About Me

Hi and welcome to the blog!

I’m Anne, and I started this healthy lifestyle and recipe blog back in 2009 as a way to inspire others to lead happier, healthier lives.

I want people to see that eating nutritious food and staying active doesn’t have to be complicated – and can even be fun!

I’m a Registered Dietitian (RD), mother, marathoner, yogi, and lover of the outdoors, adventure, travel, and healthy recipe creation.


I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband, Matt, and our daughter, Riese, who was born in November 2017. 

On this blog, you’ll find a mix of daily life, healthy and easy recipes, quick meal ideas, running and race recaps, adventures in motherhood, active travel, nutrition tips, and more. 

hiking banff lake louise

If you want a good place to start to get a feel for my blog, check out this post: My Top 9 Most Popular Recipes + Posts.

Or this post: 9 Blog Recipes We Make Again and Again

Here for the nutrition tips?

Here are a few of my favorite nutrition-related hot topic posts:

In addition to blogging, I have my own nutrition counseling private practice here in northern Virginia (just outside Washington D.C. – although I work with virtual clients, too, via phone) and I have a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I’m a “real food” dietitian – no diets, no tracking calories, no restriction.

I counsel clients using an approach called Intuitive Eating, where we work together to improve their relationships with food in a way that has them eating food that makes them feel good, but still allows for indulgence, too.

online nutrition coaching

I also offer a virtual intuitive and mindful eating group program, and a Nutrition for Runners Program (<- get started for free) that uses a non-diet approach to fueling, but with a focus on performance.

running food blogger

Speaking of running – I’m a big runner myself!  

I have run dozens of half marathons and three full marathons – the Richmond Marathon (November 2013), the LA Marathon (March 2014) and the Marine Corps Marathon (October 2016, pictured below).

fannetastic food marine corps marathon

I hope you enjoy the blog, and that you’ll find it a nice place to come and be entertained, educated, and, hopefully, inspired. 

Inspired to live a healthier life, to have more adventures, to try something new, to do something outside of your comfort zone. 

(Pictured below summiting Mount St. Helens – hardest (both physically and mentally) hike of my entire life.)

hiking mount st helens

Thanks for stopping by!

Want to connect on social media? I can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

p.s. Want to become a Registered Dietitian, too? Here’s How to Become a Registered Dietitian – that page is especially helpful if you’re trying to go back to school from an unrelated bachelors degree, like I did. If you’re a fellow Registered Dietitian looking to start a nutrition counseling business, check out this page: How to Start a Nutrition Counseling Private Practice.

OR – want to start a blog, too? Check this post out: How to Start a Blog on WordPress (in mere minutes)!

p.p.s. If you’re interested in reading more about me, my journey to become an RD, and some of the big life events that have happened since I started my blog in 2009, check out this page: my journey to RD + longer About Me.


  1. 1

    Welcome to blogging! I’ve seen you hanging out with all of the fabulous bloggers and then saw on Twitter that you started a blog (via Meghann). Congrats and I can’t wait to keep reading!

  2. 2

    I love your image at the top of the blog- GELATO!!!! Italy was AMAZING! ;)

  3. 3

    Welcome! I found you through a Twitter post, and I’m so excited to keep reading! Becoming an RD is something I’m thinking about as well, so it will be especially cool to read your posts as you work towards that yourself!

  4. 4

    love the blog! I go to school in DC, and was in Prague this summer …. lovedlovedloved it! i look forward to reading!

  5. 5

    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!! :)

  6. 6

    Hi Anne! Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up! You’re a smart woman for going back to school to pursue something you’re passionate about.

  7. 7

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured it was just a matter of time the way you were talking about it in Boston :)

    Unfortunately my blogging has come to a halt :( because my life is CRAZY right now but we shall see where that leads me!

    P.S. I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming DC trip but I may not be able to see you :( Our schedule is jam packed with stuff!!

    • 8

      Haha yeah, clearly it was only so long until I got sucked in ;) What’s going on in your life right now?? Aw I hope you can get a free second to meet up! Keep me posted :) -Anne

  8. 9

    Where in DC do you live? I’m originally from Bethesda, MD and my parents still live there.

  9. 11

    What an amazing journey! I DREAM of becoming an RD, too! Can’t wait to read more :)

  10. 12

    What a great story, and I can’t wait to read more! I am also becoming an RD, and started from scratch with Bio back in 2006…it’s a long road, but I believe it will be worth it. Best of luck…

  11. 13

    Welcome to blogging. :) Can’t wait to read along!

  12. 14

    welcome to the blog world!! you’re story is so inspiring, and i’m also returning back to school to become an RD! Can’t wait to read more :)

  13. 15

    I just jumped over from Kath’s blog. So excited to read more.

    I love Europe and always wanted to teach english. But I ended up teaching spanish in HS instead.

  14. 16

    Welcome, Anne!! I love your story–esp. the fact that you went abroad to teach because I constantly think about finding a way to live in Spain again!! Congrats on taking the leap to become an RD; I’m sure it will prove rewarding :)


  15. 17

    Just found you via Kath! I’m going back to school to be an RD too :) (Haven’t announced that yet! I can’t believe I just typed it out for real.)

  16. 19

    Wecome! I am new to this world as well; glad to have you!

    Good luck on your schooling adventures!

  17. 20

    It’s like you’re already a celebrity!

  18. 21

    Hey, I can relate to much of your bio, including lurking around the food blog world for years now but just recently starting my own, and living in DC! I thought food bloggers only lived in Florida, Boston, NC, or NYC!
    Looking forward to following along as I get my own blog up and running. :)

  19. 23

    Hi Anne!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and “hearing” your sense of humor, so funny!


  20. 24
    DiningAndDishing says

    Hi Anne! Thought I would pop over and check out your blog. Welcome back to DC! I love meeting other foodies in the area. Your post-grad adventures sound amazing!!

    – Beth

  21. 25

    I am so glad I can finally go on and read your blog! Damn internet censors in China. Anyway, you look great and I love your recipes and pics! Too bad it’s so hard to find the ingredients here to make everything. Well I will try my best.

    Love you and miss you!


  22. 26

    Hi Anne! So glad to find your blog! I’m an RD…since 2001, so I love re-living my school days through RDs-to-be…can’t wait to read more!

  23. 27

    Your blog is so cute. I love it! Glad you joined the bloggie world.

  24. 28

    Anne P! I just read this…[don’t ask] and you say you want to run a half mary this spring? Why don’t you trek down to Charlotte and run one with us? huh? Or not. Just an idea. A fabulous one. But just an idea.

  25. 30

    I love your blog and those pancakes you made look so good, I have the same flour in my pantry, I think i will make some pancakes xmas morning!!

    So glad to find another blogger in the area!! I just moved to Alexandria, VA in June, love it here, very beautiful, and DC is just amazing!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  26. 31

    Isn’t it great how living overseas changes you and makes you aware that the U.S. isn’t the only country in the world? haha I ran the Prague half marathon last March, and I loved it! Beautiful!! Great blog! Can’t wait to read more!!

    • 32

      I couldn’t agree more! That’s so awesome you ran the Prague half — I was there then, watching a friend run it!! How funny :)

  27. 33

    Hi Anne! As someone who lived in D.C. for three months this year (in a school program at AU) and someone who wants to teach English abroad (in South Korea) I am really interested in your blog! Seen ya all over the blog world and would love to see more! great addition to my Google Reader! :)

  28. 35

    Anne –

    Very cool bio! I’m jealous of your time abroad. I’m actually from Carlisle, so I know Dickinson VERY well. I live in Baltimore now (obv close to DC) and work in marketing/PR/writing (and often feel like a minion). After finding you through Jenna’s blog (OMG jealous of her LIFE now!), I’m excited to start reading!


  29. 36

    I just found your blog through Carrots N Cake..but recognize your name from Eat Live Run’s blog! So far, I really love your blog! Also, I am from Pennsylvania..a little north of Carlisle and am graduating this year with a Sociology degree. So it seems we have a little bit in common! :)

  30. 37

    Just found your blog from ELR and looks great. Another one to add to the reader :)
    I am also in DC and have a BA in Sociology. Like you said, interesting but not marketable so went on for a Master’s degree after college. Good luck with the RD school.

  31. 38

    Great Bio Anne – we are the same age and I’m studying to become a nutritionist so we’re on similar paths! Really enjoying reading your blog!

  32. 39

    Just found your blog and absolutely adore it!! I was scrolling through older posts and was basically droooooling over that kidney bean pita pizza, stuffed portabella mushrooms and the PINKBERRY!!

    Just added you to my googlereader, and am excited to read more! Plus, i’m taking nutrition as a general education requirement right now…and well, you’re pursuing that career! So that’s always fun :)

  33. 41

    I just put a comment on your chobani giveaway, I found your blog through chobani’s facebook page…but SMALL WORLD, I grew up in Carlisle, PA (Dickinson!) crazy!
    I moved to Virginia with my husband in 2006 thanks to the Marine Corps…and now it’s home.

  34. 43

    Your blog is awesome — wonderful photographs, great activities, funny narratives, and inspirational observations. Well done!

  35. 44

    It is very nice to meet you! If you head over to my blog… you may notice a very familiar sight! Hint… I can’t wait to read more about your past as a teacher abroad!

  36. 45

    I love your blog! I have heard of “Anne P” around the blog world for awhile, but this is the first time that I’ve come across it. Your story is very interesting – can’t wait to keep reading!

  37. 46

    What an interesting story- so great you followed your heart to Europe like that! I clicked over from Meganerdruns blog and I’m excited to keep following along as you start school!

  38. 47
    Traveller says

    Thanks for sharing your adventures in food, fitness, and fun. They are great! After reading your blog, I can see why you’re earning such recognition in the foodie/fitness blogosphere! Good luck –

  39. 48

    Hi Anne-
    I’m sort of in a transition period (recently graduated from undergrad) and have always thought it would be wonderful to teach abroad. What program did you go through to teach in Prague? Were you certified to teach in any way?
    Thanks for the insight!

    • 49

      Hey JB! I didn’t go through a program to get a job, but when I first arrived in Prague I took a 5 week TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) training course (you need this certification to teach in Europe, but not really in Asia). My course was through Oxford TEFL. They were great — You make good contacts for finding a job afterward, too! Good luck!

  40. 50

    Hey! I just found your blog through Caitlin’s at HTP. I’m in the DC area too and will be running in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April as well. It’ll be my longest race to date!

  41. 51

    Hi Anne!!

    Just found you through Caitlin (HTP) and Loved this page!! I just finished my Dietetic Internship through UMd-College Park last year – i.e. I’m now an RD working in DC and looooving this city :) I do a lot of group runs, you should come join sometime! I’ll also be at the Cherry Blossom – hope the weather is as nice as it’s being to us right now :)

    • 52

      Hey Heather! Welcome to the blog! I would LOVE to meet up for a group run… and hear more about your job here as an RD! I’ll email you :)

  42. 53

    Hiya Anne, First time commenter here, absolutely LOVE your ‘about me’! You have such a positive energy and its jumping from your words. (Also that picture of you mid-air by the water is pretty fantastic or ha fannetastic). SO inspiring to hear about a girl out of college reconnecting and really going for her career goal. I can’t lie, I am kind of in the same predicament. Just figuring out my next step… Thanks for the inspiration/motivation :) I’ll be back for sure

    • 54

      Thanks for the sweet comment :) Good luck following your dreams! Let me know if you have any questions or need any motivating words :)

  43. 55

    Hey Anne!
    I just found your blog through Twitter (via GirlMeetsHealth). Like you, I am finishing up prerequisites for a dietetics/graduate program! I actually graduated from American University in 2008, stayed a year and worked in an elementary school, and then decided to pursue my dream of becoming a dietitian. I’m living at home now, but am returning to DC this summer, before heading to grad school in California in the fall.

    Where are you going to do your masters? Maybe we can meet up once I arrive in DC!

    Love your blog, and look forward to reading more!

    • 56

      Hey there! I’ll be heading to UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall :) Where are you going in CA?? I would love to meet up when you get to DC this summer! Just let me know :)

  44. 59

    Great About Page!! Love the process you’ve been through- Best of Luck with your journey!

  45. 60

    You forgot the part about how many epic friends you have made through your EFF right here. ;) Love this about me! Makes me want to update mine. :) I’ll need to do that. You’re amazing and I’m so happy I met you through the blog. Yay!

  46. 62

    See what a great person you are! That’s why I love your blog/tweets and you. So happy you got your new camera. Keep going for life! Thank you Anne <33

  47. 63

    I’ve just found your blog after seeing that Caitlin and Tina met up with you. Your blog looks great! I love your story too, it’s so great that you’ve followed your dreams! I really hope everything goes well for you.

  48. 64
    Michelle Heikell says

    Hi Anne! I finally got a chance to look up your blog and loved reading your story and learning more about you. It sounds like we some things in common (food, fitness, and love of the outdoors). Congrats on finishing your half marathon, I would’ve tweeted you or whatever but I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that. Anyway, enjoy what’s left of your weekend, you deserve it. I’m off to find some of those delicious looking wrap recipes.

  49. 66

    Hi! I just found your blog. I’m from the DC area orginally, love to travel, cook and be active too. Can’t wait to read more!

  50. 67

    just found your blog! it’s so cool that you live in DC too, I live in MD and work in DC, love DC so much that I decided to move to DC in two weeks!!!
    your story is really cool…. can’t wait to read more! :)

  51. 68

    I saw your blurb on the Healthy Living Summit that Caitlin keeps talking about.
    I live in No VA, so I guess we are neighbors for the next few minutes until you move.
    I will read more about you: I also did my first 1/2 in March in VA Beach. That was a great race if you want to do another one! (flat!! ended on the beach)
    Have fun at the Summit.

  52. 69

    I’m RD in NoVA but you are moving! Good luck with your program. I hear it’s one of the best. I have a blog but still new to the blog community. Would not be at the HLS :( good luck in the session as well! Looking forward to another creative RD!

  53. 70

    Wow. Quitting your job and going to Europe. Scary – but so inspirational! :) I loved reading your about page – its so upbeat and fun. Im looking forward to reading more.

  54. 71

    Your story of leaving the cubicle farm behind, traveling abroad, and now going after your dream job is so inspiring! Good for you! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  55. 72

    I just found your blog on I’m so glad I found it! I live in Wilmington, which is a few hours away from Chapel Hill. I am currently in cube hell and am dying to make a change. This is a huge inspiration :)

  56. 73

    Hi Anne! I just stumbled upon your blog, Congrats on going back to school to get your RD! I’m an RN at Duke, I live in the Raleigh area, we should run a race together or something sometime!

  57. 75

    So I just commented on your latest blog entry, but after reading this couldn’t help sending you another note. It seems that your life is just really cool and while we haven’t had exactly the same experiences, we’ve had a lot of experiences in the same places: I once went to Prague for a really cool work trip and loved it…I also lived in Tampa once upon a time with my parents (when I was a kid) and now live in NC and have been wanting to do an MPH since I was an undergrad…maybe someday I will get there. In the meantime I plan to live vicariously through you :) Good luck in your studies, and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  58. 76

    Hey, another Anne P. (27yrs old!) here too! :D I just found your blog and like it a lot :)

  59. 77

    I came across your blog and you inspire me….. alot! Its very brave of you to put all of your doubt and fears out in the open…and it helps people like myself realize they arent going through the im in my 20’s cubicle life… what am I doing… and finding what your passion in life is….thank you :)

  60. 78

    I love your style of eating/cooking. What are you most conscious about? how many calories something has? how much protein? how much fat? where the ingredients come from?

    • 79

      Thanks! I don’t count calories or anything; my main focus is just eating whole, real food! Processed junk with fake chemical ingredients need not apply :) I basically just go by what food makes me feel my best, and stick to that, with some indulgences here and there.

  61. 80


    Any chance you can put the nutritional labels on your recipes?

    • 81

      I’m sorry – between grad school, blogging, and everything else, I just don’t have time to calculate it. Feel free to calculate it on your own and if you do, let me know what the stats are! Thanks.

  62. 82

    Hi Anne,

    I have been reading your blog via Google Reader for about 3 months. I found you through Oh She Glows. =) For the first time, I just now read your “About Me” because I was curious what you are studying in NC-Chapel Hill and I am excited to see you are getting your master’s degree and becoming a RD! I just enrolled in college at the ripe old age of 48 to get my degree in nutrition with an emphasis in community. I have been in accounting for 30 years worked my way up to a comptroller position without a college degree. Now I am getting bored with it but have become very excited about food, different eating styles and how foods play a role in a healthy lifestyle.

    All that to say I am glad you figured out what you ‘wanna be’ when you grow up before you turned 48! =) Good luck in school and I will be watching you as I go back to school, work full time and deal with 2 teenagers. Can’t stop now!

  63. 84

    Your blog is awesome — and so, clearly, is your life! It’s wonderful to accompany you virtually. Thanks for sharing all that you’re doing with us!

  64. 85

    I’m sure you have received it before but I wanted you to know I recognized you on my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award! :)

  65. 87

    Keep up the good work and your pursuit at being a Registered Dietician!!! I just signed up for your e-mail your positive encouragement..I need it..thanks, Vikki

  66. 88

    Love the revamped blog, the energy in it, and the inspiration to have fun, be fit, and enjoy good food! Well done!

  67. 89

    Love the new additions to your page, Anne!

  68. 90

    I’m really enjoying your posts. Keep it up! :)

  69. 91

    I think it’s great that you are going to be an R.D.! I LOVE my job and helping people learn about nutrition!! Go you!

  70. 93

    You are so beautiful and inspiring, Anne! Go you! :) I hope someday I can muster up the courage to chase after the things I wanna do just like you did, too.

    P.S. Your recipes look AH-MAZING!

  71. 95

    I would LOVE to know more about the English abroad teaching! I have thought about it – but a few others that did it said it could be very isolating, still a lot of work and you didn’t really make that much money (I’m in enormous debt from school – so saving and paying that off are priorities). Any thoughts??

    • 96

      I had an amazing time teaching abroad – I didn’t find it isolating at all! You are right, however, that you don’t make much money, but that’s not the point :) That said, if you’re in a lot of debt, I’d wait until you have a little money saved so you can spend some time traveling! Also, if you want to teach in Europe, you’ll need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, and those programs cost a couple thousand. They are a great way to meet some people and make contacts for the job search before you start teaching, though! The course I did was called Oxford TEFL – – and they have a couple other locations besides Prague.

  72. 97

    I’m so happy to find another blogger from the Triangle!

  73. 99

    I’m excited to start following your blog!!

  74. 100

    Hey, Anne! I’m new to your blog, but we share a lot of similarities and love it so far. I also had a career change and I studied abroad in Europe during college at Clemson University so I spent some time in Prague (great city!). After I graduated from Clemson, I went back home to live with my parents outside of DC and went to the community college there (I’m sure it was the same one you went to) to fulfill prerequisites for grad school. My story takes a twist there..I ended up taking a cube type job that I couldn’t pass up in Houston, so I’m making a big move to Houston next week.

    Love UNC Chapel Hill, and have many friends in the Triangle. Good luck in your pursuit to become a RD, sounds like you’re well on your way! Best wishes!

  75. 102

    you’ve been on so many fun adventures, I’m jealous! Awesome that you are getting your degree at UNC – I’ve just finished my certificate in Public Health through UNC Chapel Hill online and loved it! I’m sure we got to enjoy many of the same classes. I have yet to visit the campus but my brother is an undergrad there so I’m definitely trying to make a visit here soon!

  76. 104

    Love your blog! I grew up in NC, and am slightly jealous you get to live there…although right about now it’s probably beyond sweltering :-)

  77. 105

    I really love your blog and I love reading about your journey to become an RD, which is also a dream of mine. :)

  78. 106

    WOW Your amazing! I would kill for the dreams you got to live out. You are very lucky and inspiring!

  79. 108

    Hi! I just found your blog today and love it. I’m currently studying psychology now but have decided that becoming a RD is what I want to do with my life and I really can’t wait to get it started! Thank you for sharing your story, it’s such a great help!

  80. 109

    Hi Anne –
    Just became a whole foodie myself (well, still fresh – but working hard) and came across your blog. I really like it. Learning about clean eating and working with my naturopath has really opened my eyes to the value of nutrition in my life. So, it’s nice to follow along with you on your journey.
    Your blog is very inspiring. Thanks!

  81. 110

    Ha! So funny… I started at Dickinson in the sociology program (although in ’02) and now live in NoVa, too. Just discovered your blog and so far, so good! I love seeing pics of places I recognize from daily life (like the C&O canal)!

  82. 112


    I really admire your dedication to living a healthy and active lifestyle. I love visiting your blog for awesome recipes, tips and good reads. I was wondering if you run everyday. Do you take a day off? I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I value your opinion and come to your blog a lot for guidance! I don’t have too many friends that are very active and over the last few months I’ve developed a love for running. I’m not sure if taking a day off is necessary but I figured you would be the right person to ask for advice. Thanks a lot for your time :)

    • 113

      Thanks, Kathleen! I don’t run every day – I usually run about 3 days per week and then do something else (swimming, biking, hiking, yoga, kickboxing, walking, strength training, whatever) another 3 days per week. Then I take 1 day per week fully off from exercise (except for maybe a nice walk or something). :) It’s good to have a break! I’d say it’s always good to take 1 day a week off from exercise to let your muscles recover. So glad to hear you have come to love running – keep it up! :)

  83. 114

    Oh I think it’s so neat that you changed careers and are pursing your dreams! I found your blog because your aunt told me about it (Wilow’s mom) while I was on my mission. It was the day it crashed when you announced that you were engaged. Anyway congrats! I’ll definitely be reading :)

  84. 116

    Hi Anne, great blog, found it by looking for some healthy granola bar recipes. What a story you have. :) I love to see people grab life by the horns and just live it and have fun with it. It takes courage and perseverance.
    You are great inspiration!

  85. 118

    I just discovered your blog while googling post-run foam roller exercises of all things! Your blog looks fantastic, I’m super excited to read more!! :)

  86. 120

    Very Excited to read more into your blog! I am interested in becoming more active in running. I ran the 2009 Lake Placid Full Marathon. No previous races, and one 10K mud run after the Marathon. I want to become more consistent in my races, but training takes up so much time! I am currently in nursing school and bar tending! Running is one of my passions and It has been set aside(along with my sanity!). Hopefully reading your blog will inspire me to MAKE the time in the day for my runs! Possibly cook some of these delicious recipes you have as well. (I found your page google-ing “Oatmeal Coconut Banana cookies” ;) ) Love It!


  87. 122

    Hi Girl!
    I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I love your blog! I have been a long time reader, and check in almost ever day. I think you have a great perspective on life, and I totally admire you for quitting your cubicle job and following what you love. I’m kind of in the same spot right now, and its motivating and reassuring to know that a lot of other people have been where I am!

  88. 124

    great blog keep it up!!

  89. 125

    I’m almost 65 yrs. old & (yes, it’s true!) too old to go to college … too decrepit physically, but sure is great to read of you young, healthy people who are pursuing your dreams and ATTAINING them … better yet!!! I also didn’t know what a “blog” was (except my young Pastor puts his in our church bulletin every week and I love it) … but it’s like reading an adventure book! The recipes are easy to make, healthy, and sound delicious. I’ve made oat-burgers for years … before they became “popular.” I love simple food … like Avocado Roll-ups I “invented” … putting slices of Avocado on Romaine Lettuce leaf & rolling it up. No mayo or dressing … and it’s delicious!!!! This “blogging” is time-consuming … better blog off for now!

  90. 127

    Loved discovering your blog this morning and reading your story!!! :)
    Also- absolutely love your wedding dress. Just sayin’!
    Looking forward to reading more.

  91. 129

    Hi Anne,

    I’m from Pakistan. Was looking for some healthy carrot cupcakes for my lil ones :) loved your blog and the recipes. Since i m also in the same field as yours but just not working, so I thought maybe you can answer some of my questions. I did my masters in food and nutrition from Agricultural University Faisalabad, Pk. Now it has almost been 4 years since I moved to Philly with my husband, had both my kids here, a boy of 3 and a girl who is now one. Any suggestions on how a foreign student can get all the credits straight? and whatever is the criteria for nutrition or dietetic here?
    It would be really helpful for me, and if I want to study further can you please tell me that too… Thanks love you recipe I ll try some :)

  92. 131

    This is the cutest story ever!! I’m currently studying to take my GRE and then get my MPH starting next fall, and this is such an inspiration! What a great life you have set out for yourself, and I want to start that journey as well :) Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to follow more of your blog!

  93. 133

    Thank you Anne God bless you, it has cleared a lot of things for me :)

  94. 134

    Just wanted to say thank you. I won the Albion fit giveaway and ordered the 26.2 jacket.

  95. 136

    Your blog is so inspiring for all the healthy tips and wonderful recipes you post! I have nominated you for the Shine On award, which can be found here Thank you for your great posts!

  96. 138

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and that I love your blog! It has been a fun read – thanks for all the lovely content :)

  97. 140

    Hi Anne,

    Your story sounds somewhat similar to mine! I wasn’t always a runner (still not, but do a lot of long distance and doing my second marathon in a couple of months), started with a Bachelor of Science majoring in genetics but love cooking and creating healthy tasty recipes and worked my way into becoming a Registered Nutritionist here in Melbourne, following my passion for a change! I now work in public health nutrition for our state (yeah, cubical still…but working on that) and get married in a couple of months to my soul mate – yep, two weeks after the marathon! Like you, we love hiking, being active in general (far cry from the obese person I was until about 10 years ago) and getting outdoors, as well as travelling, anything food and life in general.

    I look forward to hearing more from you along your adventures!


  98. 142

    Hi Anne!

    It was like I was destined to find you! I was doing a google search for running in cold weather and I came across your blog. I then noticed that your name is also Anne (with an E!) just like me, you live in my favorite city of all time and you love to run in the cold as do I (I live in Wisconsin).
    I can’t wait to read what else you have about fitness on your blog. You and I are very alike!
    Blog on!

  99. 144

    Hi Anne — Just making something clear. I am just about finished with an associates degree in general studies — since it took me so long to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and since I’ve always loved cooking and nutrition and eating healthy, I’ve decided to go forward and become a Registered Dietician. I have plans to open a restaurant in the near future — but do I need the bachelor’s degree first, or can I have an associates and move forward toward the RD. Just wondering how long this might take me. Oh, by the way, I’m in Illinois. I now that SIU has a program, but not sure what other schools offer this. Love your website! Blog on …

    • 145

      Hi Cindy, thanks for reading! I believe you need a bachelors to get the RD, but you can do the RD coursework at the bachelors level. Good luck!

  100. 146
    Monica Rodriguez says

    After stumbling across your blog when researching “How the heck do I become an RD”, I want to know how we can be BFFs forever? Your path was what I imagined (minus the Matt, since I have my Patrick, and minus the working abroad because I have yet to aim that high) but really spot on brought to reality! I am a career changer, and have never been more excited to take on a new career. Thank you for being so awesome. You really are inspiring! I appreciate your blog!

  101. 148
    Jennifer Mauer says

    Hi Anne!
    I stumbled across your blog after Googling “how to become a registered dietitian” and I am so inspired! I am working on solidifying my own career goals and general life goals, and I am definitely inspired by your travels, career path, and the way you have followed your heart and interests to so many exciting things! Just wanted to say thanks for posting and for the inspiration. And, funny enough, I work at UNC at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, and we have a few dual degree students in Public Health! In fact, I was reviewing one of those students’ resumes when I came across the fact that he was an RD and wondered how he became that. And that’s how I found you! Anyway, I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Keep up all the awesomeness!

  102. 150

    Hi Anne,
    We’re both around the same age and you are such an inspiraton. It shows me that you can do anything and to continue to follow your dreams.

  103. 152
    Sarah Merck says

    Hi Anne,

    My name is Sarah Merck and I am currently a sophomore in college. I am an exercise physiology major and I’m researching my options for future careers. For one of my classes I am supposed to research and get some information from a practicing professional about the career. Your blog is great and I am very interested in learning more about being a dietitian. I have a few questions I would love to ask you. Please email me if you have time to answer some questions. Thank you so much :)

  104. 153
    Maggie Fetner says

    Hi Anne! I am really enjoying your blog- I found it through the fitnessista! We probably crossed paths in the HSL at UNC at some point. I was at the dental school from 2007-2014 for my DDS and residency. I’d love to hear your opinion on this at some point: (I’m sorry if its already addressed in your blog!)
    1) So many nutrition bloggers are dairy free now, but I notice your recipes are not. I grew up on an NC dairy farm, so my family still drinks cows’ milk and yogurt. Should I be more concerned about antibiotics and hormones in dairy? I have 2 small kids I want getting started on the right foot.
    Thanks! Maggie

    • 154

      Hi Maggie! I think dairy is a personal choice – so long as you don’t have any lactose intolerance issues, and you like dairy, I’d go for it! I usually buy organic dairy, though, since I know that the nutrition profile is better and that the cows weren’t pumped full of antibiotics.

  105. 155
    Simon Edwards says

    You Rock Anne, Always an Inspiration!

  106. 156

    Hi Anne –

    Just wanted to say I love your blog and always look forward to all your posts!

  107. 158
    Rebecca Baron says

    I was on Pinterest and found this spammy Pinterest account:
    and found this pin of yours that violates your copyright:
    I have found we only need 5 bloggers to report one strike each and the spammy account will be taken down immediately.
    So will you please report this pin as a copyright violation immediately by clicking in the left corner and choosing Report Pin/My Intellectual Property/This Infringes My Copyright and filling out the report. Make sure to:
    * check the Strike box
    * do NOT check the Remove All box
    When you are done please join this group –
    and then go to this post –
    and mark your pin as done and then I would love it if you would stay a member of our group and help find and report spammy Pinterest spammers.

  108. 160

    Hi Anne. My name is Jennifer and I’m the content specialist at PURE, a dietary supplement company based in Dallas. I am seeking experts in the nutrition field to be guest speakers on our monthly corporate podcasts. Our June edition is on products to avoid, or substitute, if you have allergies such as dairy, gluten, etc. We will compensate you. Let me know if you are interested in this opportunity.

    Thank you, and make it a healthy day!

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