A Snowy Run + Recent Eats

You know what’s crazy? This morning it was 31 degrees “feels like 14” with the wind and it didn’t even seem that bad. Apparently my body has given up protesting this whole winter thing, since it’s unclear if it’s ever going to end…


My partners in crime for this morning’s wintery miles were the lovely Sokphal & Mary. You know what’s super sad? Mary and her husband are moving to Nashville on Friday. Nooooo! :( We took a sad face picture to commemorate our final morning run. I’m so bummed my running buddy is moving!


That photo cracks me up, though. :)

We took our favorite loop in honor of our final morning run. Step 1: enjoy the sunrise from Key Bridge. It was a good one today!


Step 2: say good morning to Georgetown.


Step 3: enjoy the Georgetown waterfront views.



Step 4: wave hello to the Washington Monument (currently on fire from the sun) and Mr. Lincoln.



Step 5: make our way across Memorial Bridge and up to Iwo Jima. Beautiful, snowy scene up there today. Mary and I said farewell to Sokphal here and forged on alone.


And Step 6: climb the hill of death! We originally decided to walk back from Iwo Jima (at my request – I’ve been SO tired this week), but then we got cold, so we decided to buck up and finish it out. Boom! Made it.


Great run with two great ladies. Thanks for all the miles over the past year, Mary! I’m going to miss you and our sleepy early morning adventures – best of luck in Nashvegas and come back and visit us often. <3

Recent Eats

In terms of eats, Matt and I have had some good dinners as of late!


Relished recently reached out to me about sending me a free box to review, so we’ve been enjoying the opportunity to try some new recipes! Relished delivers fresh ingredients and visual instructions for you to cook chef-designed meals at home – pretty cool concept. We received a box that included ingredients and instructions for 3 two serving dinners. I love that they send you exactly what you need for each dinner – it’s basically a way to get the best of both worlds because you’re still cooking your own meals/learning kitchen skills but don’t have to worry about meal planning or grocery shopping. Sweet.


Here are the meals we received ingredients/instructions for – they change every week and you can decide how many meals (and how many servings per meal) you want to receive, too.


We found the recipes to be delicious and super easy to follow. Loved the visual instructions.



Here was everything for the BBQ Bone-in Chicken with vinegar slaw & heirloom potatoes:


This meal was AWESOME. And one of the benefits of this is that once you learn how to make the recipes, they are easy to recreate – we ended up making this meal again once already since it was so good! Also, bone in chicken breast was kind of a revelation – so much more flavorful. That, and learning that slaw is super easy to make – just add red wine vinegar and some olive oil to cabbage et voila! So good with the BBQ chicken.


The Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin dish was also a huge hit – it went so well with the lemony/peppery arugula.


This is another one we’ll definitely recreate. So good.


Thanks to Relished for the opportunity to try out one of their boxes! I think Matt and I are actually going to sign up for the service – we loved it that much and we thought the pricing was fair for what you get, too. We’ll probably do the 2 meals per week option just as a way to mix it up. You can find more info about pricing/options/menus on their website, and if you sign up use the code ‘FannetasticFood’ for 60% off first orders – it’s good through the end of March.

And now, to tackle my to do list! Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends, and let’s all cross our fingers that we won’t be seeing any more snow until next year, okay? :)

Have you ever had bone-in chicken breast?

Anyone else get in a chilly run this a.m.?


  1. 1

    We got snow here yesterday, and the local schools are on spring break. So much for spring yet :) That food looks really great!

  2. 2

    It was 14 degrees here this morning! Here’s hoping spring finally gets here soon. Relished sounds like a great way to try out new recipes. Everything looks tasty – especially those crab cakes!

  3. 3

    My boyfriend and I did the same thing you did last week and thought we would just walk the rest of the way back to our house instead of run. That lasted for about 2 minutes before we turned it into an all-out sprint back! As much as I’d like to say I’m used to this cold weather at this point, I cannot wait for this polar vortex to leave for good! Although, I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune once we’re fully immersed in the summer heat :).

    • 4

      Ha I know – when running, I definitely prefer the crazy cold to the crazy hot! When not running – I’ll usually take the heat. :)

  4. 5

    Way to get out there and run this morning! I opted out and went to a hot yoga class instead

  5. 6

    I’m impressed- I’m having a hard time getting motivated to run early with this cold weather! Wow, everything from Relished looks fantastic. You’re right- we forget chicken breast comes with a bone, too!

  6. 7

    Just placed my first order on Relished. Can’t wait to try it out because those meals you made look delish!! (Thanks for the promo code – huuuge savings!)

  7. 9

    I am sorry DC has also been hit with this cold weather, but also relieved because I was beginning to think there was just some miserable cold front hanging out over Ohio. This morning in Cleveland was “feels like” 5 degrees! But I’d rather run in cold than heat, so I’ll quit my complaining until July. :)

  8. 10

    My husband and I actually LOVE whole roasted chickens. Seriously the amount of flavor you get out of those bad boys is out of this world. I know a lot of people are intimidated by them but they’re so easy. We’ve even done one in a croc pot! A few simple veggies, seasoning of choice, and plop the ol’ chicken down. 6 hours later — it’s perfect tasty goodness.

  9. 12

    I didn’t have a chilly run this morning but I did Monday night with a whopping 20 degrees and I’m planning one tonight as well (supposed to be 29 degrees, feels like 17). Plus we’re supposed to get a snow/rain mix tonight… yay? But ever since I switched to running outside from the treadmill I just can’t get myself to go back inside!

  10. 14

    Hose dinners look delish!

  11. 15

    My half marathon this past weekend as SOO cold! I think it killed my desire to run outside until it’s warmed up. And considering it’s currently snowing here again….no I did not get in a chilly run.

  12. 16

    Great promo code! i’m going to try that out! Do you know when they post new menus?

  13. 17

    Winter is not giving up without a fight!! I didn’t go running because I am a sucker for a warm bed when it’s freezing outside. :) That’s such a cool service!!! I love that they provide you with the ingredients that you need. It’s so annoying to want to try a recipe and you find out you don’t have some of the items. Thank you for the promo code. I am going to go look right now!

  14. 18

    Having just as of yesterday starting eating fish (I went with salmon!) those crab cakes look awesome!

  15. 19
    Roadrunner says:

    It is time for winter to surrender to spring!

    And what a neat idea for the chef-designed meals, all with directions and the ingredients. Great!

  16. 20

    This is interesting. Thanks for the promo code!

  17. 21

    Ahhh, can’t wait to get out and run again!!! You always take the best pictures :)

  18. 22

    That sunrise was gorgeous, but you’re crazy! The temperature has been going up and down so fast, I can’t get used to the cold! Snow on Tuesday, flurries Wednesday, this weekend is supposed to be 60, and it better stay that way!

  19. 23

    I agree with starting to become accustom to the temperature, and I am not liking it! The meals look really great and I might have to just take a peak!

  20. 24

    Ah I’m going to miss Mary too! I emailed her yesterday wishing her good luck in Nashville. Thanks for introducing us!!

    I tried Blue Apron right before I left for Bolivia and I loved it! It sounds pretty similar to Relish so I think I’m going to sign up using you coupon ;) Thanks!!

  21. 28

    I’ve never really considered trying a meal service but it looks really tasty! Your running views are so pretty. I think I would just run forever if I lived there.

  22. 29

    Ugh I was out of the country and just returned today. I missed the cut off by one day and really wanted to try them out! Just emailed them to see if they’ll extend it by one day for me. Hope they do, it sounds like a great concept!

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