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Hi friends! It was a nice and low key weekend here in DC! On Friday, I started the weekend a little early with a late afternoon run with my high school BFF Jenny. As I mentioned before, she had her second child a few months ago and is working to build back up her running endurance as she trains for a March half marathon. We planned to give 6 miles a shot on Friday – and she totally crushed it. Proud of her! It was a rainy and dreary afternoon but getting to spend an hour chatting with my best buddy made the miles fly.


Jenny is in town for a couple more weeks and then heads back to Georgia – I’ll be so sad to see her go!


I headed home to shower and then Matt and I ended up heading back to Falls Church for dinner – we met up with Jenny and her sister Gretchen and brother Ben, who are also my good friends. Fun to hang with the whole crew! We hit up Koi Koi – awesome sushi. I was too busy eating to take pics. :)

Last week was so busy on the work front that I was WIPED on Friday after dinner and managed to sleep for like 10 hours – whoa. Felt good! We had a lazy morning at home on Saturday – I whipped up a little oatmeal mess for myself when I got up.


I mixed together Qi’a (boring by itself, but good as an addition to oatmeal – it’s a mix of chia seeds, hemp seeds, and buckwheat groats) with some oats, vanilla almond milk, and cinnamon before microwaving the mixture and then topping it with some slivered almonds and leftover homemade cranberry sauce (such a good oatmeal topping). Yum!

healthy oatmeal

Plus some tea, because I knew we’d be running in a bit and coffee doesn’t sit well with me pre-workout.

leftover cranberry sauce oatmeal

Late morning, it was run time – I headed out for another 6 miler, this time with Matt! As you guys know, we are running the Charleston Half Marathon this coming weekend (very kindly sponsored by my friends at Cabot) – we did 12 miles last weekend and stepped way back this week so our legs will be fresh come Saturday.

It was in the 50’s but dreary/gray – actually decent running weather, though I missed the sun. Here is a sweaty selfie from the half way point!

half marathon training 6 miler

We ended up making the run quite speedy – we were both feeling good! We did an out and back route and the first 1.5 miles and last 1.5 miles were quite hilly, but we did a good job powering up the hills, especially at the end. Our last mile was sub-8 minutes!


Post-run, we cleaned up then headed to Whole Foods – we needed to go grocery shopping and we needed lunch, so we figured we’d just eat there before shopping. We both got a chicken, bacon, and cheddar sandwich and shared sides of red cabbage slaw and sweet potato fries. The sandwich was HUGE – the size of my head! I only made it through about half and ate the rest for dinner (along with the second half of the sweet potato fries). :)

whole foods chicken sandwich

I was wiped again on Saturday night – Matt went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a bar in DC but I decided all I wanted was a night at home with the couch and Netflix, so that’s what I did. :)

Sunday morning brought a fun friend workout date – my buddy Karen and I met up for coffee at 9 (well, green tea for me – see aforementioned no coffee pre-workout situation) at Baked and Wired in Georgetown. We decided to take a walk with our drinks since it was a warm morning!

baked and wired green tea

We followed our catch up date with a 10 a.m. yoga sculpt (heated power yoga + weights) class at CorePower Georgetown. Soooooo good as always. We were sweaty puddles after it was over!

I came home and whipped up some brunch for myself and Matt – two fried eggs + 90 second brown rice + salsa + guac + wilted baby spinach. This was insanely good.

healthy mexican egg brunch

As for the rest of yesterday, it was weirdly nice out (sunny and in the 60’s – what the heck?!), so Matt and I took advantage with a little tennis in the afternoon.

And since apparently I only wanted to eat Mexican food yesterday, last night we made tacos! Ground turkey cooked in Mexican spices + a homemade cilantro, yellow pepper, chopped baby spinach, and black bean mix + guac + salsa + Cabot sharp cheddar.

healthy tacos

While we were cleaning up, I made myself a packed lunch for today using the leftovers! I put a base of baby kale in a tupperware, then topped it with leftover brown rice from brunch, the rest of the pepper/black bean mix, the remaining guac, salsa, and some of the turkey.

healthy taco salad

I can’t wait to eat this today!

healthy taco salad

As for the rest of my food today, I packed some snacks to go with the taco salad – a clementine, some carrots and leftover beets, and an almond butter Perfect Bar.

healthy snacks

Have a great day, friends!

How was your weekend? What’s the best thing you ate or the best workout you got in?


  1. 1

    Love having a yummy lunch to look forward!!! The best way to kick off the week!

  2. 2

    Looks like a great weekend! The temps Saturday morning were perfect for running, but I was soaked afterwards from the light rain/mist. I can’t handle a cup of coffee before a run either BUT I have found I can handle a shot of espresso! It gives me the perfect amount of energy minus the tummy troubles. My husband and I also were craving Mexican food this weekend and went to our favorite local spot on the Hill, and I had carne asada. Delish!

    • 3

      Too funny that everyone was craving Mexican this weekend! Must have been the warmer weather. :) And that’s interesting about the espresso!

  3. 4

    Sending you and Matt both my well wishes for speed and safety this weekend. Hate to miss you guys being down this way!

  4. 6

    I made tortilla soup this past week and made taco salads yesterday- I guess I was on a Mexican kick too. Sometimes I love skipping out on the going out scene and staying in for a solo night- so refreshing :)

  5. 8

    Sounds like an awesome weekend full of delicious food. I haven’t had enough Mexican food lately, but I’m thinking of making some black bean soup tonight to change that! My favorite workout of the weekend was my first CorePower session! I went for the C2 class and it felt sooo nice to stretch out. Also, it’s freezing in Chicago, so the heated room was welcomed ;)

  6. 10

    Have a great time down in Charleston and here’s hoping you have perfect running weather!!

  7. 12

    That Mexican food looks delicious. I got in an awesome TIU HIIT workout on Sat.

  8. 14

    Everything looks so good! And I actually LOVE dreary running weather! I have began training for a half marathon (Run the Bluegrass) and my legs have felt SO good lately. Love when that happens!

  9. 16

    it’s so nice there! it went from 50 on saturday (all day!) to a few inches of snow in ohio on sunday, ending with windchills in the negatives D”:
    and question about your run! how long after eating do you wait to run? asking because i’d have to wait like 3 hours after the oats to run comfortably!

    • 17

      Hey Masala,

      I’ve had the same issues. It seems like just about ANYTHING I eat, I need to wait at least 2-3 hours before running. The only thing I’ve found that doesn’t upset it too much is like half a banana with some PB.

    • 18

      I had this probably 2 hours before we ran. If I eat right before I run (like on weekday mornings), I usually do banana with nut butter or toast with nut butter. As much as I feel hungry for! I have that right before I leave the house and I’m fine.

  10. 19

    I tried CorePower yoga here in Minneapolis the other week. I started with a C1 class and I do NOT think I could handle anything heated. I was a sweaty mess from C1 (which was a little heated even though the website said it wouldn’t be). This past weekend I only left the apartment once, to go to the gym and run on Saturday. Negative temps here in MN so I am jealous of your weather! Hoping to run outside again soon!

  11. 21

    OMG the sandwich photo!! :D Love it!

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