Hi guys! We had another low key weekend over here. On Saturday morning, Riese and I had a fun outing – we met up with my friends Mary and Sokphal for a walking date! I promise Riese enjoyed it, despite her face in this photo. ;) She loves walks, which is always nice because so do I!

We walked from Rosslyn over to Georgetown and back. It was a really nice morning – perfect for walking!

We stopped at the new Compass Coffee in Rosslyn for walking fuel – I had a mint mocha latte and Sokphal shared her ginger scone with us. It was SO good – not too sweet and I loved the doughy texture. Definitely going back to try more of their baked goods!

It was great to catch up with my buddies, and to show Riese some of my favorite views of the city! We ended in near Iwo Jima, which has the best view of the monuments in the distance. Beautiful flowers right now, too! (p.s. Since some of you will probably ask, the stroller is a really lightweight/compact umbrella stroller we bought to keep in the car – it does well on walks in addition to being small and easy to navigate! It’s this one.)

The rest of Saturday was low key. Avocado toast with smoked salmon (Riese had leftover peas and mashed sweet potato):

Lots of doggy kisses (Riese is OBSESSED, especially now that she can crawl):

And a simple dinner of chicken with baked beans and spinach salads.

On Sunday, Matt and I took Riese on a run date! It was one of those annoying mornings where it felt like everything took forever and we just could not get our acts together… but we FINALLY made it out the door at like noon, ha. It was a bit hot by that point but still nice to have a family adventure! We ran down in Old Town Alexandria – starting and ending at the waterfront…

And running south along the Mt. Vernon Trail. Since it was hot we just did about 2 miles of running and maybe another mile of walking – that felt about right!

Post-run we had a fun late lunch at our old fave Virtue Feed and Grain. Started with a shared kale and apple salad:

And then I had the seared salmon with creamy quinoa and harissa sauce – SO GOOD. Their salmon is the best, and I have to find out how they make their creamy quinoa because it’s insanely good. Riese had some burger meat and some salmon – she liked both! Plus an applesauce and nut butter pouch – we always have pouches on hand when we are on the go. (She nursed right before our run, so she didn’t need to nurse again until we got home… always easier logistically now to try to time things so I don’t have to nurse while out and about.)

As for last night, Matt had a work event so my parents came over to keep me company for dinner. Pizza + salad + some red wine hit the spot!

Have a great day guys!


  1. 1
    Roadrunner says

    Very nice to see that you are able to get out and about so much with the little one!

  2. 3

    I have to say, I’m a little jealous of all the gorgeous running trails you have where you live! Also, LOVE the creamy quinoa idea…reminds me of risotto! Will have to try that sometime :)

  3. 5

    A word of caution about the peanut butter pouches. As she gets older and you take her more places and she’s mobile, giving peanut butter while out can cause issues for other kiddos who may have an allergy. Like if she got peanut butter on her face or hands and played on a jungle gym with my nephew, he may die from the exposure. Just something to consider in the future.

  4. 7

    I used to live in DC. Love the photos! Such a great place. Just found your website this week – good stuff ;)

  5. 9

    Please get that creamy quinoa recipe?!!
    Looks sooo good! & I live in NC, so not likely to get to that restaurant anytime soon haha

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