Healthy Living Summit 2011 Recap

Hello friends!

I’m back in Chapel Hill after a wonderful weekend in Philadelphia at the 3rd annual Healthy Living Summit!


As always, I had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new ones, too.

Friday kicked off with a big blogger lunch, a frozen yogurt date with Ali, and a tea date with Valerie. :)



And then it was time for cocktails! The conference officially started on Friday night with a cocktail party in the Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market.


It was so cool being there after all the vendors had closed and it was totally empty except for us!


Blogger cocktail parties = a frenzy of photos.








014      Evan & I are thugs for life, no big deal. ;)

They even had a photo booth, just like last year! Ya’ll know I can’t resist those, heh.


SO fun. Here I am with my roomies for the weekend, Ashley, Gretchen, and Theodora, before heading into the booth. Props are the best, haha.


The conference fun continued bright and early on Saturday morning with a run!


There were two groups of runners — a super long run group at 5 a.m. (those doing between 8 and 14 miles — training for marathons!), and a “shorter” run group at 6 a.m. Gotta love going to a conference where everyone is into being fit!


I was with the 6 a.m. group and there were a TON of us — about 20 girls! We all set off together and naturally split off into comfortable pace groups as we went :)

024 (With Kelly, Clare, and Kath — please note the super sexy water skiing bruise on my leg)

I had such a good time on the run — I totally didn’t want to get out of bed but was really glad I did, as always. Felt great to move and had such nice company to chat with, too! :)


4.5-ish miles of running later, it was time for breakfast! Attune Foods was the Saturday morning breakfast sponsor. Loved it!


Isn’t this coaster they gave us all cute?!


And then the conference sessions officially kicked off! Meghann took the lead in planning the whole thing this year and did a fantastic (fANNEtastic?!) job!


I went to almost all of the sessions (may or may not have taken a walking break instead of listening to the keynote speaker… oops) and enjoyed them all. A favorite was a recipe writing session from my friend Stepfanie of Spark People!

I also spent some time hanging out at the Attune Foods booth passing out goodies and coupons with their Online Community Manager Annelies!


A big thank you to Attune for sponsoring my attendance at the conference this weekend — as always, I was happy to represent such an awesome company! :) Whole grains and simple ingredient lists rule.

And speaking of things that rule, check out my fun new dress! It’s made by a company called Five Bamboo who was one of the sponsors of the conference this weekend (and the providers of our conference t-shirts). They surprised me with this dress as a gift yesterday and I was so excited to wear it I put it on immediately :)


Five Bamboo is awesome because they make their clothing out of bamboo with minimal environmental impact. Not only that — but their fabric is SUPER soft. I’m obsessed with the dress! Such a flattering cut and super comfy, too. (p.s.: If you use the coupon code HLS2011 you will get 25% off their products! Bam!) Thanks again, Five Bamboo! You guys rock :)

Anyway! Annelies took me and a few of the other Attune brand ambassadors/street team members in attendance out for dinner and drinks once the conference was over yesterday.


(From left — me, Annelies, Heather, Meghann, Monica)

We hit up a place called Smokin’ Betty’s!


We all shared a bunch of appetizers for dinner. BBQ sliders:


Tomato, basil, and goat cheese pizza:


A chickpea, spinach, and quinoa salad (YUM!):


And some corn muffins that I forgot to photograph :) Thanks again for treating us, Annelies!

After dinner, Meghann, Monica, Heather, and I met back up with a bigger group of blogger friends to continue the festivities :)


Above with Ashley and Tina!

Below from left: Beth, Gretchen, Chase, Katy, Theodora

IMG_0014 (640x480)

IMG_0022 (640x480)


 (You can hardly tell in the photo above, but Claire had THE cutest black feather headband on!)

Such a fun night with friends. There were a TON of bloggers out and about last night that I didn’t get photos with!

We ended the conference this morning with a group 5k walk to and from the “Rocky steps” aka the Philadelphia Museum of Art!



I could almost hear the Rocky theme song playing ;) We were saying they should just have a loudspeaker playing it at the steps at all times, heh.


Time to unpack, relax, and hang out with Matt! My second year of grad school starts on Tuesday — eeek! Better get organized :)

Have a great night!


  1. 1

    Bahaha. I love that I accidentally photobombed your and Evan’s thug pic. Just doin’ what I do.

    P.S. I am stuck in the Philly airport and delayed “indefinitely.” Yep.

  2. 3

    I’m so glad we were able to spend the weekend together! Hope I didn’t scare you too much with my akward jokes, akward singing, and akward dancing. :) Some of these pics are framers!

  3. 5

    Bruises are sexy. They mean you are getting out there and having fun. Waterskiing. Or biking. Or whatever. Way sexier than lying on the couch all day nursing your perfect porcelain skin. That would be booooooooooooring.

  4. 7

    It’s always enjoyable catching up with you, Anne! Had a great time yeaterday! Best wishes on the upcoming semester!

  5. 9

    Omg that dress looks amazeee on youuu!

  6. 10

    Love the rocky part! hahaha :)

  7. 11

    Sounds like a blast! Love the blue dress too btw :)

  8. 12

    That dress looks beautiful on you, very pretty.

  9. 13

    Miss you already!

  10. 15

    Great recap, looks like an amazing time!!! The second I looked at the picture of the steps I heard the Rocky Theme in my head :)

  11. 16

    Thanks for the great report, Anne. Sounds like a terrific gathering. Well done to all! Good luck as the new semester begins…

  12. 17

    Clearly, I missed a fab time :(

  13. 19

    great pictures! looks like it was a blast! and love your dress.

  14. 20

    It looks like everyone had a GREAT time – I’m sorry I couldn’t be there! Maybe next year :-).

    I TOTALLY just used the Five Bamboo coupon code for one of the hoodies :-D! Thank you SO much for posting that!

  15. 22

    Miss you already! PS: I think that I lost 1/2 the info I gleaned from the conference by bonking my head on the edge of the luggage rack on the train home this afternoon. Clearly going next year is a must due to this.

  16. 24
    Lynda @ healthy hoboken girl says

    Great weekend at HLS! Great photos & recap!

  17. 25

    Hi Anne! I’ve been following your blog for a while, I’m not just much of a commenter for whatever reason. I probably missed it somewhere, but I was wondering… what do you want to do once you’re an RD? I honestly don’t know much about what an RD does :-x

    • 26

      Hi Jennifer! :) I’m not entirely sure yet what I want to do! RD’s can do a ton of different stuff, whether it’s working with clients in a private practice, at a hospital, at a restaurant or company to help with recipe development, with companies for employee wellness or as a spokesperson/figure head, in food service at a restaurant, etc. I’m thinking ideally I will do my blog full time and do RD freelance stuff part time – I’m interested in maybe a small client base and doing articles/writing as well… we’ll see, though! You never know where life will take you :)

  18. 27

    Loved reading your recap of the HLS! And that Attune badge “Breakfast is my happy hour” is simply amazing…1000% how I feel every morning haha :)

  19. 29

    what IS it about boats? Every time I go boating I end up with random bruises. Last time it was leg,-same place as yours, then before htat was my arm & leg. I swear I don’t even realize til later. Airplanes too. the seat arms give me bruises, when I knock into them while putting my luggage up or something! HLS looked even better this year than last, I won’t miss it next year (hopefully!)

    • 30

      Haha I bruise super easily too so I feel like I always have random bruises!

      This HLS was definitely my favorite of the three of them by far. Good venues, good program, and very inclusive feel. Hope to see you there next year!

  20. 31

    It was such a fun weekend! It was really nice meeting you! Good luck with school

  21. 32

    Glad you had fun at the HLS. I also had a great time in D.C. Your FAQ pages were helpful!

  22. 33

    We are so gangster fly and super sly. I love how I’m actually holding your wine glass in that photo.
    Good luck with school tomorrow!

  23. 35

    Looks like you had a great time, Anne. I LOVE Philly!!

    That top photo is gorgeous!

  24. 36
    Jill in Chicago says

    Love the dress and want to buy it in teal and black! If you don’t mind me asking, is yours a size small? I’m guessing we’re about the same height. (And I see they have a size chart, but I can’t measure myself at work :))

  25. 38

    Things I love:

    1) You and Val meeting.
    2) That blue dress.
    3) The photo of you and my homeboy Evan.


  26. 39

    Thanks for sharing that code for Five Bamboo. I’ve been stalking their website for a couple months now trying to decide which dress to get. I was afraid the pleats in the style you are wearing would create a “pooch”, but it looks great on you!

  27. 40

    LOVE THE PHILLY-NESS!! Nice photo of Boathouse row/the waterworks :) That is where my brothers rowed, including the obligatory art museum stair run workout :) …and I love the new dress ;)

  28. 41

    This conference looked like so much fun! Its so awesome to see all these bloggers that I follow hanging out. I love that first week of the semester when all the classes are new and the pressure of work hasn’t sunk in yet! Enjoy.

  29. 42

    Ahhh so bummed I didn’t get to meet you this weekend! Next year! :)

  30. 43

    So great to meet you, even if it was brief! Best of luck with the beginning of the school year!

  31. 45

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog via twitter : ) I’m also an escaped cubicle worker turned RD! My husband calls me a retired accountant.

    That bamboo dress is seriously adorable. Good advertising on their part, b/c now I totally want it! Can you tell me how the sizing runs and how it fits? I’m trying to decide b/t sizes : ) Thanks!

  32. 49


    You look amazing in the Five Bamboo dress! It was great to see you again in Philly.


  33. 51

    Love love loooved this recap! Girl, that bruise is SERIOUS. Battle wounds.

    Sounds like it was another successful HLS in the books! :) Ready for round 4?


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