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Hey friends! Before I get into today’s blog post, a quick heads up that I shared a quick Facebook live Q&A video yesterday! One of my Joyful Eating Program co-creators, fellow dietitian Rachael Hartley, and I popped on to address a question we get ALL the time about intuitive eating: “If I allow myself to eat what I want, won’t I just eat sweets all day and gain lots of weight?” Check it out if you’re interested in the answer: here’s a link to the video! Also, a funny behind the scenes story: obviously the second I started the live video, Zara started flipping out and clawing at my office door – when I switched the screen to be full screen on Rachael it was so I could run over to the door and let her out of the room! Lol!

Anyway, I was out on the run this morning! (Speaking of: I’m glad you guys enjoyed my post on How to Fuel a Long Run yesterday!) Today’s run was definitely not long enough to justify fueling during the run, but that’s cool with me. It’s been nice having a break from long distance training after the Marine Corps Marathon in October!

running capital crescent trail

I met up with my good friend Karen for some miles on the Capital Crescent Trail, starting in Georgetown. I love our run dates so much – we always have the best conversations and it makes the miles fly by. :)


We ended up covering 5 miles and at a good clip, too! So good to see you, Karen, as always – let’s do that again soon. :)


As for other fitness this week, I worked from home yesterday and hit up a nice lunchtime yoga class at Edge Yoga. Mark was teaching, which is always fun – his classes aren’t zen, but rather athletic and fast paced. It’s a different style but I like it! Good for runners trying to get into yoga, too. :)

edge yoga

And now, time to wrap up the workweek! We’re sticking around DC again this weekend and looking forward to some food and fitness adventures, as always. :)

Have a good one, my friends!


  1. 1

    Kitties always like to get in the way, don’t they??

  2. 3

    Busy day for you with a run and yoga!! I definitely need to get into more recovery work— I do enjoy yoga, but I have a hard time sticking with it!

  3. 5
    Abigail T says

    Do you know what that Reebok bag is called?

  4. 7

    That’s a great picture of you. I’m also considering about participating a yoga class.

  5. 8

    Hi Anne, lovely post. I also find running with someone helps the miles fly by. I’m struggling to find a running partner right now though as they’re all too quick for me, haha. Enjoy your week.

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