

shrimp feta cucumber orzo salad

Last night my parents came over for the first home cooked dinner at our new house!

Matt grilled some steaks and we had our usual family fave taco salad, of course. :) 

A huge shout out to my mom for babysitting Riese a ton over the past few days so that we could get some serious unpacking done. Incredibly helpful!

And now I’m off — I’m sneaking in a lunchtime yoga class today while I have childcare… I could use a little zen and stretching in my life. 

Have a great day and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with some summer produce recipe inspiration!

How many times have you moved in your life? I’ve probably moved more than 20 times… growing up in a military family meant moving every couple years as a kid! I don’t know how my parents did it… sooo much work! Moving always makes me want to a) throw out everything I own, and b) never move again. ;)


  1. 1
    Megan Rowlinson says

    It’s funny how moving makes you either want to throw everything out or never move again. I feel the exact same way!! My husband and I just finished moving and it is definitely very stressful. Soon you will be unpacked in your new house and it will all be worth it. It’s hard to see the light right now, but it’s there! Hang in there! :) Wilmington, DE

  2. 3

    I totally understand the pain of moving – I moved a total 39 times first as a Navy Brat, then as an Army wife! I miss the cleaning out and paring down moving forces you to do but don’t miss the unpacking. Hang in there and congrats on the new home!

    • 4

      I do love how moving is a great opportunity to really go through and organize and get rid of stuff – my goal this week is to do that with all my clothing!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Moving is never easy, but doing so with a little one – and a dog and cat – is particularly challenging. Hope it continues to progress rapidly! Good luck!

  4. 7

    I hear you – I always said when moving (which we did often) that if someone drove by and made me an offer on my stuff I would probably take it!
    Looks like Del Ray has lots of fun restaurants to discover – enjoy!

  5. 8

    Oh I recognize those beer cans ;) Can’t wait to see the new place! Moving while pregnant gave me a great excuse to not pack/unpack!

    • 9

      Haha that was well played (although moving while pregnant doesn’t sound super fun…) — can’t wait to have you guys over soon! xo

  6. 10

    Congratulations!! I can only imagine how stressful such a big move would be with the furbabies & Riese, but it will come together in no time! I’m excited to see some of it when you’re ready to share. 🙂

  7. 11
    TrackBuddy says

    Congratulations!! Super excited for you guys, good luck as you continue to put it all together. :-)

  8. 12
    Lauren K says

    Hooray! The hardest part is behind you. Also, seeing that gelato picture makes me think of Italy :)

  9. 14

    Can’t wait to see the new house! It will come together faster than you think!

  10. 15

    I moved so many times in my early 20s. I always hated filling out background check forms for jobs because listing your addresses for the last 10 years is HARD. I had a stable period where I lived in the same condo for 5 years, but then between 2011 when I moved into a downtown condo and 2016 when I moved in with my now husband, I lived in 3 different condos within the same building and spent a year in Charlotte due to a relocation for work. Now I’ve been in our house for 3 years but we are hoping to buy so I am always looking through our things and trying to decide what we can get rid of. I’ve sold a number of things on facebook marketplace over the last week which feels good!

    Good luck getting settled in. I am glad your mom could help with babysitter. Moving is so much work so taking care of a busy toddler on top of moving would be SUPER HARD!!

    • 16

      That’s smart to start the decluttering process now! I did a little decluttering when we were packing away some of our stuff so our house could be staged, but then ran out of time with the big move so I’ve been decluttering a ton while I unpack instead. :) I’m getting rid of a ton of clothes… and a ton of kitchen stuff too!

  11. 17

    yay! so happy you guys are in and getting settled…you will love it (house, neighborhood, all of it!) i’m sure. i’m in the midst of moving myself…IL to VA, so i get it! have moved a lot myself and your last statement is RIGHT ON– rid of all things (and i did way too much; my mother nearly died haha! but so much easier to leave it/rid it) and not do it again :)

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