Baby Smiles + Good Eats

You guys – I finally caught a smile on camera! Is this not the cutest thing ever?! I mean, I know I’m biased, but ahhhh. Melts my heart every time. :)

baby smiles

It’s so fun to see Riese get more and more interactive with us as time passes! I can’t believe she will already be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Crazy!

7 week old baby

She doesn’t get super milk drunk and fall asleep on me quite as often now since she’s more alert/active during the day, but yesterday afternoon we had some nice milk drunk action happening. So sweet. I’ll miss this when she’s older. <3

milk drunk

ALSO: she slept from 10:45 until 3:30 last night! And then again from 4:45 to 8. Oh sleep, you are awesome. I’m sure that won’t continue but we can always hope, right? :) She’s so cute in the mornings – it’s her favorite time of day. I love giving her little kisses and rubs and watching her interact back with us through squirms, kicks, smiles, and squeaks.


morning baby2

We have to take her to the hospital tomorrow morning for a hip ultrasound – I guess hip dysplasia is common in Frank breech babies, so our pediatrician wanted to do some extra testing just to be sure everything looks okay. Fingers crossed! From feeling around on the outside he said everything seems fine but better to be cautious!

In other exciting news, the weather has been warm enough this week to resume our family walks! Hooray! So nice to get the fresh air and all be together vs. one of us going out solo because it’s too cold for Riese.

family walk

I’m still experimenting with baby wearing/wraps – stay tuned for a post on that as soon as I try them all! Hopefully it will stay warmer so I can keep testing them out on walks.

baby wearing walk

Matt and I have also done some nice trading off this week to give the other a little bit of “me time”. On Tuesday night, Matt grabbed dinner out with a buddy, and my mom came over to keep me and Riese company. We ordered Sushi Rock through Uber Eats… yummy! So obsessed with sushi now that I can have it again!


I didn’t quite finish it all so I had the leftovers the next day for lunch, plus some salad.


Yesterday we did some more trading off – Matt went out for a massage and a haircut in the early afternoon, and then I went to a hot yoga class in the evening! This was my first hot yoga class in about a year and it felt soooo good to sweat and stretch. I love hot yoga when it’s cold outside, and it’s nice going at night to wind down from the day, too. I’ve been trying to do more stretching/yoga at home, but I have such a hard time focusing and not getting distracted and it doesn’t give me that same calm/zen time that a studio class does. So, getting out to a studio is quite the treat! Here I am after class rocking a tomato face and a cute tank that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas. (It says “Strong as a Mother”!) Also, fun fact: I can’t stand wearing tights or even capris to hot yoga. I have to wear spandex shorts. Anyone else?! Pretty much everyone in the class was wearing full tights – I don’t know how they stand it!!

strong as a mother hot yoga

Speaking of fitness, I had my first postnatal appointment with a PT specializing in women’s health this week! She did an hour long assessment of how my body is healing up after pregnancy and the C section, and it seems things are going well in terms of recovery! I have about 1 finger of ab separation, which she says is mild, and it’s up by my ribs vs. down lower, which makes sense because my rib area has felt a little weird/popped out. Lower down she says things feel like they have come back together already which is great, and I don’t have any signs of pelvic floor issues either (those are less likely with a scheduled C section since you aren’t actively laboring, but it can still be an issue given you still had a big weight sitting on your pelvic floor for months). I asked her what sort of stuff I need to be modifying/cautious of, and she wants me to come back next week so she can see me in action to determine how my body is handling the load from certain moves. Basically, she said there’s not really a one-size-fits-all recommendation for what you should and shouldn’t do post-pregnancy – there are certain things to be slow and cautious with (like getting back into impact exercises like running), but it really depends how your particular body is handling it (or not handling it). So, I go back on Tuesday and will hopefully have a better idea then of how to move forward! Also, funny story: when I tried to assess myself for ab separation using online instructions, I totally thought I had like 4 fingers separation just above my belly button because obviously I had no idea what I was doing. So, it’s worth going to an expert because you might not be checking yourself correctly. :)

Have a great day guys!


  1. 1

    Riese is adorable and you are looking really strong and amazing, girl! You’re inspiring me for my own post baby fitness / balance. I love how you and your husband are splitting things up and helping each other out so much! #goals :)

  2. 3
    Laura Swanson says:

    I had a 1-2 finger separation above my belly button near my ribs as well! This is what my PT had me do for it: put a sheet under your torso and use opposite hands to pull it tight across yours sides/belly and do small crunches. This helped activate the muscles and pull them together so they’d stitch back together. They came together pretty quickly once I started that! My daughter destroyed my pelvic floor and I had so many angry/tense muscles down there she would press on to release. It was crazy! I couldn’t feel it on my own but once she touched them and pressed I could feel how tight they were.

  3. 5

    My daughter had to get a hip ultrasound too! She wasn’t a C-Section baby but the doctor thought she may have heard a “clicking” noise when she was examined. It’s really quite painless and very quick! My daughter was fine but it’s always good to check. Best of luck to you!

  4. 7

    You, and your family, are adorable!

  5. 9

    Seeing those first smiles (and capturing them on camera!) are so awesome, aren’t they? :) Did you happen to get a referral from your OB for your physical therapy? Or did you go about it on your own? I never even thought to do this but figured it may be a good idea to get more personalized recommendations. Thanks!

    • 10

      SO awesome! I almost cried the first time I saw her smile. :) I didn’t get a referral from my OB – the PT was one I had seen when I was pregnant (dealing with some sciatica issues) who specializes in women’s health, so I went back to her! I originally found her just searching online and reading yelp reviews. :)

  6. 11
    Dawn E Brown says:

    She is adorable. What a beautiful little face. I really enjoy all that you share here,do not comment often,but read every post.

  7. 13

    My daughter was breach and also needed an ultrasound, she was fine just as the doctor suspected from the exam, but better safe than sorry I guess.

  8. 15

    I am curious how you found the physical therapist too!! Was it a referral ? I am 3.5 weeks post C-section and am wondering if this should be something I look into. Thanks!

    • 16

      You should definitely look into it! I saw the same PT that I saw a couple times when I was pregnant (dealing with some sciatica issues). She specializes in women’s health (pre and postnatal), and I originally found her just searching online and reading yelp reviews. :)

  9. 17

    I always want to wear shorts to hot yoga, but I have the hardest time doing certain poses (i.e. tree pose) when my bare legs are so sweaty! It’s a catch-22, because then in pants, I’m so hot!

    Hot yoga during the winter months is the best :)

  10. 19

    I love that tank! Do you know where your sister-in-law ordered it?
    Riese’s smile is adorable :)

  11. 22

    I want to know how she got bigger since Sunday?! She’s so cute and I am glad we got to see you guys on Sunday! Let’s do it again! :)

  12. 24
    Christine says:

    Riese is so cute. I love identifying babies’ resemblances to their parents (even though my grandfather told me that “comparisons are odious”), and I cannot help but identify a resemblance between Riese’s smile and your husband’s smile. That is super cool—ahh, biology!

  13. 26
    Roadrunner says:

    How nice to see the smile. Very nice!

  14. 27

    Lol love the ‘online’ vs ‘pro’ assessment, good point ;)

  15. 28

    I purchased the core + floor restore program you recommended because I’m also 7 weeks postpartum tomorrow and did my first day today! I wish I’d known about it sooner, I would have loved to have been doing this program at 2 weeks. Anyways, I tried to assess my ab separation the way it is described in that program and I have NO clue what I was doing. My abs are pretty squishy still, but I couldn’t tell the finger widths for separation. I live in a rural community so don’t think I’ll be able to find a PT who specializes in women’s health or postpartum care :( Any advice on how to better check yourself now that you’ve seen the physio?

    • 29

      Hmmm. The PT really got in there in terms of pushing down really hard and feeling around – you’re feeling for muscle/harder areas that should be closed or open vs. just general squishiness. I hope that helps a bit… it’s hard to do it yourself though I think!

  16. 30

    Oh that baby smile is so sweet! And I love the milk drunk photo! What a doll. She has such big eyes and looks so alert! What a cutie. That’s great that your appt with the PT went so well and you don’t have too much ab separation. That sounds like a really tricky thing to assess on your own!

    Yea for going to hot yoga! I wear long tights for hot yoga because I do not like the way I look in spandex shorts! ;)

    Mmmm – sushi! Can’t wait to have some after the baby is born!

    • 31

      Girl, you should own those shorts! You can’t tell in this photo but I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs and upper back legs – whatever. You do you! Too hot for long pants. :)

  17. 32

    That is such a great idea to go to a PT that specializes in postpartum women! I wish it was included in all recovery after having a baby.

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