Recent Eats: Postpartum Edition

Hi guys! I wanted to pop in with some recent eats and talk a little about how my food cravings have changed now that I’m no longer pregnant. Despite having a newborn at home, Matt and I have been making an effort to enjoy as many home cooked meals as possible – but have also been rocking some delivery (and home cooked meals/deliveries from friends) a fair amount lately as well!

lebanese taverna delivery

Matt enjoying Lebanese Taverna that his brother Drew and sister-in-law Morgana very sweetly sent us one day for lunch – I’m so happy that I really enjoy salmon again! It was a little hit or miss for a lot of my pregnancy.

Before our baby’s delivery (if you missed it: here’s our baby Riese’s C section birth story), I had all these plans about how we were going to order sushi and have Prosecco at the hospital right after she was born – yeah right. Reality was I was way too nauseous the first night, and by the second and third nights I was too sleep deprived and my stomach was still weird/not normal with all the pain meds and the surgery. I stopped taking the percocet they offered me on day 2 and instead did a high dose ibuprofen, and that fixed the nausea, but I still wasn’t up for much food-wise. I basically ordered oatmeal, cereal, soup, fruit, scrambled eggs – simple stuff – from the hospital dining services and that was that. I had some granola bars from home that hit the spot, too, but food in general was not super awesome those first few days.

Once we got home, my stomach was still a little off for about a week – I was able to eat normal stuff, but I had to eat slowly and I got full pretty quickly, especially at dinnertime. Thankfully my food aversions and mild nausea from the end of pregnancy that had me not loving a lot of foods was gone, though! After relying really heavily on pizza, Italian food, burgers, fries, etc. by the end of pregnancy, it was nice to actually enjoy healthier stuff again!



Rice, beans, chicken, and veggies – takeout from a Peruvian chicken place when Matt’s parents were visiting

lunch salads

Hooray for liking salad again! This kale caesar my friend Heather brought us one day for lunch was so good

Matt and I have been doing Blue Apron still since coming home from the hospital, so it’s been nice to have those deliveries arrive and us not have to worry about the grocery shopping for 3 of our dinners. Usually I’ll feed Riese while Matt makes dinner for us. Here are some of the ones we’ve had lately that were really good:

blue apron steak



He also made a big pasta, meat, and veggie dish for us one night that we’ve been snacking on as leftovers.


We’ve definitely been hitting up Postmates and Grubhub for delivery some though too! About a week after Riese arrived I finally got my sushi – Matt ordered some for us while I was napping before dinner one night. Soooo good! You know what’s funny though? We realized after it arrived that he had inadvertently ordered all cooked sushi – apparently he was used to that habit from 9 months of doing that! Fail! Lol. Good thing I love eel and shrimp rolls, pregnant or not!

sushi post pregnancy

Luckily a few nights later my friend Gina very sweetly sent us more sushi via Postmates – so nice of her! And this time, I got lots of raw stuff. Ah, raw sushi, I missed you!!

sushi post partum

I was also finally up for some bubbly a little over a week after Riese was born – we enjoyed sharing a toast with Matt’s parents while they were here visiting. Mmm… I missed you, bubbly! (I actually have a holiday appetizer recipe coming up on the blog tomorrow that pairs perfectly with bubbly… stay tuned!)


Other eats lately have included lots of eggs for protein – thankfully even though I ate a billion eggs during pregnancy I am still into them now! Re-introducing runny egg yolks = amazing. The runnier the better! Fried eggs are so much more delicious than scrambled eggs in my opinion… but the yolks HAVE to be runny.


Egg salad is awesome as well, though, and was something I did enjoy during pregnancy too. We made this one day at my parent’s place last week while Matt and I were there hanging out with Riese. The ham and celery were good additions! The other key is adding dijon mustard (rather than just mayo, or just plain Greek yogurt) – it adds a nice extra bit of flavor.

egg salad

So there you have it – some recent eats of note. I’m feeling much more “normal” about food now which is nice… the pregnancy aversions were getting pretty old, especially because I couldn’t always predict what would go down okay until I started eating it!

Stay tuned for the holiday appetizer recipe tomorrow!


  1. 1

    I’m glad your normal appetite is back! I bet it feels good to eat the foods that you loved pre-pregnancy. I will admit that I have been eating runny yolks during this pregnancy. Not very often but I will have them occasionally. My OB said it was ok, though, as long as the eggs were fresh. So far I haven’t had any issues. I would miss runny yolks so much as that is my favorite way to eat eggs. I am looking forward to having some sushi, white wine, and champagne! We bought some pineapple wine and champagne when we were in Maui for our honeymoon in May and then we never got a chance to drink it because we found out we were pregnant in July!

    I think that we will be getting a lot of Amazon prime restaurant delivery after the baby is born. Plus I’m going to freeze some meals. Cooking is not my husband’s forte so he’ll need easy things that he can warm up.

    • 2

      Yeah, I had some slightly runny yolks on occasion while pregnant too – mostly by accident (aka out at a restaurant, or if I didn’t cook it quite enough at home). Pineapple wine sounds amazing!

  2. 3

    All of your food looks so good! We split a roll of sushi for an appetizer on Sunday, and it was amazing. We hadn’t eaten it in a long time either. I hope you continue to heal well and feel great! Best wishes!

  3. 4

    I’m so impressed with the fact that you’re posting a recipe post on your blog! #supermom Looks like you’ve really been enjoying some yummy foods! My sister brought me some sushi a couple of days after I had Aubrey and it was so exciting! I’m with you on the egg yolk…I missed that soooo much while I was pregnant!

  4. 5

    I still haven’t had sushi since my baby was born and this post reminded me that I need to get on that ASAP!

  5. 6

    Ha ha that’s so funny! of course it was all cooked that would happen! Glad to see you are feeling better, you are doing a great job mama keep it up!

  6. 8

    Happy that your appetite is back to normal and that you are feeling better. I liked seeing the photos of you two eating out of take out containers/cartons. While it may not make for the nicest blog pictures and isn’t as eco-friendly, take advantage of paper plates and paper products when eating meals during these early weeks. Doing the dishes (or even putting them away from the dishwasher) will be one less thing you have to worry about. :-)

  7. 9

    I was just telling my husband last night about how I cannot wait for food to Taste good again after I have our baby! Only a few more weeks! Your posts have all been incredibly timely for me, thank you!

  8. 10

    Blue Apron is a great idea for this time!!

  9. 11
    Laura Swanson says:

    My favorite post baby meal was getting pizza delivered in the hospital! I’d had heartburn during pregnancy whenever I ate pizza so I was soooo happy to have it for dinner without issue! Glad you’re eating is getting back to normal for you!

  10. 12

    I was craving sushi sooooo much when I was pregnant with my son, and then I got it the week after I had him, and it just didn’t taste good to me :( Made me so sad! I think it took a few weeks for me to get my tastebuds really back.

  11. 13

    Yay for delivery! I am so jealous of the areas in the country that have these types of services. I live in the very rural mountains of Kentucky and sadly, we don’t have any type of food delivery yet except pizza. I’m really hoping it catches on here soon!

  12. 14

    Yum your eats look relish! OMG I can imagine the sweet satisfaction of biting into that sushi; I would not be able to deal hahaha

  13. 15

    So glad you are eating well! I use the same trick as you with egg salad. adding the Dijon mustard is so flavorful and it helps me cut back on the amount of mayo I use. I do the same with tuna salad and chicken salad, I throw in a heaping spoonful of Dijon or stone ground mustard and a splash of red wine vinegar.
    Looking forward to your appetizer recipe! I need some new ideas. :)

  14. 16

    Glad you are able to enjoy old favorites again! Life clearly is good! Enjoy!

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