A trip to the Shen-ANNE-doahs!

Hello friends!

I had such a fun Friday night and Saturday with Matt in Shenandoah National Park! We just got back to D.C. tonight after a full day of hiking. :)


I love getting away and being active on the weekends — it makes it the weekend seem so much longer when you go something fun and different, even if it’s just for a day!

We headed down to the Shenandoahs (about 1.5 to 2 hours from D.C.) after work yesterday and arrived in time for a late dinner. Shenandoah National Park has a 100 mile stretch of road going through it called Skyline Drive, and we stayed around the 60 mile marker at a place called Big Meadows Lodge.  Skyline Drive is gorgeous!



(side note — Matt’s shirt says “Will Do Moose Stuff For Money.” — Can anyone name what TV show that’s from? :) heh)

There were TONS of deer chilling in the road, so we had to drive very carefully :) They were pretty much completely unimpressed by us, ha.


We also saw a baby BEAR in the woods just off the road!!! So cool! I was glad we were safe in a car :)

How cute is this cabin we stayed in??


It had a fireplace, too!


I LOVE fireplaces. They make everything seem cozy :)

The area around the cabins was really pretty, too! We spent some time this morning walking around and checking out the view before heading out for our day hike a few miles up the road.



Everything was so GREEN. I loved it!



For our main hike today we decided to hit up the White Oak Canyon Trail — one of our faves that we hiked back in… 2005? Our other favorite Shenandoah hike is Old Rag :)


While Old Rag has a cool rock scramble and awesome mountain views, White Oak Canyon boasts beautiful waterfalls and soothing wooded trails :) I’d highly recommend this hike if you’re in the area! It’s strenuous, but fun.


By the time we started the hike, it had gotten colder, foggier, and was starting to drizzle a bit. Boo! But we decided, whatever, let’s make the most of it :) So glad I brought my raincoat!


I love the White Oak Canyon hike — we did about 6 miles round trip in about 4ish hours. The trail takes you all the way down into the falls, so the way back is all uphill. It’s actually kind of nice to have the uphill at the end, though — for some reason I’d rather do uphill than downhill when my legs are tired! Lots of downhill hurts my ankles/knees.


The fog and gloomy skies made everything look very cool and mysterious :)




And then… as soon as we got down to the first big waterfall view, it started POURING. Bust! Good thing I brought my point and shoot and not my DSLR!

073 064 069

But we decided to forget onwards anyway! :)




My favorite thing about this hike is that you can bust off the trail and play around on the rocks in the falls :)



Matt and I are both monkeys, so we decided to try to get as close to the falls as we could ;)


It was so fun scrambling around on the rocks! I definitely bit it once, though — they were slippery! I am going to have a HUGE bruise on my butt. Ha.


Getting closer…


And, success!! (we were definitely soaking wet by this point!)



The rain simmered a bit for our walk back, but it was CRAZY foggy!


And then, about 15 minutes before we got back to the trailhead, it started pouring again. When we arrived back at the parking lot, we were completely drenched but feeling totally hardcore, lol.

110  114115

And then, this was our drive back out of the park. Wtf!?! We seriously couldn’t see more than 5 feet in front of the car!


Lol. So crazy.

It was such a fun day, even with the rain! :)

I’m heading off to bed now — my training buddy Ashley and I have our final super long run (12 miles!) tomorrow before our half marathon in two weeks! Eeeek! I’ve never run more than 10 before so I hope it goes okay… and I hope my legs aren’t too sore from hiking today. Monday is DEFINITELY going to be a rest day!

Goodnight! And please… don’t forget to vote for me :)


  1. 1

    This is so beautiful!!! I love hiking, even though I only went once and we got lost and it poured on us, but it was still gorgeous. :) I really want to go on more hiking trips, this is motivating me to go!

  2. 2

    You two are FOXY!

    You make me miss hiking and camping. We used to do it all the time before the girls were born, but I don’t think we’ve done it at all since. And yes, I’m still talking about hiking and camping.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. 4

    Love the pics! Walking in the rain is great fun. It looked like an awesome trip – makes me miss spending time in green surroundings though (I live in the desert).
    I love your blog by the way! Yummy recipes, great photos and tips for new exercises. I am hooked :)

  4. 6

    It looks like you had a great time! haha. That kind of stuff happens to Steve and I all the time! Although, I don’t look as good as you do when soaking wet!

    You will do great on your long run! Don’t worry about it, and don’t take off like a bat out of hell and burn out. Try a negative split tomorrow and see how it goes! Good luck!

  5. 7

    It may have been rainy, but still looks like a fabulous place to hike! Makes me want to go and I’m not really the “camping/hiking type!” Beautiful photos! Good luck with your run!

  6. 8

    Fun trip! I wish we had fun hiking areas and trails in lower Michigan.

  7. 9

    that’s awesome! when you come to UNC we should find some fun places to hike :) I lived in Asheville for a year (parent’s moved then when i was in college) and there is AWESOME hiking around there but I haven’t really looked too much here.

  8. 11

    Looks beautiful! We’re planning a weekend out there in a month or so and I can’t wait!

    Good luck on your 12 miler before the half! I just did 13 yesterday…can’t wait for the ZOOMA run :)

    P.S. Did Matt happen to go to Syracuse University? I went there for undergrad and he looks very familiar!

    • 12

      He did indeed! Random! The last time I posted pictures of him someone recognized him too (from a school trip to Spain when he was like 14), lol. Small world!

  9. 13

    Oh how I miss VA! I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I miss them soooo much. Love your pics!

  10. 14

    Is that your MAN? ;) hahaha. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! All of the sights are so gorgeous…what a great way to spend the weekend :)

  11. 16

    What an awesome day! The photos are gorgeous. Well done — and good luck on the 12-miler. Look forward to hearing about it. The moose stuff quote comes from “The Family Guy,” right – ? :-)

  12. 18

    Such a beautiful trip. I hear the Shanendoah Valley is amazing! My dad hikes there a lot and always says how he wants to take me there. I think I will have to take him up on that.

    Have a great day Anne!

  13. 19

    Looks like you had a great time! :)

  14. 20

    I really wish I had hidden gems like this around where I live. P.S Love Matt’s Fohawk that seems to be all thanks to the rain.

  15. 22

    I love Shenandoah but have never stayed there because my grandparents live 30ish minutes away so we usually don’t get a chance to explore much since we’re only there for a couple hours each time. Skyline Drive IS wonderful though. Have you ever been to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville? When you’re up there the scenery is almost as beautiful, but it comes with apples. ;)

  16. 24

    Such gorgeous pics, Anne!
    I´m impressed :)
    And you´re still planning on running 12 miles today?
    You´re my hero, girl ;)
    Just take care!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  17. 25

    It should be noted that my tongue has a blue-ish discoloration due to the blue-raspberry lollypop that was consumed not long before this picture was taken. I am not diseased.

  18. 27

    What a PERFECT weekend!
    haha that photo of both of you with ‘sad’ faces is almost exactly the same as one of Mr BBB and I when we were in Rome!!! It was POURING that day too and we huddled under a tree waiting for the worst of the rain to pass and we took a similar photo!

  19. 28

    Wow, could nature be any more gorgeous? Geeze ; )

    Those last pics are quite seductive, hehe. Steamy!

  20. 29

    That looks like fun. I need to do outdoorsy things like that more often.

    I am currently wearing the same shirt that Matt is in your pictures, except mine is blue. Ha.

  21. 32
    Adventurer says

    Wow. Wonderful trek. Very nice photos. Thanks!

    But how’d the 12-miler go?

  22. 34

    Beautiful! I love big huge parks like that. I tend to get angsty hiking but I never have a problem running them. Weird? I also love scrambling on rocks and streams — so fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself and got out of the city for a bit. Always important to get fresh air and some serious green!
    Have a good week!

  23. 35

    Matt is a CUTIE!!! ;)

  24. 36

    I went to college in the Shenandoah Valley, it is seriously so beautiful there.

  25. 37

    I’ve never hiked in Shenandoah but driven through and stayed there. I’m so not hardcore enough to brave the rain! And congrats on the muddy 12! You’ll have so much fun at the half!

  26. 38
    Katherine says

    Looks like a lovely hike in nice weather – unfortunately I drove along Skyline Drive on Saturday on our way back from DC to Tampa, so I know exactly what the weather was like, you must have been so disappointed!
    Though I must admit I’d rather the foggy, drizzly Skyline Drive than hot, humid, dry Tampa!
    : )


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