Adventures in Canadian Maple Syrup (+ a Giveaway!)

Hello my friends! I’m headed back south to DC today after spending the week up in Quebec, Canada, on a press trip with my friends from Pure Canadian Maple Syrup. I have been working with them since last year (see also: Healthier Maple Brownie Cookies + Matt’s Maple Cinnamon Latte), so when they invited me up to learn more about the maple syrup production process in person, I was all about it. A big thank you to them for covering my expenses for this trip/sponsoring this post!


We did and learned a TON this week, so it was hard to boil it down/pick the highlights and main takeaways, but I did my best. :) You can see more of the adventures over on my Instagram page as well!


Pure Maple Syrup Nutrition

As a dietitian, one of my favorite parts of the trip, of course, was learning more about the nutritional benefits of 100% pure maple syrup! There’s a big difference between syrups on the shelf at the grocery store, by the way. Make sure you are buying 100% real/pure maple syrup, which is a natural product that comes directly from maple trees with nothing else added, versus artificial breakfast “syrups” which are highly processed and made from corn syrup. Those definitely don’t have the nutritional benefits I’m about to talk about. :)


Fun nutrition facts about 100% pure maple syrup:

  • It’s high in over 60 types of disease-fighting antioxidants, which contain anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, and anti-diabetes properties.
  • It is the only sweetener with minerals – it’s a particularly excellent source of manganese (which helps keep bones strong, your brain healthy, and nerves functioning properly) and riboflavin (aka vitamin B2 – it protects cells and is necessary for energy production, too).
  • It contains polyphenols, which are beneficial compounds also found in things like berries, tea, and red wine.

We got to sample some of the sports-focused recipes developed by the dietitian who works with the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, Mélanie Olivier. (She was awesome, by the way – loved meeting her!) I really loved the homemade maple sports drink (<— click for recipe) that she developed!

Maple Syrup Production

On Tuesday morning, we visited CDL, an organic maple farm that is a leader in maple sugaring equipment. It was fascinating to see all that goes into extracting the maple water from the trees – check out all this tubing! CDL’s owner, Mr. Chabot, told us that they have 2 million feet of tubing and 100,000 taps. Crazy! He was super high tech, too – he can control all the tube equipment via his phone!


Did you know that it’s not maple syrup that’s extracted from the trees, but rather maple water? (Which is delicious, by the way, and available in the US now!) That maple water is then boiled down to make maple syrup, maple sugar, etc. I always used to think the syrup itself was what came right out of the tree!


Each tap on a tree at CDL averages about 3 pounds of maple syrup per year. No more than 10% of any tree’s sap is taken – any more would be detrimental to the tree.


We also got to experience maple tapping on the smaller scale (using buckets instead of the tubing system) when visiting sugar shacks around Quebec. Like the name implies, sugar shacks are small cabins or a series of cabins, belonging to farms, where the sap collected from the sugar maple trees is boiled down into maple syrup.


One of the other stops on our trip was to the Maple Syrup Producer’s Cooperative company, Citadelle. They are the world’s largest supplier of 100% pure maple syrup, and their syrup can be found in many mainstream stores in the US, including Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Costco, Publix, and more. They collect sap from over 7 million maple trees across Canada, and their headquarters visit gave us a taste (literally) of all the different types of maple products they offer, plus some insight into the production process. Did you know that it takes 40 liters of maple water to make 1 liter of pure maple syrup?


Also, maple syrup grades aren’t related to quality, but rather flavor/taste intensity! The variation has to do with when the maple syrup sap was tapped; sap tapped at the beginning of the harvest season (which is only about 20 to 25 days, usually in March/April) is generally clearer and lighter in taste. For drinks and pancakes, you’ll want to use Grade A syrup, either light or medium. The Grade B/dark varieties are much stronger and better suited for baking.


Food Highlights/Creative Ways to Cook with Pure Maple Syrup

This was quite the foodie trip, with a big focus on maple, of course, so I will finish off this post with some of my favorite things that we ate. I need to try to recreate some of this back at home!

Maple marinated beets // lunch appetizer at Chez Boulay in Quebec
That restaurant was wonderful, by the way – the chef only sources food/cooking products from around Quebec, to support local businesses. Love it!


Maple roasted turnips // dinner appetizer at Panache Restaurant in the Auberge Saint-Antoine hotel in Old Quebec
I am normally not a huge turnip fan, but loved these! Also, Panache was absolutely gorgeous (as was the hotel) – so cozy and beautiful. Definitely worth a visit!


Smoked salmon with maple and tangerine jelly // dinner appetizer at Restaurant la Traite in the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations, a really neat boutique Aboriginal hotel near Quebec. I absolutely love maple with salmon!


Lobster with maple whiskey braised pork, black lentils, kale, and pearl onions // dinner at Renoir in the lovely hotel Sofitel Montreal.
This entree, made for us by Chef Olivier Perret (a Maple Master), was my absolute favorite dinner of the trip – SO delicious.


“Beggars Chicken” scented with maple leaves // dinner at restaurant L’Orée du Bois in the Outaouais region.
This wins for most creative dish of the trip! It was chicken slow cooked in clay, which was lined with lotus leaves. Neat, right? They crack it open in front of you at the table before plating it! This restaurant was adorable, too – very cozy!

beggars chicken

Maple Taffy!
Enjoyed at Charbonneau Sugar Shack (a traditional sugar shack) and La Tablee des Pionniers (a more innovative/modern sugar shack).


Maple taffy, aka tire d’érable, is a Quebec sugar shack specialty. To make it, you pour hot maple syrup over snow, then roll it onto a stick. Very sweet but insanely delicious! A few licks of it was perfect. :)



Sugar shacks are really cool, by the way – they reminded me a lot of European ski lodges. Hearty comfort food at its finest! Apparently it’s tradition for families and groups to go enjoy (enormous) meals at them during the maple harvest season.


The maple baked ham hock in the photo below from La Tablee des Pionniers was insane in the best way possible. Mmmm! Lunch there was such a cool experience – if you are ever nearby, go!


Other maple cooking/recipe ideas:

  • Use pure maple syrup instead of sugar in homemade tomato/pasta sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, lemonade, etc.
  • In baked goods, to swap in pure maple syrup in place of dry sugar in a recipe, use the same amount of syrup as you would have of sugar (1:1 swap), but take out 1/4 cup of any kind of liquid in the recipe (water, milk, whatever – or you could just use 1/4 cup less maple syrup if you don’t mind a less sweet product – that’s probably what I’d do!). Also, decrease the baking temperature by 25 degrees F.
  • To swap in pure maple syrup in place of another liquid sweetener, simply do a 1:1 swap and decrease the baking temperature by 25 degrees F.
  • Drizzle maple syrup over oatmeal or plain yogurt.

breakfast with maple syrup

Last but not least, here are some recipes already on my blog that are sweetened only with maple syrup:

And now, to cap off this post, I have a fun giveaway for you guys! Two lucky fANNEtastic blog readers will receive an awesome maple swag bag, full of a bunch of the fun maple products that we had the pleasure of sampling this week. Use the Rafflecopter giveaway below to enter to win; I’ll contact winners directly when the giveaway ends. U.S. residents only, please. We figure you Canadian readers enjoy this stuff every day! ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


    1. 1

      on yeasted waffles!

    2. 2

      Pancakes of course!

    3. 3

      I would love to try REAL maple syrup! I have always had the “fake” syrups from the store.

    4. 4

      Love maple syrup in granola!! Perfect sweetener and added flavor

    5. 5

      I like using maple syrup in baked goods/bars/bites in place of sugar. Looks like a really cool trip (and delish)!

    6. 6

      Lately it has been to use it in my steel cut oats in the morning, but I always use it when I make almond butter at home too (which is all the time haha).

    7. 7

      On top of oatmeal…yum!

    8. 8

      I love it on pancakes! I won’t eat them when we’re out at restaurants unless they serve real maple syrup! I am obsessed with the real stuff and would love to win!

      Also, there’s a really annoying philosophy add on your blog that takes up a huge bottom section of the screen. If you roll over it you’re taken to a new screen with a video. There’s no X on the ad so there’s no way to make it disappear. Just an FYI in case you can get rid of it :)

    9. 10

      Using in baked goods instead of sugar!

    10. 11
      Colleen Inman says

      I enjoy some in my oatmeal or plain yogurt

    11. 12

      I love used maple syrup as a sweetener in cookies and granola bars.

    12. 13

      What an amazing trip! Now I want to eat everything maple syrup! My favorite way to enjoy it is over pancakes!

    13. 14

      On waffles; like the syrup to get in all nooks!

    14. 15
      Courtney C says

      Love using it in granola bars.

    15. 16

      over greek yogurt!

    16. 17

      I love it on my breakfast foods, especially french toast!

    17. 18

      i love sweetening my greek yogurt with NH maple syrup!

    18. 19
      Elizabeth says

      I usually use honey or plain old sugar as a sweetener but will definitely try substituting maple syrup

    19. 20

      I love adding it to my oatmeal!

    20. 21

      I love using it on pancakes and on top of oatmeal

    21. 22

      maple syrup + pancakes + lumberjack attire

    22. 24

      born and raised in VT so i love maple! in oatmeal, with bacon, or just on snow … yum!

    23. 25

      I use maple syrup as the sweetener in my coconut milk chia see pudding! I also LOVE it on pancakes and oatmeal!

    24. 26

      Love using maple syrup in homemade granola!

    25. 27

      I love using maple syrup on protein pancakes, or mixed with almond butter!

    26. 28

      Pancakes or granola. I think it pairs well with coconut oil in fruit crisp topping, too! Thank you for the chance to win!

    27. 29
      Charlsie N says

      Love using maple syrup in the Fitnessista’s brownie batter balls!

    28. 30

      I like to use it to sweeten my yogurt or smoothie.

    29. 31

      Definitely over ice cream or over sweet potatoes!!!

    30. 32

      Last week in NY, I had pancakes with warm maple butter and it was heavenly. nothing like melted butter and sweet maple syrup to make for the perfect breakfast topping.

    31. 33

      to sweeten baked goods!

    32. 34

      I love maple syrup on ALL of the things!

    33. 35

      I like maple syrup on my pancakes/waffles and in my oatmeal!

    34. 36

      My favorite way to enjoy maple syrup is drizzled on top of my Mom’s homemade French Bread French Toast casserole. Totally delicious. Thanks for the giveaway :)

    35. 37

      Love that they showed you some awesome ways to cook with it! So hard to get good quality maple syrup here but I do much prefer it to the taste of honey.

    36. 38

      Keeping it basic…. Pancakes!!!

    37. 39

      In Gina’s amazeballs and on pancakes!

    38. 40

      All of those meals look amazing! I am a HUGE fan of maple syrup. I use it as my sweetener of choice in just about everything.

    39. 41

      On pancakes and waffles! And of course only the real stuff- the fake stuff doesn’t even compare!

    40. 42

      The old fashioned way, on pancakes!

    41. 43

      Pancakes and french toast!

    42. 44

      I love using it in baked oatmeal…and my husband loves more on top ;-)

    43. 45

      On oatmeal – yum!

    44. 46

      Great post, Anne! Seems like you had a great trip and learned a lot. So, this may sound weird, but when I was little my parents would make waffles one morning each weekend and we’d of course have maple syrup on top. While I love that, I actually LOVED dipping apple slices and grapes my mom gave me into the syrup, too. It’s really good…albeit, a bit sweet now that I think about it!

    45. 47
      Michelle H. says

      I’m a traditionalist- I love them on waffles and pancakes!

    46. 48

      I love maple syrup over pancakes or French toast! Yum!

    47. 49

      I love pure maple! One of my favorite snacks is fruit or berries with maple syrup over cottage cheese! Delicious! Great post!

    48. 50

      I love maple syrup on giant, pillowy pancakes esp on a snowy weekend!

    49. 51

      On pancakes!!

    50. 52

      I love maple syrup in so many ways- in salad dressings, as a marinade & of course over pancakes

    51. 54

      I love maple syrup in oatmeal–it’s the perfect sweetener :)

    52. 55

      I love maple syrup in my oatmeal and on pancakes! :)

    53. 56
      Stephanie says

      Over chicken and waffles, obviously!!

    54. 57

      I’ve been using it on my oatmeal in the mornings this past month.

    55. 58

      My favorite way to eat maple syrup is either on oatmeal or waffles!

    56. 59
      Molly Bortnick says

      My favorite way to enjoy maple syrup is on top cottage cheese with some fruit!

    57. 60

      My favorite is the old staple…on buttermilk pancakes :)

    58. 61

      I love maple syrup in my yogurt!

    59. 62

      I love it over vanilla ice cream :)

    60. 63

      I love maple syrup as an occasional coffee sweetener or in oatmeal!

    61. 64
      Merideth Stabilito says

      I love eating maple syrup on my oatmeal and pancakes!

    62. 65
      Kristin P. says

      I love it on my 2 ingredient banana pancakes and when I make salad dressing.

    63. 66

      On pancakes or french toast!!

    64. 67
      amy henning says

      I’ve just started putting maple syrup, wild blueberries and whole milk Greek yogurt together and yum!!

    65. 68

      I love maple syrup on pancakes and as a granola sweetener!

    66. 69
      Caroline M says

      I love maple syrup! I think it would be fantastic on oatmeal. I love that it’s a natural sweetener.

    67. 70


    68. 71

      Pancakes for sure!

    69. 72

      I like it in greek yogurt or oats!

    70. 73

      I love maple syrup on french toast.

    71. 74

      I love maple syrup in my oatmeal any day!

    72. 75

      I like to use it to make granola and on pancakes!

    73. 76

      Pancakes of course!

    74. 77

      I love maple syrup in my baking recipes and on french toast

    75. 78

      On waffles and pancakes :)

    76. 79

      I guess I’m old school — on pancakes is great with me!

    77. 80
      Abby Bauer says

      On plain Greek yogurt!

    78. 81

      On protein pancakes :)

    79. 82

      So predictable…pancakes!

    80. 83

      on pancakes or my moms challah French toast!

    81. 84

      Waffles.. Yum

    82. 85

      I use it most often on pancakes. You have given me lots of ideas though. Thanks!

    83. 86

      Yum! I LOVE maple syrup on pancakes, with peanut butter on top too! When I was a little kid, I actually used to drink maple syrup straight out of the bottle because I loved it so much! Haha!

    84. 88

      On my pancakes…

    85. 89

      By the spoonful?!? Uh I mean in my granola, I use it as the sweetener which is amazing!

    86. 90

      Love maple syrup in oatmeal!

    87. 91

      What a neat trip! I love to bake with maple syrup, and I’ve been meaning to try the latte recipe with maple syrup that you posted a little while ago :)

    88. 92

      I’m definitely going to try drizzling some syrup on my oatmeal. Great idea!

    89. 93

      I love that maple syrup is an all natural way to add sweetness to a recipe! I’m all about it in baking!

    90. 94

      I’ve only had real maple syrup on pancakes. Would love to try it out in different ways though!

    91. 95

      The backyard in my childhood home (I suppose technically still my parents’ home) in Michigan is FULL of maple trees and every fall, our neighbors tap them to make syrup. It’s crazy how exact the temperature has to be to get the sap! And ridiculous how much sap it takes to make one little container of syrup. That being said, my favorite way is straight-up on pancakes. I grew up with 100% pure maple syrup and can’t stomach the processed stuff at all :/

    92. 96

      On blueberry waffles :)

    93. 97

      Great in oatmeal!

    94. 98

      I love pure maple syrup in overnight oats!

    95. 99

      French Toast!

    96. 100

      I love it drizzled over vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit.

    97. 101

      I like putting it in yogurt and on baked oatmeal

    98. 102

      In plain greek yogurt! I did my 5th grade science experiment on maple syrup; my dad helped me tap our own trees and we made our own syrup!

    99. 104

      I love it on homemade Belgian waffles!

    100. 105

      I love it on a stack of warm pancakes!

    101. 106

      On pancakes!

    102. 107

      Love maple syrup on yogurt and oatmeal!

    103. 108
      Sarah Morgan says

      I love it on oats or yogurt

    104. 109
      Natalie P. says

      Love maple syrup on pancakes!!!

    105. 110

      On pancakes and to sweeten my oatmeal sometimes. Yum! :-)

    106. 111

      On waffles or oats, or to sweeten chocolate avocado pudding!

    107. 112

      I use maple syrup in my breakfast oatmeal almost every morning!

    108. 113

      I love with oatmeal, but nothing is better than homemade pancakes with syrup!

    109. 114

      French toast

    110. 115

      I like baking with maple syrup or adding it to pancakes, waffles, or topping for greek yogurt!

    111. 116
      Jessica Craig says

      On pancakes or waffles. I’m traditional like that I guess.

    112. 117

      love maple syrup in a cocktail! or on pancakes. or just straight from the bottle :)

    113. 118

      Atop pancakes, waffles and french toast is my favorite!

    114. 119

      Pumpkin oatmeal with a drizzle of maple syrup!

    115. 120


    116. 121

      I LOVE maple syrup! I use it every day in my coffee (along with grass fed cream) and use it to sweeten everything. It goes on oatmeal, pancakes, hash browns, sweet potatoes… It’s so good!

    117. 122
      Pamela Makuta says

      Maple syrup is so versatile! I would have to say it’s a toss-up between oatmeal and smoothies. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    118. 123

      dipping for good ol’ juicy breakfast sausages ;)

    119. 124

      I love maple syrup on sausage.

    120. 125

      I love it on pancakes!

    121. 126

      love it on waffles!

    122. 127
      Lacey McGarry says

      On pancakes! Thanks for the giveaway!

    123. 128

      Try maple syrup & balsamic roasted brussels! It’s heavenly!

    124. 129

      pancakes and waffles

    125. 130

      I put it on my oatmeal every morning and when I make waffles it is a must!

    126. 131

      How fun! You got some great pictures! Your IG always makes me hungry! :) The food looks amazing!! I love maple syrup on pancakes, waffles, and yogurt!

    127. 132

      I love adding maple syrup to my coffee as my afternoon treat!

    128. 133

      Looks like an amazing trip! I just had my first REAL taste of syrup about 2 years ago and now I am hooked. Love it! Favorite? In a latte or granola!

    129. 134

      In granola!

    130. 135
      Roadrunner says

      as maple sugar candy!

    131. 136

      I use it in the granola I make every week.

    132. 137
      Colleen C says

      I love maple syrup on pancakes

    133. 138

      My favorite are pancake muffins with sausage baked inside and drizzled with maple syrup. I wish I had one (or a dozen) right now! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

    134. 139

      Definitely want to try it in cooking meats!

    135. 140

      Definitely pancakes! Maybe it would be good on top of your high protein flour less pancake :)

    136. 142

      On top of my whole wheat pancakes!

    137. 143

      I love it on pancakes.

    138. 144

      My husband has a slight obsession with maple syrup and I do too. I’m so envious of your trip, it looked like it was tasty and amazing!

    139. 145
      Alison H. says

      On pancakes!!!

    140. 146

      My favorite way to enjoy syrup is on baked oatmeal but there really isn’t a wrong way to eat it

    141. 147
      iamalighthouse says

      I like some in my berries/coconut milk/cinnamon concoction I make for breakfast!

    142. 148

      I love maple syrup! The best way to eat it, in my humble opinion, is pouring it over fresh snow to make chewy maple candy…yum!

    143. 149

      In baked goods! I like to make these 4 ingredient muffins that have bananas, maple syrup, honey, and cocoa powder!

    144. 150


    145. 151

      In my baked goods!

    146. 152

      definitely on pancakes! I also like it in coffee in place of sugar.

    147. 153

      We enjoy maple syrup on pancakes, and lately my daughter asked for it on a sliced banana.

    148. 154
      Holly Rigby says

      Company favorite. Maple Dijon Pork Tenderloin…it’s so easy and it’s the business as my daughters say! Also on frosting with cupcakes…and on oatmeal or yogurt…just a teensy bit.

    149. 155
      Michaela Decker says

      We love making chocolate (maple) syrup to pour over crepes stuffed with fruit and whipped cream!

    150. 156

      I love making homemade ice-cream with maple syrup as the sweetener!

    151. 157
      Brighid S. says

      Straight up! But when other people are around and I feel too guilty to basically drink maple syrup, I love it on a fresh Belgian waffle :)

    152. 158

      My favorite way to enjoy Maple Syrup is on thick and frosted french toast.

    153. 159

      My husband is from Vermont, so we’re a pure maple syrup family. :) We love it drizzled on greek yogurt!

    154. 160

      I love maple syrup on my sweet potato protein pancakes. Mmmmmm

    155. 161

      I’ve used it for beef tenderloin in the slow cooker- yummmmm

    156. 162

      Love to put maple syrup over crepes :)

    157. 163

      On plain yogurt with fruit or granola!

    158. 164

      Sounds like an awesome trip, and the food looks delicious!

      I’m a plain and boring kind of girl, I love maple syrup on waffles!

    159. 165

      I love maple syrup! Thanks to all the Canadians in France we can get the real stuff here too! I love to put maple syrup in my morning oatmeal- yum!

    160. 166

      I LOVE pure maple syrup on pancakes.

    161. 167

      That maple syrup on snow thing is something I totally did as a kid in New England! Love it so much

    162. 168
      Cheryl Harris says

      I love maple syrup mainly on pancakes! English muffins are yummy too!

    163. 169
      Jennifer Henshall says

      I loved this post! I can’t wait to try substituting maple syrup for sugar in some of my recipes. Thanks for all of the great info on the health benefits of maple syrup, as well. :-)

    164. 170

      on pancakes !

    165. 171

      I like cooking maple syrup into my protein waffles so I can eat them on the go!

    166. 172

      I love maple syrup on my oatmeal in the morning!

    167. 173
      Sarah Evans says

      Love the new maple syrup products out. I like how we are using an old product in new ways!

    168. 174
      Monica Guzik says

      I love to mix maple syrup with oats, chocolate chips and peanut butter and roll them into energy balls.

    169. 175
      chickie brewer says

      I like to drench my pancakes with it!

    170. 176
      Becca Nemecek says

      Pancakes! :)

    171. 177
      Susan Christy says

      Waffles, pancakes, french toast.

    172. 178

      I love maple syrup in general, but especially on buttermilk pancakes – Martha Stewart’s recipe is the best!

    173. 179
      Amy Lepper says

      Pancakes! Waffles are a close second!

    174. 180

      i LOVE maple syrup in everything :) but my favorite is as the sweetener in my homemade granola and my yummy maple balsamic salad dressing :)

    175. 181

      I love maple syrup in my coffee

    176. 182
      mary matheson says

      It is good in tea.

    177. 183

      Maple syrup is my favorite! I could probably drink the stuff! :)

    178. 184

      Oh my goodness! It looks like you had a wonderful time! A trip all centered around maple syrup? YES! Amazing!

    179. 185
      Allison Galassie says

      on french toast

    180. 186

      Recently I have been loving maple syrup in my morning oats!

    181. 187

      oatmeal in the morning!

    182. 188

      Pancakes… with maple syrup and almond butter. SO good

    183. 189

      On waffles (which we have every Saturday morning) or oatmeal!

    184. 190

      I use it all the time, but my favorite is to make maple bacon wrapped pork loin in the smoker. Yum!

    185. 191
      Alicia Grove says

      I love maple syrup on waffles and in baked goods :) Also love maple ice cream!

    186. 192
      Jennifer Lattin says

      Yum to Maple Syrup. I like to use it in muffins (actually in your Spelt Muffin recipe, I swap out the sugar for maple syrup. :)

    187. 196

      I absolutely LOVE maple syrup – in coffee (as you know!), in baked goods, in smoothies… it’s my favorite sweetener. And I only recently learned on your blog the difference between Grade A and Grade B! I always thought it was a quality thing, but apparently not!

    188. 197

      I love it on a protein pancake in the morning!

    189. 198
      Kristin S. says

      I love it in protein bars that I make at home! It adds such great flavor!

    190. 199

      i love maple syrup on waffles! you can’t go wrong with a classic!

    191. 200

      I love pure maple syrup and can’t go back to the store stuff!

    192. 201

      On blueberry pancakes!

    193. 202

      I made the switch to real maple syrup in my house years ago and never looked back! We use it in smoothies, baking, and of course, on top of pancakes and waffles. Delicious!

    194. 203

      On pancakes or sweet potatoes. Thanks for the giveaway!

    195. 204

      Oh man…everywhere I can! Pancakes/waffles, yogurt, protein balls…I love the taste!

    196. 205

      I love syrup on pancakes of course, and in a few of my marinade recipes–can’t go wrong!

    197. 206

      Love maple syrup on pankcakes or waffles or french toast!

    198. 207

      I love using maple syrup as a natural sweetener when baking!

    199. 208

      On pancakes!!!

    200. 209

      I love maple sugar candies, maple cotton candy and maple butter. Such a treat!

    201. 210
      Katie McGaughey says

      Yum! On Pancakes!

    202. 211
      Kate McHugh says

      My favorite way to enjoy pure maple syrup is pretty standard…heat a little bit up and put it on top of pancakes, waffles and/or french toast. Add some fresh fruit and you have a delicious breakfast.

    203. 212

      I like to drizzle maple syrup over mixed nuts for dessert!

    204. 214


    205. 215

      Can’t beat maple syrup on french toast

    206. 216

      My favorite way to enjoy maple syrup is drizzled over pancakes.

    207. 217

      I love adding it to my steel cut oatmeal.

    208. 218

      On banana pancakes!

    209. 219

      I love maple syrup on pancakes!

    210. 220

      Love maple syrup on french toast or lately I’ve been having it with strawberries on plain greek yogurt!

    211. 221

      Drizzled on French toast with bananas and strawberries!

    212. 222

      I love it on pancakes and French toast of course

    213. 223

      Love using maple syrup with soy sauce as a marinade for salmon.

    214. 224

      In baked goods!

    215. 225

      Maple syrup in my greek yogurt is the BOMB! :)

    216. 226

      I love to put a tablespoon or so in homemade sweet potato soup!


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