Back in the District

Hello from DC!

It’s nice to be back in my old stomping groups — and especially my favorite running trail, the C&O Canal.


My dad and I hit up the trail for a nice late morning run today. Great running weather out there! We did 5 miles in 40:45 — with negative splits, meaning we got faster as we went.


  • Mile 1: 8:52
  • Mile 2: 8:23
  • Mile 3: 8:08
  • Mile 4: 7:48
  • Mile 5: 7:31

We were really moving by the last mile! Our average overall pace was 8:08. It felt good to bust out a flat, fast run — Chapel Hill is so freaking hilly!


Fun was also had last night — I headed in to Cleveland Park area in DC to meet up with 3 of my best friends from high school for dinner at an old favorite, 2 Amys.



We knew it would be a mob scene, so Jenny (my MOH in our wedding) and I met up early at 6:30, put our name in, and headed next door to Cactus Cantina to get a drink and catch up/talk wedding fun before meeting the other girls back at the restaurant for dinner at 8! It worked out perfectly. :)

We all ordered a bunch of stuff to share. To start, some deviled eggs with an insanely delicious basil/garlic/anchovy(!)/something sauce:


Plus some roasted veggies, which don’t look like much but were SO tasty.


We got three pizzas to share between the three of us because they are small/personal sized. First, a cheese-less pizza with capers, olives, and an eggplant/tomato/garlicky puree — so good.


Next, a simple cheese and tomato topped with arugula:


And lastly the tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and basil:


All three were great. Love that restaurant — very reasonably priced, too! The four of us also got a bottle of red wine to share and spent over 2 hours at the restaurant chatting and catching up. There’s nothing like old friends, is there? We had the best time. <3

My parents and I just went to brunch with my grandmother and now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday — hope you all are, too! :)


  1. 1

    You and your dad are in awesome shape :)

  2. 2

    Awesome run lady! :) I’ve never had arugula on pizza? What is it like to have the greens so separate from the pizza? lol. Do you actually eat them together?

  3. 4

    The last time we went to 2 Amy’s, it was a “wait at Cactus Cantina + drink” kinda night, too. ;) hah, must be standard routine…

    Welcome back! See you sooon!

  4. 5

    Wow awesome run girl! That pizza looks awesome, especially the one with fresh mozzarella! I love that there is so much crust too, I am definitely a dough lover. :-)

  5. 6
    melissa says:

    will you share what sources you are using to look for your new apartment in DC? I live in Alexandria and am looking to move closer to the city- rosslyn area. Looking for apartments is like a full time job in DC/VA -I would welcome any tips. Love your blog!

    • 7

      Hey Melissa! Unfortunately we don’t really know what we’re doing, either – just trying to ask around and check craigslist/padmapper, too!

  6. 8

    I went to American and 2Amys and Cactus were a couple of my favorites! You’re making me so jealous!

  7. 9

    My big brother lives in DC, and I have visited him there a few times. While I am not very familiar with the city at all, I recognize 2 Amys and Cactus Cantina because he lives in a condo development right next door to them! He has taken me both the Cactus Cantina and 2 Amys and they are both so delicious. It was fun for me to have you talk about them today– brought back some great memories!

  8. 11

    You are going to rock your half marathon since your training has been so spot on this time! I’m so excited for you!! That restaurant looks awesome!

  9. 12

    What a great run!! I can’t wait to get my speeds up. I’ve already PR’d twice this year so it looks like things are going to plan! :-)

    What a delicious dinner! Is there really anything better than pizza and wine?

  10. 14

    Those pizzas are sooo cute!! Sounds like your training has been going really well! Good for you!

  11. 15

    Great run!

    Your dinner looks really yummy. Especially the eggs!

  12. 16

    Nothing like being with family and friends. Your day looks like fun.

  13. 17

    Ugh, your post just made me SO homesick for DC. I used to live just up Wisconsin, in the Friendship Heights area. So I know Cactus and 2 Amys very well. I think a flight to DC just to stop in those two spots (and maybe with a pit stop at Jaleo too) would be worth the trip back today. One of my friends had the CUTEST apartment just down the street from there. It was at the corner of Wisconsin and Mass (I think). Just cattycorner from the Cathedral. They were older but had high ceilings, hardwood floors and were adorable. Just another spot to add to your list! Happy hunting!

  14. 21

    Love all Anne’s food porn.

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