Back in Chapel Hill!

Afternoon, friends!

I’m back in Chapel Hill (drove back from D.C. on Friday night after our school sessions ended) and it’s so nice to be home with Matt. I missed our little porch — and it was 65 and sunny on Saturday. Amazing!


I whipped up some tuna sandwiches for us (using this recipe for tuna salad but with Greek yogurt instead of cheese). My fave!


We also enjoyed some clementines and my homemade pickles (see my post about How to Can Food at Home) from the summer!


Yum. These came out awesome.


Tasty lunch!


After getting all unpacked and organized, we spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather on our bikes!


I couldn’t believe how warm it was. We biked our usual 13ish mile loop — it felt nice to get back out on our bikes! It’d been awhile.


Larabar sent me some of their new cappuccino bars to taste test, so I brought one with us on the ride. I was a big fan!


Last night was spent having dinner with a fun “underground culinary club” in Raleigh! My friend Genna started the club with her culinary program instructor and another classmate — it’s basically a once monthly dinner at someone’s house to practice their culinary skills and encourage a sense of community by bringing together people who don’t know one another.


Matt and I had a great time at the dinner — fun conversation and delicious food, too. Here’s the menu along with some pictures of the food. It was SO good!

antipasto. ricotta-making demonstration. prosecco


amuse bouche

roasted chestnut soup



homemade orecchiette. roasted fennel. little neck clams.



local grilled lamb ribs. fig gastrique. arugula.


broccoli rabe. garlic. red pepper flakes.



blood orange granita. italian cenci.



panetonne rounds. honey ricotta butter.


Amazing dinner!

Everything was good, but I have to say my absolute favorite was the roasted chestnut soup. It was incredible.

Off to get some things done — have a great Sunday!


  1. 1

    Sandwich looks terrific. Don’t you just love clementines or cuties, as they call them in Georgia. I love them. Did you can those bread and butter pickles. I can almost taste them.

  2. 3

    all of the food at the dinner you went to looks absolutely delicious!!

    i haven’t tried the cappuccino larabar but it sounds like it would be pretty good. also lovin’ your use of yogurt in the tuna sandwiches- i love putting greek yogurt in everything!

  3. 4

    what a cool idea! I’d sure go to one of those dinners! And I’ve been dying to try this new cappuccino larabar, but I haven’t found it anywhere yet!

  4. 5

    Saturday was so gorgeous up here in NJ too! I however did not go out and enjoy the weather because I was to lazy to get off my couch ;) glad you had a great bike ride!

  5. 6

    Yum! Tuna is the BEST on toasted bread. This weekend was gorgeous here in the DC metro area too, temps hit 64! Looks like you had a lovely weekend down in NC :)

  6. 7

    Looks like a day of good eats! The sandwich looks pretty yummy :) Two things, I have got to get me some clementines (that is all that I am seeing right now!), and I hope Whole Foods has the Cappuccino Luna bars when I go this weekend!
    Hope you have had a great weekend!

  7. 8

    I looooove ricotta so that looks amazing! I bet that would go great in a tuna sammie as well :)

  8. 9

    This January weather is incredible — love the blue skies :)

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