Anything To Avoid The Treadmill…

Hello friends! I hope you’re all having nice weekends.

Here in D.C. we had… MORE SNOW!!! This has seriously been the snowiest winter ever here (that’s a scientific assessment). Wtf, D.C.! We ended up getting about 5 inches of snow yesterday!

Check out the killer icicles on my kitchen window: 014

Literally 30 seconds after I took that picture, they fell down. Glad I wasn’t standing under them ;)


Anyway! My friend Ashley and I made plans to start our Cherry Blossom 10 Miler training this morning! We trained for and ran the Army Ten Miler together in the fall, and were excited to start training again because our long weekend runs are basically just our time to chat and catch up! I was also excited because I just bought a new pair of shoes. :) I wear the Brooks “Adrenaline” style:


However, our plan for today’s run did not include snow!! What to do!?! After some debating… we decided to be hardcore and brave the elements to run on our favorite trail. At least it was sunny!


The run was pretty intense! Remember when I ran on the trail a few weeks ago in the snow and took pictures? Yeah, the snow was about three times as deep. It was definitely more like running in sand or something!

We managed to do 5 miles at about a 10 min/mile pace… a lot slower than usual due to the intense amount of snow we were trudging through! Luckily the snow wasn’t slippery, just kind of deep.

My new shoes felt great :) Minus getting wet with snow!


Tomorrow I’ll be unveiling our detailed training plan for the 10 miler. Stay tuned! :)

Time to get some homework done since yesterday I was a huge slacker. A friend and I braved the snow to see Avatar again! I’m obsessed :)

Have a great Sunday!


  1. 1

    You are hardcore! I went to the gym today…. I can’t stand getting my feet wet.

  2. 2

    I can believe how much snow DC has gotten… I wasn’t too happy about it!

    Good for you for getting a run in!! I ended up going to yoga, but hope to run tomorrow morning :)

  3. 3

    I need to get a real training plan together for this race. I can’t believe how quick it’s coming! :)

    Glad you had a good start, despite the elements. :)

  4. 4

    I meant to say “I CAN’T believe how much snow we’ve gotten”


  5. 5

    wow so intense! glad you stayed safe; i tried to run yesterday and ended up stopping because i was so afraid i was going to fall ;)

    oh, and i looove my brooks too! they are such great shoes

  6. 6

    Congrats on the workout – looks intense!!!

  7. 7

    Lol. Love the title. I’ve just embraced the treadmill at this point

  8. 8
    Adventurer says:

    Well done! Glad to see the training has begun and look forward to the training plan tomorrow. Go for it!

  9. 9

    Wow– y’all are hardcore!!! Good for you!

  10. 10

    Post the running schedule! I need inspiration to run during this absurdly cold and uninspired time.

  11. 11

    Wow running in the snow, impressive! Love the shoes!

  12. 12

    Great run! In Boston we basically have no choice but to run in snow all winter long. I do like that “running in sand” feeling, it really gives my legs a good burn!

    Yeah we were definitely saying we felt our legs working harder the whole time! -Anne

  13. 13

    I have those exact same shoes. Same color and everything.

    Is that the Capitol Crescent Trail? I sometimes run on that when I come home to visit my parents.

    It’s the C&O Canal :) -Anne

  14. 14

    I hate the treadmill!! I’d rather run outside in a blizzard than run on that awful machine. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible!

  15. 15

    Great job on your run in the snow! It was solid ice here so o had to do my long run on the treadmill today. So NOT fun!

  16. 16

    i so want to see avatar! if only i could drag the hubby to see it with me… :)

    Make him see it with you!!! It’s soooo good :) -Anne

  17. 17

    Good for you for running in the snow! Sometimes I’m a total wimp about winter weather and forget that you can still get out and run in it!

    My rule is that I don’t run when it’s cold AND dark out. Cold and sunny? Awesome. Cold and dark? Hell, no. :) -Anne

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