A Track Workout To Try + Packed Lunch and Healthy Snacks

Hey friends! What’s new in your worlds? I’m having a great week so far because the weather here is AMAZING. Finally! Cool, sunny, glorious. Can it stay this way forever?!

I met up with my track group this morning (hi to the blog reader who yelled hello as I ran by, btw!) and it’s amazing what a difference cooler temps and no humidity makes with speedwork. It was the best I’ve felt at the track in months!

For today’s workout, here’s what we did in case you want to try it yourself:

      • Warm up (jog + some strides – running down the infield slowly building speed as you go)
      • 2000 meter run (5 laps around the track) at a half marathon pace, slowly building in speed each lap
      • Rest/light jog 2 minutes
      • 1600 meter run (4 laps – 1 mile) starting at your previous 2000m final pace and building in speed gradually each lap
      • Rest/light jog 2 minutes
      • 1200 meter run (3 laps), starting at your previous 1600m final pace and building in speed gradually each lap
      • Rest/light jog 2 minutes
      • 800 meter run (2 laps), starting at your previous 1200m final pace and building in speed gradually each lap
      • Rest/light jog 2 minutes
      • 400 meter run (1 lap) – as quickly as you can!
      • Cool down (I jogged 4 laps, or 1 mile)

Awesome workout. Give it a shot! The watch time/distance does not include my warm up and cool down, or the 2 minute recovery jogs, just FYI.

garmin 225 watch review

Also – if you’re wondering why a different GPS watch than normal is pictured in my photo above, it’s because it’s new! As you guys know, I’m running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon sponsored by ClassPass next month, and they gifted me the watch to train with. I love my normal watch, but one really cool and different thing about this new one – the Garmin Forerunner 225 (affiliate link) is that it has a heart rate monitor built into the watch – no need for a chest strap! Cool, right?! I find the heart rate straps to be really uncomfortable so it’s cool to get this data without one. I already found it really interesting to track! Case in point: I wore it on a run on Sunday evening after getting home from Vermont, and my heart rate was way higher than it should have been for a casual run – made sense since I felt rough! (I ended up walking the second half of it and just enjoying the scenery instead!) But today, my heart rate was lower unless I was fully sprinting/really pushing it. Fascinating. I want to try wearing it to some classes, too, just to see what the heart rate is up to. If you’re interested in reading (way) more detail about the watch, DC Rainmaker has a great Garmin 225 review on his blog.

As for my refuel, I enjoyed one of my Flour Free Breakfast Pancakes, but with whole chia seeds instead of ground flaxseed and I added a handful of rolled oats, too, to add some staying power. Topped with a little nut butter and some fresh berries!


As for lunches, I’ve been working downtown so far this week. Yesterday, I threw together a random assortment of leftovers to enjoy.


Salad + a leftover chicken and noodle Asian dish (a Blue Apron recipe). I had a pancake for breakfast yesterday too that I didn’t quite finish, so I packed up the rest to eat once at the office as a mid-morning snack. Lunch was enjoyed al fresco in Dupont Circle with a coshared office buddy – beautiful day for it!

dupont circle summertime fountain

leftover packed lunch

Want more packed lunch ideas? I have a whole packed lunch idea section of my recipe page – check it out!

As for afternoon snacks, Matt bought us a fresh pineapple over the weekend so I packed up some of that with some almonds and a Sabra hummus + pretzel pack (they sent me a bunch awhile ago to enjoy and this is one of the freebies, but I buy them on my own anyway – so good).

healthy afternoon snack easy to pack

As for today, I’m meeting a friend for a late lunch out. :)

What are you having/did you bring for lunch today?


  1. 1

    thanks for the track workout! I’m always looking for more of those.

  2. 2

    Still drooling over that watch! Can’t wait to see what you think as you get to run with it more!!

    I love track workouts! Well…I love them when I run them with friends. I find them so difficult to do alone!

    Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!!!

  3. 4

    I haven’t done a track workout in FOREVER. O_o I just need to find a 5k to shave my time down, and then I will get back into some track workouts. I <3 that you always have so many amazing track workouts.

  4. 6

    And….. now I’m craving pineapple. ;)

  5. 7

    Isn’t fall weather the best?

  6. 9
    Molly A Corrine says

    Anne, I have recently discovered your blog while searching the internet for simple & healthy packable lunches to ease my transition into 1st semester of my nursing program & new job. This week has been fulfilling in so many ways, thanks in part to your advice!! Also I just signed up for my first *official* 10K….

    I have packed a salmon & goat cheese pita sandwich for tomorrow (goat cheese is a total weakness). Thanks for helping me find optimism in the chaos!

  7. 11

    so jealous of your new garmin! i love HR data but hate wearing the strap. also, send my love to Washington Lee track!

  8. 13
    Marisa Tomasella says

    Hi Anne, I’ve never commented before but love all your posts!
    After seeing all your hardcore track workouts, you have inspired me to work on speed for my November half. I recently started using a HR monitor and have learned that most runs (anywhere from 5-10 miles) I sustain 170 to 190 bpm. Seems so high?! I’m curious if you could share your HR with us and some overall information regarding HR and fitness.
    Thank you for all you do!!

    • 14

      That’s awesome – glad to hear I’ve inspired! Regarding HR, I’m not a HR expert by any means, but my HR is only between 170 and 190 if I’m working really hard – aka sprinting basically. That seems really high for a constant state long run. A couple things to think about that can raise heart rate: are you getting enough sleep? Are you overtired? Are you over training? Are you dehydrated?

  9. 15

    On Sundays, I make a big batch of salad supplies (usually a base of lettuce, tomatoes and bell peppers, which I then add various ingredients to on a day by day basis) and then I’ll pack them up in tupperware to bring to work each day. The key to keeping it interesting is varying the toppings week by week!

  10. 17

    Very tough workout, Anne, well done! Impressive!

  11. 18

    That sounds like a great track workout! I have the Garmin 225 as well and love it. I hated wearing a chest strap, so the wrist HRM is awesome!

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