Wedding Update: Save the Dates & Bridesmaid Dresses!

Hi friends — I’m back with some wedding planning updates! If you have zero interest in this, scroll down — the second half of the post is normal and about my run this morning. :)

First things first — our Save the Dates have arrived! The advice all of you gave on my post about looking at Save the Dates/invites in person was SO helpful and as a result I decided that it would be better to create our Save the Dates online because it’s so much more customizable! I loved being able to insert our own photo/text so we could actually see what it would look like before ordering anything. After some searching around, I took the advice of a bunch of you and used to make our Save the Dates. Matt and I created them together, ordered them officially on Sunday, and they were already here yesterday! Crazy fast. Here they are!





The text/pictures are obviously much crisper in person. :)

Exciting! We both loved the design of the card — cute, informal, and creative. The actual invites will be formal so it was fun to do something a bit different with these. We were thinking of doing magnets but ended up loving this design and it came as paper only, so we nixed the magnet idea. We have a few more address we need to gather but should hopefully send them out over the next few weeks. We’re going to print address labels instead of writing them since neither of us has great handwriting!


Next up — bridesmaid dresses! I was hoping that while Turner and Kris (two of my bridesmaids) were visiting this past weekend, we could go check out some dresses, but it turns out Ann Taylor no longer has their wedding line in stores (just online), and J.Crew didn’t have the wedding line anywhere near here. Boo! So we picked them out together online instead and are hoping they won’t suck in person.

We decided on J.Crew, and we chose this dress in Newport Navy blue for Turner, Kris, and Jessica (my fourth bridesmaid — remember her? I was in her wedding last October in Texas! She lives outside Seattle and is coming to visit in February — can’t wait):


It’s silk chiffon and the girls loved that it was cute but also looked comfy, and wasn’t overly bridesmaid-esque — it looks more like a cocktail dress!

For my MOH Jenny, we went for this dress — she liked different styles from the other girls and I was totally cool with having her get something that she thought would look best on her! It’s the same fabric/color as the others:


The girls ordered the dresses over the weekend so they will be reporting back how they look when they arrive! I hope everyone loves them. Shipping is free so we can always return and come up with a new plan if necessary — one of the perks of ordering from a regular store vs. a wedding store. I also love that they won’t have to spend $$ on alterations.

Another mission accomplished just yesterday was that we found a band to perform during the reception! The ones we wanted kept getting booked but we finally found a good one that’s available on our date. Yay! They play a great mix of current hits, oldies, jazz/swing, etc., so we’re excited.


In other news, this morning wins for coldest run of the new year! My phone said it was a brisk 28 degrees when I met up with my friends Lauren and Elle this morning at 6:45 a.m. We did our usual route, but in reverse, just to mix things up. It was pitch black when we arrived so we started on the road section instead of the trail!


Doesn’t that picture make it look like there really is a man on the moon? :)

The freezing weather was the perfect opportunity to try out a Christmas gift — a new Lululemon running jacket that our family friends gave to me! I was excited to try it out. :) I don’t have any other jackets with hoods, and it was kind of the best thing ever on such a cold morning.


I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but I’m actually a ninja. You know, because wearing all black automatically makes you a ninja.

Lauren decided she wanted to be a ninja, too. Elle was apparently unimpressed.


Look — my hood even had a space for my ponytail to come out! Genius.


I also like that the sleeves can flip over to become hand warmers — no gloves necessary!


We ran 4.37 miles in 39:23, for an average pace of 9:01.


  • Mile 1: 10:07 (massive long hill)
  • Mile 2: 9:12
  • Mile 3: 8:33
  • Mile 4: 8:29
  • 0.37 nubbin pace: 8:18

Great run! We had fun chatting away the whole time, as per usual.


Now that my day has gotten off to a good start it’s time to bundle up and head off to class! Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. 1

    I love your Save the Dates – so cute! I love cold weather running, but I can never figure out whether to put my Garmin over my jacket or under my jacket, and then I usually end up switching it half-way through the run.

  2. 2

    The bridesmaids’ dresses look beautiful! I love navy blue because it’s so elegant and can be easily dressed up with either silver or gold accessories.

    It’s a bummer we dont’ have Lululemon in Germany because this jacket seems to have everything you need for a cold run.

  3. 3

    Cute! My bridesmaid’s dresses look almost exactly like the first one except in pale yellow. I was nervous because they also ordered online without trying on first and the girls are a wide range of sizes but it ended up looking amazing on everyone. It’s just such a classic cut so it’s very flattering!!

  4. 4

    The Save the Dates turned out great! Love them!!

  5. 5

    The Save the Dates are really cute. They didn’t have this when I got married, but then, I eloped, hehe. The dresses are very pretty and it’s good they will be able to use them after the wedding. Good choice. Can’t wait to see yours.

  6. 6

    Your save the dates are so cute! i love that the proposal pics are the ones you chose! I am getting married june 15th and we got J crew dresses for my bridesmaids too! Your MOH dress is one of two we picked! :) Mine are in dark eggplant though :) Congrats.. cant wait to hear more

  7. 8

    Awwww…the save the date is adorable and those dresses are definitely not the typical “well dang, this is going to hang in the back of my closet for the rest of my life” bridesmaids dress! Good picks, Anne :)

  8. 10

    Absolutely LOVE the dresses you chose – so cute and can be worn again. And the save the dates are too cute! Sounds as if your wedding is going to be PERFECT:)

  9. 11

    Pretty dresses!!!

  10. 12

    I also finalized my bridesmaid dresses this weekend and they are wearing JCrew, as well. They are just picking from the Cotton Cady styles in Sweet Orchid. So they can each pick whatever dress works best for them. I love JCrew for bridesmaid dresses – I have worn them 3 times in the past myself and its makes it so easy with free shipping, no alterations (just order your regular size) and a dress you will/can wear again :)

  11. 13

    Your save-the-dates look great! We ended up going a similar route for ours: we chose informal Paperless post save-the-dates, and then we’ll do a more formal invitation. Yours are so fun and personal. And it looks like our bridesmaids are wearing the same dresses in different colors! The dresses look even more beautiful–and flattering–in person. I hope you’re enjoying planning! :)

  12. 15

    You know, I’ve been holding out on the new Lululemon store here in Indianapolis (too much temptation to blow my paycheck), but that ponytail hole might have just cinched it. Adorable.

    Oh! And for what it’s worth, I was once a J.Crew bridesmaid and it was a great experience. Elegant, decently-priced, classic – definitely something I could wear again.

  13. 17

    I *love* your save the dates!! They are really really cute. Not many people are as lucky to have photos of the moment – I think it’s great and a really cute way to use them!

  14. 18

    I love your Save The Dates! Crazy, I just realized our wedding dates are the exact SAME! :) We’re planning our October 13th wedding as well…it’s exciting!

  15. 22

    I love your save the dates! :) And that hoodie is amazing–the ponytail hole is so clever!

  16. 23

    I love the Save the Date! And I love the dresses too. I agree that strapless is much more Jenny’s style, and I had a little bit different style dress than you and Lara at her wedding, so it’s very in-keeping with tradition still! :)

    I’m so excited for your wedding!

  17. 25

    LOVE the STDs!!!! But I didn’t see a photo credit on them? I wonder who your photographer was?

    J/K :)

  18. 29

    Oh my gosh! Cutest thing ever!! Love it :D

  19. 30

    i wore your moh’s dress for a wedding in september (in newport navy!). good choice – i’ve been a bridesmaid 3 times and that was my favorite bridesmaid dress i wore!

  20. 32

    Congrats on the pending nuptials! I took the plunge a little under a year ago and remember the wedding prep like it was yesterday. Well, not the bridesmaid dress shopping….

  21. 34

    Good pick on the bridesmaids dresses. I really do like that you got the dresses from a “regular” store. We don’t know each other personally, obviously. But, your choice seems very you–down-to-earth. One question: Where is XXXXXXX located? Is that in California? ;)

  22. 36

    Love the Save the Dates. And the dresses :) It is so important to make sure that your bm’s love their dresses and are comfortable in them. I have had to wear (and buy) a few that were very uncomfortable so when it came around to my wedding this was a priority.

  23. 37

    i love your save the date cards! so cute! And the dresses are beautiful!

  24. 38

    Love the dresses! And that jacket is awesome! Any idea what style that jacket is? The ponytail opening and hand covers are key! I need it!!! Thanks!

  25. 40

    Your save the dates are absolutely adorable! Love the banner look and text on the side.

  26. 41

    Cute save the dates!! I love the photo on the front :)

  27. 42

    Love the STDs! Creative & personal :) people have magnets, no worries, hah.

    I busted out the lululemon run hoodie today, too! It’s finally cooling down here, dangit. Mine is white, though, so I’m nice n’ visible to those city drives + cabbies!

  28. 44

    you are the also, love the bridesmaids dresses & save the dates! xo

  29. 45

    Your save the dates are adorable, Love them! And JCrew has a wonderful wedding collection! Love the dresses!

  30. 46

    I love the save the date cards!! Super cool idea! The dresses are really beautiful too! The style is very simple, yet elegant.

    Great run! :)

  31. 47

    I love your save-the-dates! They’re so you- in your workout gear, in a gorgeous location. And I love the little text bars and fonts. The J. Crew bridesmaids line is totally the way to go, I’ve even thought about ordering one just as a cocktail dress to have around to attend all of the weddings I have coming up- I just don’t want to match any potential bridesmaids!

    • 48

      I was totally thinking that too – they are so cute! But good point – that would be so awkward to have the same dress as the bridesmaids randomly, ha.

  32. 49

    I love both of those dresses! My sister in law had us order our bridesmaid dresses online from JCrew as well and they turned out great! I did end up altering mine, but that’s because I lost weight and the hem was too long for the look she wanted.

  33. 50

    I LOVE the JCrew wedding line! Great choices :)

  34. 51

    I friggen need that hoodie.

  35. 52

    Just wore that same bridesmaid dress in a wedding. Same color too. I really liked it!

  36. 54

    I was in my brother’s wedding — kind of uniquely so, they weren’t going to have a wedding party but a few months before they decided they wanted to have at least a witness, etc. and so they asked her brother and me to be a part of it. They were laid back and let me pick out my own dress the only requirement being that it had to be either a brighter shade of blue, green or orange. I went online to JCrew and bought one of their bridesmaid dresses (not one of the ones you show above, but it was also silk chiffon) and I LOVED it! It turned out great and was very flattering. It seemed like the sizing ran a little small, but other than that it was great.

  37. 56

    LOVE those BM dresses :)

  38. 57

    JCrew bridesmaid dresses are the BEST. They are adorable and comfortable and totally re-wearable. Love them!

  39. 58

    LOVE the STDs ;) So, so cute. & also LOVE the Lulu pullover! I have the same one and have a hard time NOT putting it on everytime I go for a run. Perhaps it’s because I feel so darn ninja wearing it :)

  40. 60

    Damn, you really are a ninja!

  41. 61

    That jacket is AMAZING! So many great features!!! You make a great ninja…but to be an excellent ninja you need black shoes!!! Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!

  42. 63

    The dresses are beautiful and the invitations are SO perfect! I love it. :D

    The temperatures are definitely chilling down! It’s been in the negatives lately, so I’ve been waiting till the afternoon to go running. But once I start working full time, I’m just going to have to suck it up and go when it’s REALLY cold, before the sun is out. Brrr…

  43. 65

    The save the date’s are absolutely adorable! I love how you guys designed them yourselves, they look amazing!

  44. 66

    Your save-the-dates are adorable, Anne! Quick question—I am getting ready to create my save-the-dates too, and I wondered if you got any feedback about having info/a photo on the back? I want to do this too, but I’m scared people will get the card and not look at the back! Since my wedding website will be on there, I want to make sure they see it…


    • 67

      Thanks! I didn’t hear anything about info on the back, but a lot of people do it, so I figure everyone will figure it out. :) It seems like a lot of people have seen the website so I think we’re good!

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