Weekend + Solo Week with Riese Recap

Hi guys! I’m back! Thanks for your patience last week as I took most of the week off to enjoy some extra time with my little love.

(Yes, that’s a nursing-friendly dress – it’s this one!)

I loved having Riese to myself all week – such a treat! (Our nanny was on vacation, so I took advantage and took the week off too.) Obviously not every single moment was sunshine and rainbows, but we had a lot of fun. I took her to story time at the library, we did lots of walks with Freyja the dog, played a bunch (all she wants to do now is have you hold her while she jumps – my arms are going to be so strong), visited my grandmother at her retirement community (Riese was SUCH a charmer while we were there – she was quite the hit with all my grandmother’s friends), and of course did lots of cuddling, too.

We also had a fun lunch date with my friend Heather and her babe (who is just a couple months younger). Lost Dog Cafe is always a delicious choice – I had a pita sandwich that was essentially pizza (chicken + spinach + pesto + tomato + mozzarella + I added tomato sauce to the mix too):

Riese also had her 6 month pediatrician visit last week! More shots, but she did way better with them this time, and the doctor says she looks great in terms of weight and development, which is always a relief to hear. Hooray! She did manage to have the world’s most insane blowout right when we got in the car to leave, though – it got all over her back, the car seat, everything, and I went back in to the pediatrician’s office to use their bathroom and get her cleaned up, and THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CHANGING TABLE IN THEIR BATHROOM. At a pediatrician’s office. WTF?!?! I ended up walking into the main office like “Ummm… help, is there somewhere I can go to deal with this?!” and they let me use an empty exam room. Seriously though… I have no idea why they don’t have changing tables considering most of their visitors are in diapers…

Anyway, I digress. On to the weekend! On Friday night, neither of us wanted to cook and it was hot out so Matt and I decided some refreshing sushi was in order – Uber Eats to the rescue! It hit the spot. Sushi Rock has lots of fun ones – that strawberry one is a salmon roll, and the one with cilantro is another fave. So creative! Plus some steamed Kobe dumplings and edamame.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day at my friend Jackie’s baby shower! It was a casual, co-ed BBQ and we brought Riese with us (that’s what the first photo in this post is from). It was really fun and Riese was enjoying herself (there were a bunch of other babies around the same age there, which was fun to see them “interact”), so we stayed quite awhile and just came home in time for dinner (for us) and bed (for Riese). We had leftover corn from a BBQ the week before, so we pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer and Matt grilled them up in some BBQ sauce + also grilled the corn. Baked beans on the side!

On Sunday morning, I was supposed to have a run date with my friend Diane (we haven’t run together in over a year – been so long!), but sadly it was pouring so we decided to cancel. The rain slowed a bit mid-morning, though, and I wanted some fresh air and Freyja was looking at me like “What, you’re scared of a little water?”, so I decided to take her out for a quick adventure! We did a 1.5-ish mile loop and got soaked but had lots of fun – we had the whole area to ourselves since no one else was out! I always really enjoy running in the rain once I’m out there – feels like you’re a kid again. Thanks for the encouragement, Freyja. ;)

For breakfast, we had crepes! Matt made a ton so I’m enjoying the leftovers for breakfast this week – yum.

I started savory – my first two had scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach.

And then I had one more with plain Greek yogurt, almond butter, and berries. (This is what I had this morning for breakfast, too.) Delicious!

Meanwhile, Riese supervised (and “snacked” on some small slices of scrambled eggs). We just started giving her some solid food as of about a week and a half ago – a few of you have been asking about this, so stay tuned for more details to come! I’m clearly not an expert on infant feeding, but happy to share our (very limited) experience so far. Since I was home with her last week it was fun to have her join me for breakfast and lunch every day – she tried a ton of stuff and made quite the mess! I’ll talk more about this later this week. (Normally I would put a bib on her, but this outfit was already kind of dirty so I figured, why bother! I just ordered some of the easily wipe-able silicone bibs with the little area that catches food though – the cloth bibs are great for drooling but not so much for eating/smearing food all over the place. And the high chair we have is this one from Ikea – cheaper than most AND no fabric to get dirty – so easy to wipe off.)

As for the rest of yesterday, we took Riese to the mall! Matt wanted to hit up Banana Republic for work clothes and I wanted to check out some of the nursing-friendly summery dresses at Motherhood Maternity. Riese was quite intrigued by all the action!

Dinner last night was another throw together meal using what we had in the fridge/freezer – pork chops + sautéed zucchini + leftover slaw + roasted potatoes. Tasty!

And now, I’m off to tackle my out of control email inbox. Have a good one guys!

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  1. 1
    TrackBuddy says

    Awwwww missed our run date on Sunday! We’ve gotta make it work this weekend – c’mon weather, help us out!!

  2. 3

    Sounds like a great weekend! I can’t believe your pediatrician didn’t have a changing table, seems like they for sure would.

  3. 4

    She looks so big in her high chair! What a cutie :) It really does go by so quickly.

  4. 6

    Are you using the SpoonfulOne? I’m curious to hear how it is going.

    • 7

      We are going to start that this week… stay tuned! I wanted to do the peanut intro separately first (and just get our footing under us in terms of the logistics of solids). We just did peanut butter (mixed with some Greek yogurt) over the weekend and it was fine – whew! Big relief.

  5. 8

    Love it! So sweet to see your grandmother with Riese :) Heart warming! Glad Freyja is always up for an adventure! Also Bravo to Matt on the crepes, those look legit ;)

  6. 10
    Roadrunner says

    Love the smiley photos! And neat to track the transition to a high chair and the start of solid foods. Also glad Freyja got in a run with you, however soggy! All impressive, as always.

  7. 11

    We got a hand-me-down Ikea high chair that we use occasionally (our primary “high chair” is a Fisher Price space-saver) – just a heads up, they make a cushion for it that will help take up some of that extra space behind her, and make her feel a little more supported!

    Our pediatrician doesn’t have changing tables in the restrooms either. I think they figure most parents will be changing the diaper during the exam? Or maybe it’s a hygiene thing – they can’t keep it clean like they do the exam tables? I’m not sure. But it’s not uncommon!

  8. 13

    Eeek – no changing table in the pediatrician’s office? That’s crazy! We were at a brewery this weekend and even they had one in the women’s room. I was so pleasantly surprised!

  9. 15
    Jennifer says

    Matt being gone the same time as your nanny is stressful! Glad you made it through your solo work week.

  10. 17

    Yea I agree! My husband actually made that comment at the brewery too.

  11. 18

    Riese has her Daddy’s smile. What do you think 😘

  12. 20

    What do you do when poop gets all over the carseat? Do you just wipe it off, cover it up…?

    • 21

      I just used a billion wipes and paper towels and hoped for the best… since it was kind of wet I just put a burp cloth on that spot before putting Riese back in. And then I just let it air dry when we got home!

  13. 22

    Riese is so precious <3 Those crepes look incredible, and OMG running in the rain sounds like such a blast!!

  14. 23

    So glad you guys could make it and Riese could make some friends! I loved that they had a little playdate going on in the living room :)

  15. 25

    It looks like your week really filled up your “cup”, for lack of a better phrase – it sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves, and the balance of fun time with Riese with more practical things. I love your sense of balance in life! And that picture of your grandmother is fantastic – what a treasure!

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