3 Weeks Old!

Hi guys! Happy Friday from our lil’ Maunster (get it?! Our last name = Mauney), who is officially 3 weeks old today! Wow – her birth feels like so long ago in some ways and like just yesterday in others. <3

lil maunster

We have been experimenting with fun babywearing shirts this past week because even though she looks calm in that photo above, she only made it about 2 more minutes before she started crying – our little lady just LOVES to be held! Which is so sweet even though it’s hard to not be hands free basically ever. So, hence the kangaroo pouch shirt – check out this one I got Matt! It’s Lulababy brand and Riese really likes it! I have the tank top women’s version, too (runs small so order a size up). :) It’s not skin-to-skin (the shirt is between you and baby), though, so I’m thinking of trying out some of the skin to skin ones… have any of you guys tried any other variations, like this one (for men) or this one (for women – although it says to keep your hand on baby so not really hands free)?

baby pouch

Anyway! We’ve been having lots of fun visitors this week. My friend Gretchen came by on Wednesday with lunch – yummy bowls from Cava!


Meeting our little lady <3

gretchen fox

How cute is her 3 month old Penny?! Omg, those cheeks!!


with babies

Thank you so much for the visit and the food, Gretchen! Can’t wait for our girls to be besties. :)

Our second visitor this week was my friend Lisa, who came by yesterday with lunch (and dinner for later, too)! I could get used to this – we’ve been spoiled with all these kind food deliveries and visitors! She brought us food from Zoe’s Kitchen and I told her to just surprise us in terms of the selections. My lunch was a salmon pita and delicious!

zoes kitchen salmon pita

Dinner was kabobs (chicken and salmon), brown rice, and roasted veggies – so good! Thank you Lisa!! I’ll have to remember this place for friends who have new babies – it was really good reheated and we have enough for another dinner tonight, too!

zoes kitchen dinner

We also got a yummy soup + cornbread delivery this week from our friends Janice and Tom who live in Atlanta – thanks for thinking of us, guys! Soup really hits the spot right now with this cold weather!

souper girl

In other news, we had Riese’s second pediatrician appointment earlier this week! I hate that we have to take her there when she’s so little (germs, ahhh – doesn’t it seem like they should have separate hours or home visits for newborns?! I was so stressed out while we were in the waiting area because there was a sick kid nearby). Next time I need to bring a cover for the car seat and keep it over her in the waiting area, I think… any other tips?

She’s back up well past birth weight (6 pounds 14 ounces as of Tuesday when she was 2.5 weeks – birth weight was 6 pounds 5 ounces!) now, which is awesome, especially since it’s hard to tell if she’s getting enough milk or not from my breastfeeding efforts!

baby at pediatricians office

They have a lactation consultant on staff at the pediatrician, which I love – we met with her and she said the reason our feeds are pretty long (sometimes up to 45 minutes or longer) right now is because she’s still latching on a bit too shallow so it takes her longer to get enough milk. That’s also why my breasts are still pretty sore. So, we are working on getting a deeper latch – she made it seem so easy while we were there but of course it’s hard to replicate at home! I’m also thinking of starting to pump a little soon so that we have some backup milk on hand for Matt or family to feed her if we are out. Any tips for how to get started with pumping in terms of best times to do it (I don’t really want to do it in the middle of the night – I’d rather just feed her myself since I have to be awake anyway then… but I was thinking maybe I’d pump the remaining milk she doesn’t eat after each feed during the day? I don’t know), storage tips, etc? I have zero clue what I’m doing obviously. (Side note: if you’re an expecting mama, one of the best tips I got (via Kylie!) was to apply to order a breast pump through Aeroflow. You put in your insurance info and they let you know what pumps you’re approved for (both free and “upgrade” options); you can order the pump directly though them, too. It’s insanely easy (took like 5 minutes and then they reach out with options within a day or two and all you do is select the one you want and you are done) – way easier than calling insurance and figuring it out through them. I got the spectra (the basic model since it was free with my insurance) – I’ve heard good things about it being the most comfortable option.)

I will leave you with a very exciting update: yesterday evening I had my first completely solo outing since before Riese was born!! The doctors told me not to drive for at least a couple weeks post-C section (basically until I could comfortably slam on the brakes if necessary), so this was my first time driving again too. I fed Riese and then raced off to get a massage (if you’re local, Ballston Therapeutic Massage is awesome and super affordable) while Matt was on dad duty. What a treat! Thank you, Matt!!

postnatal massage first post baby outing

I told them I was a few weeks out from a C section and they had me on my side for the massage, which was good – my stomach is still pretty tender (above the incision actually is more tender than the incision – I guess since that’s where they pull/stitch on the inside), plus my breasts would probably explode if I were on my stomach right now. I finished the massage on my back, though, which was so nice – I love being able to comfortably lie on my back again and the leg and neck/upper back massage from that position feels so nice!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!


  1. 1

    I was crazy about germs too, our doctors office always calls the newborns into the office almost as soon as they get there to avoid he waiting room. Maybe you could ask the nurse if you guys could wait in an exam room instead of in the germ factory 😷

  2. 3

    Usually the best time for a post-feed pump is after the morning feed. You could also just pump the side she doesn’t nurse on at any point you have time.

  3. 4

    Completely normal as far as the pain above the incision goes, I had the same thing. As far as pumping goes, boy did I spend hours attached to that thing…if you don’t have the hands free bra thing, order one, so awkward at first but nice to have your hands free!

  4. 9

    For the pediatrician’s office…my daughter was born in February (the height of flu season) so we felt the same way!! We always asked to be taken right back to the exam room which they happily obliged, and going in and out of the office we kept her seat covered with a large muslin blanket; breathable but covered.

    As far as pumping goes, it totally depends on you: how you feel after she eats (do you still feel full?), or are there times of the day you feel engorged? If so, then pump a few ounces to relieve yourself and build a freezer stash. In the first three months I didn’t pump by any rules or pattern; just whenever I felt like I needed it. Sometimes it was first thing in the morning, and sometimes it was right before bed. Usually in the middle of the day I didn’t have to but again, it all depends on your body which will be different from everyone else. I had an over supply so it was a constant balance of pumping to relieve myself (and so my let down wasn’t so intense for my daughter which meant pumping for a few minutes before she ate sometimes) but not so much that I increased the supply… because pumping/feeding=increased demand which = increased supply!

    • 10

      Agreed! at my pediatrician all infants were taken right into the exam room -we weren’t even supposed to stand at the window in the waiting area. They asked all infant to walk directly into the door to the front desks. There was no waiting for us up until about 9months i think? Also sick child and well child areas.

    • 12

      This is helpful – thank you! I like the “go with the flow” (literally, ha) approach… sounds more doable than anything regimented right now!

  5. 13

    I’m surprised your pediatrician doesn’t have separate well and sick child waiting rooms! Many of them do that these days, and it’s so nice. That was actually one of my criteria for picking a ped – I do think that’s important, especially in the early days. Though, I was still so paranoid about bringing him in when he was that little even though there was a separate waiting room!

  6. 15

    Yay for getting out for a massage! I am 9 weeks postpartum and need to make time to schedule one. You’re totally right though about not being able to lay on your stomach (with the C-section and breastfeeding). I remember a few months after having my first son, I was still nursing and got a massage and having me lie on my side was a must!

    As far as pumping, if you haven’t already, checkout for some tips (also good general breastfeeding tips). I can’t remember how I started the pumping process with my first son. But this time around, I started pumping just before my second guy turned 4 weeks old. I think I started with pumping after one of the nursing sessions during the day, to stimulate more milk production. Then after a few days, I pumped early in the morning (like soon after that early morning feeding, because my supply was still so high).

    I definitely don’t suggest getting up in the middle of the night to pump, if you can avoid it. I made that mistake with my first son and even after he was sleeping long stretches in the middle of the night, I was still getting up to pump! Sleep is much more important to me now haha.

    It will probably take some experimentation to see what feels best for you and your schedule with nursing.

    Also, when you’re ready to try the first bottle, I would suggest nursing her first but not until she’s completely full, and then try an ounce or two in the bottle. That way she’s not ravenously hungry when taking the bottle. I hope it goes well for you because it is nice to have the option for someone else (or even you!) to give your baby a bottle.

    I hope these tips help. :)

    ~ Olena

  7. 17

    Google “gift bag milk storage” – game changer for your freezer!

  8. 20

    I’m not sure if this is a individual thing or common for everyone? I personally find that I pump significantly more milk in the AM hours than the afternoon or evening. I found it was more “worth it” to do that time of day. Agree with the above recommendation for the hands free bra. I found it very awkward to do without that. If you are pumping on the go the cleaning wipes are a huge time saver.

  9. 21

    I always get more milk in the morning but don’t overdo it – you will make yourself have an oversupply if you pump too much! Plus you only need milk to cover you when you are gone without the baby – when you get home you will pump what she didn’t eat and replace the milk that was used

  10. 22

    Definitely AM for adding in pumping. I was surprised at how hard it is to build up a freezer milk stash and how little milk I actually pumped at first – but it all gets better/easier so be kind to yourself. Make some lactation cookies too!
    Regarding the section of your belly above your c-section being more tender – I’m just about six months out and this is still very real for me. My scar didn’t hurt much at all, but the inch or two above sometimes is achy and is always sensitive/tingly – even though that has subsided some.

  11. 24

    I can’t speak to pumping and breastfeeding because I exclusively pumped for both my kids (first was tongue tighed and never could latch well even after the procedure) and I had all the supplies and had a super-duper milk supply so just automatically did the same for my son – but mornings were definitely the time I got the most milk, and late afternoons was when I got the least. And I can imagine what others are saying that if you are only feeding on 1 side, pump some from the other side.

    Even though we weren’t breast feeding, me and my husband got into a routine that i would go to sleep around 9, then he would do a “dream feed” around 11 at the same time I got up and pumped, and then I would do the 2-3 am feeding (and the early morning feeding).

  12. 26

    I literally laughed out loud at the thought of your breast exploding on the massage table. Lol! Love these updates and love seeing how well you’re taking to this Mom-role. You got this!

  13. 27

    I would pump one time after the morning feed. This will let you have some back-up/extra on reserve. Then you can pump again when you miss a feed. You don’t want to pump too much, because it could give you an oversupply. One extra pump session per day won’t mess it and it can help you build a stash.

  14. 28

    I always just pumped in the morning, that is generally when you will have the most milk. Pumping after every session would probably get pretty tiring! If you pump at the same time everyday your body will start producing more milk at that time.

  15. 29

    I was so lost about pumping too, but we have a little system now. My baby is 10 weeks and I am getting up once at night now (usually around 2am). I pump after that feed and then again after her first morning feed. Don’t be discouraged if you only get a little bit at first. When I started, I was getting less than 0.75 oz! Now I am able to pump 3-4 oz per day. We give her a bottle of 2 oz after her last evening feed/before bed. It’s like a little dessert and I think it helps her sleep for that long stretch until 2am. I store the rest in the freezer so there is some for when we go out and leave her with a sitter. I store in 2 oz baggies. You don’t want to store too much in one baggie because once you unthaw it, you have to use it within 24 hours. Worst case, I just unthaw a couple baggies if I need more. We were told to introduce her to the bottle early because babies can refuse it if you wait too long. I think we started our pumping/nightly bottle/start storing routine around 3-4 weeks.

    Glad you got out for a massage! You are doing awesome!

  16. 31

    Aw, happy 3 weeks Riese! I always stressed about germs with a newborn as well. I would just try not to touch anything in the office. Good for you getting a massage, a little R & R is necessary.

  17. 32

    Usually your milk production is highest in the morning, so when I started pumping, I would usually pump out after my first morning feeds. My doctor encouraged me to do this fairly soon, because it allowed me to skip a night feed when my little man was still eating every 2-3 hours and my husband would give a bottle. At the time, 3 1/2-4 hours of sleep felt amazing! When we did that, I would also pump out after my last feed before my husband gave a bottle. You’re doing great, mama!

  18. 33

    Massages are so wonderful, I’m glad you got to treat yourself. and your baby is so cute!!

    I’m not a mother or healthy professional, but I really wouldn’t worry about the germs in the doctor’s office. Babies and kids (and adults!) in highly developed countries like the US are living in over sanitized environments which actually weakens the immune system. Germ exposure is actually pretty healthy! Just a thought :)

    • 34

      Yeah, I’m definitely down with the germ situation (our dog already licks Riese on the mouth a ton, lol – and we don’t use any antibacterial anything) – but being around super sick kids when only a week or so old just seems like not the best idea…

    • 35

      While this is true, newborns should not be exposed to any illness if avoidable. If a newborn gets sick it automatically has to be hospitalized and have a bunch of painful tests run on it (usually including a spinal tap…). Next time say hey I have a newborn I’m not going the sit in this waiting room with sick kids. Take me back to a room now. I had a preemie and they even kicked out the grandma of a mom and newborn in the newborn waiting room at our pediatrician because I asked.

  19. 37

    Look into getting the Hakaa. You can put it on your breast while you are nursing her on the other one and it catches your let down on the side you aren’t feeding on. No more wasted milk from leaking! Some women can get a few ounces just from doing this. Otherwise I pump after I feed her in the morning. That’s usually when your supply is the best! I also sometimes pump right before I go to bed, which is easier when your baby starts sleeping longer stretches. Good luck!

  20. 38

    PUMPING. I have a lot to say on this topic but if I wrote it all here I would probably break your blog. Call me if you need any tips! Bottom line is that your boobs will adjust. I used to worry about “running out” of milk for Alice after I pumped but after eight months of pumping I know it’s just not the case! Start out by pumping “leftovers” after a feed and then adding in a whole pump “meal” sometime in the morning. And make sure to invest in a hands-free bra so you can blog while you pump :)

    • 39

      What was your fave hands-free bra?

      • 40

        You won’t believe this, but trust me! I tried a number of different special pumping bras ($30-$50 each) and returned all of them because THIS cheap-o sports bra was by FAR my favorite. I had it on hand because I thought I’d want to wear it when I went into labor but anyways, I ended up using it for pumping (funny how things work out). It zips up the front which means you don’t have to pull it over your head a million times, and it’s stretchy and comfy. The zipper held up for eight months of pumping 7-9x per day, plus hundreds of laundry cycles, which I think is amazing considering it’s only $17. So yeah. Just buy this random sports bra and cut two little slits in it for the flanges. I tried cutting other old sports bras and for whatever reason they didn’t hold up as well. Jockey Women’s Zip Front Seam Free Bra:

  21. 42

    Our pediatrician’s office has a separate “well waiting” area for kids there for check ups, that would stress me out too! I had never heard of those baby wearing shirts, that is so cool!!

  22. 43

    As said above, my pediatrician puts newborns right into the room to wait so maybe you can request that? They also have separate sick and well waiting areas for when they are older. Pumping wise, look at a haaka! It is a small silicone pump you put on one boob while you feed off the other boob. It collects what leaks/pulls out some extra. You can get one on amazon for less than $20. I didn’t know about them with my 1st and so wish I did. That is ALL I did on maternity leave with my second. I just stuck it on during day time feeds and that alone covered me completely for my first day back to work and a wedding I knew I’d be away for. They are fantastic!

  23. 46

    Ugh. Visiting the pediatrician with a new baby is the worst. Ours especially! Our first was a morning appointment and they made us wait outside until they open the doors at the same time as our appointment with our 1 week old baby. Crazy talk. Otherwise the waiting room is so full the sick and well side a are a joke. Sorry about the rant!

    What I recommend though is a coverme or milk snob poncho. You can use them as a nursing cover, car seat cover, etc and they are really thin and small so I always have one in my diaper bag just in case. Keep the germs away for sure!

  24. 47

    Unf, massages are THE BEST now. They do so much for my back and shoulders which I’m always wrenching into weird positions during breastfeeding. Also, once you’re reading to lay on your stomach again, ask your massage place if they have a little pad for your boobs (just explain you’re breastfeeding.) My place has them and it’s just like a bolster that has hole cut out for your boobs so that they’re not being squished flat on the table when you’re laying face down. Game changer!

  25. 49

    My best tip for pumping: I had the most milk in the morning, so I fed my son twice in a row on the same side (normally around a 4 a.m. and then 6:30 a.m. feeding) and then would immediately pump the other side at that 6:30 feeding. He got plenty of milk and I was able to store up a good supply before going back to work! So I recommend trying that out :-)

  26. 50

    I have a Nesting Days carrier and really like it. It’s sturdy enough to wear out for walks, soft enough to wear around the house, and you can do skin-to-skin in it. I like that it’s designed for little babies so it doesn’t feel like it’s swallowing him. It’s a little pricey but worth it in my opinion.

  27. 52

    Yay! Glad you got out and that you were able to spend time with friends and have yummy food. Those solo mom trips are so necessary! Did it hurt when you had to lay on the massage table?

  28. 54

    You’ll have to do a post on pumping at some point so I can learn from what worked for you! Riese is so cute! She looks so teeny tiny next to the 3 month old!! How fun that she has a little friend to grow up with that is so close in age! My best friend is due with her 2nd baby in mid-January so we are only about 7 weeks apart. I can’t wait to watch our kiddos grow up together!

    That’s awesome that so many friends have brought you food. I’ve been better about that now that I am in my 30s but a lot of my friends had babies in their 20s so I kind of feel like an a-hole for not knowing to bring them food! I just didn’t really know what they were going through since I was in such a different phase of life (single). But since I have realized that is the best thing to do for a new mom, I always bring food with when I meet the baby.

  29. 56

    Yes, the best time to pump would be right after she nurses, especially the morning when you likely have the most milk. You might not get a ton but if you do it consistently it will add up.

  30. 57

    Hi! I have a 6 week old. I’ve been pumping, but someone also just recommended this manual pump to me:

    There’s lots on Amazon, but that’s the one I got. Basically it suctions on to your breast so you can collect milk from one side while you’re nursing on the other. It’s certainly not perfect and it can fall off sometimes, but you can collect enough milk for a bottle during 1-2 feeds generally. Good for days you just don’t feel like washing all the pump parts…

  31. 58

    I agree with pumping after the first morning feed, I did that every day starting around 2 weeks and had plenty of milk saved when I went back to work at 14 weeks. I even ended up not being able to use a bunch because he and a milk/soy protein intolerance but I still had plenty.

    Not sure if posting links is allowed in comments but this YouTube video helped me get a deep latch and saved my raw/bleeding nipples. Good luck, it gets so much easier!

  32. 60

    I just had my son at VA hospital center in Sept and one of my favorite things to get me through the first few months has been a silicone hand pump. You don’t actually “pump” it, it just suctions on and captures any milk that would otherwise leak out while you’re feeding her on the other side. I built a big frozen stash just using it! Haakaa New Silicone Breast Pump 150ML/100ML with Suction 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA PVC and Phthalate Free (150ml)

    If you’re feeling up to it, I’d also suggests the breastfeeding feeding groups on Wed and Thursday at VA hospital center. They’ve been a great way to connect with other moms going through the same stuff!

    Enjoy every second. I’m loving my wiggly 3mo old, but missing that cuddling newborn phase already!

  33. 62

    You’ve gotten a lot of good pumping advice already! I pumped while working 24 and 48 hour shifts until my baby was 11 months so I’m quite experienced on pumping (I exculsively nursed him when not at work).

    I highly suggest doing your pumping in the mornings. Definitely don’t get up to pump during the night ;) Your supply will be enough in the mornings that you will likely be full and ready for her to nurse again in a couple hours. I would usually pump immediately following the first morning feed. Empty the breast you nursed her on (if you are only feeding one side at a time- I did) and then pump the other side also. The only thing to keep in mind with pumping either just a little bit before nursing (like to soften engorgement or slow let down so she doesn’t cough and choke) or pumping to completion after nursing her is that the milk isn’t the same the entire feeding. Early milk is more watery and later milk is thicker and more fatty. So you don’t want to save just watery early milk by itself to give in a bottle because the fat content will be a little lower than a full feeding and she might get hungry again early. So mix your pumping efforts together from the same session then store in portions just big enough for her to drink. I think you could start with 2-4 ounce portions for now.

    I personally preferred to pump hands on because I could literally double my output by massaging the breasts while pumping! You can push so much milk out if you assist the pump. An average pumping session for me would yield 12 ounces (from A cup boobs!)

    While it is a supply and demand system I don’t think pumping now and then will cause you any over production issues. And you can always just freeze the excess to use later! Also, try using the skinny (traditional) bottle nipples instead of the wide ones. Breastfed babies will pull the skinny nipple farther back on their pallet like they do when they nurse rather than a shallow latch that the wide bottle nipples cause them to do.

  34. 64
    Briana Lucas says:

    My first daughter was born in January so taking her out in the cold ( we live in Boston) sort of sucked. And germs bothered us at first. By the time I had my third I realized that newborns typically have a built in immunity. More so when breastfed. I think asking for an exam room to wait beforehand is good, but for a few minutes here and there it’s not quite as scary as I originally thought with my first, ha! I’m prob in the minority here, and I’m ok with that. I just fear the whole bubble syndrome. My kids are 4,3 and 1 and have never been sick or on an antibiotic for the most part. She is only 3 weeks, so taking precaution is def necessary, just for me not as scary as it was the first time around!

    I can’t remember what I did with my first two kids in terms of pumping but I know with my now one year old he would nurse in the middle of the night but only on one side. I invested in a manual pump to keep next to my bed and after he went back to sleep I would pump the other side for 15 minutes. I built my biggest stash this way! Also while nursing on one side you could use the manual pump for the other side to even build up a few oz here and there.

    Not sure what/how forceful your let down is but they have these cool things you can sort of suction to the opposite boob while nursing and it catches the milk on the opposite side of feeding. May not seem like much but over a few days it’s a couple of oz which at that age equals a bottle!!

  35. 65

    Congrats on the baby!!! She is beautiful.

    Spectra is a great pump, I am 7m post partum w my second baby and I exclusively pump. I would recommend starting to pump 1x per day after your first feed of the morning. Because of hormones you produce the most milk overnight, so the morning makes the most sense. Also, the Spectra’s settings take a few tries to get used to – it actually starts on the wrong mode. You should turn it on and immediately press the squiggly lines which is your let down mode. There are you tube videos and the what to expect app has an exclusive pumping group that can help w breast pump settings.

    Lastly – if you’re curious about your baby’s milk consumption per feed, Hatch Baby sells a changing pad/scale that is made to measure their milk intake. I purchased this for my first son when he wasn’t gaining appropriately. I highly recommend it.

    Good luck!

  36. 67
    Roadrunner says:

    Love the Lil’ Maunster blanket! Most creative!

  37. 68

    Echoing the morning pump to build supply. I did it right when I woke because I was usually very full. The baby can stimulate milk more effectively than the pump, so I nursed after pumping. Worked great for us! I used Lansinoh milk storage bags and froze in 3 oz increments. I then used gallon ziplocks to store each and dated them. We didn’t use the freezer stash for months…I stored a lot in a deep freezer because it lasts longer. I ended up using my gianot stash when I was weaning my daughter around 11 months… allowed me to stop pumping sooner! Good luck…you’ll figure out what works for you.

    As far as the Ped, I wouldn’t sweat it. Keep her car seat draped with a light cloth and away from other kids. Sick vs well areas aren’t that much better because kids carry germs sometimes days before they feel ill! Also, remember her immune system is strengthened thanks to nursing!!

    She’s adorable:)

  38. 70

    I love that your friends support you wirh food! That‘s such a thoughtful thing to do but I‘ve never heard of anyone (apart from family) doing that here in Germany. I will definitely keep that in mind! And hey, congrats you your first hour out solo! Was it hard to leave her?? Xoxo!

  39. 72
    Jessica Campbell says:

    You probably have so much great advice here already, but once you get used to it, you may just want to hand-express for 5 minutes or so after each feeding. I pumped A LOT and my hospital grade pump never got everything out. Hand expressing is just easy and you don’t need all the supplies and such. But, this would be if you just want a few feedings worth stashed up. If you need to start pumping for daycare that might change things. Breast feeding is REALLY HARD and you should be so proud of yourself for even getting this far along. I was smearing the lanolin on at this point!!!!

  40. 74

    Does the hospital where you give birth have a breastfeeding support group? With my first mine did, and to be honest, it was a lifesaver. I went for 6 months until we moved and I had to stop. But, I nursed my first for just over 2.5 years. I always questioned if my baby was getting enough (especially since he was “born heavy” from getting 3 bags of IVs). At the breastfeeding group an IBCLC who was an RN as well answered all our questions and weighed the babies before and after feeding. It was awesome and I seriously credit it with getting me off on the right foot with breastfeeding for the rest of my pregnancies.

  41. 76

    I scrolled through the other comments quickly and I didn’t see this but if you have any soreness or tearing at all on your nipples do not pump. It will be super painful…. also we did the football hold for the first 3 months to get a deeper latch for little mouths

    • 77

      Oh that’s good to know because my nipples are still really sore…! I tried the football hold but couldn’t get a good handle on it… might have to revisit!

  42. 78

    My kids would always get sick after their well visit pediatrician checks – so frustrating! We started waiting out in the hallway (or outside on nicer days) which I would let the front desk know when checking in. Then we stayed germ free and they knew to come out and get us when they were ready for us. They may not always be able to take you right back to the exam room when you arrive…


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