Weekend Recap + Breech Update

Hi guys! Our weekend was really low key but nice – we tried to do stuff that will be hard for awhile with a baby (aka meals out, movie-watching (finally watched “Lion” via Netflix – it was really good), relaxing, etc.), plus lots of long dog walks to get fresh air. I have a ton of fitness-friendly maternity clothing for hot weather, but it got really cold this weekend, and the bump doesn’t fit into any of my normal winter-y fitness gear… but of course at this point I refuse to buy anything new, so I’m just making do with somewhat ridiculous outfits and jackets that don’t zip up. I found one hoodie that I can barely still zip, so that kept my belly warm – and I’ve been rocking some sweatpants and just pushing them below the bump. Whatever works… home stretch now! At least my gloves still fit. ;) And at least I have some hand me down jeans and long sleeved shirts (non-fitness friendly) so I can still look presentable otherwise!

pregnancy walk 9 months

As for the bump, an update (if you missed it, I shared my 38 week pregnancy update on Friday – check that out first)!

We had our 38 week check up at the doctor’s office on Friday and unfortunately the baby is still hanging out head up (breech). Darn – I was really hoping she might have moved by now! I know some babies do still move this late in the game but it’s pretty unlikely, so I’m mentally preparing for the scheduled C section route. Not what we planned, but so long as we end up with a healthy baby that’s all that matters! :) The C section is still scheduled for the 20th for now (one week from today – ahhh!!) but we are waiting to hear back from the hospital about timing availability for the 24th instead since our favorite doctor is on call that day. It’s one day after the due date so it’s a little more of a gamble, but I think we might go for it. I know the doctor’s bedside manner doesn’t matter as much for a C section since you have less interaction with them, but I still think I’d feel more comfortable with my favorite vs. least favorite doc – especially since our fave doctor seemed pretty on board with some of the more “family-centered” C section preferences we have. So… stay tuned. We’ll see!

In terms of other fitness this weekend, I also went to another nice prenatal yoga class yesterday (at Blue Nectar Yoga via ClassPass <- affiliate link for $40 off) with some fellow pregnant ladies. Felt good to stretch after lots of walking and some leaf raking on Saturday!


prenatal yoga

Regarding food, we had some good meals out! On Friday night, we met a few friends for dinner at Screwtop Wine Bar in Clarendon. We all shared a bunch of appetizers for dinner – nachos (THE best), sliders, lettuce wraps, and chicken lollipops. Everything was really good!

screwtop wine bar appetizers clarendon

The other food highlight was a fun date with Matt yesterday – a bunch of my Instagram followers have recommended Stomping Ground in Del Ray area of Alexandria for excellent biscuit sandwiches, so Matt and I thought it would be fun to check it out. They were right – delicious! I went with the seasonal frittata (caramelized onions + peppers) biscuit, and added their lemony avocado mash and greens to the mix. It was awesome and the ambiance was fun too. We’ll def be back.

stomping ground biscuit sandwich

We strolled around for awhile after with some hot tea which was also fun. :)

del ray date

I’ve got some work-related tasks I’m hoping to tackle early this week before the baby arrives – better get back to it! I only have one last AnnetheRD nutrition client session scheduled this week, though, so things will be a lot lower key than last week. I’m taking advantage with some fun lunch dates with friends… although the baby could come any day now so who knows, right?! Eek!

Have a nice day guys!


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    The anticipation is killing me!!!

  2. 2

    If it were me (and I know you’re not asking!) I’d stick with the 20th. You’re stay might feel a bit nicer! Hospitals will have a lighter staff through the holiday and holiday weekend. Your essential staff won’t be affected (nurses, doctors, etc) so don’t worry about that. Much of management and leadership probably won’t be there and if there were any concerns or issues ( even as silly as not liking your hospital food!) there won’t be the same people there to help out.

  3. 3

    Can you share what are some c section family friendly preferences? Thanks!

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      I’m not an expert on it but from what I’ve read, it’s stuff like immediate (and then continued) skin-to-skin, lowering the divider when the baby comes out so you can see them right away, holding the baby yourself on the way from the OR to the recovery area (vs. having them bring the baby along separately), etc. Just basically stuff to make it a little more like a vaginal birth.

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    Good luck with the c-section, I hope everything goes very smoothly for you and baby!

    Highly recommend high waist leggings, seamless undergarments and a good compression belly band for postpartum!

    • 6

      I agree with this Jessica, our hospital gave me a compression band and it was AMAZING, if yours doesn’t definitely ask! You got this momma!

      • 7

        Agreed! Also used C-panty. They were amazing and used them for approx 5 weeks after my C section. And going out to eat with a baby is so easy. Once they start crawling and more aware of everything is when it all goes down…

  5. 9

    Are you delivering at VHC? I did and we really liked it. My surprise C-section (after a two-day induction didn’t take) ended up being with a doctor I had only met once and at the very last office appointment I had. I actually ended up switching to make her my primary since if/when we have another doc, I’ll want her to do the C again. All that to say – you’ve got this, mama! Good luck <3

  6. 11

    Go with your gut regarding the doctor doing the C-section. I had a planned C-section last winter. We needed two MDs in the procedure because I had complete anterior previa (they had to cut through the placenta to get him out). I was scheduled to go at 36 weeks and one of the MDs scheduled for that day was someone I had only talked to on the phone, but walked away from that conversation with a really bad feeling about her. I was really nervous about her being in the OR and honestly thought about trying to reschedule or asking one of the other doctors to take her place. I ended up having an emergency C-section at 34 weeks (surprise!) and had two MUCH better MDs in the OR with me.

    We were in the SCN for 3 weeks after my son was born and the MD who was supposed to be there for my scheduled C-section was there the day my son was getting circumcised. One of the nurses took me aside and told me to push the procedure to another day because the MD was just not a good surgeon – for something as small as a circumcision! But it really showed me that my gut was right about that MD and I am SO glad that she didn’t do my high risk C-section! So if something is telling you to wait a few days for someone else and your doctor is okay with it, I say go with it – your body/brain will let you know what’s the right choice!

  7. 12

    I think it definitely makes sense to try for the doctor you like. Anything to make you feel more comfortable and confident is worth it :) So excited for you!

  8. 13

    It’s getting so close! Sounds like a nice weekend, it’s nice to get some relax/going out to eat time before the baby arrives.

  9. 14

    I ended up with two c sections. The first was an emergency c section and the recovery was difficult having gone through labor, pushing for hours, and then the surgery. We scheduled a c section for after my due date for my second child in hopes to have a VBAC. When that didn’t happen, I was somewhat mollified because I was going to have a “gentle” c section (aka family centered). It made all the difference in the world and I am SO happy we had that opportunity. I can’t speak to the physical recovery – I had a horrible cold and all of the coughing made the process a slow, difficult one – but it made all the difference emotionally. Best of luck! And if you don’t have a breast friend for nursing – get one! A nursing c section mama’s must have!

  10. 15

    I had a c-section and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I was up and walking fairly well the next day. Agree with the others who have said to wear some sort of high waisted compression garment. I lived in the ugliest high waisted compression undies for weeks! Also, keeping up on the pain meds was a must. If I forgot a dose of Tylenol or ibuprofen, I’d immediately feel all of these strange, painful, tugging sensations. Best wishes!

  11. 16
    heather luna says:

    Damn Anne, I can’t believe you were raking leaves at 38 weeks. I think after 30 I was like, I’m done doing everything. haha. I had two c-sections and both were actually unplanned and it all worked out fine. The kids are totally fine. I think the recovery is just harder than a vag birth. GOOD LUCK!!

    PS I had dinner with Taralyn a few weeks ago in Chicago!

  12. 18

    Since you’ll be awake for your c section I think it does make a difference if it’s with someone you know and trust. It’s pretty weird having someone see your insides anyway while you’re conscious and nervous so I think it helps if they’re with you not just physically but also emotionally. Don’t worry about the one day overdue thing. Do whatever feels right for you.

  13. 20

    Hi Anne, I’m a frequent reader but never comment. I think everything brought up by other readers are very valid points, but wanted to share a different perspective as a holiday baby myself. Remember, Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday in November. It’s will never fall on Nov 20, but some years will fall on November 24. Especially as a kid, it sucks to have your birthday on a big holiday and is still a bummer as an adult sometimes. Since you’re looking at a scheduled C either way, I’d opt away as far away from the holiday as possible, assuming that your concerns are regarding the doctor’s personality not their medical competency. Just my unsolicited opinion. Best of luck at this exciting time!

    • 21

      I was actually thinking that having a holiday birthday would be fun, since then everyone would be together with you to celebrate on occasion!

  14. 22

    While I completely understand wanting your favorite Doctor to deliver (we did too). In my experience it end up mattering very little. My Dr. said very little to me during the delivery, however my anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist were fantastic and talked me through the whole experience. This was particularly important post delivery when my boys (twins) were being checked over by the neonatal teams and I couldn’t see anything. It was also our nurse anesthetist who took pictures of me meeting the boys for the first time (we treasure these). VHC is also a baby friendly hospital so many of the things you mention above for family friendly I experienced and I did not request them. Hope it all goes well.

  15. 24

    Darn, I was hoping the baby would turn! I’d say stick to your gut on your decision. In my comment on your last post I mentioned preferring the 20th to the 24th because I thought that you’d have a better chance of things like skin-to-skin if it wasn’t an emergency c-section but it sounds like your doctor is on board with a family friendly c-section. And since it is your first baby and you haven’t had any signs of labor, it seems like it’s unlikely that you would go into labor between the 20th and 24th! Good luck making your decision!!

  16. 25

    I haven’t seen anyone mention this abbot the doctor so thought I’d bring it up with reference to the doctor. While it’s true that you don’t speak to the doctor at all during a c-section (they’re quite busy at the other end!), their skill/technique is important. You might want to check how each doc closes the incision and their skill at doing so. I agree with others – the anesthesiologist is much more important.

  17. 30

    I barely remember the Dr. who did my C section, but the nurse anesthetist was the rockstar who held my other hand, reassured me, and even took pics for us. Even though I chose not to use the clear drape, they held her up for me to see right away, and let Brian do the swabbing on her and then brought her to my chest pretty immediately. The my breast friend pillow was clutch for nursing since I could cinch it up well above my incision. Take care with baby carriers that rest near the incision, too. I was stubborn and used it, and it slowed down my healing. You’ve got this!!

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