My Favorite Natural and Organic Beauty Products

Over the past couple years, I’ve been slowly working to transition to more natural versions of the chemical-tastic beauty products I was using before. It’s been pretty expensive and has required a lot of trial and error, so now that I have finally found a good new routine, I thought it would be interesting and hopefully helpful to share. Like with healthy eating, I’m not aiming for perfection here – if I’m traveling or out and about, no worries about using whatever product is already available. But I figure at home, it makes sense to switch to more natural, less toxic solutions since I’m using the stuff so often. Here are the best natural and organic beauty products that I’ve found so far, separated into body, sunscreen, face, makeup/lips, teeth, and hair. Just an FYI that some affiliate links are included. Also, I can’t promise that all of these products are 100% perfect/pure – but they are certainly better than the products I used to use, and that’s all I was going for. :)

If you’re looking to switch to more natural products, don’t stress yourself out by trying to switch everything at once (just like I don’t recommend trying to change your lifestyle all at once, either). Just pick a couple new products, then pick another couple once the old products you had run out, and so forth – little changes add up! I recommend starting with some of the things you use most often – like body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, and lip balm, but do whatever works for you. See the end of this post for some resources on how to find out if what you’re using is safe/what ingredients to avoid.


best natural organic skincare products

  • Body Lotion: Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion (lavender) – this stuff is wonderful and I use it every day after I shower. Smells nice and absorbs quickly without leaving you greasy. Body lotion was the first thing I changed when I started to swap out my products, considering I use it every day and all over my body! Another great and super easy body lotion swap is to just use an organic coconut oil!
  • Shaving: There are two I really like. At home I use the Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave (aloe unscented). When traveling, I use the Kiss My Face moisture shave, simply because it’s more of a travel size. Both are great!
  • Body Wash: I love both the pictured Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel (olive & grapeseed) as well as (unpictured) JASON lavender body wash.
  • Deodorant: This was probably the hardest thing to switch to a natural variation – I tried SO MANY natural deodorants that didn’t work before finding this one, Organic Island Deodorant with probiotics, which is awesome. Finally! It’s not an antiperspirant like chemical deodorants are, so you will sweat a little (which is normal/natural!), but you won’t smell at all. It’s unscented, goes on clear, and it doesn’t come off on or stain clothes, either, like some of the other ones I tried. Summer running tested and approved!



  • Body Sunscreen: This was another thing that was really hard to switch/find a good natural version. I tried a bunch of the super pure/natural sunscreens but they all make you white as a ghost and don’t rub in at all. I found this spray sunscreen – Kiss My Face Cool Sport Spray Sunscreen – at Whole Foods at the start of the summer and it’s been amazing. Great before runs or swimming, too – I find it stays on really well. Probably not 100% perfect ingredients, but it’s better than my previous ones and I am willing to compromise to have a spray version – so much more convenient.
  • Face sunscreen: I absolutely love the Josh Rosebrook beauty products – expensive but really worth it. I only use this sunscreen – the Nutrient Day Cream – on my face, because it’s really expensive, but the container has lasted all summer. It’s the only face sunscreen I’ve ever found that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin (I have rosacea). Worth the money! Rubs in totally clear, not white, too, thanks to it being made with non-nano zinc (whatever that means…). I don’t use it daily, just if I know I’ll be out in the sun (running, swimming, whatever) for an extended period of time.



  • Face Wash: If you have rosacea or sensitive skin like me, I highly recommend the Josh Rosebrook Moisturizing Cleanser. I use it in the evenings before bed and in the morning I just splash my face with water. This new cleansing routine has made my face SO much happier and more even toned.
  • Face Moisturizer: The First Aid Ultra Repair Cream has also been a game changer/really made my face happier. I was having a lot of problems with dryness and this fixed it! I put this stuff on after washing my face at night and in the  morning after splashing my face with water.
  • Eye Makeup Remover: I originally bought this Elsen Oils Coconut + Avocado Oil as a potentially moisturizer, but ended up liking it more as an eye makeup remover. It’s gentle and works really well, and coconut oil and avocado oil are literally the only two ingredients. Also, it’s unscented – I tried using pure coconut oil for awhile instead, but the smell bothered me when I was smelling it all day. The owner is also a DC area local – she’s up in MD. I found this product when she was sampling it last year at my local Whole Foods!



  • Lip Balm: This was one of the first things I changed because I found out my old lip balm had artificial food dye in it and it was something I was using all day every day (and probably unintentionally eating/swallowing a lot of). It was SO HARD to switch but I finally found some good ones. For an SPF version with a fun cherry flavor, I love the Alba Un-Petroleum SPF 18 Lip Balm. For a regular non-SPF variety, I love Eco Lips Kiwi Strawberry – I literally have one of these in each of my purses/backpacks.
  • Lipstick/Lip Tint: This is where I sound like a real hippie – I love the Hemp Organics line – the Hemp Organics Lip Tint and Hemp Organics Lipstick (for more serious nights out/weddings) are both great.
  • Mascara: It took awhile to find a good natural mascara, but the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara is awesome. No clumping, smudging, or flaking, and it’s easy to take off, too.
  • Tinted SPF Moisturizer: In the mornings, after putting on the repair cream I mentioned above, I use this Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer –SPF 20. It does a really nice job of evening out my skin tone (and providing some sun protection) but it’s not greasy or heavy at all. 
  • Eye Shadow: Love the Pacifica Natural Mineral Eye Shadow Palette, and the RMS Beauty Eye Polish (shimmery cream instead of powder).
  • Eyeliner: Again, I love the Hemp Organics line of beauty products, and their eyeliner is great. I couldn’t find it online but I buy it at Whole Foods.



Hair Care


  • Shampoo and Conditioner: I don’t use any product on my hair besides shampoo and conditioner, and I alternate between the two brands shown above for both. I have really dry, thick, wavy hair, so these are great for keeping my hair moisturized without weighing it down, and for keeping my scalp from getting too dry, too. My faves: Mineral Fusion Hair Repair Shampoo and Mineral Fusion Hair Repair Conditioner, and if my hair/scalp are especially dry I use Sage Shampoo & Sage Conditioner from Maple Holistics.

Have you swapped out any of your beauty/personal care products for more natural variations? Please feel free to share your faves in the comments, too – this is certainly still a work in progress for me as well! I’d also love to hear your favorite natural home/cleaning products – that’s something we’re just starting to switch up now, and would love some recs.

Here are a couple resources if you’re looking to swap out your beauty products for more natural versions:

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database – this is a wonderful resource for finding which products are the safest/least toxic. Just search for the ones you use now (or are looking to switch to) and see how they stack up! This website will also give you more information on what ingredients specifically to avoid – their “Top Tips for Safer Products” page is really helpful.
  • If you are in DC, check out Follain at Union Market. They are a healthy/safe beauty product retailer that I stumbled upon one weekend while getting brunch at Union Market, and they are awesome. I bought basically half the store.


  1. 1

    I use The Honest Company’s Multi-Surface Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner. Love both! I’ll definitely be checking out some of your recommendations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 4

    Thank you SO much for this post. I have been thinking about making some switches, but didn’t know where to begin. This is super helpful! So far, one of my favorite lotions is the Nubian Heritage line- it’s the best (found it at Whole Foods).

  3. 6

    Oh wow, I didn’t know that about regular toothpaste! What does the natural stuff do for your teeth and gums that the store brand ones don’t? Thanks so much!

    • 7

      It actually keeps them healthy! :) Regular toothpaste has all sorts of chemicals/additives (like artificial colors, flavors, potentially the dangerous antibacterial triclosan, etc) that aren’t exactly health promoting…

  4. 8

    This is great! I’ll definitely try some of these products. I’ve also been slowly transitioning my beauty and skincare routine to natural products. I agree, deodorant is the hardest one! I’ve tried soooo many!
    I started making my own toothpaste to avoid the gross stuff in store-bought toothpaste!

  5. 10
    Katie Lesmeister says

    I really like using coconut oil for everything!! Especially eye makeup remover!

  6. 11

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am always looking for more natural products! I use coconut oil for a lot of things… moisturizer, makeup remover, scalp treatment, and hair treatment to name a few. I love it! I recently started using neem oil as an insect repellent and that has been awesome. Other insect repellents are kinda scary.

  7. 12

    Can you give sources for the toothpaste comment? I feel like that’s a pretty bold statement to make for just reading stories online.

    • 13

      You’re right — thanks for asking! The main thing I don’t love about regular toothpaste is that it often has artificial colors and flavors. Another thing they often contain is triclosan, which is an antibacterial compound that studies have increasingly linked to adverse health effects (skin irritation, endocrine disruption, as well as antibiotic resistance). The main problem with antibiotics is that they kill off good bacteria, too, and disrupt the natural balance of bacteria on/in the body. It’s why I don’t recommend using antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer with triclosan, either. Obviously antibiotics have their purpose and save a lot of lives, but they shouldn’t be in things like toothpaste and hand cleaning products that we use daily.

      • 14

        Anne-I totally agree with you about toothpaste and triclosan. I am a dental hygienist and I stopped using Colgate Total toothpaste for that very reason. Another ingridient in toothpaste that I don’t like is SLS. This is what makes your toothpaste foam. It can also be a source of irritation for your gums. Alot of my patients get a lot of canker sores and when I tell them to switch to a more natural toothpaste without SLS they say their canker sores are alot better, or go away all together. I like toothpastes with neem oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, or good old-fashioned baking soda in them. Happy, healthy brushing!

  8. 16

    Thanks for sharing! I made the switch a couple years ago to the Caudalie face products- they’re great! Have you tried them?

  9. 17

    This is so helpful, Anne! I’ve been in search of a good natural sunscreen, and I totally agree, most of them turn your skin white! Some of my favorites are Mineral Fusion eye-shadows, Skin Food BB Cream and jojoba oil as a moisturizer and eye make-up remover.

  10. 18

    anne! For deodorant I make my own using coconut oil. Just mix 6 tbsp coconut oil, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup cornstarch. It works wonders! (Just for smell, not sweat!)

  11. 19

    For toothpaste I love using the products from
    I have very baby fine, thin hair, and am very sensitive to chemicals. I have tried many, many organic and healthy shampoos. But the only shampoos that feel good to my hair and scalp are from
    I LOVE for my face and body the products from I LOVE the Seabuckthorn All Over Lotion for my body. I use the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever to clean my face, and am alternating between putting on afterwards Rose Glow Serum and Soothsayer Serum.
    I’ve also used cell serum, night nectar, and Rose Cellular Renewal and Firming Fluid. They’re all wonderful.
    I have very sensitive skin and the only soap that feels good to me in the shower is Miracle Moisturizing Soap. I also use Miracle Soap + Miracle Neutralizer for laundry and it works much better for me than all the natural laundry detergents I used to use. Also great in the bath (makes bubbles).

  12. 20

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to look into some of these! I switched out traditional counter cleaners and now just use vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle to clean with. Affordable and a better option that’s totally safe if your food touches it! It smells like vinegar of course when you’re cleaning but as soon as it dries there is no smell. I also cut up my husband’s old undershirts and turn them into cleaning rags so we don’t use nearly as many paper towels either.

    • 21

      Great tips – thank you! How much vinegar vs. water do you use? What’s the best ratio?

      • 22

        We switched to vinegar and water as a cleaner for years now. You use equal parts of both and if you want to lessen the smell of the vinegar you can add some lemon juice to it! It’s not perfect, you do have to wipe more, but it won’t streak on glass or mirrors as long as you wipe it until it’s dry.

  13. 24

    omg thank you so much for the deodorant recommendation! I have been on the hunt for MONTHS. Can’t wait to try this! and I love, love, love that shampoo- use the same one :)

  14. 26

    I too highly recommend Morrocco Method for hair products( It’s 100% natural, and does wonderful things for your hair!

    I’ve found that Tom’s no fluoride toothpaste and no aluminum deodorant are good baby steps to switching to more natural products. They aren’t perfect, but certainly an improvement!

    Thanks for this post, Anne. I have switched out most of my products, but haven’t found natural lipstick/lip tint yet. I will definitely have to try your recommendations. I’m also very curious to try the spray sunscreen, I thought I was stuck with weird zinc paste forever :)

    • 27

      I didn’t love the Tom’s deodorant that I tried, but I agree that their toothpaste is solid! We use that sometimes, too. I’ll check out Morrocco Method – thank you!

  15. 28

    Impressive list and review!

  16. 29

    Love the Cleure product line (…truly free products that work great! Lip balm is the best ever and their make-up is really nice too!

  17. 31

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great resource! I started making my own shaving cream with Shea butter and coconut oil, then got lazy and just started using coconut oil instead of making more ;) I don’t even need to use lotion afterwards and my skin is generally very dry. Mrs. Myers also has better household products, since I don’t have the time to make everything!

  18. 32

    Woohoo! Been waiting for this post ;) I’m going to try some of these out next time I’m in the US and think about bringing them over to Europe with me. The good thing is Europe has banned a lot of the nasty products so overall their stuff is “cleaner” but I still use mostly traditional stuff and would really like to switch some things over. First thing is body moisturizer! That’s so key and like you said, it’s the biggest surface area and daily use!
    I liked your Kiss my Face sport sunblock in Malta too (thanks for letting me borrow some), and I’m going to recommend that for my whole family of sunscreen maniacs :)

  19. 33

    this is brilliant!! I tried switching shampoo and conditioner a few years ago and it was really hard to find anything that made my hair happy. When we move to HK I’m going to have to stock up on stuff on trips home bc Asia is a lot more lax with both ingredients they put into big name brands and with animal testing permitted. A lot of big brands who don’t animal test anywhere else have to in order to sell their products in Asia. I’m not buying anything cosmetic related in HK once we move :(

  20. 35

    Thanks for the roundup! I just may have to check out that deodorant next time I’m stocking up. My latest all-natural switch has been to a shampoo bar that I picked at the Staunton farmers market on a recent trip to Virginia — I don’t live in VA anymore so I’ll have to check out other options here in NYC, maybe through our Greenmarkets or even Etsy. I think my hair (which is also dry/thick/curly!) is still adjusting but a couple month transition period is evidently pretty standard.

  21. 36

    Great post! I’m always looking for more natural brands. I’ll have to try the deodorant. I have literally tried all natural brands and always go back to aluminum, maybe this will be the one to break the cycle!

    Here’s a list of brands I’ve been loving lately…

    Shea Moisture – Hair products and body lotion/wash (lather well and smell amazing!)
    Bite – lipstick/gloss
    Jane Iredale – makeup

    • 37

      I was the same — tried a ton of brands, gave up and went back to normal deodorant, tried again, no luck… then finally found this one! Thanks for those brand tips, too!

  22. 38

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s overwhelming finding natural products. And once you try one or two that don’t work and throw money down the drain, it’s easy to think they are all that way.

    The deodorant one has been a tough one for me. Thanks for the recommendation.

  23. 40

    You should try Schmidts, it is amazing.

    I am quite a sweaty person and used to be very uncomfortable if my deodorant did not protect me against sweating. After years of being stressed out about it I realized that our bodies are meant to sweat and we should let them do it. Since moving to Cambodia and sweating every moment of the day I have just learned to deal with it. It’s natural, just like having our period, passing gas and urinating…these are things our bodies are meant to do.

    I found Schmidt’s deodorant and it is really quite amazing. It keeps me drier than most other deodorants, doesn’t stain my clothes, doesn’t leave marks on my clothes and is really soothing to my skin. They recently came out with a stick version. You should try it out!

  24. 42

    Thanks so much for this! I also changed over to a more natural lifestyle about a year ago after learning it’s importance during medical treatments in Germany. It can be hard to know what to buy as there aren’t always reviews out for the natural products so this is very helpful!
    Question- is there a natural perfume you recommend? That’s one thing I still need to switch over!

  25. 44

    I am behind in my feed reader, but had to share that the Seventh Generation dishwasher pods are the best I have ever used. I must be getting old to be excited by such things!

  26. 46

    Thanks so much for the roundup. I actually already use a lot of these products but hadn’t come up with a deodorant that I was happy with. I ordered the Organic Island one you recommend and have been so, so happy. It’s the first natural deodorant that actually has worked for me all day long. Can’t thank you enough for that!

  27. 48

    Can you suggest any research that demonstrates the harmful effects of using non-natural/organic products? I see a lot of “pop” research (sponsored by specific natural/organic beauty companies), but would love to read more empirical research if you have any suggestions!

  28. 50

    Hi Anne, I just came across this post! I recently started making my own deodorant, its equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of essential oils. It works better than any natural deodorant I’ve ever bought. I have been using it for months now. Only issue is the oil residue on certain fabrics. As far as beauty products, I found this lovely lady at a local home expo. Her product are amazing and priced super reasonably. There is a flat shipping rate

  29. 53

    The mineral fusion has done WONDERS for my hair!! I have a hard time getting my husband on board with the natural movement because it all smells “girly”. We just found Uncle Jack’s natural deodorant, he loves it


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