Airport FAIL.

Okay, so the bad news first: I’m stuck in DC.

The even worse news? I’m stuck in D.C. until WEDNESDAY NIGHT.



Anyone have a private jet they can lend me?! ;)

Backtracking to this morning, my flight was just showing “delayed” online, so my neighbor was awesome and helped bust me out of the neighborhood in their SUV to head over to the airport.

This is what we were working with:


Yeah, it was pretty epic. First, we had to dig out their driveway. Then we had to dig a path from my front door to their driveway to get my luggage over there. And THEN we tackled the massively snow covered hill that was our street!


It was pretty awesome, actually. We raced out over all the snow and went flying down the hill to the applause of our neighbors. We couldn’t go slowly or else we’d get stuck! Awesome! 012

Once we got out of the neighborhood the streets were WAY better.

So when we got to the airport, of course that’s when they canceled my flight. I was annoyed, but I figured whatever, I’ll get on a flight tomorrow. No big deal. But THEN they told me Wednesday night was the earliest I could get out of here :( Boo. Then I was pissed.

So back home we went!!


Luckily my best friend from high school (that I missed having dinner with last night due to the snow) was still in town and also has an SUV, so she and her husband and her brother Ben drove over and rescued me for a lunch date :)

When I got back to the neighborhood, I discovered the kids had made an AMAZING sledding slope out of our hill!!!! Clearly, I changed back into my awesome snow outfit and headed out to play :)


Yes, I totally borrowed my neighbor’s kid’s sled. Heh!

Are you ready for this?!


DSC_0028_2 DSC_0031_2 DSC_0032_2 DSC_0033_2



And a couple epic wipeouts ;) This one involved flying through a bunch of branches head first and flipping over the sled. Lol!


It was super fun :) Have you done anything recently that made you feel like a kid again? If not, I challenge you to :)

Okay… must figure out what to do now that I’m stuck in D.C. for much longer than planned!


  1. 1

    Gaaah!! That looks like SO much fun! Pft… so what if you’re stuck in DC… just keep sledding away! LOL.

    I Love snow!!

  2. 2

    Aww, sorry to hear about the flight, but at least it looks like you’ve made some good friends in the neighborhood lol

  3. 3

    SLEDDING!! Jealous.

  4. 4
    Jen Robinson says

    I’m glad I did get to see you- even if it was only because you didn’t get to leave today. Definite bust. Totally didn’t do any fun snow-activities this weekend… (unless you count busting out of our court in the MIDST of the snowpocalypse to hit the kennedy center hahaha)

    I still can’t believe you guys did that!!! xoxo A

  5. 5

    Ok, I am sad you missed your flight…but not really so I could see you stealing kids sleds and having an epic wipe out :) Glad you survived SNOWPOCOLIPSE!

  6. 6

    Ugh, so sorry your flight got cancelled. On the bright side, you can now build a snowman to rival Phil. Oh wait, you can’t. Cause Phil is AWESOME and no one can beat his epic loveliness.

  7. 7

    Bummer to be stuck, but at least Wednesday is before Christmas!

    Very true. Now THAT would have been a major fail. – Anne


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