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Hey guys! Sorry for the disappearing act yesterday – I realize that may have made some of you wonder if I was in labor! No baby yet – I was just really tired in the morning yesterday and decided a nap sounded like a better idea than writing a blog post… and then the rest of the day I was busy with some fun outings and other work.

After a really busy week last week of tons of AnneTheRD nutrition client meetings and blog-related working ahead, this week I’ve been doing a little working ahead but also enjoying some social outings with friends, since I know those will be a little hard to get in for awhile once our new addition arrives!

Monday’s adventure was a lunch date with my good friend Ben from high school! We hit up a Japanese place called Maneki Neko Express, and shared the steamed shrimp dumplings, edamame, and some (cooked for me) sushi.

maneki neko express lunch

It was great to catch up with Ben – it had been too long! He is a fellow entrepreneur (he and his wife have a photography as well as a videography company in the DC area) so we always have fun talking business as well as general life. :)


As for yesterday, I got lunch with my friend Lisa! She’s also a local entrepreneur (we met through a women’s business networking group) and owns a local t-shirt company (check it out if you’re in the area – cute stuff!). We hit up Pupatella for pizza and salads. Yum!

pupatella lunch

Followed by pedicures because, why not? Gotta have those toes look nice for the doctors next week, right? ;) Such a fun afternoon outing!

pre baby pedicures

I had another fun meal out last night – my college BFF Kris is in town from Paris for a big science conference this week, so Matt and I grabbed dinner at Rustico with her and her boyfriend! It was great to see her and meet her boyfriend – we have been spoiled lately because she was just here for a wedding a few weeks ago! I was in the mood for salmon and got their salmon risotto – delish.

rustico dinner ballston

Kris’s conference doesn’t start until later today, so she came over this morning, too, and we enjoyed a little more girl time! We took Freyja for a nice long walk and enjoyed the sunshine (finally – it’s been really gray lately) and beautiful fall leaves!

pregnant walk date

And now, a quick update on the C section plan – we have officially scheduled it for November 24, next Friday! If the baby decides to flip before then, awesome, and if not, that’s fine too. She’s also welcome to choose her own birthday and arrive early if she wants! We’ll see – just going with the flow over here. :) Crazy to think that either way in just over a week we will finally get to meet her!

Have a nice day guys – time for me to get some actual work done!


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    Can’t believe the big day is coming up so soon! Our due dates are a year + 1 day apart so I’m reliving my experience from last year through your updates :) Wishing you a relaxing last week of socializing before her arrival!

  2. 3

    I had a frank breech baby via somewhat unexpected c-section (appt in the a.m. during which a c-section was for later that night) and right before I headed to the hospital, my mom almost insisted I go for a pedicure…it was kind of ridiculous, but it took the pressure off and kept my nerves at bay….

    Good luck when the time comes!

  3. 5

    I went into labor the night after I got a pedicure! All the nurses commented on how nice my toes looked :).

  4. 7

    I’m so glad you are getting fun friend dates in before the baby comes. How exciting! My little one’s birthday is tomorrow, but her due date was right around Thanksgiving, so I have been super nostalgic reading your posts.

  5. 9

    Oh my gosh!! It’s SO CLOSE!! Next week- very exciting! I would LOVE a slice of that pizza!

  6. 10

    So many fun social events and yummy eats – you definitely deserve to relax and enjoy yourself! That due date is coming up quickly!

  7. 11

    What fun eats and social time before baby! :)

  8. 12

    Ha! I SO thought you were in labor yesterday! I had to follow up on Instagram and saw that you had posted something there, so that’s how I figured out false alarm. So intense and exciting!!

  9. 14
    GAYE MCGRATH says:

    Glad you have been enjoying some fun time with friends before baby. I hope you get to enjoy Thanksgiving also.

  10. 15

    So exciting, and I’m so glad you got the date you wanted! Love that you had so many fun friend dates; pack them all in now hehe ;)

  11. 16

    Yay!! :D Sorry I just got back to Paris and am catching up now, lol. That was so fun to see you guys and get to meet Freyja! She’s the coolest :)

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