5 Year Anniversary + Random Faves + My Maternity Leave Plans

Hi friends! Popping in with some randomness for you today, so let’s do this in list format, shall we?

1) Our 5 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow! WOW. How does time go by so quickly?! Normally Matt and I would have some fun weekend trip/big adventure planned to celebrate, but we’re kind of counting our babymoon (recap 1 + recap 2) from a few weeks ago as our anniversary celebration since we weren’t sure if this would be cutting it too close with travel (I’m 34 weeks today – new pregnancy update coming tomorrow). Hopefully we can enjoy a nice dinner out or something this weekend to celebrate, too. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years – it feels like yesterday in some ways. (If you’re new to the blog and want to read all my wedding-related recaps, you can find them all here: our wedding.) This picture below is one of my favorites from our big day because it’s so fun and candid – it was taken right at the moment when our announcer pronounced our last name wrong, so we were both cracking up about it before entering the dinner tent. <3

RECEPTION-034photo credit = the fab Taylor & Ben Photography (formerly Ben Powell Photography)

2) Mediterranean food and I seem to be having a moment – especially hummus. But weirdly I only want hummus with pita bread, not with crackers, because, pregnancy.  The bump is so picky! Also, if you’re local, Lebanese Taverna has excellent hummus (and fluffy, hot pita bread). Mmmmm.



3) Still loving the workouts! I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to keep up with my boot camp dates with the ladies, especially since I haven’t been able to run while pregnant (I mean, I probably COULD have, but it just doesn’t feel good, so what’s the point right?). Here’s a picture from a fun workout at Bodymass Gym via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off) earlier this week. I’m modifying anything I need to, and also just going more slowly, using lighter weights or doing less reps so I don’t get behind, etc., but still feeling good.


4) There’s a really fun debate going on on my Facebook page about what ripe-ness level of bananas you prefer! It seems all of us have very specific opinions about how ripe a banana should be for eating or baking… go share your thoughts, too! :)

5) Maternity Leave Plan: I’ve had some questions lately about what I’m planning to do in terms of a maternity leave, so I wanted to share my current plan (I was going to save this for my 34 week pregnancy update tomorrow, but that post is already like 500 pages long, so I figured I’d share here instead)!

In terms of my AnneTheRD nutrition private practice, I just stopped taking new clients as of this week, and won’t take any new ones on again until February (at the earliest – maybe March depending how things are going). For current clients who I’m meeting with weekly/who are working more intensely on things, I’m referring them on permanently to new dietitians to continue their care, and am starting to have final sessions with them over the next couple weeks so we can allow for some overlap with their new care team. For the 7 or 8 current clients who I meet with monthly on an ongoing/long term/continual basis, I’m planning to meet with them until shortly before the due date. I will take December off from calls/in person meetings, but will continue to check in with these clients via email. I’m hoping in January I should be able to slowly start back up the calls/meetings for just these clients, but we will have to see how things go.

In terms of the blog, I’m planning to take a short breather right when the baby comes (maybe a few days, maybe a week? we’ll see how I feel), and then will hopefully get back into regular posting as things settle, but I’m not going to put pressure on myself to stick to my normal posting schedule. If I need to post less often, that’s fine, but I’m planning to try to pop in a few times a week still with mostly lifestyle posts and the occasional pre-written recipe or tips post. I expect to get back to posting 5 times a week again at some point but I’ll just have to play it by ear.

A huge help in all of this will be the fact that Matt is able to get 2 full months of paid paternity leave from his company. I know, completely amazing and we are SO lucky. It’s normally 2 weeks, but his company has a thing where if your spouse is self employed and gets no leave and you’ll need to really pitch in as a primary caregiver in the early days, then you can take 2 months. This will be a HUGE help having him totally off so I can keep the blog going and check in with long term clients via email in December, and then hopefully do a few in-person meetings and calls in January. So really the main thing will be figuring out February, when Matt will be back at work and our baby will be too young for daycare. This is when I think a lot of my phone calls are going to start with “mom, help?!” (So grateful to have her nearby!!)

Regarding childcare, I know I at least want to do part time, potentially full time daycare (or a nanny share). One of the things that has driven me crazy is people saying things like: “Oh, you work for yourself, so you can just work during nap time and won’t even need childcare, right?!” Ummm… no. I have a full time job, and while I’m grateful to work for myself because it means my work hours (and official “return to work date”) are much more flexible and that is a big luxury, I know I won’t be able to fit a full time business into random nap time spurts of productivity. That’s just a recipe for being extremely stressed out. I work hard and make good money and I know it will be worth it to invest in some actual childcare to help balance everything – I don’t need to try to do it all. That said, we’ll see if I want to do part time childcare for awhile before transitioning to full time… I’m keeping things open so I can wait and see how I feel. I may want to get right back to my full time work schedule, and I may want to decrease work responsibilities a bit so I have more time with the baby. We’ll see! Too hard to tell until I’m in it. :) Official daycares in our area are reeeeeeally expensive and super competitive, so I think an in-home daycare or nanny share (but not at our house, because our house is tiny and it would make working from home challenging) will likely be more feasible. but we’ll see. You basically have to (pay to) be on the formal daycare waiting lists before you are even trying to get pregnant if you want a chance to get a spot when the baby arrives – it’s crazy here. And I definitely did not plan ahead that much!

Basically, the bottom line is I have a loose plan but I’m going to mostly just wait and see how things go, and I’m grateful to have the luxury of doing that since I do work for myself AND since we have family nearby to pitch in in a pinch. I have no idea how I’m going to feel, how our baby will be, etc. So, I think it’s best to plan a little but be flexible in the case those plans go out the window!


And now, I will leave you with some links I enjoyed recently from around the web. See you guys back here tomorrow for a 34 week pregnancy update!


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    If you make me meals, I will be your full time nanny!!! :)

  2. 3

    Gah! I don’t know what I’m going to do without your daily posts! ;) I’m kidding, of course. I think it’s awesome that you’re making out a plan and plan to take plenty of time for yourself. It has always been my pet peeve that women are not given due diligence for maternity care. I still work in the corporate world and moonlight as a blogger/private practice pro by night. I have never understood why women are not afforded EXTRA leave for their maternity. It’s one thing to be allowed to take the time off that you’ve earned, but when you’re earning the same leave as a man, it doesn’t make sense that you have to use ALL your leave for maternity care when the next male coworker won’t ever have to do the same…. And I don’t just argue this for women, I definitely think it should be for men, too. Both parents should be afforded EXTRA leave after having a child. I’ll get off my soapbox now!

  3. 5

    I kind of hate how people make comments like the comment they made about your child care plans. I am sure that they don’t mean to offend you but it sort of belittles what you do to assume that you can just continue to do your job and care for your child at the same time… Again, I know people don’t mean to be a-holes with their comments but sometimes people’s comments are so annoying or upsetting!

    Making child care decisions is so difficult. We started to tour daycares during my first trimester. Some of them have ridiculous waits like 12-18 months. We looked at 4 different places and have decided on one which is a Spanish immersion daycare. Our friend’s son goes there and their baby they are due with in January will also go there so our child will have a buddy there – although they might not be in the same room and will likely be completely oblivious to each others existence for much of the first year. ;) But that place can not confirm when they will have a spot until the spring. I am such a planner so it’s not to not know for certain when they will have a spot for us… But my husband has said that we will just get a nanny if there is a gap between when i return to work and when a spot opens. His mom lives in the area but she lives over 30 minutes away and she’s 74 so I think that caring for our baby 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks (hopefully not much longer than that!) would be too much for her…

    That’s awesome that your husband gets 2 months of maternity leave. He must work for a very progressive company! I always feel bad for the self-employed mamma’s because you don’t have an official policy or paid leave and you don’t tend to have as much separation from your job like those of us who work for a company do. So it’s great that his company takes that into consideration! My husband will get 2 weeks. I am hoping my mom can come for a week after that depending on how I feel. With my RA I know that there is a high chance of a flare in the first 4-6 weeks of pregnancy so I’m kind of nervous about that as I think I will need extra help but my MIL could always come and stay with us if the flare is really bad and I need a lot of help… Again – all of this is something I can not plan for which make this type A person a little bit crazy!!!

    • 6

      Right?! I totally agree – I know people don’t mean to be rude, but it totally comes across as “So when you say you work for yourself full time that means you mostly just watch Netflix and do like an hour of work per day, right?” Sigh. But yeah, we are really lucky Matt’s company is on the more progressive side! Working for yourself is awesome and it is really nice to be flexible, but having zero actual paid time off is rough. I get a lot of “oh, sweet, you can take as much time as you want since you’re self employed!” comments, too, and it’s like, “uhhh, yeah, I can, except none of it is paid…” Hoping everything works out for you guys, too! <3

  4. 7

    Happy anniversary! And what a (slightly belated) gift you guys are getting this year!

    Mediterranean food and I are always having a moment. So much fresh, bright flavor! I always lament that our college town only has “fast” Med food and no nice, sit-down, quality Mediterranean places. Now I will have a moment of silence for the saganaki at Cava Mezze.

  5. 9

    Happy early anniversary! That is crazy that you have to be on a daycare what list. Hope you find a good option for you guys.

  6. 11

    Anne your mom is the best! Cherish her! I know you do already. 😄 I love your posts but after you have your baby girl please don’t feel rushed to posts even a week later We know you may be busy. later and we’ll still be here.

  7. 13

    Yay! Happy 5 years! It was awesome being a part of your wedding, and I can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday for an in person mini celebration of all things anniversary and belated birthday and pregnancy!!

  8. 15

    Although I have not experienced it first hand, I must say maternity leave is ridiculous! It is not correct and needs major revisions.

    Happy early anniversary!! That photo is adorable. Our pastor said, “Daniels” instead of, “Daniel” right at the start of our ceremony. Haha. Hope you both have a lovely low-key celebration!

  9. 17

    Hi Anne, I’m a long time reader (and a fellow RD) and mom to a toddler. I love your blog, but I almost never comment, but I felt compelled to after reading this post. These people who think working for yourself with a baby means you don’t need daycare you can just work during naptime must not be parents themselves, ha! I’ve never heard anything more crazy. You are going to want to be napping when baby does, especially the first couple weeks or months! Work might end up being the last thing on your mind for a bit, and that’s ok! And if you do want to jump right back at it (and have the energy for it, more props to you!) then that’s ok too!

    I think it’s great that you are taking a “wait and see” approach and not putting any pressure on yourself. I got roped into a speaking engagement at FNCE right before my daughter was born. Everyone thought that I would “find the time” to work on a PowerPoint presentation during nap times, etc. while on maternity leave. FNCE was right around the time I was going back to work. I had to back out about a month after my daughter was born and it was 100% the right decision for me. My perspective completely changed once my daughter arrived and for me, the only thing I wanted to do on my leave was take care of/enjoy my baby and get as much sleep as possible! In my opinion, better to have a little on your plate work-wise as possible, that way you don’t set yourself up for any “disappointment” or “failure” and if you have the energy to get some work done, great! Icing on the cake :)

    Also, the daycare scenario is very similar in Boston. It was so stressful! I actually enrolled in one of those (expensive!) center based daycares near my work, but after the baby arrived, I had a change of heart (putting it nicely, I actually freaked out a little) and was able to find a spot in a wonderful home/family daycare right down the street from where we live and it is also so much more affordable. I know the center-based daycares are great, but I don’t think they are for everyone and the family daycare is just such a great fit for us. Our daughter loves it there and I love knowing that she is with the same group of loving individuals everyday that care for her like they do their own children.

    Anyway, sorry for this long rant here, what I am trying to say is, every parent/baby/family/work situation is different and there are so many ways to do things, you ultimately just have to do what’s best for YOUR baby and YOUR family. You will make the right decisions for your family. Congratulations, it’s such an exciting time! And thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with us! I appreciate all your “realness” and honesty. So refreshing in a world that can be so full of judgement, especially for new moms! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and arrival of your sweet baby girl!

    • 18

      Thank you so much, Veronica, for reading and for this kind comment! I like your icing on the cake approach to work – that’s so smart! I’ve definitely been turning things down left and right and not taking on any side projects – who knows if I’ll have the energy to get much done in the early days (or if I’ll even want to), and I don’t want to spend that time more stressed than necessary, or so busy and distracted that I miss out on those special days! Also, excellent idea about napping when they are napping – that is for sure happening. :)

  10. 19

    Hi Anne, long time reader, first time commenter! I think your outlook is great in that you realize you won’t know exactly what will work until you’re there, and there is no sense in (overly) stressing about it in the mean time. We moved to Arlington about a year ago from SC, and totally feel you on the childcare situation, that was our biggest struggle moving here. We did a nanny share before our daughter turned 1 and had a positive experience, I’m sure you may already know about it but is a great referral source. Also, we really love our son’s (3) montessori school (CHMS), it’s definitely not cheap, but no childcare around is and it’s a really great learning environment, only thing is you can’t enroll until they’re 2. Figured I’d mention in case you wanted to check it out, we signed up about 7 months before our son enrolled so not a super crazy wait list. Best of luck!

    • 20

      Thank you so much for these tips, Diana, I appreciate it! I hadn’t heard of – definitely checking it out. And will keep that Montessori school in mind, too! The childcare scene here is so crazy…

  11. 21

    Happy Anniversary!! It’s my five year anniversary tomorrow too :) I remember commenting about that way back when, time really does go by fast!

    I have a 20-month old girl, and I work a flexible part-time job. My daughter is in a nanny share 2 days a week, and I work some during her naps (when they happen) and a little at night the other days. Sometimes it feels like I could use more hours of care, but it’s nice to save a little money. But I didn’t start working again until my daughter was older, and I seriously cannot imagine having to juggle doing any work while caring for my daughter. Being a mom is exhausting at times and a full time job in and of itself! Long story short, I think you are so smart to think about childcare that way and to also see how it goes. It’s so hard to know all the different variables ahead of time. I really recommend a nanny share. Very flexible and fun to have the socialization with one other child. My daughter loves it. Anyway, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy your day tomorrow!

  12. 23
    Track Buddy says:

    Oh goodness, the notion that one can work AND look after a child of any age is truly hilarious. So, good call – and good luck finding childcare! It can drive one a bit crazy but it always works out in the end. FYI Infant Toddler ( is a good organization in the DC Metro area – it acts as an umbrella organization around in-home providers.

  13. 25

    SO awesome you have the flexibility on when and how often to return to work. And super amazing for your husband’s benefits. It’ll be such a special time for your family to all be together! :) So exciting!

  14. 26
    Fiona MacDonald says:

    I LOVED hummus when I was pregnant and now my son who’s now two could eat it by the container…when he won’t eat anything else ..I know I can rely on hummus! Prepare yourself with lot’s of stocked hummus in your fridge ;) lol

  15. 28

    Happy 5th Anniversary to another Oct. 13th 2012 couple!!! It was a great day to get married on 5 years ago! Time really does fly! It’s really funny because we also looked at that same venu you guys got married at! I love it out there. Hope you two got to celebrate this week.

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