Marathon Training Fitness Week in Review

Hey guys! I’m so glad many of you liked the look of my revamped Lemon Avocado Hummus Recipe. :) Let me know if you try it! Also, yesterday was National Watermelon Day! Did any of you celebrate? If not (or even if you did) – continue the celebration by making my easy Salmon with Watermelon Salsa for dinner this week!

watermelon salmon 8

So – let’s do a little fitness week in review so far, shall we? As you guys know, I’m currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon (October 30) thanks to a partnership with my friends at The Watermelon Board, who are a race sponsor! Speaking of: this watermelon ice cube recipe I found on their site is genius – I need to try that ASAP! Perfect for summer. :) I’m going to buy a big watermelon to enjoy when I get home from my long run tomorrow, too – nothing like cold, juicy watermelon after a hot, sweaty run.

Monday: yoga via ClassPass 

Since I did my long run on Sunday (recap: 14 mile training run), I was craving something low key and restorative. I met my college friend Sarah for a lunchtime yoga class at Epic Yoga in Dupont via ClassPass! We grabbed lunch after at Chop’t – I had one of their seasonal salads with veggies, avocado, chickpeas, etc., and a bag of Terra chips because I wanted some salty crunch.

chopt salad

Sarah got engaged a couple weeks ago – so thrilled for her! <3


Tuesday: track workout

We had a special treat on Tuesday morning before the start of our track workout: watching one of our coaches, Ray, attempt to run a sub 5 minute mile for the 33rd year in a row! Insane, right?! We all showed up early to cheer him on. Ray is an amazing runner – and also the owner of Potomac River Running, who runs the track training program I do.

He did it: 4:56! WOW!

ray pugsley sub 5 minute mile

We were all like, cool, how about we all go get coffee now and celebrate and skip our track workout?! Sadly, no dice. ;)

We had 1200’s (3 laps) on the docket at threshold pace with 3 minutes rest in between each. They wanted us to do a slightly higher threshold than usual (since we were getting more rest in between), which was hard in the humidity – oof! I did four 1200’s and got slightly speedier for each one. The rest of the group went on to do five but I was pretty wiped and I had to race home to shower and get ready for an 8:30 client meeting, so it worked out!


Sidenote: as part of my Run Happy Blogger Ambassadorship, Brooks sent me a pair of their PureCadence shoes to test out to potentially replace my beloved PureConnect, which they are discontinuing. (The saddest.) They also sent me the PureFlow, and I was able to test both and send back the ones I didn’t like as much. The verdict? The PureCadence won!

brooks women purecadence 5 review

The PureFlow felt pretty good on the track last week when I tried them but by the end of the workout I was starting to feel a blister forming on my outer toe – I have a slightly wide forefoot and they were a bit too narrow for me. I’ve worn the PureCadence on a few runs now – both casual/normal shorter runs and Tuesday’s track workout, and they felt good! Hot tip: both the PureFlow and the PureCadence run small – I needed a half size larger than usual. So if you try them, order a half size larger or they will be too tight. :)

brooks purecadence 5 women review

I still really love my PureConnects, and I’m holding out hope Brooks might change their mind about discontinuing them, but in the meantime once they wear out I’m happy to have found a solid replacement. The PureCadence have a bit more structure/support than the PureConnects which is nice, too – I can see wearing on them on some of my longer runs. Might start doing that once I break them in, and sticking with the PureConnects on the track for now!

Wednesday: stretch/mobility training session with Capital Energy Training

I’ve been enjoying my sessions with Paul of Capital Energy Training (which are free for me since we are doing a blog/training exchange, as you guys know) so much that we actually just started paying for Matt to work with him too! To make it easier on Paul, we moved my sessions from Friday mornings to Wednesday evenings so Matt and I can see him back to back. As usual, Paul knows what I need is stretching/injury prevention mobility stuff, not more boot camp or cardio stuff (although he does do that with some other clients), so we kept things really low key. The focus this time was on shoulder mobility – yikes! My shoulders are potentially even more tight than my hips, and that’s saying a lot. If you want to work on shoulder mobility too, try the pictured move at home – hold a band behind you, palms facing forward, and rotate your hands out and back in. Harder than it looks – I couldn’t get very far!

shoulder mobility exercise with band

Thursday: boot camp via ClassPass

I met up with the lovely Chelsea and Kathleen bright and early this morning for our standing weekly workout date! Kathleen is getting close to ready to pop (her due date is late August) so we’re not sure how much longer she’ll be able to join us – so impressed she’s still going strong! We hit up Urban Athletic Club for their interval “urban athlete” class that we love – always a win. Hard but fun and efficient, and the owner Graham was teaching which is always a treat.

boot camp while pregnant

Friday – long run (14 miles)

Obviously it’s Thursday and this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m planning to get my long run in for this week early and do it tomorrow morning. Matt and I are going to a friend’s lake house this weekend and I want to be able to relax! Lucky for me, my track buddy Diane also has to get her long run in early this week so we’ll get to run together! My coaches told me to do 14 miles again this week – holding steady from last week. Fingers crossed it’s not too hot/humid tomorrow morning! Today is a lot nicer than it has been so I’m hopefully. :)

Have a great day, my friends!

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  1. 1

    Your one busy lady with the training! That salmon dinner looks awesome. I’m not big in to my fruit these days having lived off it almost solely for far too long but I like incorporating it into the odd meal!

  2. 2

    RIP PureConnects! My 7th pair is nearing the end of their life and I’m having an emotional breakdown at the thought of parting with them forever. Tell Brooks to BRING THEM BACK!! :)

  3. 4

    I have been wearing PureCadence for years! After reading about your love of PureConnects, I just got some this year – I have super high arches and find the connects provides better support there. Which is so so sad because now I found my shoe love and they are discontinued! Do you have the urge to just buy every pair of PureConnects available online in your size? Because I do, ha. At least they are on sale for the most part.

    The cadences have this issue with the most recent 2 releases where the tongue slides to the side. The guys at my local running shoe store assure me that the next update to cadence is going to be awesome though :)

    • 5

      Haha yes I do! I already bought myself one new pair one sale a month or two ago – hoping they last me awhile! ;) I didn’t have trouble with the tongue on the Cadence – that’s interesting!

  4. 6
    Roadrunner says

    All hugely impressive! Sub-five over 30 years in a row. Awesome. And great track workout…

  5. 7

    I celebrate National Watermelon Day every single day of the summer. I think I actually cry every year when watermelon season is over because watermelon is my love language. I need to get myself to try some track/speed workouts, but whenever I see speed work explained (in magazines, online, etc.), it confuses the heck out of me, so I just ignore it and keep on doing my steady state runs. I need help!

    • 8

      Haha I love your love for watermelon! For a speed workout, here’s a simple one: jog the curves (of the track), sprint the straights. Do it for one lap and then take a quick 1 minute break, then do it again! Or if that’s too easy go for longer without a break!

  6. 11

    Interesting about the PureCadence vs. PureFlow. I have just started wearing the PureFlows for shorter distances and I’ve had to loosen the laces so that they fit comfortably. I really love them so far but will size up next time. Like you I wear the Ravennas for longer distances and they are perfect for me so I’d be interested in trying the PureCadence now too.

    • 12

      If you like the Ravennas, I bet you’d like the PureCadence better than the PureFlow — the Ravenna and PureCadence are both stability vs. neutral (like the PureFlow)! Although I loved the PureConnect and those are neutral, so you never know. :) But yeah my normal size in the Cadence and Flow was WAYYY too tight. Weird!

  7. 13

    I love my Brooks running shoes too! I have worn Vapors for the last four years with no complaints. They are my favourite shoes and I always feel like I’m slipping into something made for my feet :)
    I’ve just noticed that one of the local schools leaves their grass track open for the public to use so I think I might need to start incorporating some outdoor speed work into my routine.
    And YES for watermelon after a long run! There’s nothing better! Good luck with your 14 miler and have a great weekend relaxing at the lake!

  8. 15

    I bet you had a great long run this morning since the weather is so much nicer than last week! Have fun at the lake!

  9. 17

    Congratulations Melby!! So exciting!!! :D
    PS- Anne love your new shades ;)

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