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Hi friends! DC gave us the most perfect fall weather weekend, and I took full advantage. Before getting in to the weekend proper, let’s rewind to Friday. I kicked off the day with an early run with my friend Chelsea!


As you guys know, we have been doing track workouts each week, but since I was running the Marine Corps Marathon 10k on Sunday I asked if we could do a low key run instead. Wednesday morning (our usual meeting day) was pouring, so we pushed it back to Friday.


It was pitch black when we met up at 6 a.m. so we kept to the streets, running through Rosslyn and over Key Bridge. This view never gets old.


Neither does this view, which always reminds me of my buddy Mary since we did this route a lot together! Miss you, girl!


It was such a fun run – we spent the whole time chatting away madly. It had been a couple weeks since we’d met up and we had a lot to catch up on!


4 miles – done! It was still dark when we finished, lame. This makes me excited for the clocks to change soon so we get pretty sunrises and more light in the morning!


On Friday night, I met up with my friend and fellow DC area Registered Dietitian Sarah Waybright for dinner. We hit up Teaism in Gallery Place, and I got my standard fave, the trout with lentils and carrots. So good! Plus a side of seaweed salad. I ended up saving a bit to take home since it was a massive plate!


Shameless plug for my friend: if you’re in DC, Sarah has started offering private one-on-one healthy cooking classes to break you out of your food ruts. For more details on her cooking class packages, which will provide you with the skills and knowledge to make simple, quick, and balanced meals and snacks, click here. Use the code "Fannetastic" for $15 off any of the packages. :) Such a great service – I figured some of you would be interested!

On Saturday, I spent the morning catching up on emails and running some errands, then met up with my friend Heather for lunch! She was in town to run the Marine Corps Marathon and stayed with us on Saturday night – so fun to have her. :) We hit up Sweetgreen, as per usual. #obsessed

sweetgreen ballston

Saturday night was all about chilling to rest up for our respective races! On the docket: carving pumpkins!

pumpkin carving

We pretty much nailed it, if I do say so myself. ;) We bought one of those cheap carving kits from CVS and used the designs included in the packet. Voila:


As for Sunday, we were all up early to race – the 10k for me and Matt, the marathon for Heather! I’ll be back tomorrow to share a recap. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of the post-race brunch at Liberty Tavern. They have an epic buffet – must go back again soon!


As for dinner last night, Matt and I had family over for steaks on the grill and a tasty Strawberry & Fennel Barley Salad. I’ll share the recipe soon – it was really good!


And now, back to work! Have a good one. :)

Anyone else carve pumpkins yet? What design did you make?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?


  1. 1

    My husband I just carved pumpkins last night with another couple. I carved some sort of skeletal/old guy that had a mustache, monocle and bowtie. He’s pretty dapper. I love Halloween activities so much! Carving pumpkins is always a fall highlight for me!

  2. 3

    My husband and I have the worst time trying to carve pumpkins. Those kits never seem to work out for us and we end up doing something easier! One year I drilled holes in the pumpkin which was really pretty and last year we taped a stencil over the pumpkin, spray painted in it black and peeled the stencil off, looked really cool and super easy!

  3. 5

    Those pumpkins are so good! I’m so impressed you did that with just the CVS carving kit!

  4. 6
    Roadrunner says

    Very nice! And love the pumpkins! That is real talent!

  5. 7

    Looks like an awesome weekend! And I cannot wait for the salad recipe….it look so delicious and bright! :)

  6. 8

    miss you too! :( BUT i’ll be back in DC for richmond! i’ll email you shortly; i hope we can meet up!! also, 100 points to you for using fennel. it’s such a tricky vegetable!

  7. 10

    The weather was awesome this weekend! And today! Yay!
    I must meet you guys for a run one day ;)

  8. 11

    I loved our dark Friday run, but you’re right it will be nice when the clocks go back!
    Those pumpkins are awesome. You guys did a great job! Can’t wait to hear about the 10K!

  9. 12

    I ran the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday and also hit up Liberty Tavern for brunch! The all you can eat option was definitely needed!

  10. 14

    That strawberry salad looks amazing! The best thing I ate this weekend was a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin! YUM!

  11. 15

    A little delayed, but my boyfriend and I are carving a pumpkin as our Halloween night activity! Happy Monday.

  12. 16

    Those pumpkins are amazing – great job!

    You had some great looking food over the weekend! I had a pretty low key eating weekend, but I would say I most enjoyed a coffee I had on Sunday afternoon. It was nothing special, but it was really nice to sit in a cafe, play on my blog and enjoy the spring sunshine. I wish I could do it more!

  13. 17

    You have serious pumpkin carving skills missus!!

  14. 18

    I’m with you – can’t wait for it to be light in the morning again! I’ll still be starting my runs in the dark, but hopefully I’ll be ending them in the daylight soon.

    Best thing I ate was a pumpkin dip with cinnamon sugar graham crackers that friend brought to an event at my Crossfit gym. I was unstoppable. It wasn’t pretty. But it was GOOD.

  15. 19

    Running and seeing the sunrise is awesome…it sucks that it was still dark out at the end of your run. I hope you had a great event…can’t wait to read the recap!

  16. 20

    I’m always amazed that you can run and chat with your friends! Is that a learned skill or just comes as a runner gets in better shape? I run solo but think if I ran with a friend I’d barely be able to converse. But chatting would be great for making the run fly by.

    • 21

      It’s definitely something that gets easier as you get used to it! It’s obviously still hard at really challenging paces, but I’ve had a lot of practice. :)

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