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Good morning my friends! How were your weekends? Any fun adventures to report? Ours was really low key, which was nice – I’m feeling refreshed today! 60% of the weekend was basically spent like this, which was glorious. Zara was so snuggly!

IMG_0334(Obsessed with my fox slipper socks I got for Christmas from Matt!)

In addition to watching some Netflix shows, Matt and I also watched the movie “Moonlight”, which was really well done – highly recommend it! We did spend some time apart from the couch, though, don’t worry. :) Here are the non-couch weekend highlights.

On Friday night, Matt and I had a cozy night in – unpictured chicken + roasted potatoes (with rosemary, olive oil, salt, and pepper) and leafy broccolini (with olive oil, salt, and pepper) were on the menu. The broccolini leaves ended up like kale chips – crunchy and salty and so good!

how to roast broccolini

Saturday morning called for yoga (I hit up Nikki’s 9 a.m. class at Edge Yoga, which is always a favorite – I hadn’t been to her class in way too long!) and errands before joining Matt for a homemade brunch. On the menu: bacon + a veggie and egg scramble (spinach + peppers and onions + eggs) and some fruit.



healthy breakfast

On Saturday night, we had a special treat – our trainer Paul from Capital Energy Training and his wife Ally invited us over for dinner! Matt has been training with Paul weekly for  5 or 6 months now and I’ve been partnering with him for a year, so we’ve become friends. It was fun to spend a non-workout evening with him and to meet his wife, too!

It was a chilly night and they had a roaring fire going when we arrived. Wine + fireplace = so cozy! Also, this wine was so good – must remember it!

good wine fireplace

We had some fun appetizers, too. Endive boats filled with walnuts, blue cheese, and apples. Delicious!

endive walnuts blue cheese apples appetizer

Plus a yummy cheese, fruit, and nut plate. Loved the slate board!

cheese plate 2

Dinner was delicious – multiple courses and with wine pairings, too! So fancy. We were impressed. :) We started with a yummy mushroom soup with truffle oil.

mushroom soup with truffle oil

The main course was a really good fish (topped with a unique spice blend that included anise, cloves, etc.) and a side salad I brought with us.


For dessert, we enjoyed an almond flour apple crisp with some gelato!

almond flour crisp with gelato

Such a fun and delicious evening – thank you so much for having us, Paul and Ally!

And speaking of Paul, we finally made our schedules work to have another session last week! We’ve both been so busy lately it had been awhile, and unsurprisingly I’ve backslid a bit and am reeeeeally tight again (although not nearly as bad as when we first started working together). We got back to basics, focusing on loosening and strengthening the hips and hamstrings in particular.

loosening hips and hamstrings

It’s a good thing we had a session because I am getting back into running more often again as I ramp up training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler coming up in April (I’m partnering with Cabot again for the race)!

On Sunday morning, I was up and out for a run date with my college friend Sarah (we missed you Kathleen!). Pre-run waffle (Van’s brand) with PB and banana FTW:

pre run fuel

It was chilly but sunny – gorgeous day for a run! Felt good to be out there.


Sarah is getting married in less than a week!! So excited for her – can’t wait for the wedding on Saturday! We had fun chatting wedding stuff and catching up on life, as always. Nothing like a run with a good friend. :)

running roosevelt island

We started in Georgetown and ran along the waterfront, over Memorial Bridge, down onto the Mt. Vernon trail going south, then turned back and ran north all the way to Roosevelt Island, did a quick loop on the trails around the island (pictured above – it’s about 1 mile if you do the outer loop), then ran over Key Bridge and back to the Georgetown waterfront to finish out 8 miles. (<—I know local readers appreciate seeing these rough route ideas!)


I ate a Kate Bakes bar in the car on my way home, then had some leftover bacon, some crackers (clearly I was craving salt!), and Matt’s maple cinnamon latte to tide me over while I took an epsom salt bath and showered up.

About an hour later, it was time to feast! Matt was out doing his own long run (he’s doing Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, too! I invited him to join me and Sarah but he wanted to go a little later and listen to a book on audible) so I was solo for brunch this time. I had two fried eggs, a hearty savory waffle (Swapples brand – sweet potato curry flavor) with tons of guac on top, and some leftover salad on the side to get in some refreshing crunch/greens. It hit the spot!

post-run brunch

Tell me your food/fitness highlights from the weekend! :)


  1. 1

    Sort of a random question sparked by your spinach egg scramble: I used a package of spinach in a frittata this weekend and was wondering if veggie servings are different for leafy greens once they are cooked down? 6 cups uncooked hardly look like more than a serving cooked!

  2. 5

    I was inspired by two of your recipes this weekend. Made the roasted garlic and herb veggies – used some really good herb olive oil and garlic olive oil and tonight I’m making the sweet potato and veggie enchilada. The weekends have turned into my rest days, just lots of walking, which I really notice in my better workouts and more power on Monday morning.

    Read a great book too – Real Food, Fake Food. So good and scary at the same time. You won’t look at your food/pantry the same way again.

    • 6

      Yay, enjoy the enchiladas – and glad you tried out the veggies, too! I also love that you have found a good workout groove with rest on the weekends so you are ready to power through the week! Today is my rest day – feels good!

  3. 7

    I keep forgetting to try those swapples!! Sounds like a lovely week–what a fancy dinner party!

  4. 8

    Delicious dinner party! That apple crisp has me drooling! And now I want some bacon after reading this post ;)
    Have a great week!

  5. 10

    Isn’t TDR Island a cool place?! So happy we live close by to it! And so happy I get to run with you this week!

  6. 12

    What a cosy weekend!! Fire and wine and snuggle socks- that sounds amazing right now! Especially with the rain outside :( LOVE that guac on there ;)

  7. 13

    i still need to see moonlight!!! heard it was amazing! i love that your weekends are so healthy and active – i’m working on filling mine with an appropriate balance of laziness and movement!

    i just got back from a family ski vacation in colorado so today feels extra rough for a monday…already looking forward to next weekend :)

  8. 15

    Sounds like a great weekend. We did a nice mix too. Chill out Saturday around the house, kids played, did homework and the grown ups did some chores then day out to the beautiful Northumberland coast in the North East of England on Sunday. Dog walk and kids running up and down the sand dunes. Fish and chips overlooking the harbour and back home for a lazy Sunday evening! Perfect

  9. 17

    I’ve tried so many times to bake bacon in the oven, each time turns into a fiasco with smoke alarms… I’m following the directions ha ha clearly doing something wrong!

    • 18

      Oh man! Maybe it’s too hot? I have no idea! We have a fan built into our microwave that sucks out the cooking smoke, so that helps, too!

  10. 19

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Moonlight is on our list of films to watch soon. I did parkrun on Saturday and cooked dinner for 15 people on Sunday. It was my eldest boy’s Birthday.

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